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215849215849B001EGZKH2A1SE6HU1BE8IMYT. Vaughan "T Vaughan"5551313798400Very glad I switchedNot only did my two cats take to this food enthusiastically, I have noticed a clear jump in energy and enthusiasm from them in general. They seem happier and healthier. There is no way I am switching back to regular cat food. No. Way.
215850215850B001EGZKH2A1CS4LFTVBJWLYRoseanne L. Denchy4451322524800A New Cat!!My 15-yr-old cat had a bladder infection, for which he was treated. Holistic vet recommended changing food to Wellness cat food. I tried the dry food and Punky loved it and immediately started putting on weight. His coat improved along with his mental awareness. He's like a young cat again. Now feed both dry and canned Wellness food. No more bladder problems to which male cats are prone.
215821215821B002Z04ZNQA19GPGLPU7Y0YJDan Giovenco0011288310400Coconut dented & BruisedThe cans were all dented, but not from shipping.
It was like old water bottles that collapse from the inside.
It did not taste fresh and caused stomach problems.
I'm forced to just throw the rest in the garbage.
I tried other brands, and this is by far the worst one.
I couldn't even taste coconut, but only grass (hay)
215822215822B002Z04ZNQA1DH3QDZX8Z7GOCharlemange3521275091200Bleh!If you enjoy the clean taste of ONE or Vita Coco, this may too sweet for you. I thought it tasted weird and fake. It was the worst plain coconut water I have ever tasted.
215823215823B002Z04ZNQA4E1756HT2SPVDani1221290297600bashed up cansI am on the subscription service for this product. It came nicely packaged with inflated "balloons" protecting the cans yet they were all smashed in, terribly dented. I feel like I got the leftovers. We'll see how it goes next delivery. That one might be my last.
215824215824B002Z04ZNQA2DBYRM5UAWCPFKelly0111337212800All cans were damagedA big disappointment, every can was damaged and not just a little. I was looking forward to trying it. I will never order this again. The box was in perfect condition so the damage must be from the place it came. I just cant believe they would send it so damaged. I will purchase cans from the store from now on.
215825215825B002Z04ZNQAG1SWW2JJSP5FZot "Zot"0121335571200No comparison with fresh coconut juice.I thought this might be a good alternative to buying fresh coconuts every week and having to hack into them to get the juice out. Unfortunately, while fresh coconut juice tastes great, this canned stuff has kind of a nasty flavor in it.

I will say that it's a better alternative than the many sweetened, watered down cans of coconut juice, but that's the only thing it has going for it.

I may try one other brand to see if I can find one that tastes more like fresh coconut juice, but otherwise I'm sticking to the real thing.
215826215826B002Z04ZNQA3FMST61479TV6Katez1431293408000Health but I've had betterI've been forced to drink coconut water daily and have found many different types out there. This one is good but there are definitely others that are better. Must be consumed ice cold to be tasty.
215827215827B002Z04ZNQA1V1GS92G8F0Q0Amit K Gulati0411278979200BLEH! Worst buy ever.I love VitaCoco and ONE coconut water (especial Vita Coco's pomeg. and acai one...tastes like a less sugary sprite with a hint of berry).

This stuff was TERRIBLE. Each 8 oz. has 31 calories more (so altogether this can has over 150 calories where vitacoco has 90. WAY too sweet, tastes as if it were stale, unnatural, but it claims it is just coconut water and that alone.

I don't know...maybe healthwise it was worth it cause i got it at $13.50 per case with all the coupons and rebates that were out, but if it weren't for it being 50% off of the last sale price i got vitacoco for then I would never have bought it...much less 8 cases :(
215828215828B002Z04ZNQA3KZXMJJ7WRV34C. Hall0621272758400Unnaturally sweetI purchased the 10 oz size of this product: "Amy & Brian Natural Coconut Juice Pulp Free" (I also tried the pulp version, too.) I found this to be unnaturally sweet. (I have tried many different coconut waters; both packaged and fresh from the coconut.) The product lists far more carbs than any other packaged coconut water I have tried. Given these two things, I'm thinking it's likely this product is boiled, or otherwise condensed. This may be good for those weaning off sugary beverages, but if you are looking for a coconut water that tastes like fresh from the coconut, this is not it.
215829215829B001XUO9EEA8FASXY239AQWW. Davis8851277078400The Tonic for the Perfect G&TFever-Tree Naturally Light Tonic is a great mixer that won't overpower the taste of your favorite alcohol. I never really liked the taste of diet tonic water. I also didn't like the fact that diet tonic water is sweetened with artificial sweeteners. Regular tonic water has a taste that masks the alcohol and it contains too much sugar. This Fever-Tree tonic has less than half the sugar of regular tonics. My perfect gin & tonic has 1.5 oz of my favorite gin and 1/2 bottle of Fever-Tree Naturally Light Tonic Water over ice, which ends up being only 4.8 grams of sugar. If you think this tonic is too expensive, remember what it costs for a good bottle of wine. If you want a great cocktail, this tonic is worth the price.
215830215830B001XUO9EEA39EYGSWY5O33ZJames K. Steffeck5551253491200Good TonicThis is every bit as good as Q Tonic at a better price. The taste is different than Q, but very good and it's a little sweeter.
215831215831B001XUO9EEA19XVC6LBDBSHVGeorge Purves4441271203200Fever Tree LiteNot as much taste and body as the regular Fever Tree tonic when used with gin, but still a marked inprovement to the Schweppes and Canada Dry diet tonics. If you HAVE to have diet then this is the one to get. No after-taste, but not much other taste either!
215832215832B001XUO9EEA3SOLCNA9FX4C2Lifelong Learner "L.L."5651253836800Simply AwesomeI used to spend a lot for great liquor for my mixed drinks, and use whatever mixers were on sale at the grocery store. Now that I've tried Fever-Tree, I see that great mixers are just as important as great liquors in a mixed drink (depending on how strong you make the drink, the mixer may be MORE important!) Trust me, once you try Fever-Tree you will never go back to plain old mixers again!
215833215833B001XUO9EEA3EXWV8FNSSFL6Daniel G. Lebryk2251315440000Incredible - Who Ever KnewNever in a million years would I imagine tonic water could possibly taste this darn good. Seriously, this stuff is absolutely the best.

I saw this recommended in some bar books, why in the world would anybody specify Fever Tree Tonic Water? That's just crazy. Schweppes works just fine, thank you very much. Oh no, one taste of Fever Tree and my days of drinking a regular old Gin and Tonic are over forever. I'll never order one again at a bar unless they have this nectar of the gods.

Now the amazing thing, each bottle has 40 calories. Yes you read that right, 40 calories. And guess what I don't miss at all? That's exactly right, all that darn sweetener.

Fever Tree's mantra you spend a lot of money on fine alcohol to only mix it with crummy ingredients. That sounded like good marketing hype, shame me into spending more money on my tonic water. Wow are they ever right.

This is a clean, lightly sweet flavor. There is a hint of bitterness of the quinine, just exactly the right amount. The fact that it says Light in the name made me hesitate, why do I want a diet drink with my Gin? Hey, I'm getting happy with Gin, why do I care about calories. Oh no this is full flavored and just right. No artificial sweetener flavor.

The sweetener is apparently fruit sugar - fructose. Now that's significantly different from high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). In theory, people who are sensitive to HFCS will not have a problem with this drink. The sensitivity is from the byproducts of making HFCS from corn. Since corn isn't involved and the process is different, this is simply pure fructose, something that is good for you.

The perfect Gin and Tonic - fresh ice in a tall glass, one ounce of your favorite Gin (I happen to love Plymouth Gin right now), a small wedge of lime squeezed over the ice, pour in one bottle of Fever Tree tonic water. Enjoy. Whatever Gin you use, the Gin flavor will come out fresh and clean.

There is a big downside to this stuff; your Gin budget will have to get larger. You can't just mix this with Fleishmann's or Smirnoff or random bathtub Gin.
215834215834B001XUO9EEA2IHBQH67TPZPJChristopher K. Adams4541257379200Good TonicThis is a very good tonic water. It however is not very light even though there are no added sugars. I found the Q Tonic to have far less calories and it's not listed as light. However, for a natural product this tastes pretty good!
215835215835B001XUO9EEA3NYCZXRBG60G1tea11513291776002 thumbs upBest tonic water out there. Not for every day but awesome with top shelf vodka or gin. Pricey but worth it.
215836215836B001XUO9EEA1XGFAC6RWTTTCMike Broyles3451258243200Best tonic, period.I had been looking for a "light" tonic water forever - regular tonic is often syrupy and oversweetened and diet has that terrible aspartame aftertaste. This is almost perfect - the right balance of sweet and bitter that pairs with my favorite gin. Sure, Q-tonic has slightly fewer calories (10 per bottle), but it is undercarbonated and flavorless, resulting in a very expensive gin & (slightly carbonated) soda. My only problem with fever tree light is how hard it is to find. My local Bevmo carried it for 3 months, then abruptly decided to pull it from the shelves. Thankfully it's available online - the premium price and shipping are worth it.
215837215837B001XUO9EEA1XH0RFBQCVO1OEmilio Colon0051344124800The best tonic water!Fever Tree is the best tasting natural tonic water ever. As an added benefit, even though this is the the light version it packs a punch of flavor! Try it for the best gin or vodka tonic!
215838215838B001XUO9EEA3SJN8BCSV4PVCHeyitsben50051339286400The best tonic on the marketI was given these as a gift. The tonic improves the taste of the gin and tonic. I would not by anything else.
215839215839B001XUO9EEA3E2K7S70FJS0Rwellesley0051335484800fevertree tonicWith out a doubt, the best tonic ever, with or without a good gin. So, sit back and enjoy this product. I will be ordering it on a regular basis.
215840215840B001XUO9EEAR2UVKDA1INKMKS0051327104000Tonic heavenThis tonic water is excellent tasting and, of course, has no high fructose corn syrup!! Very good flavor. Highly recommend this for an excellent gin & tonic.
215841215841B001XUO9EEA3W3BW8TQWTNQHFair_weather_fan0051321660800Pricey, but worth it for special occasions (or special people)I did purchase this product from, but I have to be honest and admit that I hate gin and hate quinine, and have never tasted it! However, my husband and a couple of his friends are "connoisseurs" and LOVE it - but they only go to the effort of writing a review if it's for a product they absolutely HATE. We all like the idea that this mixer is "light," but does not use artificial sweeteners. One of the grocery stores in our area still sells the small Schweppes or Canada Dry smaller glass bottles; and I usually buy those in the "diet" version for him. They definitely do NOT measure up to this stuff, but at least they are more practical than the large plastic bottles. In my humble opinion, the plastic carbonated beverage bottles start to lose their fizz even before they are opened - and they really go flat fast after they HAVE been opened! These little 6.8 oz. bottles are just right for one person having a before-dinner drink; in fact, my husband likes it so much, he has occasionally just drunk it with ice in the summer, without the gin.
215842215842B001XUO9EEAJAK4LG90M48TM. Crow "MC"0051315699200Real good quality and none wastedAt nearly a buck-fifty per, this choice is not cheap compared to the 1 liter store bought lesser quality alternatives (Schweppes, Hansen and Shasta). On the upside, at least I don't end up tossing out half a liter that ends up going flat since I can't realistically consume that much tonic. In the end, I really enjoy the taste and know that I am getting a much better/high quality mix for my Blue Safire. YUM...
215843215843B001XUO9EEA35HO4ZVU5PTJRBeth B. Sells0111339977600light tonic waterI meant to order regular tonic water, so not what i expected. Trying to find Sweppes(sp) indian tonic water. I can't find in the states.
215844215844B001XUO9EEAUQIPWMLP9TI3Sammy0151324598400Fever TreeJust received case of Fever Tree Tonic,just love
this product,have used this in the past and prefer
it over other compitition,well done,Byron.
215845215845B001N5V9S8A3K1M6Y4BY6XCVGen1151301875200Candy for the deployed.Because of a lack of decent treats downrange in afghanistan, i ordered these through They were the cheapest, came in 1 lb bags, and allowed me to share with everyone. They were so good, my boss brought back a 1 lb bag 2 hours after getting it with only an approx 3rd of the bag left, begging me to keep them away from him cause he couldn't stop eating them. Not until weeks later (3) did even the edges of these things dry out in a desert even still, they retained a good portion of the softness they arrived with. All in All, if i wanted more taffy, i'd get this.
215846215846B000F1TNHUAWBM519ALLWJXChic Shopper0051339804800Bones that LastThese bones last a really long time and dogs love them. They don't get much off of them and the dogs love the filling.
215847215847B00894135AA134OXKUUA2N57Bohemian Bon Vivant "Bohemian Bon Vivant"0051349827200Really Tastes of the SeaI am currently cooking my way through Richard Olney's cookbooks -- Simple French Food, The French Menu Cookbook: The Food and Wine of France--Season by Delicious Season--in Beautifully Composed Menus for American Dining and Entertaining by an American Living in Paris..., and
Provence: the Beautiful Cookbook, et al. --after reading his biography REFLEXIONS and also learning that he, along with Elizabeth David's FRENCH COUNTRY COOKING and Roy Andries de Groot's Auberge Of The Flowering Hearth were the books that most influenced Alice Waters of Chez Panisse fame as she cooked her way through them and taught herself to cook after being inspired by a visit to France during her student days.

Olney stresses that he only used sea salt from Guerande, one coarse, and one fine, and that no other thing would make so much difference to one's cooking as the salt one used. Olney said:

"My kitchen contains no fine salt. I use two coarse sea salts,
one grey, the other 'refined' (white). The grey salt has the
finest flavor but it holds too much moisture to be used in a salt grinder and it throws quite a heavy scum, harmless but unattractive, when added to boiling water. The white
salt is reserved for anything that requires seasoning with
finely ground salt, for boiling vegetables and for use at
the table."

So I tried it, and it's true. It has the flavor of the sea and makes food come alive just a little more than other salts.

Olney also had a unique blend for his pepper grinder as follows if you want to give it a try: approximately 5 parts black pepper, 3 parts white pepper, 1 part allspice. Because the size of allspice berries are uneven, Olney coarsely broke them up in a mortar to match the size of the peppercorns before adding to the mixture (add all together and stir in a bowl to distribute evenly, then fill pepper grinder).

Olney also stated that cooked in a liquid (such as in soup), pepper turns bitter and loses the aromatic qualities its prized for. Olney never used pepper in soups, stews, stocks, sauces, or in gratins that begin in a liquid. He did, however, always use it for stuffings, terrines, sausages, pates, seasoning the interiors of meats, and for roasting and grilling.

He also kept the pepper grinder, along with the fine salt from Geurande, at his table and encouraged its use.
215848215848B001EGZKH2A202FL2VAJS6AMNadia "Nadia"7751289347200IMPRESSIVE AROMA & TASTEVERY impressive aroma (fresh & a bit wild), impressive taste, impressive ingredients. This food is way far above the rest of other premium foods.

I very carefully read the ingredients of cat foods. Some premium cat foods have blueberries listed as one of their ingredients, but only have the pumace--what's left after processing and it contains much pesticide residue. This food has triple cranberries as antioxidents and urinary tract protection. It has salmon, turkey and so many other holistic ingredients. It is so gourmet blended that the aroma is heads above the other premium foods--I tried them all I think. You don't get this aroma from other very premium foods--you don't get the total combination of aroma, taste and ingredients from any other cat food. Please try it! It even has an acidophilus culture blend--just awesome!! Awesome!!

Trust me on this cat food. It is supreme in ALL WAYS!

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