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216631216631B003Z4F56CA20S0AVX3ZJ31FMary S. Melching6651318204800NICE!If you know how to cook, then it is definitely possible to cook these noodles in a way that tastes absolutely delicious and is quite filling. I imagine most of the negative reviews are from people that expect to top these bad boys with store bought sauce and be done with it... not the case. I like to saute a bunch or red peppers, tomatoes, and onions in spices until they are nice and soft with some moisture left over (I sometimes use curry, or fajita seasoning, definitely fresh garlic every time). Then add the noodles and simmer a bit longer... it's delicious! OR you can go the Asian route by sauteing leeks, onions, garlic, and snap peas (and/or any other veggies you like) in some soy and ponzu sauce, then add the noodles at the end and simmer a bit longer again. All these noodles require is imagination really. No you're NOT going to eat them with just salt and pepper and butter, but if you know how to cook they're great.
216632216632B003Z4F56CA3I8H8AXN2SPBYLisa Kline6651315353600Hold Your Breath Until Ready To Eat!It's true. They smell when you open the package.

But once you rinse them thoroughly (and I mean thoroughly!), that smell does not translate over to taste.

They are a LOT like rice noodles...and very filling.

I will never eat a different noodle! These are amazing!
216633216633B003Z4F56CAZZTH6DJ0KSIPCrystal Caccamo7851337558400so awesome~!!!!!i eat paleo so noodles are not allowed. i tried kelp noodles and barf. they were gross. they were crunchy like pickles. these are AS CLOSE TO NOODLES AS YOU CAN GET! when you open them they arent the best smell bc they are made from yam flour and lime. but i just rinse them and the flavor is very nuetral. in fact they dont taste like anything to me. i put sauce on and some sprinkle mouth is watering! even my hubby who is very against fake anything, he LOOOOVES them. and so does my 19 month old. im telling ya, ignore that ONE negative review and try them. you wont be disappointed aside from the higher price than gluten noodles LOL
216634216634B003Z4F56CA18G0O9QOHY9R4ed8874441341446400Not too shabby for "no carbs"As a person who should limit their carb intake, this product is a blessing. Is it classic italian pasta? Well ,not quite . However, for a carbaholic like me,it allows for a pretty darn good plate of "spagetti and meatballs! without the "carb calories guilt.
216635216635B003Z4F56CA19V3Z1RU9SVIPChiTown Target Shopper "DeeP"3351332547200AWESOME FOR CELIACS AND DIABETICS!!!!First of all, you must rinse these "noodles" for at least 1 minute, drain, and then dry fry - throw the noodles into a non-stick dry heated pan and fry them for at least 3 minutes to release the water. Add your favorite sauce, and unlike another review, I have used these noodles like pasta, only I put my sauce into the pan with the noodles and cooked for about 5 minutes. I have Celiac and these are a wonderful replacement for wheat pasta. I have Diabetes and they fit perfectly into my diabetic diet because they are no carb, no calories! I eat these noodles at least twice a week! AND they passed the husband taste test. My husband thinks they are awesome also!!! If you are on the fence, try them. If you follow the how-to cook them, you will not be disappointed.
216636216636B003Z4F56CAHBNWPHV4KET0T. McArdle "D. FoodSnob, Ph.D."3351332201600Fabulous Product!Not sure where the negative reviews are coming from - not rubbery - not seafood tasting - perfect replacement for glass noodles in stir frys and soups or making fresh summer rolls. NOT a replacement for pasta - if that's what you're after keep looking. I adore this product - wish it were sold in stores!
216637216637B003Z4F56CA1V66U6BTAN2DFKIT91211314316800NOoodle productTried this product a few different ways. Just does not work for us. The taste and odor are always there and the texture is unappealing - like chewing a wet, oily rubberband. Sorry, we will not purchase this again.
216638216638B003Z4F56CA1PXP4FGPWM74Ssophiethesmokey91211305590400GrossSmells like fish even after you rinse them, very odd texture. Lost my appetite after smelling that fishy smell and tasting them. Will not buy again, probably going to try the tofu ones next to see if they are any better.
216639216639B003Z4F56CA3QJ85LE4C1FKPVirginian2241342396800NOT too good to be true!I was a skeptic, but these noodles are great! You MUST rinse very thoroughly in a colander to get rid of the fishy odor and drain well. After that, just heat in a dry frying pay or wok. Keep stirring till the moisture no longer appears at the bottom of the pan. Then, just use as you would any pasta! Great in soup, better than expected with spaghetti sauce and very good in a lo mein asian dish with vegetables and shrimp in a stir fry sauce.

No, it's not the real thing, but a good choice if you are trying to cut calories and carbs. I plan to try these with some of my other favorites such as clam sauce.

One caveat - these are verrrry long, so you should cut them with a kitchen shear.
216640216640B003Z4F56CA7NNHEZHXO032white lightening2211323388800BlandWe followed all the instructions, but the noodles turned out rubbery and bland. We tried it with marinara, shrimp and scallops. I will probably try again to find a recipe that we likeNo Oodles Zero Carb, Zero Calorie Shirataki Noodles 10 Pack Angel Hair
216641216641B003Z4F56CA34ZQGFACNZRCLRebecca Brace1151347148800Amazing Addition to Many EntreesAnyone who already is used to eating "healthy' knows that there are some unpleasantries to get past on occasion with trying new things. I happened upon this brand originally with a Groupon. The taped together twin boxes contained so many packages of them and the expiration date was so short I had to get creative and use them in things I wouldn't normally have made so I didn't waste food. The first time I was nervous with the smell, but rinsed for a bit and it quickly went away. The noodles are almost clear so it does give dishes an unusual appearance when you are used to White or colored noodles. The first dish I used them for was a Chinese Chow Mein, where I cooked the sauce with vegetables, and then after draining added the noodles to the sauce and let them season with the meal (rather than just normally spooning on top of the noodles). I have a 5 year old and 9 year old that are picky eaters with new things, and I will tell you they ate every bite and loved it. The next dish was the noodles drained and rinsed, put in a pan and I added a can of cream of mushroom soup and pulled pieces of chicken. Was great. After that it was plain noodles, rinsed and drained, tossed in a pan with Smart Balance butter, diced garlic (from the jar), sea salt and parsley flakes, stirred them until hot and served alone as a side dish with brussell sprouts and sweet Italian sausage. Again, kids cleaned the plates and the plain noodles were AMAZING. I cannot describe the taste with just the garlic, salt and butter. I was not expecting to be that pleased. I have used to make spaghetti, and now I will use them in anything with no exceptions. Have not tried other brands of the same yam flour noodles, so I can only speak on behalf of this NoOodles.
216642216642B003Z4F56CA3U0MQFKJRON9QLisa Henderson1151344470400Love these!I purchased these on QVC and followed their on-air instructions. The noodles turned out perfect, were not rubbery, and absorbed the sauce nicely. Don't expect these to duplicate the taste of pasta - that's impossible, but when I want pasta and not the calories, I'll take these anytime! Highly recommend.
216643216643B003Z4F56CA2AOBR9Z97NWF3DIY handy lady1131342310400The key is to remove yucky fish smellWhen you first open this, it smells really yucky. I almost always hold my breath when I wash this noodle. But once you wash it away and add it to whatever flavor you want it to have, it will absorb the flavor pretty quickly. One of my favorite way to get rid of the fishy smell is to boil it in water with bay leaves.

The other thing I'm not crazy about this noodle is the texture. It's got a bit of squeaky texture, but it doesn't bother me much if I cook it with lots of veggies. When you chew it with lots of veggies, you don't notice the texture of the noodle itself anymore.

I love noodles, and it's hard to cut it out of my diet. Overall, I'm pretty happy with this zero calories noodle substitute.
216644216644B003Z4F56CAC3ZJQ2PB6NP0michaelm3411345075200be preparednot particularly this brand; i've tried a couple; followed all the suggestions about rinsing away the stinky smell, dry frying a bit to get rid of excess water, adding your favorite sauce; but there is no amount of onion, garlic, basil, pepper you name it that can rescue this ersatz stuff; think of the worst calamari you've ever hard, real rubber bands, no taste left; this is worse; so rubbery and tasteless that you start to think it might not be food; the no-calorie allure is potent; but you're better off with some real italian pasta if half has much half as often, one glass of good red wine instead of two or three; realize that's the you only go around once idea, but if that's true you don't want to be doing it on rubber bands
216645216645B003Z4F56CA3NG41HF70I7ZUsmteach0011349913600Fishy, Oily RubberBandsI tried these and the fishy smell was VERY overpowering!!! I rinsed and rinsed them as directed, but the smell was disgusting! I tried to eat them and they tasted like wet, oily chewy rubber bands! I gagged had to spit them out before I vomited! I contacted the company to get a refund and THEY WILL NOT REFUND YOUR MONEY SO DONT BUY THEM!!!!!!!!!!!
216646216646B003Z4F56CA1US0ADAQKIQSZRoslynd Lunaire0051349913600Wonderful, Guilt-Free NoodlesYes, there is a slight fishy odor when you first open the package. Don't get a good whiff of it and it's not that bad. The Miracle Noodles (spinach version) was so horrible that it stunk up the house for days so these No Ooodles are nothing in me.
Here's what you do:
Get a good strainer ready. Open the package, dump in the contents, and give the noodles a good long rinse.

I use only lukewarm water at most simply so I don't alter the noodles any before cooking them.
However, you want to get your hands in there. I cannot stand the stringy consistency (Miracle Noodles are by far worse) and discovered that by really washing the No Ooodles you can make them very similar to soba noodles in that they don't stretch as much.
When the noodles stop clumping together and doing that whole gross, stringy slip and pull thing they do (if you've worked with these noodles I think you'll know what I mean) then you're done. They should feel like limp, wet normal noodles now. Basically you've now washed all the "starch" from them. It's not starch, it's whatever it is that makes them clump and turn icky IMO.

My favorite way to prepare these is turning them into ramen. Just be sure to cook them in the same broth or liquid that you cook your veggies and meat in. The more flavor, the better. I add sweet peppers, garlic, green onion, shallots, sometimes tomato, all sorts of spices, sometimes hot sauce, chili sauce, etc. They're really good and filling. You don't have a carb craving with these guys at all. And for me, it satisfys that urge to go bonkers with pasta. You know, you can have the entire bag and not feel bad about it. :)

You can also "fry" them. Basically same as before but with much less liquid. The result is not crispy, but it does taste very good.
216647216647B003Z4F56CA1VZSWWDSPEKQDKerstin Upmeyer "Kittydew"0041349049600You need to understand the styleOk, look, if you are hoping for typical American pasta, you're going to be disappointed. If you are a fan of Asian fare, specifically Vietnamese, you'll find these to be a great rice noodle substitute! So listen, if you've never had them before, go to a local Vietnamese restaurant. Order Bun or Pho with rice noodles. Hate 'em? Don't bother ordering any of this kind of noodle. Like them like I do, and this is an awesome substitute! But do not expect typical flour based American pasta here. If you do, you'll likely be unhappy.
216648216648B003Z4F56CA25075OK56EGJOMindy0041347062400Ok once you get past smell!They smell bad when you open them, definitely. Drain and rinse, and serve with a good sauce and you're in good shape! Even my kids will eat them in spaghetti or as Mac and cheese!
216649216649B003Z4F56CA3M697T8M0G08VJerry Liles0051340323200No OodlesQuite an unusual product, good additive to food dishes, like Tofu need flavoring to taste like anything. Comes packed in fluid, precooked
216650216650B003Z4F56CA88KJZNHQEFKMary "Ann"0051336521600Great Product!!!If you prepare these as directed, they are great! And NO CALORIES OR CARBS!!! What more could you possibly as for? Love these noodles!
216651216651B003Z4F56CA3U9Q8B2KCJR13Cheri5811336521600CherylTried this product and I could not get past the texture, smell or taste. Will never purchase again! Even after rinsing the fishy smell is awful. Even prepared with meat and seasonings and still could not get past the texture. I recommend to not purchase this item.
216652216652B003Z4F56CA1S1OWKTCAFO34A. Lantz1231332547200Just can't get over the textureI want to love these because they are no calorie. I made chicken bacon ranch pasta with grape tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, chicken, bacon and Walden Farms Bacon Ranch salad dressing. It tasted very good but the texture of this pasta turns my stomach. I decided to give what I didn't eat to my mom because she loves these noodles.
The noodles smell like raw seafood before you rinse them off, nothing new to me because I love seafood. Just make sure you rinse them off for a minute then dry them off really good.
216653216653B003Z4F56CA1DGXMHO89AHPSAmazon customer0111348704000UnappealingThese noodles smell very fishy. Even after rinsing, they are rubbery and limp. Very tasteless. I do not find that they take on the flavor of your sauce, spices, etc, as others have stated. Tried them stir fried, in casserole, with sauces and still bland and rubbery. I bought 2 boxes, so I will try to use them up, but find myself giving them away. They are very watery and flavorless. They are so expensive considering how "blah" they are. Will not ever buy them again.
216654216654B001I0W3JCA1XWNUT978GB67moises woliner2211339113600RIP OFFThis seller should be expelled from This was a wedding aniversary surprise to my wife aNd was absolutley DISAPOINTING. The roses were tiny. They come in a box as do it your self kit. All the mood was ruined by this vendor. ThIngs like this damage's reputation of screening vendors that publish in their site.

Payed more that 100 bucks for these and the a lot worst than flowers that you buy in the street.


Detailed prictures of the products will be uploaded for you to judge.
216656216656B001HTINWUA22FY6FPTT6ST7White Lotus0051347062400Good Stuff!I drank this in Maui and really enjoyed it. Came here to see if I could order it. Rejoice! I could! At nearly $5 per bottle most people would think it's far too expensive for a simple drink! And I must admit it is. But ginger does have health benefits.

If I could convey an accurate sense of how this drink tastes I would but it's not easy. I guess the best way I can describe it would be if you took a large piece of raw ginger, minced it up real good and put it in a blender this is what it would taste like. It's got a real strong ginger taste and it's very good. Not unpleasant at all.

If you suffer from lack of energy like me (maybe it's all the rains here in Seattle), then this might be better than any Starbucks which will set you back at least $4 if not more. When you look at it this way, $4.50 per bottle really isn't that unreasonable.

Packaging arrived in good condition. They really wrapped the case of Gingerade up very well in bubble wrap. It was well protected, heavy though. Took a while to ship, maybe it's coming from Hawaii? Haha, who knows?
216657216657B001HTINWUA2BAUDGNHK32V4HealthKnut0051324080000Delicious and Refreshing !!!Smells and tastes like fresh ginger and lemons. I like it chilled but the bottle says you can drink it warm. Yummy!!!
216658216658B004BPGJLEA2VH8VUS3LRL4GNo MSG0011329868800didn't realizeUnfortunately, I didn't realize this item is loaded with MSG. If I did know, I would NEVER have made the purchase. Since I have a food allergy to MSG, it compounds the health problems associated with MSG...
216659216659B007JFMI3QA53STZG9ATPQKBeth Luper0051338854400Yummy!Was given this as a gift. Very tasty and light. This is a great snack to hold you over until the next meal. It does taste like a not too sweet cookie, but seems to be pretty healthy also.
216660216660B00176EPW0A3T3S48UAVTUE9JanFla "Martial Artist"6651214524800Delicious!I am now following the eat right 4 your blood type food suggestions and thought I would try this bread. Yummy! Great flavor and long shelf life.
Great plain or toasted.

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