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216361216361B001EO5TWAA1XKD0G0RL8FK1S. Bermudez0051305504000Good Price for item I can't find in the store.I made the Quinoa the way I would cook rice after soaking it for 45 minutes and it came out perfect!

This is a good way to try Quinoa because the pricing is good and it's easy to make/
216389216389B0039556K2A116MBJQU5SC8WChef Jenn "Jennie from NM"0021293753600Very artificial flavorI was looking forward to this flavor. I don't tend to like a very strong brew, but a nice light coffee flavor with a touch a vanilla is something I enjoy. This coffee was awful. The coffee reminded me of cheap Folgers with some international delights creamer thrown in. Typically that grosses me out, it's so artificial tasting and that is what I got with this. Glad it was just one in a variety pack and I didn't have money wasted. I think I'll stick to a good regular brew and add my own vanilla.
216362216362B001EO5TWAAB0Y33G717HOUnsv0051304380800Love it, easy and VERY fillingI've been searching for a while, and this is the best price I've found for quinoa. Yes, you do have to rinse it, just like you'd have to rinse other grains or dried beans. I've got a fine mesh strainer similar to this one, and it makes the job easy. I just rinse until the foam is gone--not long at all, MUCH faster than rinsing rice--and I've never tasted any bitterness.

Cooking is also easy and quick, especially compared to rice. I use 2 parts water to 1 part quinoa. Bring to a boil and turn down to simmer. Ten minutes later, it's done. Other reviewers have mentioned additional cooking methods to add more flavor, and I'm looking forward to trying these. I often use it the same way I use rice.

Quinoa is high in protein and it's a complete protein, so it's filling and good for you. I'll have about a quarter cup with dinner, and find (sadly) that I'm too full to snack at midnight. Sometimes I have it for breakfast, replacing oatmeal.

Love this, wish I'd found it years ago.
216390216390B0039556K2A740KUBAB2GXLQueen Bee0051293580800Coffee with joyAs wine lovers say, this coffee has "nose". I serve this to customers in my salon who adore the aroma and the taste. Imagine, the taste and smell of a morning chocolate treat without extra calories. What's not to love?
216363216363B001EO5TWAAYJQCDRIIY0GZD. Schott0151270080000PerfectThis is a great price. You can make so many different ways from side dish to breakfast.
216364216364B001EO5TWAA31AZGCUXBPOTLJ. Donahue "biking senior"3611267660800packages had been opened before shipping!Two of the six packages had been cut open and the contents spilled all over the inside of the shipping box. It made quite a mess as the quinoa is small and scattered all over the floor. I have been reluctant to use the remaining packages.
216365216365B001EO5TWAA3F1G6UH4Y39X2Linda G. Shelnutt "Mystery Novelist"122151210118400High Mountain Magic. Food of the GodsEven though I write reviews mostly on my favorite types of escape novels, I was sparked by Amazon's enthusiasm, to take part in the grocery store and gourmet food expansions here. My first purchase (of products beyond books) included a grain called QUINOA (Keenwa).

The product arrived in very good order and within perfect timing.

In that maiden purchase I also added Lavender Oil - 4 oz. - EssOil and NOW Foods, Clove Oil - 4 oz to my shopping cart, along with powdered cloves, McCormick Cloves, Ground, 16-Ounce Unit, and lavender teaThe Tao Of Tea Herbal Tea Lavender, 100% Organic, 2.0-Ounce Tin (Pack of 3). See my Listmania on Essential Oils (which indicates which items I've reviewed) for info on the values and uses of lavender and cloves, available from various vendors here.

I consider Quinoa to be the most valuable food available on the planet, a food which meets my standards for luxury gourmet in flavor (and culinary versatility), in addition to being baseline healthy with full-spectrum nourishment.

If I had to be limited to only 4 items or food groups (in addition to water, of course) to eat or drink, those would be Quinoa, Coffee, Dairy Products, and a variety of greens, spices, & nuts. Yeah, okay, dairy products; and greens, spices, & nuts may be considered more than 2 items, but, for me they're two categories.

I'm not a vegetarian because I love meat, chicken, and fish, but if I'm working with limitations, I'm making do with the most basic of basics, while still having enough food items to concoct satisfying flavor (yeah, yeah, and nutrition, too, though according to my beliefs, "nutrition" dims and deteriorates, unless it's in the living presence of "yummy.").

Quinoa, I believe, would take care of all (or at least many) basic nutritional needs.

The way I simplify my use and preparation of Quinoa is to think of it either as rice or oatmeal, and then to "gourmet it" accordingly.

-- As "rice" I add savory herbs like parsley, basil, marjoram, garlic, onions, etc. Actually, most types of herb concoctions or side foods which could be blended with pasta would also work with Quinoa. Think of what Lidia's Italian Table does with "noodle heaven"; then substitute Quinoa for pasta (I like pasta too, of course).

-- As "oatmeal" I add sweet or rich ingredients like fruit (including raisin and date types), brown sugar, molasses, maple, creme, that type of thing.

As far as cooking instructions, to me they're basically the same as rice:

- Add water or liquid in a 2 to 1 ratio. 2 cups liquid ( water, broth, vegetable, or fruit juices) to 1 cup Quinoa.

-- Instructions are given on the bag for boiling the water then adding the Quinoa, covering the pot, and simmering for 12-15 minutes.

-- I've also successfully prepared Quinoa in the microwave. You can heat the water to boil in a bowl (use a large one to avoid the mess of boiling over) then add Quinoa, cover, and cook. Depending on power levels and volume of food, a microwave sometimes cooks 4 times faster than "outside-the-waves" cooking. As an example of time variance with larger amounts of food: 1 potato cooks (on average) in 4 - 8 minutes, 2 potatoes require double that, or 8 -16 minutes.

-- For a single serving cooked quickly in the microwave, I might use 1/4 cup Quinoa with 2/4 (½) cup liquid.

I have actually simplified the process for myself by placing those single serving amounts (Quinoa and water in a bowl) in the microwave, and cooking it on high, maybe 3 minutes, till the liquid bubbles. Then I cover the bowl with a plate "lid"; zap it for another minute or half, then let it "steep" in the microwave, without opening it, for another few minutes. (Since microwave ovens and tastes for texture differ, you'll have to experiment with your own microwave processes to get results which work for you, or just use the sauce pan method described on the bag.)

In the microwave, Quinoa seems to cook easier than rice.

But, I also cook rice in the microwave in a similar method. I don't use minute rice, since my microwave method works easily and fairly quickly, and if I cook it in a serving bowl with a plate "lid" I can just place it on the table for family style "digging in."

I love the nutty, barley flavor of Quinoa. Thankfully, so does my husband!

Recently, Arrowhead Mills, Alter Eco Fair Trade, Berry Farm, Eden, Now Foods, and Angelinas have been added to my list of purveyors of Quinoa.

In the past I've purchased Quinoa from Bob's Red Mill, and White Mountain Farms in Colorado, in the San Juan mountain area (have always been satisfied with those sellers, when/if the products are available on Amazon). Having used many different Now Foods products, I'm also very confident in ordering their Quinoa as well.

The reviews on Quinoa Red were helpful. In addition to the most common golden grain, I've only seen black Quinoa, which is also appealing, and is reportedly the oldest variety. Well, actually all the reviews I've read on Quinoa have offered something of value to the info I've already gathered. The extra details of info on the Alter Eco Fair Trade buying pages were appreciated very much. (I used to sell Quinoa in my CITY CHEF kitchen store, which is no longer open; I spend all my time writing now, with a little cooking on the side.)

Quinoa has an iteresting history, including the development of a saponin coating on the grain:

-- The genetics in the Quinoa seeds, after eons and ages of growing, had developed the saponin coating as a very effective protection against insects and burrowing varment's, like worms or parasites.

-- Knowing what saponin is and does, I began a habit of saving some of the water used to rinse Quinoa for watering my plants, or pouring on the ground where I might want to discourage insects.

-- Once the saponin is removed, I'm not sure how long the "naked" grains will be able to protect themselves again parasitic invasions. Certainly, Quinoa (being a very strong, wise-old-grain with high integrity, for many reasons) would be able to do so longer than other similar, eons-younger food offerings. I'm not concerned about this, and will usually order either pre-washed grain or saponin coated, whichever is readily available.

Quinoa grows only above a 7,000-foot-elevation and requires a certain growing climate, which can be found only in certain areas of the world. Some parts of the Rocky Mountains are one of those areas, not tested until fairly recently (in terms of the eons and ages associated with this ancient grain from the Incas).

Interesting stories about Quinoa's long history are bountiful, but I won't get into those. A large assortment of books and pamphlets are available to read on it, and of course, many are offered here on Amazon.

I remain ever thankful for magical foods (which are both gourmet and healthy in quality), especially in our era of being told by some authorities that we need to remove the life, magic, wholeness, and flavor out of most everything. For the sake of "health"?

Here's an interesting question to ponder:

Why and how, for a while (eons), did we lose Quinoa seeds, which had "lived" long enough to develop saponin. Why and how did we find them again?

For an easy, exotic recipe using Quinoa, see my review of Virgin Coconut Oil (Certified Organic) 12 fl.oz

Linda Shelnutt
Author of several books, including:
Molasses Moon
216366216366B0039556K2A25PGCEXTYHG7EMark0051298332800One of my favorites!I'm not a huge flavored coffee person, but I really love these! The coffee is mild to medium bodied and the flavoring isn't overpowering. It's got a great aroma (the co-worker next to me always loves when I brew one of these) and a clean, distinct taste.

I've got these on Subscribe and Save!
216367216367B0039556K2A18MXQ4PLVP7W0Stackaroo0021297641600Raspberry taste TOO strongThe taste of raspberry is pretty much all I get out of this. I do not taste nor smell chocolate! The raspberry is too overwhelming which ruins the coffee. Now I have 2 boxes of this which I'll probably never finish. I love coffee and hate the fact that this flavor destroys the coffee taste.. and completely leaves out the chocolate!
216368216368B0039556K2A2F7XE4EB2CRY2F. Dellavecchia "K-Cup Guy"0051297468800Real nice coffee!Just a sweet and enjoyable coffee. Almost a dessert coffee, but I drink it all of the time. No stray grounds, another winner from Van Houtte!!
216369216369B0039556K2AWF68K4MCVTUFBrandon Ryan0011297382400Tastes like licking a charred raspberryImagine you took a raspberry, drizzled chocolate syrup on it, and then put it on a frying pan. You turned on the frying pan and let it sizzle for about 3 or 4 hours. Put that in a coffee filter and brew it. Sound good? I didn't think so. Thats what this coffee tastes like to me. I bought a double pack, and I don't like it. I tried to like it, and even gave it a second shot. I wish I knew what to do with the rest of it, but I wouldn't subject my friends to this, so I can't give it to them.
216370216370B0039556K2A377NW7WMAV2J1J. Czajkowski0051297382400My favorite flavored coffeeI prefer flavored coffees and this one and the pumpkin spice are my absolute favorites. The chocolate and raspberry go so well with the coffee that it's like drinking dessert. Love it! And SO glad it's available on subscription. Thanks, Amazon.
216371216371B0039556K2A3SSWICQCHTFOITNPatti "TNPatti"0011297209600Way too weakStarbucks Caramel Brulee Latte (that's available around Christmas) is my favorite coffee ever. I wasn't expecting this to be the same, but I hoped I could "doctor" it up. It is actually very weak and with adding anything I just made it weaker. I still have a whole box so I'll continue to try to tweek it, but unless a miracle happens, I wont' buy it again.
216372216372B0039556K2A1T1YSCDW0PD25A. Wiersch0031297123200Not my favorite - not even close"Van Houtte Crème Brulée Coffee" is OK once in awhile, but I wouldn't buy it on a regular basis. 3 stars.

"Van Houtte Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Coffee" is a notch above this one.

But I recommend "Van Houtte Cafe, Costa Rica Tarrazu (Light Roast) Coffee", it's not flavored, but it's my favorite right now.
216373216373B0039556K2A2TB6X6Q9LEHWMBeth L. Lawler "blynnlawler"0051297123200oooooooooo yummyI tried this after having tried many chocolate/raspberry blends. Oh my! this is my favorite, perfect blend of the two flavors in a warm comforting cup. My husband who loves the GM wild blueberry says this is his new favorite! Thank goodness you get 48 cups in the order!! : )
216374216374B0039556K2A2AZU4JHTWYRY5Practical Woman0041296950400Guests tell me they love this coffee!I'm allergic to coffee so I can't speak from personal experience, however, guests have enjoyed the Van Houtte Chocolate Rasberry Truffle coffee so much I've just bought a case. The K-cups are a bit expensive but we use them for parties so I guess they are worth the price.
216375216375B0039556K2A1BBAWO95SUWALC. Ambrosino "Cynd"0011296604800Bitter after taste...I thought I needed to clean my machine...however, it was this coffee. When I placed another companies coffee in, it tasted fine.
I have 2 boxes if anyone wants them.
216376216376B0039556K2ALIXP38ZUGZYWLynn0011296604800K-Cups not properly sealed - coffee all over inside of boxI was surprised when I opened the box and found that some of the K-Cups were not properly sealed. Coffee was spilled all through the inside of the box and some of the K-Cups were obviously unusable. This is the first and last time I buy this brand. Although the coffee tastes ok, paying for K-Cups that go from the box to the trash can is a waste. Very poor packaging... where's their quality control??
216377216377B0039556K2A29COLYO7E4MO0ShortysMom20051296086400Delicious Coffee!!!Unlike my husband, I love the Creme Brulee'k cups. He hates flavored coffees. I got a Keurig coffeemaker for Christmas and immediately ordered this product having had it before.
216378216378B0039556K2A3I4R03CNX1DVPWI Cheesehead in WA "WICheeseheadinWA"0021295740800Good Coffee, Bad PackagingMy husband loves the coffee, but this is the only one he's had that he has to continually clean out the machine because the cartridges don't remained sealed. The coffee grounds get inside the machine and in the coffee. After closer inspection, some of the cups aren't well sealed when they come out of the box. The price sounded good, but not for the quality and aggrevation. We will not purchase Van Houtte products in the future.
216379216379B0039556K2A1CGEV7511XFIGMary L. G0041295395200Great Morning FixI Love the flavor Van Houtte french vanilla, it's not too strong and not bitter. makes a great morning start.
The price is right at $23.00 for 24 doesn't break the bank and delivers a great cup of coffee! I love the Shop and save also, it's just so handy.
216380216380B0039556K2A2JZDH2GJJ4JEGDonna L. Gaddy0051295136000tasty french vanilla!have enjoyed drinking this flavor of Van Houtte me, it is a good smooth flavor and not bitter..will definately be buying this again.
216381216381B0039556K2A3325Y4F55MG8Tkelbel55530011294963200yuckyI was very excited to try this coffee flavor, but when I did, I was very dissapointed. I think the flavor is too strong, especially since it tastes really fake. It almost tastes like there is alcohol in it. Since I ordered the double box, I gave one away to a friend who likes this flavor. I would never buy this coffee again.
216382216382B0039556K2A38J0F87AYEA7YBiloxireb0051294963200YummyThis has to be one of my favorite coffees. It's really like eating a chocolate truffle! It's also not an overwhelming chocolate flavor. I don't really like mocha flavors. I gave my mom half of my order and she loves it too! I will definitely order more!
216383216383B0039556K2A1E3HWL5LI6Z60J.L. "JL....."0051294876800YUM!I just recently got a Keurig machine and I have tried out many different coffees. I have tried different brands and different flavors, and this one has by far been one of my favorites. I don't always like flavored coffees because I often find them to be overpowering in their smell or taste....but this one is just right. It smells great and the flavor is smooth and tasty. I was expecting not to like it before I tried it because I am not usually a fan of flavored coffees, but I was so pleasantly surprised with this one. I love it! I went through the first box very fast because I couldn't stop drinking it, so I had to buy more. It is one of my new favorite coffees and I am so glad to have found it!
216384216384B0039556K2A37QGAKTILENKQRachel0041294790400Yummy!Great tasting coffee. Exactly the flavor it says. Not too much flavor, but perfect. Great dessert coffee. Very pleased and will purchase again!
216385216385B0039556K2A2E8J24DD0B8V7Brebel3590031294617600Good but not great.This selection was somewhat of a disappointment. The taste was good but it could have been a little stronger to suit me. The flavor is just a little too subtle.
216386216386B0039556K2A2F7XE4EB2CRY2F. Dellavecchia "K-Cup Guy"0041294444800Just the right amount of flavor -)
216387216387B0039556K2A2L70SJKDR04CIKaren0051294185600Van Hotte coffeeI received my order (van hotte flavored coffee) quickly and it was described accurately. Thank you Karen Van Den Berge
216388216388B0039556K2A3QIUI53O5PA02Terri A. Gordon "Love those Breyers!"0021293926400Van Houte's Creme BruleeStarted a subscription to this coffee. After receiving the first shipment I am changing my mind. It doesn't have the best flavour, and it has a terrible aftertaste to it. Just not for me!

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