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215851215851B001EGZKH2A1PL6VA9OKD155towerxvi2251315440000Cat loves itWellness Complete Health Dry Food in Salmon and Deboned Turkey is the only food that doesn't make my cat sick. It's super stinky, but she loves that.
215852215852B001EGZKH2A1VI5NZ9HRJ7D0Half-Man/Half-Weasel "cybernut"1141311724800Hope they don't sell out like all the others.A lot of the other "Good" cat food companies sold out to others that ended up producing lower quality cat food resulting in many cat deaths. I hope Wellness tells pet stores before hand so the cat owner knows - I check the website monthly.

One of my cats looks like he hates this stuff, but when it runs out and I can not get to the store soon he cries for it even though he gets to share a can or two of soft cat food with his pals everday.

I wish they would take the rice out of the Wellness blue bag cat food - makes me wonder if these people know what they are doing.

Meow, hiss, hiss, purr!
215853215853B001EGZKH2AJSDL99QML1Z5Skeet Mandeville0021348531200Didn't Work OutI was quite excited to try Wellness Complete for my 7 year old cat after much research into the "best" food. Sammy had been on Science Diet since he was a kitten. I bought into the gluten and corn issue that has been discussed so thoroughly on here and decided to move over to Wellness. When the food arrived, I began mixing it in with his remaining Science Diet and eventually got him over to a full diet of Wellness. Unfortunately, after a couple of weeks, Sammy became lethargic and was peeing all over the house. I took him to the vet and they exctracted a urine sample and found it loaded with Struvites. The Doc suggested 30 days of straight Science Diet Bladder Control food, followed by a permanent regimen of adult formula regular diet. He indicated that the change in diet upset the cats chemistry enough that the change in behavior and crystal formation were likely the result. His advice seems to have worked. Sammy is back to his regular self and uses his box normally now. I donated about 20 pounds of leftover Wellness to the ARL so it wouldn't be wasted. I'm disappointed that it didn't work out.
215854215854B001EGZKH2A2BXUP2XVJ9YQNErica0021342483200Tried on 9 cats & NONE would eat it!I was looking for a food that had ingredients without corn or by products in it, (which is hard to find), so I was excited when I came across Wellness food. I have been feeding my cats Wellness canned food for years now but decided to finally try them on the dry food. I tried the Wellness dry salmon food on my cats, my parent's cats & even my sister's. Not 1 of the 9 cats would even taste it! I left this food out for 3 days for my cats but they literally starved themselves that whole time! I really had high hopes for this food but Wellness needs to come up with a healthy recipe that cats like.
215855215855B001EGZKH2A18ZJJ61KDBP85CRYSTAL.NIGHTSHADE0051334793600Good for urinary tractOne of my cats has had urinary tract infections & once tested positive for struvite crystals. This food has cranberries in it which is good for urinary tract health. The magnesium level is guaranteed at not more than 0.098%, which is not the absolutely lowest, but is still lower than many other brands. So many great ingrediants in here. It even has probiotics like acidophilus which is important for the digestive tract.
UPDATE: My cats will eat this food, but when placed side by side to blue buffalo, they seem to prefer the blue buffalo.
215856215856B001EGZKH2A1B8CPZ499TKQFspebb231421293926400Cat that likes everything doesn't like this...My cat is not a picky eater and eats nearly anything. However, he really does not like the taste of this food. I wish he did seeing as I spent alot on it but it seems he'd rather go hungry than eat it.
215857215857B002B5WS6GAJGR9XRTYIQ20Wet Mars0031348444800Boring tasteI know how real, natural, home-made gooseberry preserves taste and smell. This product is nothing like that. It has a very flat, boring taste and little to no smell. I could hardly recognise it as gooseberry. Otherwise it is a safe, clean product without any problems.
215858215858B0006B03GEA2RXFZDLGOVHLHPo1111324512000Beware Product Recalli'm afraid this mushrooms are being recalled. see

[...] [...]

Being recalled are
1) "Shirakiku Brand Dried Shiitake Whole Mushrooms", 3oz
2) "Shirakiku Brand Dried Shiitake Sliced Mushrooms", 2oz
215859215859B0006B03GEA2QOO4ZGX434C4Y. Roy "Claire Yor"2811266364800DesapointedI bought this product with great expectations. But after I followed all the directions on the package, the soaking and the cooking it, it had no flavor and was so without taste that I had to ask for a refund, which Amazon comply. There is one food that I like more than any othet is mushrooms. And for me to be desapointed so much as to ask for a refund, it was pretty bad!
215860215860B0036ARHIOA1GUT3NJ9J404MLallie Scott2251331856000Tastes like homemade (or better)This is the best pie dough mix I've ever used. You only have to add water. It rolls out great and tastes homemade. Do not, however, purchase this product on Amazon. You'll be charged 6X the retail price. Get it at your local supermarket.
215861215861B000EVPAXCA234SRAQE7I12Cmadman "citysimian"111151167264000yummiest of the gummies!I'm a fanatic for gummy candy, especially the sour kind. But most sour gummy worms look and taste like a chemistry experiment, and most apple and (especially) apricot fruit(ish) rings taste artificial too. Haribo does a much better job; their pink grapefuit was my favorite gummy until I discovered these apple ones. They taste natural, real healthy apple flavor, less stridently sour than grapefruit. Now it's a tie for top place: apple and grapefruit. When I can't decide, I eat 'em both together. My dentist taught me that trick, believe it or not. I sometimes wonder whose side she's on....
215862215862B000EVPAXCA2BXMB0594GFVDBenmachine3351189296000Two flavors, actually.There are two apple flavors in the bag, as shown by the red/green v white/green candies. The red/green is a bit less tart than the white/green, with an excellent apple flavor. Neither of the candies tastes like the generic "sour apple" flavor used in most cheap candies. In short, there are no other candies with this apple flavoring out there, making this a must buy.
215863215863B000EVPAXCA17GRCX1X0S8DFreveden2251315699200Diabetes is a small price to paySits in a bowl - all 5lbs of it - I walk by it every time I go down to the kitchen. It tempts me, but I say no! Only when I accomplish something will I abduct a single sugary morsel as a reward. To prolong the ecstasy, I nibble at it to nothingness. I'd like to imagine its bountiful siblings watching in sheer horror from their glass home as I do the deed... Sometimes I take two...
215864215864B000EVPAXCA2VGVQRZ2SG8HVmackew "matticusflinch"1151332374400Really good. Can't find anywhere but AmazonI've ordered several Haribo products from Amazon. The first was a 5 pound bag of gummi peaches, which were excellent. I didn't think they could be beat. I saw these shortly after the bag of peaches was finished and had to give them a try. Although they are not quite as good as the peaches, they still have a very unique apple flavor, like nothing you've ever tasted before. I would highly recommend these apple gummi candies if you like the haribo gummi peaches or similar items.
215865215865B000EVPAXCA2WLS1TTUUGJYUjipsii M'Sina "JMS"1151315094400OMG!!!Haribo Gummi Candy, Gummi Apples, 5-Pound Bag

I bought these (Using S&S!)to augment my standard purchase of the Haribo peach gummies that I have become addicted to, only to ignore the peach in favor of these BEYOND YUMMY Apple gummies. OMG! Juicy, Yummy, and so like the Fuji Apples I crave. The green and red ones are THE BEST, but the green and white ones are also refreshing. When gone, I then began my, by now dull, Haribo peach gummies even as I yearned for more Apple! GO for it! And, these are also free of the allergens I have to avoid - - dairy, soy and gluten! BEYOND YUMMM! Is there a 10 star available? No? Then, Double 5!!

AMZ- - (Are you paying attention?) How about a spell checker here!?!
215866215866B000EVPAXCANKO34BDK2Q44Mama Mia1151230940800Chewy, Apple-y GoodnessI never purchase huge bags of candy like this but I love all things apple. Plus, there was an extra 25% off Haribo sale so I went for it and purchased this and the peach :). I like the peach a little better, but both are good.

A good tip that I read on the reviews here, was to keep them fresh in a ziploc bag or tupperware. I plan on splitting the bag with friends because it is definitely as much candy as 5 lbs sounds like - A LOT!

The gummy is chewy, fresh (as much as candy can be), not too sweet, and basically just a perfect bite or two of yummy goodness to satisfy your sweet tooth. I highly recommend this.
215867215867B000EVPAXCASJSGH88MMF66Ian Short "TheChinglish"1151230249600Just like the Haribo Peaches... but Apples!I've been hooked on the peaches to the point where I worry I'm going to get type 2 diabetes. So I decided to try the apples. They have the same texture and taste wonderfully applely, not too tart and not too sweet.
215868215868B000EVPAXCAIUXYM0VKLI7JSoosheeroks1151229731200Hariboooyah!Haribo gummies are unquestionably the absolute best gummies out there. They cost slightly more than other gummy candies, but it's because of their superior texture and taste as compared to Black Forest and other brands. If you prefer a soft texture with fake taste...then stock up on Black Forest gummies cause that's exactly what you'll get! These Haribo gummi apples are spectacular and PERFECT for satisfying your sweet tooth!
215869215869B000EVPAXCAQLL2R1PPR46Xgrumpyrainbow1151210809600AwesomeNot sure what the 1 star reviewer tasted, but I didn't have the same experience. The gummies were very much in line with other Haribo gummi, and not at all like a gum drop. They are pretty thin and chewy with just the right amount of natural apple flavor. If you love green apple flavor, you need to try these.
215870215870B000EVPAXCA2LHIAV9KWXMWRAnonymous2351214611200Chewy and juiceyThese aren't as sour as lets say sour worms, but they have a juicy texture to them. They have two colors, a green/white and a green/red. They apparently have different flavors to them. I love them and my girlfriend prefers the green ones.
215871215871B000EVPAXCA2Z8OCOB2T2Q98Phillip Woody0051336435200Love them!Such a good deal compared to the candy store! I live in the middle of nowhere and love to stock my own personal candy store!
215872215872B000EVPAXCA33DKGANHQJSXCAnastasia "Stasia"0051325462400Wow!Absolutely the best tasting artificial apple EVER! If you like apple flavored candy, DO IT! You won't be sorry ;)
215873215873B000EVPAXCA2UQ81W9Y2XEHZjenjenroses0051289779200Loved it..I love this candy, it is my favorite and this is the only place I can buy it..thanks
for sending it to me so fast....
215874215874B000EVPAXCAOVDPPIAPCGOOM. owen Lyons0051260057600Delicious!These are great but like the other reviews say, they are a little softer than your regular haribo gummies, I prefer the chewier texture of the gummy frogs but these taste great!
215875215875B000EVPAXCA19W37T1LXS576Brooke Madow0051240444800Delicious!I LOVE these gummis. I first had them IN Germany, and they aren't supposed to be tough and chewy like the gold bears. They are softer than that, and the flavor is green apple. They are one of my favorite candies. I didn't get any chemical taste in any bag I have ever bought.
215876215876B000EVPAXCA28GRFVAA4DU5PA Texas reviewer1711181692800Yuck! I threw out the whole 5 lbs.First off these "gummi" apples don't have the gummi consistancy that haribo's other gummi candies have. They were so soft that they were like eating gum drops instead of a gummi product. I know what you are thinking, they were probably just really really fresh. No that wasn't it. I have purchased (and enjoyed) the haribo gummi sour cherries and they were very fresh when I received them but they still had the gummi texture that I was looking for. I had someone else try the candy just to see if they agreed with me and they said the same thing I do, that these aren't anything like gummies. I don't know... maybe I got a bag from some weird mutant batch and maybe they aren't always like this. Who knows.

The second thing is that the flavor is a bizarre apple-ish flavor that was not enjoyable in the least. It had kind of a chemical taste to it.

I absolutely do NOT recommend this product. Try the sour cherry, it is much, much better.
215877215877B000EVPAXCA3QA1RQRKY2ELKDarrius Brewer "dj"0811227052800yuckthis stuff is nasty, waste of money. it has a weird geewy taste to it and just plain nasty. dont buy it
215878215878B001FPUWAMA1X0HKPOV31AUSminneapolis shopper1151286236800BEST EVERImpossible to find locally. Can't be without them. Seller was very prompt in delivery.
215879215879B001FPUWAMANVQ6ZF54B9C5MCR0051345593600Very pleased!I purchased these little gems last week on a whim, after researching the history of the Abbaye de Flavigny. They have been making these candies since the year 1591! Anise is an acquired taste, I think, akin to a delicate licorice, and those who enjoy it will absolutely love these anise drops. A fact I found quite interesting is that it takes fifteen days to make just one of these candies!

Each candy is roughly the size of a medium pearl, with a pleasantly smooth texture. They are not meant to be chewed, (the word "jaw-breaker" comes to mind!) but savored. The taste is exquisite: strong but not overpowering, herbal and sweet. At the heart of each drop is an anise seed, the texture of which contrasts beautifully with the hardness of the candy surrounding it. Very refreshing.

I am so glad that I stumbled upon these! They are a real treasure in a world where artificial flavorings and chemical-based sweeteners are the norm. There is something quite special about these Anise Drops from Abbaye de Flavigny.

As for the seller, Touch of Europe, I couldn't be happier with their service. My package arrived quickly, (two days before the estimated arrival time!) wrapped safely, and included a hand-signed letter thanking me for my business, which I thought was a nice touch.
215880215880B003WEDZXAA2ORLWE6KHWK3JFly ASI0051331251200Cranberry JuiceExcellent product! Juice arrived quickly and was well packed and undamaged. The expiration date was far enough off to allow it some good shelf life. I would definately reorder this same product. Mike K. Traverse City, Michigan

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