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216541216541B000VBWLEQA3N04FXWH1J1WJolivia1141196985600need to eatOk , well first I did not get the variety I ordered , I got the Crunchy Cinnamon kind , and I was going to send them back. Until I saw they were all out of stock... things like these save me , when we need to be out and about , now that we cannot have wheat. So we tried them , the 8, year old says they taste like mini muffin tops, the 12 year old says , they are good coverd in milk like cereal , the 14 year old , who eats nothing ,ate them , and the two older ones did too , but in all fairness they eat everything.. we all like them , and Ian's is a great company to support , with wonderful kid food , for kids who can't have wheat .
216542216542B000VBWLEQA5HORZOXLUT2Karen0021321401600Whatever this tastes like it isn't a chocolate chip cookieI'm trying to figure out what it is that tastes so very peculiar and unpleasant in these cookies. Could it be the soy flour? In any case, I get no taste of chocolate chips at all. Zero. Zilch. They might as well have left that out of the name. The texture isn't bad. It's crunchy and not overly gritty. But there are better gluten-free snacks out there. I hope.
216543216543B000VBWLEQA1X77D24I3IFQPMom of 30051227052800Taste greatThese cookies not only taste great, but they are prepackaged so you can just throw them in a lunchbox. When you have a child on a gluten-free diet, saving time on food prep is always appreciated. They are definitely a favorite in my house. We love them. They are small in size, but are the best tasting chocolate chip cookie so far that we have found gluten-free.
216544216544B000VBWLEQA347XPCKWQ8BPFJustJoan0051227052800Great to have on hand!These are great. I like the fact that they are in portion controlled bags which make them easy to throw in a book bag, carry-on bag or lunch box. They are a bit hard so they don't crumble easily before you get to them. The taste is similar to cinammon graham crackers.
216545216545B000VBWLEQA2XL6TZM34HFV3Review Man "Review Man"0051226275200Very good and gluten freeMy three-year-old who can't eat gluten loves these cookies, and I've had them too and they're very good. They're small, maybe 1/2 inch across, but they come packaged in bunches. They're crunchy and sweet and you can definitely taste the chocolate. A good product overall.
216546216546B000VBWLEQA31X06B0ZHKLWC. Hernandez "stina1126"0041225756800yummyThese are excellently portioned and very tasty. My only complaint was that they are too hard. I love them with coffee but for my daughter they were a too hard ---have to watch her VERY close when she is eating them.
216547216547B000VBWLEQA1XNE3Q9XA5H9LF. Wilson "GF Mom"0051217116800Kids love them....Great GF cookie alternative. My son loves them and he is a very picky eater.
216548216548B000VBWLEQA3NN3UJXKVHQR1OT Mom "mother-of-two-boys"1221240185600DisappointedI was so excited to find these in our local Whole Foods. I loved the fact that they came in individually wrapped packages (great for travel, lunch boxes, etc). Unfortunately, the taste was quite disappointing. The cinnamon flavored ones were even worse. Neither myself, nor my youngest liked either of them. Granted, we are both somewhat picky when it comes to store-bought cookies. I'd have loved to have given them to my oldest son (who has a real sweet tooth and likes most GFCFSF cookies I buy), but they have both soy and corn in them and he is allergic to soy and corn in addition to gluten and dairy. Fortunately, I hadn't bought them in bulk on Amazon ... I was surprised to see that they got such good reviews.
216549216549B001228Q6AA2YGSGAJK7WHBTE. Lloyd "Live Free or Die"0051276214400Perfectly MintThis is just what I was looking for in a syrup for my espresso milk drinks. It's perfect in a latte or cappuccino when you're looking for a fresh kick to your standard drinks. It's quite strong, and smooth, so not much is required to get a good taste. One bottle will last you for quite a while.
216550216550B001228Q6AA2W4VJCOBFJWYVRichard Stone "Unity New Thought"0051236643200Monin Frosted Mint SyrupMonin Frosted Mint Syrup, 750 Ml
Better than mint, Monin's Frosted Mint is minter than mint! Love it in my hot chocolate, on ice cream, especially chocolate mint.
216551216551B001EPQ0K4AAPPWNP9FWVWSKathlyn Storey "Kathlyn A Storey"0031255737600Where's the Vanilla???I love flavored coffees. This one is supposed to be vanilla nut. As I'm drinking it this morning, there is neither vanilla nor nut, either by aroma or by taste. In that sense, this coffee is a complete disappointment for me. It will get a three star rating, nevertheless, for two other reasons. This is a good morning breakfast coffee despite the complete lack of flavor. Secondly, about a month ago Amazon ran this for $13.84 for the three 12-ounce packages, including super saver shipping, which made it a fairly good purchase. Currently, Amazon has the price back up around $20, which is too much for me given the quality, or, rather, lack thereof.
216552216552B003KV4LROA1APPIEKNCRI7HRobert S. Grimes7741284076800Great "Reasonably" Spicy Jerky!I am a long-time fan of beef jerky, since I was a kid reading about its origins. Too often, commercially available jerky is just so much crap; poor quality, no taste, lousy texture, etc. Usually, the only good stuff you can find is with small "boutique" (boy, that seems out of place!) vendors, the kind you mind find at good "county fairs". The only really good jerky I've ever purchased was from Bread & Circus in the early '90s...

This jerky is pretty close. Very good texture (if you like it moist), and little gristle. Very nice flavor, and some spice - mind you, I really like it hot, so for those who like things milder or moderate, this is probably near or beyond your limits. The only jerky I know that is hotter is my homemade version using Mad Dog Inferno!

Great Product!
216553216553B003KV4LROABUZYK6TIOHRDAlan Hoffman4451313366400Country cut Beef JerkyChoo Choo R Snacks Chiptole Habanero Country Cut Beef Jerky is by far the best store bought beef jerky I've tasted! I love thick cut beef jerky - and the spicier, the better! They score a AAA+++ from me.

USPS really messed up on my shipment of this item, but Choo Choo sent me extra, as an apology for a slow delivery - something they really did not need to do. Choo Choo is tops in my book! From a disabled Vietnam Vet, a big THANK YOU!!

Alan Hoffman
216554216554B003KV4LROA62KCY1O252N1Brighten Miller "passionateapathy"4451301443200Best store bought jerky i've foundI've tried many of the various types of buffalo bills jerky and this is my favorite. I'm definitely a fan of the country cut and this actually has a little kick to it. I enjoy spicy food so for those that prefer mild this is probably not for you.

I'll definitely be buying more of this.
216555216555B003KV4LROAG4NHYPX8FG89C. Pommer3351304035200Buffalo Bills is the BESTI have to say that Buffalo Bills has really impressed me. I have now ordered from them several times, and am more impressed with every order. The shipping is fast, and the products are absolutely delicious! If every company focused on quality and customer service the way this one does, the world would be a better place for it. Thanks for your great products and wonderful customer service!
216556216556B003KV4LROA1N32LOIIXEZLHDaniel Toaster2241333756800Really good jerky, but very salty.This jerky has great flavor and a perfect consistency but is quite salty. Its chew is ideal for a tender jerky, it's not overly softened by enzymes to the point of crumbling, yet still retains a bit of a chew so feels like actual jerky. All of the pieces are nicely trimmed and cut against the grain from good quality beef.

The flavor is very nice as well, there's a distinct garlic flavor and a solid spicy taste. It's definitely not extremely spicy though, if you aren't phased by Tabasco sauce then this jerky will not be very hot to you. For me, the saltiness of this jerky is considerably more intense than the spiciness. My mouth remains parched many minutes after eating this, so be prepared to drink a lot of water since it's salt content is considerably higher than the average jerky.

The saltiness didn't overwhelm too much though so I was still able to experience the really nice flavor and consistency of the meat. A lot of jerky companies use papaya enzymes to tenderize their jerky, but it tends to make it artificially soft and crumbly, sticky even. Buffalo Bill's does not use these enzymes which I assume is why they are pretty heavy on the salt since it's such a good tenderizer. if they were able to lower the salt and retain the same constancy than this would without a doubt be 5-star perfect jerky.

This is still very good stuff though and if you are not too bothered by high salt foods and like a little spice then you should definitely give this a try.
216557216557B003KV4LROA2NI95Y8UNE85DCoastal Jerky Lover2251276646400Heavenly HeatI am a devoted fan of the Buffalo Bills jerky products and the new Chipotle Habanero Country Cut is a great addition to the group. Moist, chewy chunks of real beef with the delicious flavor and heat of chipotles and habaneros. If you like your jerky hot and tasty, this is THE one to buy. It is definitely moving to the top of my "must order again" list.Buffalo Bills 8oz Chipotle Habanero Country Cut Beef Jerky Pack
216558216558B003KV4LROA3V4XNU0W3Z2Z0DirtyDX1131335830400OKI guess the reviews I read on this product hyped up my expectations. I love spicy foods, but to me it was only mild. It's still a good product though.
216559216559B003KV4LROAX3YG6UK66K7Inewzooreview0021346198400So salty I can't eat itI don't know how anybody can eat these. I can't taste anything but salt. I hope this is just a bad batch because nobody else in the reviews complained about this being too salty to eat. I gave it two stars because it is just the right tenderness I was looking for. But unfortunately I can not enjoy any of it. I would have returned it and maybe gave this company another chance, but Amazon has a policy that you can't return groceries.
216560216560B003KV4LROA1R01R1QNFKYL3kdbet0051345766400Fantastic, and well worth the priceI bought this jerky for my husband because he loves jerky and spicy food (this one seemed like a no-brainer based on the reviews). To be honest, he was thrown off by the very bright red color when he originally got it and let the jerky sit for a few days while he worked up the courage to try it (bright red, chipotle, habanero, it was a little intimidating). Once he tried it, he fell in love. It's soft, tender, flavorful, not too salty, in essence, in his words, it's like "spicy carne asada, and not the junk, tough carne asada you get at the tex-mex places". It's all he can do to only eat one piece, he loves it! Well worth the price.
216561216561B003KV4LROA1N46TN133W0C7Bigsef770021345507200Not as the label statesLet me start by saying this is not really bad jerky. I took issue to two of the descriptions on the bag. The first is that this in my opinion is not "HOT". One would thing that Habanero jerky would at least elicit some type of heat in the mouth, tears, etc. I did not find that to be the case & was quite disapointed. I also do not believe this jerky to be very "tender". The first two pieces I ate almost have the consistency of shoe leather & were very tough to chew through. I have had purchased more tender jerky at Dollar General. I will not be buying this again.
216562216562B003KV4LROA37XRRE5STW4IVP. Noga0031344470400Good product if eaten quickly.This is a Good product if eaten quickly. the taste was excellent. I was a little surprised at the quickness and totality of the mold that set in. It is good if you eat all of it in 4 -5 days.
216563216563B003KV4LROA3PHZT4SGMTZQ3M. Engleman0051340755200The Best Of The Habanero Jerkies on Amazon - NOT slap-yo'-mama hot!!I ordered all three of the top hits for 'habanero beef jerky' on Amazon. This is far and away the best of the three. The quality of the meat is great. The flavor is complex, and very pleasantly hot. I don't typically go for habanero stuff because I don't go foods that are so hot that you'll slap-yo'-mama. This is the best jerky I've ever had.

I typically don't like things with MSG because they make me feel like crap, and this didn't have that effect on me at all, so they must not use much MSG.
216564216564B003KV4LROAI7G4LINTNNHEJ. Smith0031339372800Not as good as I had hopedI should have picked up on the MSG before I ordered the jerky. That's my fault.

The jerky tastes OK. It lacks in freshness and tastes salty in a less than favorable way. Also, in true MSG fashion, the jerky leaves you craving more even when your last bite was not particularly amazing.

I'm torn between two stars and three stars. I think I'll stay at three.
216565216565B003KV4LROA3QA0BBQW08DLZMc "m0c21"0041334793600Good but not the bestI thought this was okay. Texture was drier than the other coutry cuts that I have had from Buffalo Bills. Flavor was only but nothing amazing. It is definitely spicy though, so if you can't handle spice, then avoid this. My favorite is the honey pepper.
216566216566B003KV4LROA3DGNJB6BUSJ09R. Williams0051331337600Hotter than the Spicy One!We've been buying the Country Cut beef jerky for almost 2 years. It's definitely the most moist(and tender on your teeth) of the variations they offer IMO. As for this, if you are one of those people who love Asian inspired "hot" foods and have no problems with a searing burn in your mouth, the Chipotle Habanero is right up your alley. If you are one of those people who can drink hot sauce(like Louisiana Hot Sauce) like nothing but want something more spicier, then Spicy is more at your level. They are not kidding when they call this one Habanero. It's delicious but HOT! Be forewarned :P
216567216567B003KV4LROA7PPSGWM6385BHerby S0051329782400ExecellentThis was a very good product! I loved it and would highly recommend it to anyone!! I plan on ordering more when I can.
216568216568B003KV4LROA25IM37SSYE9AFNorthWoodsArt0051322697600Fantastic product!I ordered Buffalo Bills Chipotle Habenero beef jerky for my brother for Christmas. He's an absolute jerky fiend, but it's hard to find good jerky anymore! I'm so glad I found Buffalo Bills! Forget Jack Links or O'berto, which can be dry, tough, and flavorless. For just a couple ounces of that kind in the store, you'll pay $5 or $6 a bag. Here, you get half a pound for a great price! And the quality can't be beat!

I haven't tried the Chipotle Habanero that I ordered for my brother (we'll have to wait until Christmas to hear feedback about that), but my boyfriend and I couldn't help but dig into the free sample of cajun jerky they included (a great way to get repeat customers, btw!), and it was wonderful! So flavorful and chewy. I had to take the sample away otherwise he would have eaten the whole thing in one sitting.

My package arrived within a couple days of ordering and the jerky looks fresh and delicious. I can't wait to try the habanero one! (If my brother lets me...)

Definitely recommend!!!
216569216569B003KV4LROA1KKT9S1DU8TCUJulia Valinski0131336348800It's OkThe others like it a lot and I think the taste is good, but the texture is just off to me. Its very soft and tender, but kind of crumbly. I prefer the honey pepper. Not too spicy, either, so that's nice. Over all its ok and the others in the office will buy more, but I will stick to the other kinds.
216570216570B003KV4LROA19HJLQTZFFGHTCasebeer "B33rCa53"1351278720000Habanero goodnessI love spicy jerky. Only one complaint is the MSG used in it. Will buy again though n I don't care if my tongue gets a lil cut up while enjoying these

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