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215963215963B0013HNFJCA2OOQ59V7YWYL1Gloria M.0411305072000Major MistakeI ordered the variety packs but instead received just chocolate and vanilla. I honestly don't know if they made a mistake or ran out of the variety and sent me the chocolate and vanilla instead. But one thing is fore sure, I won't be ordering again.
215964215964B0013HNFJCA18NDQTBT265QPHeather Lake1611278892800Can definitely tasted the hydrogenated soybean oil in the lemon meringue flavor - BLUCK!The lemon meringe pudding is awful. Tastes very plastic and like what it's made of - hydrogenated soybean oil. Very big disappointment - BLUCK!! Love the vanilla flavor - so don't know what happened with this flavor.
215965215965B004H4P9PGA1XWJASWRS34BAP. Rink0051333843200The Best Accompaniment for CheeseBremner Wafers have been my favorite cracker for many years. They are the perfect accompaniment for cheese - just the right size (table water crackers are too big), just the right crispness (Australian crisps are too brittle), and the perfect "background" flavor to enhance any cheese.
215966215966B001EPQ0KOAZJ0IKYKOQSANTrash1 "Love good coffee"0021310342400OK I guessCoffee was OK I guess. I wasn't thrilled. Ended up giving it away. I think French roast from Costco is better. Just my opinion...
215967215967B001EPQ0KOAEM5U7R1QBGI0RUserious_8 "RUserious_8"0051264896000Excellent CoffeeIf you enjoy grinding your coffee beans, try this coffee (whole bean.)
I usually blend four kinds of beans. This was a good purchase.
Will probably come back for more of this brand soon.
215968215968B001EPPCOOA2SOIQ6B0PZ9TXquiet one0051258329600Candy flavoringYes, this would be MUCH too strong for coffee. Try whipping up a batch of truffles and put a few drops in...just in time for the Christmas season - YUM!
215969215969B001EPPCOOA2FKVOV9422KOSE. Grimm0041250726400V-e-r-y strong flavor.I purchased this because I thought it would be good in my coffee.

I don't know if it's the flavor (I *thought* I liked Irish Cream) or the strength, but I now prefer a splash of good ol' Vanilla over this.

It'd probably be good in chocolate, but now I have 3 unopened bottles that I have no clue what to do with!

(The other flavors are just as strong...maybe try it in a simple syrup?)
215970215970B0006MVRPEA20JRDCHBHO1MHGrace O'Neal5521294790400too sweetWhat do they add? Is it the marshmallow root? (There's no stevia.) This tea has a sickening sweetness all its own. If you accidentally bought it, like me, here's a tip: try adding lemon juice to your cup just so you can use up the box without throwing it away.
215941215941B001BX4U2EA1GNPSJGPIIYGCS. mckendree3451222732800good clean energyI love the energy I get from these-it doesnt make your heart race like most energy products and it is only 4 calories--I have been able to lift more weights since I started using these
215942215942B001BX4U2EA2LISZOM3CXJDXRaymond Starmer "Ray"2351261180800GOT ME THROUGH FINALS!!This was a fantastic deal. The Average price per bottle (including my free shipping option) came out to about $1.75; compared to $2.50 in stores. The shipping was fast; probably due in part to the Christmas season. And they have proven to be a much more effective tool over traditional coffee when it came to "crunch time" for finals! Oh, and no crash. However, with extreme use (as in my studying for finals example) there is a possibility of getting a headache; but I suppose that could also be attributed to only sleeping 3 hours a night =). All in all, it is reasonably priced, very effective, and a great alternative to coffee.
215943215943B001BX4U2EAC0O2206XOA48Seth0031343779200It's ok, but after a few uses......If you don't intake much caffeine, and use these once in a while they are great. However, if you are a coffee drinker, or consume large amounts of caffeine, you will lose the effect fast. I got a nice little "high" off the first couple and it helped A LOT with the day. But now they practically have no effect, and I rarely consumed caffeine. I would recommend for sparingly, but don't think this will help constantly, take it everyday and if it works, it's just in your head.
215944215944B001BX4U2EA3CGBRO1CZJE04Harold S Hayford0051315008000Good transactionIt was a good transaction. I will likely buy again. Since this review must be at least 25 words, I'll stop now.
215945215945B001BX4U2EA1AMHE6KHLYNOArobert moy "Yoga Bob"0051303689600bad math, good drinkI dont know who figured out the math of .86 an oz, but my calculations are $1.14 an oz.
This stuff is great. I think they raised the price and forgot to change the per oz price.
Is it worth the extra $15 per 24 bottles? You will have to decide yourself.
Me, I think another 8 bottles is better :)
215946215946B001BX4U2EA28ZZIX8EI7RMRpseudo210041279065600Works as advertised, nice buy in bulkI am one of the people these enrgy shots definitely work for. I do not nod off for several hours after downing one of these bottles, sometimes even a half bottle will do the trick. That said, even buying these in bulk as with this case is still a bit pricey, but better than 2-3$ for a single bottle at a gas station.
215947215947B001BX4U2EA3HLRH7ZW76R7UY. Fernandez0051265760000Works!These little 5 hour energy shots really work. They kick it in a matter of minutes and you don't feel groggy afterwards.The taste is good as can refrigerate them, and drink them nice and cool. Only 4 calories and contains Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, Sodium, and an Energy Blend that consist of Taurine, Glucuronolactone,Malic Acid,N-Acetyl,L-Tyrosine,L-Phenylalaline,Caffeine,Citicoline. Maybe can try mixing it in with a smoothie shake!
215948215948B001BX4U2EA2NV6N2U9JWXINL. Hampton "Looking for answers"0051260921600works like it is advertisedNeeded something to give me a little boost about mid-afternoon. Thought i would try this product as it was highly advertised. Only used a half a bottle and it worked great. No jitters , no sugar crash, just a mild boost in energy. Still only using a half a bottle as that seems to work best for me. When this supply runs out, I definitely will order some more.
215949215949B001BX4U2EA3SACBCXAT05F6Anthony Zhang "Amazon Boy"0051259625600Works GreatThis product works great and as advertised. However, I wouldn't recommend using these unless you plan to do some heavy exercising or is really tired. It's much stronger than the Red Bull shots and the regular 5-hour Energies, but it'll definitely give you energy when you need it.

Others say it doesn't give you a rapid heart-beat, but it did for me, and I had trouble sitting at my desk while at work, but I guess it's different for everybody. In most cases a half-bottle shot of this was good enough for me, and I only use the whole bottle when I'm super tired.

But as the commercial says, you can start by just drinking a half-bottle and then drink the rest if you feel you need more. Personally, I would prefer the regular 5-Hour energies, as those worked really well for me, but this extra strength version will definitely give you the kick you need.

Highly recommended, but just be careful with it, as with all products of this type, too much of it is not good for you.
215950215950B001BX4U2EAR1A5QKI258HCLucas W. Hamon "Orangepegs"0051257811200When regular 5-hour just isn't enoughIt's pretty simple. It's absolutely the best solution sleepiness out there. No crash, no jitters, and no rapid heart beat. Just 4-5 hours of solid energy, clear thinking, and good times. The EXTRA version adds a little kick extra over the regular.
215951215951B001BX4U2EA3LF9GB062XMF6TheLlamaBook134126705600024 bottles:$60 != 2(12 bottles):2($24)24 bottles is $60 dollars, but 5-Hour Energy Extra Strength Berry 12 bttls costs $24.....

Even if you have to add a filler item to bump the price over $25 so that you'll get super saver shipping, it's cheaper to buy this product in 12 bottle increments.

Silly amazon.
215952215952B001BX4U2EA38O1E5MFAZUQGStarr Brown "Sweetest Cherry In An Apple Pie"1511265673600This product is awfulI tried this after the regular 5-hour energy drinks stopped working... this one is WAY too much. I couldn't stay in my chair and just felt drunk/out of it. Plus it tastes 10x worse.
215953215953B00189Y3PUA28AVKPXCL3JV7K. Bond "X-Phi Solutions"1131303862400Not badI don't like the Mint flavored toothpix as much as I enjoy the cinnamon ones. Flavor is a bit off for me, but probably just a personal thing. Wood seems kind of cheap...double ended pointy things which decay pretty fast. But still good to have around. Seemed to take a while to get the least longer than usual in these online things.
215954215954B00069W8UUA10X9A4ZQL70VFJ. Schowengerdt0051331856000Delicious, just-right spiciness, and a comforting hot drinkI adore this stuff.

The ingredients are simple, all it contains is ginger, sugar, and salt. Of course, if you are avoiding sugar or salt, you might want to reconsider or drink in moderation, otherwise, you will not be disappointed. (I could easily drink three cups of this a day, but because of the sugar and salt, I choose to limit it to one.)

The "tea" itself looks a bit like light brown sugar, it pours out as dry crystals, you add hot water, and it dissolves quickly and evenly. It dissolves so quickly you can just heat your water to drinking heat, instead of "extra-hot-for-brewing-time" hot. It is slightly spicy, but if you are already familiar with ginger you know what to expect. It is not an uncomfortable spiciness, but a pleasant tingly wake-up of the taste buds warmth. Anyway, if you've read this far, stop reading. Just buy a box. You'll love it!

Now, gotta go order a refill box, or three.
215955215955B00069W8UUA2TMWYPPOHS5GTRobert.0041330214400Great ginger teaI went to the Asian market looking for ginger tea because I was getting sick. Ginger tea supposedly helps you when you are sick (fight infection, inflammation, etc). The Intra Instant ginger tea comes in convenient little packets. The taste isn't too strong and tastes good. The product is from Indonesia so you don't have to worry too much about tainted food. I would buy this product again. Also, the product has 90 calories per packet. However, fewer calories would be better.
215956215956B00069W8UUA15MGQ8AUCA52Dkat280051329350400great productThis ginger drink tastes great and really helps colds and stomach aches. I bought several for myself my co-workers and my daughters friends. This was the third time I have purchased Ginger drink from this vender. My orders were received quickly and securely packaged.
215957215957B00069W8UUADVSYKVNQMTNWE. Eisenmann "Sunflower Healing"0051306281600Ginger DrinkEasy to make, strong ginger flavor and just plain yummy. I also get the ginger milk tea and ginger coffee.
215958215958B00069W8UUA2TDYCVKMAAK1LMystique690051284508800My Favorite Ginger TeaI suffer from bouts of vertigo that cause extreme nausea. I read that ginger can help with motion sickness and nausea and found this tea. It has worked wonders! It is pretty spicy and can help if you are congested. I keep a pouch of it on me at all times. I have tried it both hot and cold and it is good both ways. It is pretty sweet, not sure about the sugar content but it might be too high for some. It does have a heavy ginger flavor and it works great for me for controlling the nausea and vertigo. It is in a powdered crystal form and dissolves easily into hot water. Don't add too much water though, or it gets really weak and doesn't taste as good.
215959215959B00069W8UUAYX2W5DR04U2SMNA0051268092800Best Tasting Ginger Drink!I've tried many of the ginger drink products out there and this one is definitely the best tasting product! Very good to relieve cold symptoms and upset stomach.
215960215960B0013HNFJCA1HL5OCV317Z3Fbah6651311292800love the puddingI have always loved the pudding...especially the chocolate. My Mother always loved the chocolate too. I always brought her a supply when I came to visit. As she got older, I noticed she quit eatting them. She told me they were too difficult for her to open.

Now that I am getting older and having problems with my hands, I am having a problem opening the top of the pudding too. I wish you could make the product easier for older customers to open with different packaging. I know that before too long I will no longer be able to open the pudding.

I made the mistake of trying to cut a hole in the top a few days ago, and I cut my finger. I am still wearing a bandaid...but the pudding was great!

Barbara in Texas
215961215961B0013HNFJCA2YB7DLC3FOR7WPamela V ""MS V""4451227139200One of the best things to eat on a budget!Hunts Snack Pack is delicious and there are enough flavors to keep you from becoming bored, even if you eat it everyday. Chocolate and all the chocolate varieties are great. Butterscotch is fantastic. But the best Snack Pack flavors in my opinion are banana cream pie and lemon Meringue! They are out-of-this world! I add one of these to my sack lunch everyday!
215962215962B0013HNFJCA3PSJEB2O37G8UAmazon Fan115126999360036 cups (not 32)There's 36 cups as said on the box. Awesome product, not too sugary. Chocolate & Vanilla rocks! Just be careful when buying during summer. I actually don't buy during summer for spoilage reasons, so stock up once spring comes. Thanx DAB!

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