Amazon Fine Food Reviews

216091216091B001BORBMYAGPLJLVQ47QLTStephanie0051322870400DOOMHAMMER approvedI love this brand. If you go to their website, sign up for their newsletters. They'll send you $3.00 off coupons every couple of months or so. No so helpful when purchasing through amazon but helpful if you have a local store with Amazon similar pricing like I do ;)

My dog loves this food. I like the ingredients, the way his coat looks, how he NEVER has bad breath or dog farts. Ever.
216092216092B001BORBMYAGPLJLVQ47QLTStephanie0051322870400DOOMHAMMER approvedI love this brand. If you go to their website, sign up for their newsletters. They'll send you $3.00 off coupons every couple of months or so. No so helpful when purchasing through amazon but helpful if you have a local store with Amazon similar pricing like I do ;)

My dog loves this food. He suffered from some stomach problems when he was a puppy so I switched him to Innova. I loved Innova, but my puppy didn't - his hair became oily, he didn't seem interested in the food, he began to smell bad, and the stomach issues continued. I did more research, switched to Wellness, and everything cleared up! I like the clean ingredients, the way his coat looks, and how he NEVER has bad breath or puppy farts. Ever.
216093216093B001BORBMYAD4BNNYT74YCVKane0051322438400Best food on the market ...Great food for my pooch's coat and helps her produce a consistent stool. Switched from Nutro Natural Choice, which was fine too, but considering they are both priced in the same neighborhood and Wellness has a higher protein content, this made more sense.
But I probably wouldn't have switched from Nutro if it wasn't for all those recalls a few years back -- it really freaked me out. My dog is glad I switched.
216094216094B001BORBMYAR7DVIWO3NRFQG. Eagle0051317254400Wellness dog foodMy dog, a picky eater, loves this food. And it's made with better ingredients than most other stuff on the market.
216095216095B001BORBMYA3KTUA9LX02EUQpat olsen0051315699200Golden Retrivers Love It!if you have a golden whose hair tends to smell, this product will significantly reduce the problem. When I adopted my golden, she was extremely overweight and she didn't smell that great. After a few weeks of eating this dog food which was recommended by a friend, she began to lose weight and smell better. It is now about a year and a half later and she's in great shape and smells like a dog. The product does not contain any corn.
216096216096B001BORBMYA2UIPB4ROKUYL5R&B Johnsonite Rockford Williamson "Star Review"0041309219200Great food for the boys!My dogs love this food and I also stay with it because there have been no recalls since I started using it. 4 star due to a little to expensive.
216097216097B001BORBMYAZJ1HP7MBFC4WAQuinnT0051308441600Healthier coat in a weekWe rotate foods with our one year old. Went from a poultry mix to the fish and his coat is so much softer after only three weeks. Seems to be extremely palatable, and our pup had no issues switching over. He's extremely active so we've been feeding him a little more than the recommended amount on the bag, and his weight and energy level have remained constant. Wonderful food thus far -- no stomach or gas problems, just a mild case of fish breath. Would recommend to anyone!
216098216098B001BORBMYA1I4JU8YRZVXAHDaniel0051307145600Only the best for my dogOur dog loves this food. We tried the salmon and the whitefish flavors also but he clearly likes the chicken the best. We have only used wellness for our dog and his coat remains shiny, he is at an appropriate weight and full of energy, and has healthy bowel movements. I think this is the best you can get and well worth the price in the longevity your beloved pet gains in eating a healthy, natural diet.
216099216099B001BORBMYA2VF25F0XZHXMWChris Apolant "Quill & Ink"0031307145600Too High On Carbs, Low On ProteinI am not rating this food with three stars because I dispute the quality of ingredients, or that it's one of the healthiest commercial dog food available on the market. Wellness is an excellent brand, more importantly, one whose quality control I trust. My dogs are doing fairly well on it, too, however, the reason I cannot give the Super 5 Mix a five star review is for the unusually low levels of protein and fat, which are not suitable for my highly active Beagles.

My dogs spend as much time outdoors as they do snoring on the couch (which is a lot), and unfortunately, the 22/12 ratio of fat:protein does not cut it for them. By most standards 22% is a very low amount for even a maintenance diet, and despite the inclusion of whole grains, fruits, and veggies, I've found that I need to add oils and meat on a daily basis because their coats have been thinning out/shedding more than usual and their muscle mass has definitely decreased in the several weeks I've been feeding it. I'm very disappointed because it's only the middle of summer, when they normally maintain their coat very well and are less active than in the cooler months. Energy levels are also not very good... I am seeing spikes and crashes which is usually indicative of a high carbohydrate feed, so alas, will have to find another, more meat based diet for my pack. Although I would still recommend this for less active dogs - it's just not right for mine.
216100216100B001BORBMYA1GVXO2ZZCGTMFChris R. Hatton0041306281600Gotta Love Organic Dog Food from Wellness!I remember when it was almost impossible to find oragnic dog treats online. Amazon rocks when it comes to buying organic dog treats! I ususally get my treats from because of the quantities and flavors they offer, however I decided to try the 30 pound bag of organic dog food to offer both organic treats from and the food from Wellness. Now my dogs get the best from both worlds!
216101216101B001BORBMYA2L8ODA6KVBG6DFlipflopsforever0051304294400My dog loves this food!My 17 year old terrier mix has been enjoying Wellness Senior for at least two years now. She has never had any troubles with digestion. She is happy so I am happy. Amazon has the best price and with free shipping with my prime account it's the best thing going.
216102216102B001BORBMYA3NO05U8A7GKF5luvthgirls0051303430400Super Dog FoodI have used this food now for several years. My golden girls love it and their coats are shiny and soft. It also helped my golden/border collie mix with her seizures. I highly recommend it to anyone needing a quality product that your dog will enjoy.
216103216103B001BORBMYA1XW6CL6JGBJ60Al Anderson0051301270400Great ProductWe have two Large Yellow Labrador Retrievers. One has always been fine with a higher end large breed grocery store brand. The other, developed terrible ear problems over time, after trying other remedy's we finally started changing foods, and found Wellness brand cleared up the ear problem within days! Sometimes mild ear irritations would come back, although in a very mild form as compared to before.

A few months ago, we decided to try the Wellness Chicken, and the ear problems are gone. Another benefit is, so is their Gas!

The dogs love the food, are still just as active, and look just as healthy as they always have. Plus they love helping open the box that the food comes in when picked up off of the front porch!

Thanks to Amazon and Prime we do not have to search pet stores that are always out of this stuff, and we can have dog food on our doorstep within 2 days! All of this without paying crazy shipping costs.

Keep it up Amazon, and Wellness.
216104216104B001BORBMYA1YPSR335VNGC5Diane Marie "Diane Marie"0051300147200Vet tech approved!Im a vet tech and I have researched many brands. This is one of the best with quality ingredients, a good nutritional balance, and value. I only feed dry food to my dogs, but occasionally will give some Wellness canned food. My dogs love it, well worth the price.
216105216105B000634M6YA18RTNWQZDRB2LJ. Stoops3721189209600NOT worth the moneyLike most commercial dog foods, Eukanuba is mostly garbage, full of by- products, fillers and grains that dogs do not need for health. While this is certainly not the worst dog food out there, it is far from the best and absolutely not worth anywher near the price it commands. Pet guardians, please take the time to educate yourselves on what goes into your pet's food. That initiative will give them the gift of a longer, healthier life, eliminate many chronic health issues that pets face, save you money in vet bills in the long run... the list of benefits goes on and on.

I have done extensive research on canine and feline nutrition and I highly recommend, if you are going to feed commercial food, Welless, California Naturals or Innova. For a great complete meal, I give my dogs all one of those dry foods mixed with a little bit of canned from the same brands, water for hydration, a touch of a good quality essential oil (such as olive, flax, etc.), a touch of powdered kelp and alfalfa, a splash of organic apple cider vinegar, Prozyme digestive enzymes to unlock the nutrients in all that good food and top with a dollop of plain yogurt. It sounds like a lot, but it takes me less than 5 minutes to assemble the meals for 6 dogs - and they are ridiculously healthy an full of energy, even our 3 seniors who are 11, 12 and 13.
216106216106B001QY04Q4A2EO70A3IS220FAnn Marie Ritchie1151313539200Favorite teaThis is my favorite tea. It has that lovely flavor and aroma of Ceylon tea. I drink way too many cups of it each day! I only wish they had a decaf version.
216107216107B001QY04Q4AZ0X9GPKXTLCSRobin W. Boeling0051312070400Great Black TeaI love the flavor of this tea - I wanted to try a different variety of black tea and this one caught my eye. I love it!
216108216108B0064KPSAMA75UZQ8A0OZQTjoem5890900051346457600delicious n fast deliveryI love these guys candy it is oh so gooood. 100% satisfied cherry air heads are yumm everyone loves u must try.
216109216109B0034KSQTAA35JPD8Q492FJCFirefly1151265414400You gotta hand it to Kashi!They've managed to make healthy food fun and tasty! These crackers are delicious, like a Triscuit but without the rancid greasiness.
216110216110B0034KSQTAA1HDN10KRP9U14Wuzz0051273881600better than Triscits!I love these crackers! They have more flavor than Triscuts and they are better for your health. I keep them in my lunch bag so that if I need something to "tie me over" these will fill me up quickly and stop me from snacking on unhealthy things!
216111216111B001QTKZAYA1LBRWZCSUIA3VDouknowme2221248307200Melted candy barsI ordered this candy bar (as I have done with other sites) and I just received it. It came with no type of cooling agent in the box, so I got 24 melted candy bars. I called Amazon and they were happy to refund the cost. However, having ordered perishable items before, they always came with some type of cooling agent in them so the items would be in the same fashion as they were shipped. Think twice about ordering these candy bars. By the way, Amazon was not the shipping agent. These came from a seller who didn't bother to send me an email as to who to contact.
216112216112B001QTKZAYA4AI15KUWAQO8Professor K.1111310515200Old, Chalky ChocolateWTF. I got the bars and they are old and chalky. I probably won't be eating the rest of them. In the future I will be purchasing them from a more legitimate source.
216113216113B001QTKZAYA17ZIRDREFDZGECellwarrior1111296518400Same as I remember as a kid but too close to being outdated...I opened one of these and noticed the chocolate was slightly discolored. As I bit into it, it was dry and the chocolate began to flake off where I bit in. It was not quite the taste I remembered but close. If it was not within a month of being outdated I'm sure it would have been wonderful! The worst part is that I ordered 24 of these and they ALL had the same date on them.....WILL NOT even attempt to purchase from this retailer again. Threw the other 23 in the trash can. What else can you do....VERY disapointing.......
216114216114B001QTKZAYA2GDBWBMQO7G24Mitch991121281916800Arrived meltedAlthough the candy is delicious the bars arrived badly melted and in poor condition. They were for a gift and most were unusable.
216115216115B000HDJZTMAUKZQ9NJYFKF5HARLEY DAVIDSON RUSS2221198195200OK productI usually get Reese Large Pearl, but the Amazon site said back order and not sure when available. I ordered Bacom. It is a good product, better than regular store product and I would have been very excited if I did not know of Reese. Easy to fix and a good product.
216116216116B000HDJZTMA3606WZXA3QUE4Sven0051349827200Great ProductMy wife is extremely happy with this product, she considers it the real thing. We will definitely be buying it again. Thank you!
216117216117B000HDJZTMABO5ABRDOIDBVLLi0051282521600Basoms Tapioca
216118216118B000HDJZTMA3M32AR1B137QHMary Ellen0051213315200Bascom Tapioca, LargeThis is the best tapioca I have used for many years. I was glad to be able to find it thru Amazon. It is a very refreshing and light dessert. All my friends I have served enjoyed it very much.
216119216119B002AU9TGYA6Q54N3T66ZHQRandy L. Vickery "NIEVA"2251325376000Great BeansWe have bought beans in the bag for years and they always have to be cleaned. Small rocks and bad beans were common. With a box of Eden organic beans all you have to do is soak and cook. They were uniform in size and had a great taste! I am ordering again and would recommend these to all.
216120216120B002AU9TGYA37CU57W3ULVJGAlex Cortez2251288483200great beansnice tasting- smaller as other true organic. Happy Customer. Eden keep it up. Best food company in the nation.

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