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216271216271B001EO5TWUA25LASN6YNLRQ3Nita1141249776000Great for BakingI bake and cook alot of gluten free and dairy free foods. I use the Better than Milk products when baking so that I don't have to use milk. I then substitute water for the milk. Improves the flavor and texture of baked goods.
216272216272B001EO5TWUA1GW0JIZ4LR92TAmanda M. Mcmahon "ammcmaho"1131242345600tastes okay but 4 yr old won't drink itfine for me but 4 year old nephew prefers liquid "premade." dissolves okay but there are a few other better products out there.
216273216273B001EO5TWUA1QO560QFOPGPPGerald Sproehlich ""An eye for an eye mak...3451208822400Delicious :)This stuff tastes amazing! it doesn't mix very well but that isn't a problem for me. I just put the mix on top of water in a bowl and mix it up after I put the cereal in, that works just fine.

Overall it's a great buy. Don't let the "Original" fool you, it tastes like marshmallows- YUM! It does have a sweet flavor, perhaps similar to milk... but it's been over a year since I had that junk. AND this rice milk has only 4g of sugar per 8oz, which is great compared to cow's milk's 12g(?) 11g(?).

Highly Recommended!
216274216274B001EO5TWUA3H7IDFORP13YTlori bakes3451194048000Better Than MilkI like to use this in place of nonfat dry milk powder to make GFCF bread. It works great and adds a nice taste.
216275216275B001EO5TWUA1DYDEG6VYIZXKAlicia Voorhies "3451173484800
216276216276B001EO5TWUA333MRGHFM868JShay Canty "shaylala"6911252713600Should be able to see the ingredient list before buyingI purchased this product to use in baked goods for my son who has allergies to dairy, soy, eggs and corn. He drinks rice milk as his normal beverage with no problems at all. Unfortunately, the ingredients in the powdered version contain both corn and soy products. Unfortunately, since this is a food item, it is non-returnable, so it was a waste of money.
216277216277B001EO5TWUA306Y9XIJKL146Malakhova Olena "Lenchick"2311258070400Impossible to drinkTerrible experience: difficult to dissolve, unattractive looks of drink, bad taste. Better to buy normal product (ready to drink).
216278216278B001EO5TWUAULRP4NK6HEQPJ. Corlett2311241049600The Company has covered this product in candy sweetness. Milk had no taste.The Company has covered this product in candy sweetness. Milk has no taste.

Better than the other products competing with Milk.
216279216279B001EO5TWUA175N19FS2B4JLisa M. Mims2341236729600Good for baking sweet things--too sweet and lumpy for anything else.I've used this with great success in making gluten-free impossible sweet potato pies. (E-mail me if you want the recipe--it's going in the cookbook.)

However, this will stay lumpy even with the help of hot water and a hand blender; it makes pie fillings lumpy and it tastes way too 'ricey'. Because of the lumps and the extreme sweetness--it's rice syrup--it doesn't work as a drinkable milk substitute, either.

I gave it four stars because it will work in very long-cooking baked goods where you mix it with the dry flours first. (It lumps to itself, not other stuff.) If you are so lactose intolerant that putting milk in baked goods makes them inedible for you, this works wonderfully as a substitute when a recipe calls for milk.

Edit: I just tried to make dumplings from this. Bleh. Ricey.

This only works in sweet baked goods that have a very dominant taste like sweet potato or chocolate.
216280216280B001EO5TWUA3E001A4VTFR26rice milk drinker "LC"2321231200000REALLY hard to mix and tastes oily for drinkingThis is a fine product if you only plan to use the milk for cooking (as a dried powder). But OY! its not such a great drinking milk. I had a REALLY tough time mixing it (yes, I used warmish water like the directions suggested) - it turned out really lumpy and the liquid was almost oily in texture (even though I don't think there is oil in the product). I was disappointed in it for a drinking powdered alternative to cow's milk. I like the dried soy milk powder I get from my co-op better.
216281216281B001EO5TWUA3D4RD4W27Q2U8A. Treat "The Sensitive Soprano"2351228608000Delicious and convenient for allergy sufferersI adore this product! Best milk replacement I have found, since I cannot tolerate dairy or soy. Mix it with a hand blender and refrigerate overnight for best results. It makes your coffee smooth and delicious, is great on cereal, and good for baking. Has a sweet taste with a hint of a cake batter flavor.
216282216282B001EO5TWUA2ANFU2HJPYUMQReuben Herfindahl2341220572800Works great for on the go where they don't sell rice milkMy son is allergic to regular milk and soy milk. So it's Rice milk or nothing. Where possible we always buy Rice Dream, but on the road that can be difficult.

This works really well for travel and stays mixed.

The only note is that it has to be mixed really good. Putting some in a juice cup and just shaking will not mix it. You need to make a pitcher and stir it up with a whisk until all the chunks are gone. Once mixed it does not separate.
216283216283B001EO5TWUA30F7C10OGMFSTLonnie K. Heinemannn "Lon & Mark"2351202428800Better than milk is better than most!Better Than Milk is a fine beverage. I cannot compare it to milk, since I cannot drink milk. I can say that I like the product, and it goes great with my cereal.
216284216284B001EO5TWUA2KP483IXWMCRAMalapert "malapertone"0051349740800This milk is awesome!!Though I haven't used this as milk (as in, pouring a cup and drinking it), I use this a lot for baking substitutes. This stuff is SWEET. It's smells and tastes so good that my kids (without allergies) are asking for it. Works great as a sub whenever a recipe calls for milk powder. Highly recommend. :)
216285216285B001EO5TWUA2JLDG4HYHWLSGMr M.0041347408000Great alternative to regular milkThis product, the regular ORIGINAL kind - no special flavor; worked really well. It is best to blend it in a blender.
I found it to be too sugary with 1 cup to 1/2 gallon. So I diluted it to 1/2 cup powder for 1/2 gallon. you will have to mix in two batches as it will overflow your blender.
But with it diluted, I found the consistancy to be similar to skim milk or 1% milk. And no lumps or frothing like other reviews herein. It also keeps in the fridge longer than regular milk, and the canisters keep fresh since it's a powder form.
Good luck and enjoy.
216286216286B001EO5TWUA31TX0CFM30ICOFran0051345075200Better 'N' milkWe have used this product for my wife who has some health issues and has helped her keep sugar numbers more in control as regular milk ( fat free to 3.5%) plays havoc with them. So glad this company has this product available.

Better Than Milk Vegan Beverage Mix, Rice, Original, 21.4-Ounce Canister, makes 8 qts.
216287216287B001EO5TWUA3LOPVX7PR4IV3slogirl0031336694400Easy and Smooth But Not NutritiousMy 1 year old son is allergic to milk and soy and our pediatrician put him on rice milk. We were traveling to Mexico and couldn't confirm that rice milk was available there (it was!) and I didn't want to travel with a week's supply of cartons of rice milk from here so I read the reviews and decided to try this rice milk powder. We got it, mixed it with warm water and shook hard, and my son drank it from the bottle! And then I looked at the nutritional value - no fat and no protein - and was completely deflated. Basically, flavored water which is great for adults but not so great for my growing baby. What we ended up doing is mixing it 1/2 and 1/2 with mixed powdered baby formula to give it fat and protein and it worked beautifully. This rice milk powder is sweet so it masks the not sweet baby formula. It was easy to travel with since I just had to travel with cartons of powder. When we were out and about I pre-measured both powders to make 8 ounce bottles and just had to add the hot water and shake hard!
216288216288B001EO5TWUAUS5FXUEADD6CT. Wittig "twittig"0051329436800Good ProductI bought this product to make the icing recipe from BabycakesNYC. It worked very well, and was a good replacement for the soy powder it called for.
216289216289B001EO5TWUA2LH5JV1WJTESIPhoto Guru "I AM"0041328054400Made Xmas MemoriesThis worked so well. I was looking for a powdered milk alternative for my lactose intollerent friend. I used the rice milk powder as a substitute for powdered milk and surprised her with instant hot cocoa mix that she can drink. She was able to have hot cocoa with her family on Christmas morning!
216290216290B001EO5TWUA1UN5Q1FKH1ZT7BJ1251237334400Great taste, no wasteI love that I can mix just the amount I need. I got tired of throwing out 1/2 cartons of the regular rice milk. Not only is it cheaper to begin with, but I also save money by not having the waste. Plus it's easy to take with me on trips.

I haven't experienced much problem with mixing. I use a little warm water at first, shake it really well, then top off with really cold water. It's perfect for using on cereal and for baking. Any lumps aren't an issue for me because I don't tend to drink it straight anyway. However, if I did, I'd be more likely to do it with this because the flavor is actually quite good - much better than what I've experienced in the carton.
216291216291B001EO5TWUA217QC3W88AX2IJSP "jspbiz"0141241049600Rice Milk PowderI was very pleased with the service. Items arrived promptly and in good condition.
216292216292B001EO5TWUAZT4TONNXQAIFreesann7232511287187200waste of money!I bought this recently for my 2 yr old who needs to drink rice milk. Needless to say it was a waste of money. It took me almost 30 mins to mix it with my hand mixer to get it into a drinkable constistancy. Otherwise it was very, very clumpy. Then my son refused to drink it, it must be disgusting, as I had tried other brands and never had an issue before.
216293216293B001EO5TWUAZ3HTYBFSTR48Winifred Gaston "stormingaston"0241234396800Better than Milk Rice powderThe product is a great way to wean your child off formula once they are past a year old. I mix 1/2 organic milk with 1/2 of the rice powder so that when my daughter gets a cold she is not limited to cows milk which produces extra phlem that they don't need when they're that little. Too difficult for a baby to expel that junk. So, when baby gets sick I'll use just the rice milk until she is over the cold. Two downsides to the rice milk is that it's too sweet and it's not organic.
216294216294B001EO5TWUA3PNERINCKP8OKMary Seberino2611284854400terrible rice milkThis rice milk powder was terrible. 2 of the canisters arrived damaged and spilled all over the package. It simply doesn't mix well leaving clumps everywhere which no amount of mixing seems to help. Might be better if use a blender. I bought this for long-term storage (similar to those who buy milk powder) so guess I'll pray I never have to use it.
216295216295B001EO5TWUAOUHD6WQSQJ8TGouleeeeeeeeet0521299888000Inferior to milkThis beverage claims to be better than milk. That simply is just not true. The product just does not have that rich, creamy, milky taste. Also, it's a pain in the ass to have to stir it. I've never had to stir milk. Not only that- it's more expensive than milk! The only thing it has going for it is shelf life. Maybe they mean if you leave the milk next to this in your hot pantry for a week, this will be better. Okay, I will concede that point. I guess "Better Than Spoiled Milk" just didn't have the same ring to it.
216296216296B001EO5TWUA3LQ1M09CVC6NCJames D. Johnson11131195862400Wrong product and I can't get the error correctedI have been drinking Better Than Milk Soy Powder for 30 years but not the Rice Powder. I do not want the Rice Powder, I want the Soy Powder and have been trying unsuccessfully to get this change into the [...] system for a month. No matter what I try, you send me a note that my order for Rice Powder is being shipped. I do not want Better Than Milk Rice Power. I want Better Than Milk Soy Powder. Please help me. Please change my order before I have two more containers of Rice Power, which is OK but not what I want.

Help me, help me, help me, please.

Jim Johnson
216297216297B000VK4E6AA19F03HHSQIAS9Middlesexnj0031328572800My dog doesn't care for it.Well, it's kind of hard to review dog food. My dog doesn't seem to like this flavor much. He seems to prefer the lamb and rice version much better. This is a very high quality product, it seems, compared to other dog foods. It is not watery and doesn't stink to high heaven. We're vegetarians, so low quality meat makes me nauseated, but this product is okay in that regard. It's just not my dog's favorite. We only buy the lamb Pet Guard now.
216298216298B000VK4E6AA93QRTOBIRIYFMargaret Sharp "mermaid"0051255392000Pet Card Canned Dog FoodI bought this because it is good quality and it was on sale. However, ingredients are not listed as organic and so generally it is pretty pricy. Dogs like it. I'm hoping it is better than the run-of-the-mill type.
216299216299B004YZSJLOA2AWESDNO10I3Psuedoo0051346284800wonderfulCandy arrives fresh and tasty. Candy arrived in a styrofoam cooler so there was no meting or staleness. price is very good for this particular candy paid much more for less elsewhere. Arrives promptly and packaged beautifully.
216300216300B004YZSJLOA1EI6JMXO3PSH7Sheila Bellefleur "China74"0041331942400Coconut TreatThis s a must try item, delicious and sweet. Not too friendly with the coconut flakes though. Very addicting and it's a marvelous idea to serve as H'orderves for a get together or function.

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