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216241216241B001BORBM4AR7DVIWO3NRFQG. Eagle0051317254400Wellness dog foodMy dog, a picky eater, loves this food. And it's made with better ingredients than most other stuff on the market.
216242216242B001BORBM4A3KTUA9LX02EUQpat olsen0051315699200Golden Retrivers Love It!if you have a golden whose hair tends to smell, this product will significantly reduce the problem. When I adopted my golden, she was extremely overweight and she didn't smell that great. After a few weeks of eating this dog food which was recommended by a friend, she began to lose weight and smell better. It is now about a year and a half later and she's in great shape and smells like a dog. The product does not contain any corn.
216243216243B001BORBM4A2UIPB4ROKUYL5R&B Johnsonite Rockford Williamson "Star Review"0041309219200Great food for the boys!My dogs love this food and I also stay with it because there have been no recalls since I started using it. 4 star due to a little to expensive.
216244216244B001BORBM4AZJ1HP7MBFC4WAQuinnT0051308441600Healthier coat in a weekWe rotate foods with our one year old. Went from a poultry mix to the fish and his coat is so much softer after only three weeks. Seems to be extremely palatable, and our pup had no issues switching over. He's extremely active so we've been feeding him a little more than the recommended amount on the bag, and his weight and energy level have remained constant. Wonderful food thus far -- no stomach or gas problems, just a mild case of fish breath. Would recommend to anyone!
216245216245B001BORBM4A1I4JU8YRZVXAHDaniel0051307145600Only the best for my dogOur dog loves this food. We tried the salmon and the whitefish flavors also but he clearly likes the chicken the best. We have only used wellness for our dog and his coat remains shiny, he is at an appropriate weight and full of energy, and has healthy bowel movements. I think this is the best you can get and well worth the price in the longevity your beloved pet gains in eating a healthy, natural diet.
216246216246B001BORBM4A2VF25F0XZHXMWChris Apolant "Quill & Ink"0031307145600Too High On Carbs, Low On ProteinI am not rating this food with three stars because I dispute the quality of ingredients, or that it's one of the healthiest commercial dog food available on the market. Wellness is an excellent brand, more importantly, one whose quality control I trust. My dogs are doing fairly well on it, too, however, the reason I cannot give the Super 5 Mix a five star review is for the unusually low levels of protein and fat, which are not suitable for my highly active Beagles.

My dogs spend as much time outdoors as they do snoring on the couch (which is a lot), and unfortunately, the 22/12 ratio of fat:protein does not cut it for them. By most standards 22% is a very low amount for even a maintenance diet, and despite the inclusion of whole grains, fruits, and veggies, I've found that I need to add oils and meat on a daily basis because their coats have been thinning out/shedding more than usual and their muscle mass has definitely decreased in the several weeks I've been feeding it. I'm very disappointed because it's only the middle of summer, when they normally maintain their coat very well and are less active than in the cooler months. Energy levels are also not very good... I am seeing spikes and crashes which is usually indicative of a high carbohydrate feed, so alas, will have to find another, more meat based diet for my pack. Although I would still recommend this for less active dogs - it's just not right for mine.
216247216247B001BORBM4A1GVXO2ZZCGTMFChris R. Hatton0041306281600Gotta Love Organic Dog Food from Wellness!I remember when it was almost impossible to find oragnic dog treats online. Amazon rocks when it comes to buying organic dog treats! I ususally get my treats from because of the quantities and flavors they offer, however I decided to try the 30 pound bag of organic dog food to offer both organic treats from and the food from Wellness. Now my dogs get the best from both worlds!
216248216248B001BORBM4A2L8ODA6KVBG6DFlipflopsforever0051304294400My dog loves this food!My 17 year old terrier mix has been enjoying Wellness Senior for at least two years now. She has never had any troubles with digestion. She is happy so I am happy. Amazon has the best price and with free shipping with my prime account it's the best thing going.
216249216249B001BORBM4A3NO05U8A7GKF5luvthgirls0051303430400Super Dog FoodI have used this food now for several years. My golden girls love it and their coats are shiny and soft. It also helped my golden/border collie mix with her seizures. I highly recommend it to anyone needing a quality product that your dog will enjoy.
216250216250B001BORBM4A1XW6CL6JGBJ60Al Anderson0051301270400Great ProductWe have two Large Yellow Labrador Retrievers. One has always been fine with a higher end large breed grocery store brand. The other, developed terrible ear problems over time, after trying other remedy's we finally started changing foods, and found Wellness brand cleared up the ear problem within days! Sometimes mild ear irritations would come back, although in a very mild form as compared to before.

A few months ago, we decided to try the Wellness Chicken, and the ear problems are gone. Another benefit is, so is their Gas!

The dogs love the food, are still just as active, and look just as healthy as they always have. Plus they love helping open the box that the food comes in when picked up off of the front porch!

Thanks to Amazon and Prime we do not have to search pet stores that are always out of this stuff, and we can have dog food on our doorstep within 2 days! All of this without paying crazy shipping costs.

Keep it up Amazon, and Wellness.
216251216251B001BORBM4A1YPSR335VNGC5Diane Marie "Diane Marie"0051300147200Vet tech approved!Im a vet tech and I have researched many brands. This is one of the best with quality ingredients, a good nutritional balance, and value. I only feed dry food to my dogs, but occasionally will give some Wellness canned food. My dogs love it, well worth the price.
216252216252B001EO6D52A2SPVQNKOW9YNNDouglas Schifter "food maestro"0051248739200Intense smoky flavored saltI love this salt. It imparts an intense smoke and salt seasoning flavor to whatever you are putting it on. I paid 10 dollars for the three tins and found it to be pricey but worthy and unique. I don't think I would pay 15 dollars for it though unless you think it critical for a recipe. I smoke my own foods but I would not smoke with this salt on anything. If you grill on a gas barbeque then this may help you achieve smoky flavor and saltiness at the same time. It is good for other foods cooked indoors as well. Again if you barbeque with wood then you might not need this at all. I recommend using this on fish. I also suggest you have a salt grinder as the granules are to the larger size type of salt crystal and reducing it in size helps to avoid heavily salted spots and spread out the flavor evenly.
216253216253B001EO5TWUA3F9CMU8KNAY1MSusan "minniesm"242551211760000Great milk substituteI haven't drank milk for over 20 years, but I do enjoy cereal in the morning. This powder is great because I can only make what I need. I put the powder and water in a covered container, shake it, put in the frig overnight, then shake again before putting on my cereal. Yes, it does take a lot of shaking to mix it together, but I think the original mixes better than the vanilla. I've also used this as a milk substitute in bread machines. This is a subscribe and save item for me.
216254216254B001EO5TWUA2T4SII8BYPLVRVeganLisa151551266969600Delicious & very creamy!This rice milk surpassed my expectations. It tastes so good and it's real creamy! The powder does not dissolve well in cold water so I mix large batches in hot water (a drinkable temperature, not boiling) once a week then store in the fridge to drink later. I do not even need to shake it prior to use because the powder dissolves so well when mixed in hot water.
216255216255B001EO5TWUA3D4MFMTZRNXJ4Always on the Run "GF/CF Mommy of 3"121351206576000Better Than Milk... is betterI have my 3 boys on a Gluten/Casein Free Diet! I used to buy three different kinds of GF/CF milk. They each liked a different kind. Then I read about Better Than Milk Rice Milk in the; Special Diets for Special Kids book and gave it a try. All three of my boys love it! I don't have to lug heavy cartons of milk home anymore. The only tip I have it to make it in the blender, the powder mixes in better that way. We are hooked now!
216256216256B001EO5TWUAVYMB3X8WLQTJSherry Christensen "zoomma"8841291939200The Non-dairy AnswerI purchased this product for use in making homemade bread--my daughter is lactose and gluten intolerant, and this turned out to be the perfect substitute for the milk called for in the usual bread recipes.
216257216257B001EO5TWUAA6IMO12NA71XPaul Rowell273411206316800Better Than Milk Vegan Beverage Mix, Rice, OriginalI saw this product on Amazon.Com and was excited because I have been
making my own Rice Milk and Almond Milk. I thought that it would be
more convenient just to add water and have instant Rice Milk.

The reviews were good and I ordered. I cannot stand the taste of this mix. I dislike giving negative reviews but I must to save other customers from perhaps making the same mistake. The product is very sweet and has an unusual taste unlike that of homemade Rice Milk. Why must the product contain so many ingredients? I will ask Amazon to approve a return of the product, or give it away. Be careful about ordering this product.

Paul Rowell
216258216258B001EO5TWUAPEAPQTBBYP4RS. Huss7821266364800Good as a last resortI purchased this rice milk powder with an open mind. I had read other reviews that claimed it was too sweet or lumpy, but decided to give it a go anyways. Here's what I found...

You must prepare this drink per the can instructions otherwise it is lumpy. Warm water and a blender are a must, plus a container to store the prepared mixture in your refrigerator. Shake the prepared mixture before use because it quickly settles. I found the taste to not be sweet but rather have a sweet smell. It reminds me of the smell I get when I open a bag of Honey Nut rice cakes; it is faintly reminiscent of cotton candy. Once you drink it, the sweetness is very mild. It is kind of like the lack of sweetness you experienced as a child when you bit into your cherry chapstick thinking it would taste like it smelled. As for using it in coffee, I haven't cared for it. I used to drink half rice milk, half coffee in the morning, but it just doesn't have the consistency to stand up to coffee like my other rice milks do. It separates quickly and gives the coffee a thick quality. As for the price, I did the math and it is only slightly less expensive than if I had purchased the Trader Joe's rice milk I normally get. The packaging is correct that this rice milk travels well because the powder does not require refrigeration, but then again I usually don't travel with a blender so that was a moot point for me. I would have also liked it more if it was organic.

What I really like about this rice milk is that it uses less packaging when compared to aseptic boxes (one can is like 16 small boxes), it has a long shelf life, it does not contain vitamin D2 (I don't care to take synthetic vitamins... I'd rather use D3, but that's not usually vegan so you won't find it in rice milk), it works as a milk substitute in recipes, AND I can use it in recipes that call for powdered milk (sort of - there isn't any protein in this rice milk, and that's usually why most recipes call for using powdered rice milk as an ingredient so if that's what you wanted to use it for I would recommend going with powdered egg whites or powdered protein shake instead). So, you could easily use it for cooking or for breakfast, but the idea of using it for a coffee creamer is out of the question. It is almost unpalatable in coffee.
216259216259B001EO5TWUA3B3UOHLQ0RTS0Berni7841193184000healthy milk on hand alwaysI love having this on hand always. it does not mix well with cold water for instant drinking milk--that's why I gave it four star instead of 5. But I find use for it often especially in cooking and baking like making bread, cream soups, and puddings and pies. And if i do run out of ready made soy or rice milk in the fridge I am glad i have this on hand for cereal-it will do then.
I've bought it many times and will continue to do so.
216260216260B001EO5TWUA14LPL0N9AUBUEJohn Weissman121511220054400Junk Food a la "health food"Brown rice "milk" is not actually made from rice, but from sweetener made from rice. It is a form of "malt" sugar. Insulin up the wazoo. Avoid products like these.
216261216261B001EO5TWUA3AVMLXB4QJ2DPjn7524451269734400Rice Milk For CeliacsThis is the best rice milk product I have ever tried. Easy to mix up. Is great for making green drinks. And clean and free from gluten, so no reactions if you have Celiac's Disease. Would highly recommend.
216262216262B001EO5TWUA26Z1UNAS87V8the feral human6751168905600Better Than MilkVery good flavor, perhaps a bit too sweet. Doesn't mix with water very easily. It can be mixed at different strengths for different purposes. I give it 5 stars for its flexibility and flavor.
216263216263B001EO5TWUA191WFN31OGF4GMercedes Clemens "probodyworker"2221317945600Too difficult to use, gummy textureThis rice milk mix is not particularly soluble in water -- you have to use a blender, or a wire whisk and very hot water. Which makes extra work. It's also got a gumminess to it -- guar gum is one of the (many) ingredients. This especially becomes apparent if you make a batch and keep it in the fridge for a couple of days. It becomes more gummy, even if it's restirred/shaken.

It just doesn't have the clean flavor and texture that Rice Dream or Trader Joe's brand has. I'll go back to buying TJ's rice milk.
216264216264B001EO5TWUA2HVPVHPXCHJRFC. Rapinchuk "mommieof2"2241316908800Great for traveling & cooking!We love our powdered rice milk! It was a HUGE life saver while traveling. It's a little difficult to mix thoroughly but works great when you don't have anything else. It is also a fantastic idea for baking too!!
216265216265B001EO5TWUA1R9WB6KIHQ6X3J. Perry2251264809600Excellent productFor those who wish to avoid soy, this rice milk is an excellent choice. It's hard to find, though, so glad to find it here.
216266216266B001EO5TWUA1PX61AM5DJSV4Kimberly Diaz "kimmi"2251264032000I love this productMy kids love this milk....they have allergies to dairy so this is the best substitut.I have tried almond and soy milk but they prefere this one and it's at a great price.Super fast shipping and good service.
216267216267B001EO5TWUA2Y8IDC1FKGNJCL. A.81121203465600could be better, lots betterI had tried this years ago and it was okay. It has improved somewhat, but not much. It is still lumpy when mixed. I used an electric hand mixer to blend this and it still came out lumpy. I used lukewarm water with the mixer and it was still lumpy. The flavor was also a little bland. I prefer pre-made rice milk. This will do in a pinch for baking or cooking, but I will not be using it for anything else. Blech.
216268216268B001EO5TWUA3M8K9PYA98KZINatalie1151324339200LOVE it, easy to mix, tastes great!I was a bit skeptical when I read the reviews saying this was hard to mix. As soon as it arrived I mixed up a cup of it and it was easy to mix. I always use this method to mix powdered milk. Use room temperature water, and put it in a 1 quart canning jar, with the powdered milk. Put on a lid and SHAKE hard! It's so easy and I never have a bunch of clumps. I had previously bought Now Foods soy milk and it had lots of reviews of clumpy mixture/hard to mix too but I never had a problem using this method mixing the soy milk either. I am SO glad I tried this milk though. I like the taste much better than the soy milk I was buying. My daughter has a dairy sensitivity and often children with a dairy sensitivity have a soy allergy/sensitivity too. So I wanted to try some rice milk instead of soy. This milk tastes good and doesn't seem as thin as the variety I was buying in the store. This was cheaper and better tasting!
216269216269B001EO5TWUA365PH0N70EYQGann1151314144000Great! The secret to Gluten free bread making!This is the secret to gluten free bread making. Substitute it in the place of milk powder for dairy free bread. Milk powder also tends to make the bread a lot more crumbly!
216270216270B001EO5TWUA1OQSM78KOXKH6 Than Milk Vegan Rice milkI bought this because of the free shipping and the unavailability in our local healthfood store. It doesn't mix instantly. You have to put it in a container, mix as good as can be and it will still be very lumpy even with a power mixer. It does, however, settle out in the fridge, just needs a shake or two. The taste is plesant. I will buy it again because it does not have glueten or soy, which is what I was looking for.

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