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216421216421B0039556K2A1CFU8T76H5G51J. P. Wallace "garwood rocks"0041281916800Very smoothI tried all the samples in the box when I first purchased my kuerig but there was only 1 or 2 that I really took a liking to. I like flavored coffees as I'm not a coffee purist and found this one to be very good. The vanilla flavor is smoothly blended into the coffee which makes for a nice smooth coffee. This will be my standard coffee from now on.
216422216422B0039556K2A1UGERTP9PHV8QDel-Hyway0031281398400Need some cream and sugarI drink my coffee black and like some flavor now and then, but with this I need to add cream and sugar to enjoy it. But, when I do add creamer, it is very nice.
216423216423B0039556K2AM9ABXCHPZK2OBL0051280102400Great K-PodsI love this flavor. I've tried a lot of flavored k-pods and this one is the most subtle and delicious.
216424216424B0039556K2AQ16K7GKXO4XHHenry Lee0021279929600Bitter, Strange, UnpopularWe bought a case of these based on the positive reviews, but quite frankly no one who has tried it has liked it at all. It's a bit bitter, and the raspberry is tart tasting. Smells OK when it brews, but so far of all the people who have tried it (wife, myself, friends, relatives), no one has really liked it. So we have a half case of it sitting around collecting dust.
216425216425B0039556K2A314ZA5U4FPODRGabriel Mcdonald "Jack of Most Trades, Journe...0021278892800Must have gotten a bad batch :(I must have gotten a bad batch, Both the roast and the cup quality were poor.
2/10 cups so far have failed and dumped grounds into my cup. The roast does smell great though. I like all the other varieties I have tried and I enjoy various flavored coffees, this box though, the flavor came out quite burnt tasting. I bought it based on the overwhelmingly great reviews. I will drink it but no one else in the house will touch it.
I am not impressed with this brand as there are much better ones listed right h ere on Amazon.
216426216426B0039556K2A1ZQDNKY34BLNRJustin Tidwell "JTRN"0051277510400Great French Vanilla CupI've tried so many K-cups. The greatest problem I have with K-cups is many are too weak for me and I've never liked a "strong" cup of coffee. You know the one's that make your grow chest hair. I've tried many flavored K-cups but all are a milder coffee for some reason. However, I'm so glad I found this vanilla k-cup. I can actually taste the vanilla and coffee in my cup of coffee with this k-cup. I enjoyed my sample of this so much that I bought 2 boxes of 48ct in addition to the Hazelnut. I hope the Hazelnut is just as good.
216427216427B0039556K2A15B4G97DLZ12Sbuddha0051277424000Van Houtte chocolage rasberry K-CupThis coffee has a wonderful aroma. I usually don't drink coffee with cream and sugar but I like this particular flavor better with a little cream and sugar.
216428216428B0039556K2A2SEB25QG5BVAAA. M. Ross "time lord"0041274832000favorite quick flavorWe use k-cups almost daily, and more and more often we are finding this coffee to be the flavor of choice when we are in the mood for flavored coffee. It is not necessarily the best cup of coffee (which applies to k-cups in general), but an excellent vanilla flavored coffee, nonetheless.
216429216429B0039556K2A32CJV30233F8VG. Carlin "NJMom"0051274745600Dessert in the morningLoved it. The smell when brewing was wonderful and the taste didn't disappoint. Will be a constant coffee flavor in my home!
216430216430B0039556K2A28EC2SPYSD0LGC. Childers0051274400000Flavored CoffeeVan Houtte Chocolate Rasberry Truffle is a most outstandimg cup of flavored coffee! I'm a just regular cup of coffee drinker but this is the most excellent flavored coffee out there!
216431216431B0039556K2A1JWHNT439CFJGSamantha R. Hurton "HurtonJohnson"0041274313600Good coffeeI bought these for my boyfriend, as I don't drink coffee. He loves them, drinks it several times a day both hot and as iced coffee.
216432216432B0039556K2A2GFYBMBVRP2NRlovinMDR0051272758400My Standard Coffee ChoiceI first had these k-cups at work. I discovered that although we had a variety to choose from, I always went for the Van Houtte french vanilla. I recently ordered a ton of these for my home and still wake up each morning to a cup of french vanilla. I love the flavor and always seem to revert back to this brand and flavor after trying something new. It's a great choice all around!
216433216433B0039556K2A2W3P23XU9L94KC. Guidebeck0041272672000Van Houtte Creme Brulee Coffee K CupA flavored, light ground coffee which is still full of flavor with a nice aftertaste. It's probably my second favorite flavored coffee with their Madagascar Vanilla Nut my favorite.
216434216434B0039556K2A1E5C7E03NCM0LBrad1211299628800not pleasedHas a funky taste, thought would be interesting to try given the high reviews. Not sure where these are coming from? Thought this was the worst coffee I've ever had and no one I've given a cup to thought it was any good.

Going to stick with my Cafe Escapes Cafe Mocha. Their Chai Latte is also very good. Cafe Escapes is probably the best brand I've had in K-Cups so far.
216435216435B0039556K2AAPKZ9V41KNKDJesse Mathers1221299283200I really wanted to like this, but I can'tI love raspberry and chocolate. I could live on Sees Raspberry chocolate truffles. But this coffee, ugh. Brewing it smells pretty nice, a bit fruity, not much chocolate. In the mug- awful chemical processed cleaner/air freshener flavor (not that I am in the habit of eating those) but hot it just tastes artificial. It does have some sweet taste to it, but even adding milk and sugar do not make it drinkable.

If I let it sit around (and really, I bought the Keurig so I could have coffee NOW when I wanted it, not in 10 minutes) and it cools, it becomes passable. But only barely. The chemical flavor dissipates and it is drinkable, but only because after spending that much on coffee, I feel obligated to.

Spare yourself the torture, skip this coffee, unless you like the taste of lysol, then it might be for you!
216436216436B0039556K2AA45XVKU4WFH3Grad Student 251221295222400smells better than it tastes!I purchased this product after reading great reviews on here. I really like chocolate / mocha flavors, and was interested to try the raspberry. Got the two boxes, checked the dates (sometimes an issue with K-cups I have found), and eagerly popped one into my brewer. Smell was amazing and I was excited. But when I tasted it, I was so disappointed. Not strong on either the chocolate or raspberry fronts, and the coffee flavor was weak as well. Now I am stuck with 47 cups I don't want. I wish I could recommend these, but I must dissent against the popular reviews. I realize everyone's tastebuds are a bit different, but these are not for me!
216437216437B0039556K2A1Q8ZJ0L9VHQUBMarilyn Reed "chamarette"1251292630400Van Houtee Creme Brulee coffee is a winner for a cold pick-me-upI've been trying to duplicate Baskin Robbins Capuccino Blasts for years. So I have come close using this Keurig coffee cup, then add a little artificial sweetener, a tablespoon of Hillsbrothers English toffee mix and a little heavy whipping cream. Once the coffee is brewed I mixe everything together and let it cool off and then stick the freezer safe glass in the freezer for an hour or so until the mixture is almost frozen. Then add some crushed ice and have a delicious cold drink. I am not fond of hot coffee, but love this refreshing drink when I need a pick me up.
216438216438B0039556K2A1TC38ODNXSSQQSteven Dash "K9"1251278115200great coffeeThis is a great product. So easy to use, makes consistent coffee every time
216439216439B0039556K2A1IH42TUIZ2XJLG. K. Libbey1211275696000Strange Aftertaste-not at all like Creme BruleeI have enjoyed creme brulee on many occasions and thought that this coffee would provide a hint of that delicious dessert. It has a strange and unpleasant aftertaste. If, after tasting this coffee, someone offered me a menu featuring Creme Brulee for dessert, I would avoid it at all costs. There is no flavor in this coffee that bears any resemblance to Creme Brulee.
216440216440B0039556K2A295LM2GOYD2SXR. Belfield1251270944000Greatest French Vanilla Coffee AroundCoffee was on back order, was worth the wait, greatest tasting French Vanilla K-Cup Coffee around.
216441216441B0039556K2AV1CD3SG8WYTXGreta Reitinger "gr"0111316131200Naaaaaaaaaaaaasty.This flavor sounded like it would be good, like ice creamy, and it seemed to get lots of positive reviews here on Amazon. So when I came across a small sample box at Lowe's of the stuff, I bought it. Unfortunately. This "coffee" tastes like old dishwater in which a pair of running shoes and a vanilla-scented car air freshener were steeped for a week.
216442216442B0039556K2A307NGYTUX25YVPam S-G "Pam S-G"0111301616000Disappointed, My Expectations May Have Been Unrealistic...I don't like the taste, which perhaps can be expected -- I'm not a big coffee drinker. However, my daughter, who likes coffee, didn't like it either and says she'd rather go without than drink it again.

My expectations were for a very chocolate/raspberry flavored coffee drink. What I got was a harsh coffee taste with a slight aroma of raspberry and maybe a hint of chocolate. I didn't taste the raspberry or chocolate at all.
216443216443B0039556K2APHUXB7G733G7J. Kyle0131290816000Not for meGood coffee just not my style. I gave it a try with the reviews but it's not for me. I would give it 5 stars for the aroma!!
216444216444B0039556K2A1FMRO9K6W5OVTJohn Bonham0121276560000Wanted to like itIt sounds delicious, but the taste is just too fruity, and not all that good tasting. It just tastes weird, for lack of a better description. I enjoyed Van Houtte French Vanilla and Creme Brulee flavors, but this one will be re-gifted:) I wish you could get smaller samplers without having to commit to this many.
216445216445B0039556K2ABAHKMFEHT8K1Gerald Balmes "Jerry B"0131272326400Nothing French or Vanilla about thisI have liked all of the Van Houtte Kcups I have tried; except this one. Though the coffee wasn't bad in itself, I could not detect and vanilla flavor at all. Though this blend was smooth and had little to no bitterness; I expected a vanilla like flavor and detected none.
216446216446B0039556K2A5ZVK503PPGR8Nora VT0311295395200Misrepresented and UpsetI orderd Van Houtte Chocolate Raspberry Truffle K-Cups for Keurig Brewers, 24-Count Boxes (Pack of 2)
Sold by:, LLC. This item was listed under hot chocolate. This is not hot chocolate this is a flavored coffee and I cannot return it because it is a food product. I feel I this item was not represented correctly and I am paying for an item I will never use. This was their error and not mine.

I cannot get any help from the seller. I am stuck!!!!

NEVER will I order from here again.
216447216447B0039556K2A2K3J2X8KDY47NJewelry Lover "me"0421272758400blehevery brand deserves to have one loser.

this is van houtt's worst flavor in my opinion...
216448216448B0039556K2A13J57AACBVI5Iproshopper484951269648000Amazing aroma.I am so excited to see Amazon offering the Van Houtte k cups. They are by far my favorites. This one is my husbands favorite. I am not big on the fruity flavored coffes, but I love the way this one makes the whole room smell. I was surprised that I like this one. These coffees are a great combination of flavor and a medium bodied coffee. I have tried five of their flavors and all of them taste exactly like what they are supposed to taste like. The 5 I have tried are the raspberry truffle of course and Creme Caramel (tastes like those little square caramels you see at Halloween), Spicy Mayan ( My favorite chocolate and cinnamon mix), pecan praline and creme brulee. I am so happy I no longer have to spend more to stock these coffees. My house is never out of the Raspberry Chocolate truffle and the Spicy Mayan. They have the best and most unique flavors. If you like flavored coffee that is full of flavor and yet has a nice smooth medium bodied coffee taste, then these are a must try. I highly recommend the Van Houtte line of k cups.
216449216449B0039556K2A13J57AACBVI5Iproshopper171751269648000The name says it all.I have been looking for Amazon to start carrying the Van Houtte K cups. I have been spending more just to get these flavors and now I just hope Amazon adds some of them to the subscribe and save program. Creme Brulee tastes just like having a Creme Brulee with a nice cup of coffee. I am impressed with how these k cups taste exactly like the name. This coffee is not over whelmingly sweet and has just a hint of flavor. It is a medium bodied, smooth coffee. If you like Creme Brulee and you like coffee, you have to try this. You will not be disapointed.
216450216450B0039556K2A1QSLSSWIIS7J5Kim Grams141451284076800My personal faveMy husband gave me a Keurig coffee maker, so we've been trying different flavors of coffee. To me, I don't care about brand necessarily, I just like flavored coffee. On the top of my list are Gloria Jean's assorted flavors (Hazelnut, French Vanilla, White Chocolate -- I think). That one also includes a Mudslide flavor, but we thought it had a slight coconut taste we didn't care for. I like the Kahlua brand Kahlua coffee, but the flavor portion is a little strong. But my VERY, VERY, VERY favorite flavor is this Van Houtte Chocolate Raspberry Truffle flavor. It's just the right balance of "coffee" to "flavor" ratio. You can taste it, but still taste the coffee. And my kitchen smells heavenly! But a lot of it boils down to personal taste and preferences. If you typically like this type of flavored coffee, you will love this flavor. And I definitely recommend Subscribe and Save for K-cups if you have a Keurig. It's the most economical way to get them. You get a discount and free shipping.

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