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216323216323B001LNLW5MA1PG7YTDSVS62Yu+nice0051316131200Canot tell the differenceI absolutely love this coffee substitute. There is no longer any "real" coffee in my house. I have been drinking this coffee substitute for a few years. Recommended to a health food store which now regularly carries it. When I have been there purchasing people have commended on how much they love it. I have now found it easier to purchase through Amazon - slightly lower price, no shipping - not spending $ on gas!
216301216301B001LNLW5MA275KZQ5JAZIJ8Stacey Doll131351250812800Best Coffee TasteI like the Java the best, as it reminds me of regular coffee. I can make it in my drip coffee maker and I think I am drinking real coffee. I use Pero for just a quick cup. If you can't drink coffee and are looking for that coffee taste, this is it.
216302216302B001LNLW5MA1R5ZCXNK0L5XTPithyTag111151270425600Wow. Surprisingly tasty.I've been all-around impressed with Teeccino, and the multi pack is the way to go. I expected something that was a bad imitation of coffee, kinda like the Tofurky of beverages or something. Instead, this is just some tasty darn stuff on it's own merits. Nice balanced flavors, with a natural mild sweetness, like the best coffee has. Not acidic, not bitter, but strong and interesting. Wakes up my brain and tongue, just as I'd hoped. The flavor is stable, and doesn't taste stale after a while like coffee does. I can work on a large tumbler all day and it's still fresh.

Easy to make. I use it in a Bodum travel press. The grounds actually make a tasty second cup, if you want, but only one. Fits nicely into your regular coffee ritual without any fuss. Strongly recommended. It's a little pricey, but far preferable to Any other option I've tried, and worth the price to me.
216303216303B001LNLW5MA2FC83HX2IU4UDExcitableBoy121451270857600It's not coffee, but I like it just as much as coffeeI bought a bag of Mediterranean Java at my NFS yesterday to try, and I think it tastes great with the same "mouth feel" as coffee. I even get a bit of a coffee head buzz from it, but it has no caffeine. I had been using those instant grain coffee substitutes like Roma and Cafix, and they are kind of watery with a taste that is no better than just OK. The difference is that with those instant substitutes, I am fully aware that I am depriving myself of real coffee, but the Teeccino is just something good and different, but not a sacrifice.

I just ordered a 3-pack of Teeccino in 11-oz bags from Amazon since I plan to drink this stuff as long as they keep making it. With Amazon's lower price, free shipping, and no sales tax, I save about 33% over what it costs to buy it locally. Thanks, Amazon.

ETA 4/19/2010. I ordered the $12.95 (includes shipping) sample pack from the Teeccino website and got it two days later in TN from CA. It includes packs of all ten varieties and each pack makes a quart of full-strength brew. Some of the flavors I really didn't like, so it was a lucky accident that I randomly picked my favorite of all ten, Mediterranean Java, the first time I bought an 11-oz bag. I don't like most flavored coffee, so I didn't like flavored Teeccino any better, but that is no slam against Teeccino in particular since some people love something like Amaretto in a hot drink. Anyway, my advice is to buy the sampler, then get your 3-packs of whatever you like best from Amazon.
216304216304B001LNLW5MAUZPR7JYD5ST8Teaching Mama "Teaching Mama"5551289692800LOVE this coffee substituteFor YEARS, I have been a coffee snob, preferring Starbucks to any other brands. Yet, my health issues have made it very clear that coffee and I must part ways. I searched for all kinds of coffee substitutes online and read honest reviews before deciding to purchase the Mediterranean Java Teeccino at my local Sprout's. At $8.29/bag, I knew I was taking quite a risk, was totally worth it! I enjoy Teeccino guilt-free without the unhealthy consequences of coffee. I sure do miss that caffeine rush, but I sleep better now, my moods are more even, and I have more energy in the day as opposed to the highs and lows that coffee has done to me. My coffee addiction did a number on my teeth, on my gut, and on my mental health. I finally feel like I am almost free from this addiction!!! Teeccino is a wonderful replacement for coffee and I don't have to feel guilty drinking it (though I'm going to try and find a better deal on it from now on).

To be fair, not everyone agrees. My husband thinks it smells and tastes like paint. My hopes were dashed with the smell as the first pot brewed, but the taste is very full-bodied like coffee and I love it. Can't please 'em all! So, we just take turns using the coffee pot. Works for us :D
216305216305B001LNLW5MA1LP73YAAQHB3YYvonne C4451307664000I'm Sold!My teeccino sampler, which I purchased from the teeccino site for $12.99 -- free Priority Mail shipping, arrived quickly. I began my taste testing with the medium roast Java: Using a drip coffee maker, I used a slightly rounded tablespoon and 12 oz of filtered water in a clean drip coffee maker. The result was a beefy, highly competitive coffee-like drink, very much like the real thing. A rounded tsp of sugar and very little cream was all I needed to make this a respectable alternative to coffee. That's saying a lot for me; before I ditched coffee, about 8 years ago, I used 3 to 4 tsp of sugar per mug and lots of cream. This drink doesn't need that: It would actually be very easy for me to learn to drink this black. If, however, your palate is stuck on "high-test-coffee-only" mode, don't even THINK about trying this; it's NOT coffee, but this particular flavor is definitely running a close second. On the other hand, if you're trying to wean yourself off caffeine, do buy this Java and make a blend of 3/4 coffee and 1/4 Java -- and gradually increase the Java portion until you have completely eliminated the coffee. So far, I've also tried the Chia, Original, and Hazelnut flavors but didn't care for any of them. BOTTOM LINE: Java teeccino is a definite keeper!
216324216324B001LNLW5MA266VZXEJ2Z7QEA Customer1311322179200Teeccino coffee smells bad, tastes badThe coffee tastes as bad as it smells. I could barely bring myself to drink it.
I would never order this again.
216306216306B001LNLW5MABMHU8FEZTB99Accountable2HIM4451267488000Great coffee substitute - Actually good for you!I've been drinking Teeccino for a couple of years now and really like it. I have tried other coffee substitutes in the past and never been able to change over, healthy or not. Teeccino is different. It is not only good for me, it tastes good, too. One thing in particular that I like about Teeccino over coffee is the fact that Teeccino leaves no residue or after taste in my mouth. It doesn't cause bad breath, either. Over all a very good and very affordable alternative to coffee.
216325216325B001LNLW5MAPF0PHW0TEHZ9Buttercup2511262908800Yuk-too figgyI cannot drink coffee (too acidic) and have been loving "Java Mate" (yerba mate and roasted ramon nut). Thought I would give this beverage a try...can not even finish a cup of it-too much fig (raisin like) flavor!
216307216307B001LNLW5MA3FMUUIVNM7X3LJohn D. Carpenter4451265328000JAVA TeeccinoOf all the coffee substitutes this one tastes the closest to coffee to me.
I found that I use about a teaspoon per cup for teeccino compared to a tablespoon per cup for real coffee. If resturants served JAVA Teeccino I would
choose it over real coffee. The only time I prefer real coffee is if I am driving late at night and I need the caffeine to stay awake.
216326216326B000XQCMWAA3MIQ5E3LWET4Dshoppin4family3341307836800Only one our dog can eatWe have a German Shepard/ Akita mix with food allergies to just about everything. This is the only food she can eat without a reaction. Natural Balance now has a very similar limited ingredient, duck and sweet potato product, but for some reason, that one makes the dog's stomach run. The biggest cons with this product is price and availability. We have to order it online because there are no local retailers that carry this product, and having such an expensive dog food shipped only makes the price harder to handle. But the dog's gatta eat!
216327216327B000XQCMWAAQT9H7NK8W0S4Zetara "zaccone63"2251329091200Great choice for rashOur dog had a groin rash. On the advice of our breeder we switched him to duck and potato. He was previously on a grain based dog food. His rash has gone away and his skin is healthy. When we first got this, I tried mixing in the new dog food with the old, but he picked out and ate only the new dog food. He actually enjoys eating this. Highly recommended.
216308216308B001LNLW5MA1HS8R80TM0SMGCarol A. Latourette4451265155200decaf drinkThank god there is something for people with acid reflux! This is my morning coffee
216328216328B000XQCMWAA3HPYWZNZV2NPLahmabrooke2251312070400after years of trying everythingthis is the only food my dogs with sensitive stomachs could eat without spitting up. I was so relieved to find it and from all that I read, it gets great reviews across the board. the only draw back is that its not stocked in many local pet stores but now that i can buy it on line, that problem is settled.
216329216329B000XQCMWAA2GVR3WEOBSFWOJohnnyB "JohnnyB"0051348617600Healthy, makes dogs feel goodThis is a high quality food. The dogs like it but don't overreat. Their coats are nice, and stools are firm and healthy-looking.
216309216309B001LNLW5MATLUD7SNNLVQ3SF Butterfly3351298592000Healthier than real coffeeIt has very nice aroma just like coffee, but it doesn't give you the crash feeling like coffee. It has more nutritional values from barley and other natural ingredients.
216310216310B001LNLW5MA3BBC8E7QT7N9IP. Harding3351265760000pleasantly surprisedI wasn't expecting much but I thought I would give this a try since coffee has been giving me problems. Very close to coffee taste. Was looking for something without caffeine and acid to go with morning muffins etc and this will do the job. will be buying this again and trying other teecino flavors. Absolutely amazed!!!!
216330216330B000XQCMWAANBV188V14IH9pigweeds mom0051344643200great for dogs with allergiesMy pug has bad allergies. After trying alot of different food we finnally found Pinnacle duck and potato. Both my dogs like eating it and it has help to significantly reduce his allergies.
216311216311B001LNLW5MAA0GHCEJN0UIOSara Jenkins2251342396800OMG...... Tastes better than coffeeI have shopped amazon weekly for the last few years. I mean really... why go shopping when you can get it shipped to your front door? This is my first review! I am on a quit caffeine program so I wanted to find something to replace my morning latte. It is a bit of a ritual for me. First thing in the morning I make my one and only caffeine drink of the day. My latte. I think I will be better off without caffeine but I wish I didn't have to give up my morning ritual. Well, I am sitting here enjoying my first Teecchino latte. It is lovely. It worked great in my esspresso machine. I am once again complete!
216312216312B001LNLW5MA13FWZR3XY1YZ3Willa Doubledee2251264982400TeeccinoI have tried quite a few coffee substitutes, this one isn't just for a sub. It actually has very healthful things in it, and is caffine free, has antioxidents in it and even has elimination assistance. We don't drink it because of lower acid (it is actually alkaline)it also helps with acid stomic, I have even been able to avoid taking zantac for a while. It also gives a natural energy boost, it isn't difficult to get accustomed to the favor, you just can't expect it to taste exactly like coffee, pero is actually closer to coffee flavor if that's what you're looking for. Beware of Yerba Mate, I checked it out, it is extremely high in caffine and price.
216313216313B001LNLW5MA19XW6WXII0O6Wcinmin2 "cinmin2"2251263254400Great Substitute!We can no longer drink coffee and husband can't drink cocoa. Gave this flavor and the Chai flavor a try. Great substitute to warm up in the mornings and evenings! We found that we can use 1/2 the amount called for. The full amount is actually way too much for us. Using half makes the bag twice as long. :) Next to try is the vanilla.
216314216314B001LNLW5MA3N5XJBRVALGAEorchid1151339804800Been drinking it for years - Love it.I originally started drinking Teeccino several years ago, when I was diagnosed with a hypersensitivity to caffeine and could not drink coffee. It took some getting used to, because Teeccino is not like has its own unique taste. But now I love it. I have a cup every morning and cannot start my day without it. It has a full, robust flavor that I do not get from tea or any other hot drink. It's nutritional, non-acidic, economical, and tastey. What's not to love?
216315216315B001LNLW5MA15NLI6W7BDI1EJennifer S. Savage1151338508800Starbucks Snob LOVES Teeccino Java!My drip coffee of choice is Starbucks decaf espresso roast, ground for my flat bottom filter and brewed in my Mr. Coffee 4-cup coffee maker. I am no sissy when it comes to how much grind I use in my brew either; I make it per the package directions. I've taken note over time that whenever I drink coffee I just don't feel so great. I decided to give the Teeccino Caffeine-Free Herbal Coffee, Mediterranean Java a try after reading A LOT of online reviews. Besides, I met the Teeccino folks at Natural Products Expo West in March 2011 and I really liked the idea of the Teeccino brand. I am sitting here sipping my Java now as I write this. Love it, love it, love it! To be clear, it does NOT taste like Starbucks espresso roast. This is a taste all its own. It is GOOD in my opinion.

UPDATE 06/05/2012
I have tried this hot, cold, black, with half-and-half, with milk & orange liquor, and with half-and-half & orange liquor. It ALL has tasted good to me! If you are looking for a natural ALTERNATIVE to coffee I think this fits the bill!
216316216316B001LNLW5MA3KTSVZAWHVVY9Babs1151326585600Must haveI am unable to have caffeine, and greatly miss the coffee taste. This all natural alternative is just what I have been looking for! And when I add raspberry or blueberry agave syrup it is like flavored coffee. Best I have ever had
216317216317B001LNLW5MAW27Z9GI8N592EarOne "EarOne"1151288137600Not CoffeeMy thinking about Teeccino is that it is not supposed to mimic coffee. For me, Teeccino is a whole new beverage drinking experience. A whole new category opened up. And like such things as coffee, or beer, it may be a bit of an acquired taste; as it is a complex yet smooth blend of flavors. The good news is it's not fattening or acidic or full of caffeine. I like it iced latte or hot.
216318216318B001LNLW5MAIYMQF677QXQVMysticSkye "Skye"2341255219200For lovers of STRONG coffeeI use a little of Java mixed with Vanilla for a mellow but still coffee tasting drink.
216319216319B001LNLW5MA3H7DJ8TDWZTICJulie Holy "bookie book"0051350604800I love this herbal coffee !I have been looking for some roasted coffees without any caffeine and this fits the bill perfectly - I am not allowed to have any coffee or any caffeine I have a brain disease and stimulants are bad for me - I was so relieved when I tried this -- I was doing dark roast yerba mate and that has too much stimulants - I love the way it brewed and tasted -- it looks like coffee -- this drink has that same flavor and taste -- it brews dark without caffeine ! I absolutely love it -- if you are looking for alternative this is an excellent choice --
216320216320B001LNLW5MA1WBF5VZ8SLBYWLeslie Dandelion "Leslie"0051349827200TeeccinoWe have used Teeccino Mediterranean Java for years mixed in with regular coffee and we love it. It has a rich taste.
216321216321B001LNLW5MA36GUI02I0JR5RCinDP0051346112000Just wonderful!Just love this! Trying to keep my acidity down and this does not make me miss coffee anymore. I was a true coffee addict and since drinking this I broke the habit! I had a sip of coffee the other day and it did nothing for me. It reminds me of a product I used to drink as a child called Orzo Bimbo but this is stronger and more robust. Love it and reccomend it. I put one scoop per four cups of water in my coffee maker. No milk and no sugar and it's wonderful.
216322216322B001LNLW5MAUNTVKYW3PBGHTananana0051318982400my favorite morning drinkI started replacing my morning coffee with this. at first I thought it would be hard but after I I tried this it was easy. I love it much more than coffee.

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