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216593216593B002UPZ2QUA21HXG4K8FB7HXme21211310688000ArtificialFor all the "No Artificial" in their advertising they use Splenda. I was very unhappy with this product. I will be avoiding Kraft products from now on assuming they pull this trick elsewhere.
216594216594B002UPZ2QUA3LO44CU5Y0WKUE. Schmitt2421302393600Not as good as the others!!!!I've had Capri Sun Tropical Punch, Kiwi Strawberry and the Roarin Waters Tropical Fruit and this Roarin Waters is nowhere near as good as the other two. It's got almost like a diet taste to it which leads to a nasty aftertaste as well. I have been drinking them at basement room temperature though as I am sensitive to very cold drinks. Maybe these would taste better coming from the fridge but I don't see how much a difference that could make.
216595216595B002UPZ2QUA25IYDVG3ALKQXAmy32650111313452800A BIG MESS!I just got these today and they had almost all leaked. Every box was soaked with juice. Instead of 4 boxes of juice, I got a HUGE MESS to clean up.
216596216596B002UPZ2QUA2RF8MOE6QVE9Ubeck0151312848000My Daughter is addicted!I buy this particular Capri Suns for my daughter and she loves it. I like the fact that it is mainly flavored water and my daughter is not getting too much sugar.
216597216597B002UPZ2QUA1T8FR13U5APTZMichele1351305158400Great for ball games and field tripsI love the Capri Sun juice/punch and water pouches! They are so easy to throw a box in the freezer and then throw them in the cooler with the canned drink. The frozen pouches help keep the other drinks cold without adding the extra bulk of ice, and the kids think they are a great treat. I personally perfer the water pouches and so do my kids, like any drink flavor, they all taste a little different and others may pefer a different variety.
216598216598B002UPZ2QUA3OIL6VWQ9EG6KWhomp-Whomp101811308614400Major False Advertizing Herethis is so unbelievably horrible!

what it claims, the packaging, the wording, etc... anyone who makes a child drink this should be arrested for child abuse.
i know, kind of extreme... just trying to make a point. I almost bought this because the price, sounds like a good deal.

I decided to find out whats in it first. sounds fairly easy, but noooooo. good luck finding the ingredients. kraft website??? nope! here on amazon??? nope! simply web search??? nope!
I found it on kmart of all sites. they listed the ingredients, thanks kmart.

#1 Water
#2 High Fructose Corn Syrup
#3 Citric Acid
#4 Sucrolose (aka splenda) which is made by taking sugar grown naturally, slicing out part of its dna, and adding in a molecule from bleach. think GMO, and tastes like crap to boot.
#5 something called "Natural Flavor". check it out from the FDA:
under the Code of Federal Regulations is: "the essential oil, oleoresin, essence or extractive, protein hydrolysate, distillate, or any product of roasting, heating or enzymolysis, which contains the flavoring constituents derived from a spice, fruit or fruit juice, vegetable or vegetable juice, edible yeast, herb, bark, bud, root, leaf or similar plant material, meat, seafood, poultry, eggs, dairy products, or fermentation products thereof, whose significant function in food is flavoring rather than nutritional" (21CFR101.22)

So basically we have no idea what that is. but clearly it offers zero nutritional value

So thank you Kraft and Capri sun for trying to sell me poisonous sugar water masked as health food for my children!
216599216599B002UPZ2QUAODIX2682VQ6BSister Snapshot "K.C."3751304812800These are all my kids will drink!I just wanted to follow up to the first reviewer complaining so badly. These roarin' waters (as well as the grape, cherry, and strawberry kiwi flavors) are great for kids if you start them on these drinks. There is no junk in these because they are WATER. MUCH better than the suger loaded bags of "juice" whenever my kids have a chance to drink the regular juice pouches, they hate the taste. They will seek these out over the other ones any day. They have always been encouraged to drink the flavored water instead of the garbage....and they have much better taste for healthier stuff now because of it.
216600216600B002UPZ2QUA361CKIBIQ0I3LSarasuzymama "Sara"1451305072000Fun, but healthierMy kids love these...they are lightly flavored WATER which is so much more healthy than sugary artificially colored drinks. Are they as healthy as real water? Probably not. But, my kids get to have a "treat" and I know that they are healthy. Plus they are so easy to take with you on the go. I love to bring these when it's my turn to bring the drinks for soccer practice, too.
216571216571B003KV4LROA3KCDXZMHZOFJ2J. burch "Pantyduster"0521284508800wasn't that good-but hell,i ate it anyway,ya knowThis was okay,not even hot, tasted kinda like it was old.i was really bummed out. i had high hopes , even though,i ate it anyhow.although the free sample was top shelf, finest of quality,fresh ,and definitely executive me,the habenero flavor was stale tasting,and not worth the money,honest.
216572216572B001TZRZE4A12E2KPAXV0ZMKArno Kuntz "Enlarge Your Shadow"0051316390400WonderfulTrusted Merchant arrives packed in ice on time perfect addition to holiday cheese board. A++++ Mild and delightful.
Petit Pont L'é
216573216573B0015TFTB0A2RI8Q9TPKMIEIDeadwood1151295395200wonderful coffee and perfect size pouchThe Gevalia dark roast is one of the best coffees I have ever had. It is bold yet smooth and is great at any time, even in the morning. I really love the pouches, they are the perfect size for the full pot that I make so there is no chance of measuring the wrong amount of coffee for the pot. Also it is great to just be able to open the pouch and pour the coffee in the filter when i am sleepy in the morning.
216574216574B000BO1FFOA3PJ8HU44D1U1Ddrb1@earthlink.net1151330560000If you Love Chocolate Covered Pretzels Read This!
216575216575B000TBOHYAA33PLZ7SD5MCG0Patty Kaye2251316649600Harney and Sons makes wonderful teasParis tea by Harney and Sons has a medium boldness. Sweet, with kind of a vanilla and caramel flavor to it. It's a black tea, but in no way bitter. It has a fresh taste that tastes great with a meal. Not a tea blend your likely to have tasted anywhere else. A tea that's good for mid-day. The sachets allow the tea leaves to move around more freely, so you get a better flavor than with a typical tea bag.

Harney makes a huge selection of custom blend teas. I have been ordering their tea for years and am always finding something new to try!
216576216576B000TBOHYAA3K31IXE502P16Lisa Caine1151313280000Best teas I have found yetHarney and Sons Teas are my favorite. Between the exquisite packaging and the exciting combination of flavors incorporated into one sachet, I just love it. And Paris is one of their best. Also, if you like Cinnamon, you will love their Hot Cinnamon spice. You will truly know you are drinking cinnamon! I haven't had a tea of theirs that I didn't just love, yet.
216577216577B000TBOHYAAKYSJ6QSQK0M1M. E. McCroskey1151311120000Best tea I've ever tastedThis tea is amazing. Someone else said it tastes like joy and light, and I would agree. The flavors are perfectly blended, and it is exceptionally smooth. Outstanding!
216578216578B000TBOHYAA2M59Z8327Z6T9Grannie Maggie1151293753600Great TeaI first tasted Paris Tea by Harney and Sons several years ago. I thought it was the most delicious tea I'd ever had.
216579216579B000TBOHYAA1ST2ICFVJOLJ3B. Scroggins1151267488000Paris in a Cup! The perfect tea!Paris is a best-seller for a reason! I love the combination of black tea, sweet caramel, floral, and citrus notes. They are so well blended that no one taste overpowers the other--a perfect blend in every sip! It tastes like sweetness and joy and lights reflected in rainy cobblestone streets. I have now purchased my 3rd box of this tea, and it won't be my last!
216580216580B000TBOHYAA1RF6KTD1ITRW2Mommy Pilot1151265673600Best tea I have ever tasted!This tea was reccomended by a boy working at our local Dutch Bros. He was right, it is fabulous. The aroma is wonderful, and the flavor just as good. I immediately got online to find it for less.
216581216581B000TBOHYAA1K9FG7IA08ICPDavid Lence0051331337600Great memory provokerThis is, for me, a joyful return to Paris. The mix of chocolate, lemon? and the great spice combination is masterful. Harney & Sons has gained a new fan.
216582216582B000TBOHYAA31AZA7MH946UIJ. COPPA0051225497600Nice Mild Flavored Black TeaFirst had this tea at a high-end steak house. Couldn't find it locally. Very mild caramel scent and flavor.
216583216583B000TBOHYAA1YKFFAJ74HXOASarah0131326326400Not for traditional black tea loversI love Darjeeling, but I found this black tea to be too flowery. It's not just on the nose, there's a lavender taste. There's no lemony flavor, and it's just dying for an acid. I have to doll this up to drink it.
216584216584B000TBOHYAA2EA5X5L5ZHOS4kerrymal0151314230400Harney & Sons Paris silk TeabagsI haven't actually tried this teabag as yet because I ordered English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Organic Green Bangkok as well as Paris for a change of taste - they are contained in delightfully elegant silk bags and taste terrific as well as looking better than traditional bags......can't wait to try Paris!
216585216585B003EMU8KSA30BBEWJI2U3AWMsJen0051334707200Just like I rememberThese are perfect, and exactly how I remember as a kid. Will be using at my birthday 80's candy buffet this weekend. Can't wait!
216586216586B001M1V9MYA3BZVRJH4E9VUBHPitkoff1111318118400No onion flavorHad used onion herb in past....and was excited to finally find it. My markets in area did not stock it. But what a disappointment .....nothing like the original. And unfortunately had to buy six..... What a waste of product....will end up tossing.... No onion flavor but strong on pepper flavor, if that suites you, not for me. I miss the old onion herb. Mrs dash are you listening?
216587216587B001M1V9MYA1TY3PH7Z9KE38Kelvin Brown1151307232000So good it makes you forget about the sodiumI am new to low sodium diets. I was set in my ways - especially when it came to my gourmet Sunday breakfasts. HBP, heart disease, and too many trips to the cardiologist and co-pays to the pharmacist drove me to try this product. But, you know something? It tastes to good it doesn't taste like a replacement for a real food that I would eat if it wasn't going to kill me. Used it on a vegetable & Egg-Beater omelette this morning which it complimented perfectly. Mrs. Dash make doing low-sodium a no brainer. Now if they could just come up with fat-free butter that works in Julia Child recipes!
216588216588B001M1V9MYA1Y50LTCJULL2GRichard Vacca1151267315200I'm DashedThe Mrs Dash Onion and Herb Seasoning Blend is one of the many Mrs Dash products I use almost on a daily basis. I have and use almost every Seasoning Blend even before I went on a low/No salt added diet. The only drawback is that not all the products a available in packs from Amazon. I have only found two of the many blends that I use and have ordered both from Amazon. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who likes good taste and low sodium food. Buying them in bulk from Amazon is actually cheaper than buying them from the local grocery store and other online sites for the ones I can not find localy. Hopefully Amazon will get all of the available one of these days. I would be a regular customer of this product.
216589216589B001M1V9MYA16JZZ0DQ1L9RBrobert p cunningham0051331769600Mrs. Dash - yummy answer to diet needs!I recently purchased a 6 pack of Mrs. Dash Onion and Herb Seasoning Blend and couldn't be happier! I tried this product when I saw it new in the store and loved it - but it has become harder to find since so many competitors are offering similar products to the Mrs. Dash line now. This particular blend is my favorite - I don't need to keep onions in the pantry any more since the onion flavor is just what I like. The price was a little better than the usual price in the store, and now I don't have to worry about not being able to find it - I'm so glad I found this offer on Amazon!
216590216590B002UPZ2QUAIPBPZT9QR9CCMT "CK"151731310515200bummed about ingredientsI was so happy when these came out. I thought they were just juice flavored water. My kids love them and I figured AWESOME what a great way to get them to drink more water. Well, I looked at the ingredients and I wasn't all that thrilled.

I mean this is nothing compared to soda. However, I was thinking this was water flavored with juice not flavored with sugar.


Serving Size 177ml Servings per Container about 10 Amount Per Serving
Calories 30 Calories from Fat
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 0g 0 % Sodium 15mg 1 % Total Carbohydrate 7g 2 % Sugars 7g Protein 0g
216591216591B002UPZ2QUAABC4DT8EKLMGPierre Montebon1111311811200not good...I bought it expecting it to taste like watered down Capri Sun, it tastes more like Capri sun with an extra 16 packs of nasty aftertaste fake sugar.

Wouldn't drink it again if it were free...
216592216592B002UPZ2QUA23WS3FT3JHMSFElliot Wilen0011347753600Utterly vile, contains sucralose (Splenda)Was given a pouch of this at a barbecue and tasted it. Immediately tasted the horrible artificial sweetener taste. What is truly upsetting is that the individual pouches have no list of ingredients, no "diet" label, and no "Splenda" logo. But I verified the ingredients by going back to the box.

Don't buy this unless you like the taste of Splenda and don't mind deceptive packaging, not to mention the corrupt means by which the makers of Splenda have circumvented labeling requirements for artificial, diet ingredients.

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