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216331216331B000XQCMWAA7WLAB8NXTR8Otonibag "tonibag"0041341446400Great Single Protein Food & GrainfreeMy dogs love the Pinnacle brand (but honestly, they ain't the pickiest doggies) and the price is very competitive, with the free ship. If you're trying to keep your dog on a single protein for allergy reasons, this food fits the bill.

The downside is that it takes Amazon FOREVER to ship the product.....please plan on 2-3 weeks to receive, even when Amazon shows it is in stock. Even though I plan ahead, due to sloooooow shipping I have to run out to a local box store and pick up a bag because I've run out waiting to receive product from Amazon.....savings down the drain. What up with the pokey shipping lately?
216332216332B000XQCMWAA20TZLGORUSGSFwhatthe... "dogsandcats"0051341273600Awome PRICING!The food seems to be very agreeable to my 2 Pugs (16 yrs old and 6) and my Boxer 11 months old. he was the one I noticed who had food allergies. He would have hives on his coat and my teacher mentioned Duck being a good meat and then I saw that this brand was the only one that had lots of real duck as it source and not whatever duck stuff.
216333216333B000XQCMWAA2T7Z1KMC82SJ1Mary0051339891200Finally!It became obvious immediately that my Havanese had a sensitive stomach. I had to keep changing dog foods to find one that worked. For a while, I even combined two together. After awhile, all failed. I did extensive research on different foods, and decided to give Pinnacle a try after liking what I read. It has been a success. My dog loves the food, and he doesn't have any more stomach issues. Clean-up is now a breeze. I have a happy dog and a happy dog's mommy. :) Amazon's price is what keeps me coming back. It's way more reasonable than the pet stores and delivery is always prompt.
216334216334B000XQCMWAA2MJDXTRL0XE6WP. Clarke0051327881600great food for your dogI have 3 dogs and they all love this product. I only buy premium dog foods, (omega oils and flax, etc) this is a fine example of quality ingredients. It reflects in skin, coat, health...worth the extra cost.
216335216335B001EO5KMYA1K7OUOZGT6EG3Zak Rudy "muzak"141451219622400Excellent MisoThis is the heartiest of the Eden Miso packets and it does have a very good flavor along with great lasting quality (it took me over a year to use up 3 packs). People tend to make the mistake of thinking that because Miso is soy based it will be salty when mixed with liquid but this is less often the case. You can add soy sauce or Tamari for salt purpose, Miso is just the base. I saw a review that panned this Eden Shiro Miso, Organic Rice & Soybean, 12.1-Ounce Packages (Pack of 3) but Miso and Rice are about the most bland combination you can start with and must be seasoned to taste. That's why I start with this Barley mix, it has a more robust flavor to begin with but making Miso is about finding the base flavor that you like beyond the seasoning which comes later (some might prefer a thinner rice base). So in sum this Miso Barley has a strong flavor, holds up well to just about any use including thicker sauces and can provide a lot of base when mixed into soup.
216336216336B001EO5KMYA1JPV38OJAA104Jonathan D. Walz "bent rider"131351246752000Mugi is the heartiestI have tried all sorts of different miso varieties. That, by no means, makes me an expert - I'm only an authority on what I personally like but when it comes to miso, I feel that it should have a hearty, almost beef stock taste and that is what the Mugi miso produces. It is wonderful served up simple with some broccoli and sprouts in a soup with just a teaspoon of miso, couple of cups of hot water and a dash of toasted sesame oil. Delicious. And I can't help but say this; whenever I have felt poorly, miso is my medicine of choice. It is easy on the stomach, good for your digestion, and very filling. Edensoy makes a variety of miso flavors, from Shiro, or white miso to Hacho which is almost black and has a bold and unusual flavor, a bit too bold for me. Mugi is the happy medium of flavor and consistency in an easy to use resealable pouch. I'm really happy that Amazon is carrying this (Prime shipping and all!) Miso lovers dream of this kind of good deal :)
216337216337B001EO5KMYA3LI948Z65R55OStephen P. Schreck "Juke_spin"6721226102400Mugi not the best Eden misoI ordered this variety of Eden miso after having enjoyed their Hacho miso greatly. It's a big disappointment, lacking either the intensity of the Hacho or the sweetness of the lighter misos. "Barley"? I tasted nothing of this better grain for a miso blend and the overall taste was pretty bland. I can't recommend it.
216338216338B001EO5KMYA1SZHC6JSY24S9Allen Brymer "ChihuahuaMan"0041322006400Very Good MisoThis product is very good. My only complaint is its packaging. The outer plastic bag is resealable, although the zip strip on mine did not work. There is an inner bag that contains the miso, but it is not resealable and it is rather messy to access.
216339216339B001F0RJIAA3RUMVZZ7W2E2SJ. Baars0051330905600Delicious! And a great change of paceIf you're like me, and you like peanut butter, chances are you'll really like these. Peanut Butter M&M's have a great texture and a great combination of chocolate and peanut butter.

Give them a shot - they're great!
216340216340B001EO5TWAA40QZCBHXTGCGCheryl Wedesweiler "author of SUMMER BORN and...373951214179200Makes me feel good.Very tasty. If I am not feeling well, I have some quinoa and then I feel better. It is very gentle on my stomach and soothing. It is so full of vitamins and gluten-free. It is so natural.

I eat it in a bowl with milk and sugar, or plain as a side-dish. I also add it to meatloaf instead of the bread crumbs.

To rinse it-I line a collander (strainer) with a kitchen towel, measure 1 cup of quinoa into it, let water run over it until the collander is half full, and then swish my hand around the quinoa. I let the water drain out of the collander and then repeat the process two more times. After it has drained for the final time, I let the quinoa fall out of the towel into the pot I am going to cook it in. I brush the quinoa that doesn't come out with my hand. (I do all this in the sink so it doesn't get all over.)

Then I add the water (for the recipe) to the pot, add a little butter and salt, let it boil, and then turn the heat down to low for 15 minutes-or until most of the water is gone.

216341216341B001EO5TWAA1B835NHGNB04WErica Enfinger212151240358400Great rice alternative - and healthier!This is fine with just water if you want to put something over it. However, if you want an easy, tasty, healthy side, try tossing around with a little butter and garlic then cook with veggie or chicken broth.

And remember - rinse, rinse, rinse beforehand and stir a few times while cooking.

This has a lot of nutrients, so worth a try and some experimentation.
216342216342B001EO5TWAA1ZBL2AQJUI4T1G. Schwab394421252627200Not the best quinoa optionI have tried several brands of quinoa and this is my least favorite because of the bitter taste. The other brands (Bob's Red Mill, Nature's Harvest, NOW) are pre-rinsed, which helps remove the bitterness. Have you ever tried rinsing quinoa? The unboiled grains are tiny and slip through all but the tightest knit colander or sieve. Even after rinsing, there was still a bitter taste. The price is more competitive, but the taste leaves much to be desired.
216343216343B001EO5TWAA2AW1AMN7M746ZFNC101111286841600worst quinoa i've ever tastedi normally don't write reviews, but needed some recourse since i have to eat 6 bags of this bitter stuff. and the bitterness refuses to go away no matter how long you wash the grains. (other quinoa i've eaten in the past, i don't even bother to wash.) the nutty quinoa flavor i love is entirely missing. don't buy it.
216344216344B001EO5TWAA10FRVD32VWGJ8K. Kyle6641248998400Different and goodCooks up easily. Very tasty cooked in chicken stock. I did rinse and soak overnight in an acid medium (sprouts quickly by the way). Not so very different from rice or pasta in taste to us.

I ordered when the cost was just a couple dollars a bag, which was a good value. $89.99? NEVER!
216345216345B001EO5TWAA1MY9YV9U9FFQBS. Formoso5551295395200Absolutely Delicious!I got my first shipment a few weeks back and made two cups that same night. Big mistake!

I am a super picky eater and have no shame about criticizing 'food' that should never be considered food! If I am putting it in my body, it better be good! Not to mention the fact that my stomach retaliates every time I feed it something that goes against it's evil plan to control my life and dominate the world.

Quinoa is absolutely delicious! I prefer the taste and texture to rice and no need to mention the fact that quinoa is much more nutritious. It goes great as a side to any stir fry. Just by itself it is absolutely delicious. And my stomach loves it! It is simple and easy to make. Just rinse it three times, put it in the rice cooker, add water, olive oil, salt, and a little bit of cumin....and you've got yourself a taste of heaven.

Now go out and tell your friends about quinoa.

By the way, those two cups I originally made, they were not enough. I should have made four cups because some people--I won't name names--gobbled it all up.
216346216346B001EO5TWAA1833SGGG68N4NMaureen Jeanson "Squeaky Gourmet"4451254355200YUM!Ok Quinoa is all the rage right now in the clean eating movement and this is a great one to try! I even forgot to rinse it a few times prior to cooking it and the saponins did not ruin the flavor at all. Excellent product taste, excellent for your body as well!
We have made Quinoa cakes, quinoa with caramelized onions, quinoa muffins--this is a great food choice!
216347216347B001EO5TWAA1ND4DZS3KBG8OLaura6721287619200bit too bitterI did not like using this quinoa. It does need to be rinsed which may not seem like a big deal but it gets tiresome holding in under running water until all traces of foam disappear. I always ended up under-rinsing so the cooked quinoa was a little bitter.
216348216348B001EO5TWAA2IUWIS8F8ZSZNDaniBug2251316995200First Time Eating QuinoaI didn't have any expectations when I ordered my quinoa. That being said, since the first order I have had the opportunity to try a variety of brands and always come back to arrowhead for the good quality grain and fair pricing. My family only ate rice and pasta in the past, but now we almost exclusivly use quinoa. It is flavorful, quick to prepare, gluten free, and a good source of many vitamins and mineral (let alone protien). Definitely worth the purchace.
216349216349B001EO5TWAA1NFVOE5CHONU0sowelu2251293580800Yummy goodness!We love it! it's delicious, it's gluten-free and it's affordable. We went vegan this year and this great part of diet! Thank you!
216350216350B001EO5TWAA3LTOYH8TCJFRRandy Lynch1111330387200Don't Buy This Brand-I Found Mouse Droppings In It!!I was making this brand of quinoa in the plastic bag packaging, after rinsing it for a few minutes and putting it in a pan on the stove to boil, I noticed a few little brown things floating on top so I skimmed them off to get a good look and it turns out it was mouse poop. I even smooshed it between my fingers to make sure it wasn't a different kind of grain that snuck in there. Disgusting! I immediately threw away the whole batch and the remainder of the bag and I will not be purchasing Arrowhead Mills again!! (I checked the bag before throwing it out, and it was totally sealed, meaning it wasn't a mouse from my place that got into it! Eeek!)
216351216351B001EO5TWAA2N5V521IICES4M. J. Coffman3451240963200great deal!I shopped around for a good price on quinoa and this was the best i found. Quality and shipping were no problem.
216352216352B001EO5TWAA14BPYS1D1ZJS5Mark A. Lytle71051182816000I like this product and will buy's a very healthy whole grainI read the meso americans prized this grain for the vitality it seemed to bring to it's consumers's. I would say I get a good feeling using this product
216353216353B001EO5TWAA26LX5ITR09I3Charles Hunter4651287273600Quinoa? No Thanks!I ordered the Arrowhead Mills Quinoa, 14-Ounce Packages (Pack of 6) from Panache. It arrived quickly, and it cooks up perfectly. It's high in fiber, low in fat... very nutritious. I just don't really care for the taste of it. I mean, it's OK, but I can take it or leave it. Yeah, I know I gave it five stars, but that was based on the quality of the product itself, not my personal taste. I know a lot of people really like it. My wife really likes it. I was expecting it to be a little more rice-like in texture.

My suggestion to anyone who has not tried it is to buy a single bag of it first. Who knows, you might really like it. If so, come back for the six pack.
216354216354B001EO5TWAA2OSOHIZOXFID7A. C. Bauer "Major Husker"2341238716800Good StuffGreat price for some good quality quinoa. We can't find it here in Sioux Falls, unless you want to pay much more.
If you are thinking of trying quinoa, go for it, I think you'll like it. I'd eat steak every night if I wanted to pay for it (physically and fiscally) and I like quinoa.
216355216355B001EO5TWAA2Z7UXNQ79QL6YTitepants0051350950400GreatGreat quality not soapy no need to even rinse. So soft and really tasty if you add a little chicken or veggie bouillon to the water when cooking
216356216356B001EO5TWAA1Z215B0OZ3BLLRyan Bartels0051339718400Great stuff, goes a long way...I love this stuff! It's healthy, hearty and goes the distance. One cup dry is enough for four sides for four adults. High in protein, fiber and carbohydrates. It's excellent for individuals on a a healthy eating plan including vegans and vegetarians. If you can run a boil either on a stove or a camp fire, this is EXCELLENT for backpacking. It's SUPER light weight and is filling. WIll need some salt and pepper for most eaters. I took some on a four day stent and it was excellent! A great way to reenergize. Again, waiting for the boil out (cooks like rice - until the water is completely absorbed) can kill a stove tank rather quickly, so if you have access to a fire and can sustain heat without issue, it's an AWESOME choice. For weight it's tough to beat. Oatmeal is always trusty as well. If you haven't tried quinoa, I recommend picking up a back locally before grabbing 6 14 oz bags here! But, this brand is great and much more cost effective than local purchasing.
216357216357B001EO5TWAA2MDS96BULKZX1CADinCALI0031331769600Good deal for the price, but some drawbacks....-came on time
-one bag had burst but gratefully because it was sandwiched between other bags and packaging, I didn't lose too much product
-like how it comes in different bags, I was able to give a friend one who had never tried quinoa.

-cooks well, no problems there
-only issue is that this type of quinoa is NOT pre-rinsed. For those of you that have learned that quinoa has natural saponins that are detergent like which means that it needs to be washed, this is slightly a pain before cooking.

I think for a couple dollars more, I will opt for pre-rinsed stuff next time. But if you don't mind having to rinse, this is great for you.
216358216358B001EO5TWAA28FJ802LXCOO6shopper0041320019200QuinoaEasy to make. I will buy more next time. I made a great quinoa salad mixing it with beans, onion, some veggies, and dressing.
216359216359B001EO5TWAA2VJZCNPMCCKZQs0nicfreak0051317859200Delicious, nutritious, and so versatile!My family and I love this stuff! I have used it to make burgers, nuggets, loaf, casserole, cereal, muffins, and more. Quinoa is so versatile that there are many different ways to use this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As a vegetarian I'm glad to have an easy and delicious way to get protein, calcium, and iron! I haven't found it to be bitter, as others are saying.
216360216360B001EO5TWAA2FQUS8JSPL4BOJessica Downs0051315440000wonderfulGreat for u. I dont bother washing it. the first time i tried this it made my stomach upset but it was a different brand. this hasnt given me problems. I use it generally for soup. Cooks in 15-20 min. cant beat that - Better than rice and better for you!

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