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216661216661B0005ZHOUOA30A5I8FG82M2ESpookyChick2241149292800The 2nd Best in the Hostess PantheonI've said it before, I'll say it again - I'm a white gal who likes to throw her ample weight around! I find these cupcakes to second only to the mighty Ding Dong when it comes to Hostess treats. The chocolate cake is great, and the frosting is absolutely delectable. Avoid the bastardization that is the golden Hostess cupcake.
216662216662B0005ZHOUOA2AOZQ3WTNVVOKLonnie E. Holder "The Review's the Thing"4551126915200The Original Hostess CupcakeDelicious Hostess Chocolate Cupcakes were the first Hostess Cupcakes. You can now get orange flavored Hostess Cupcakes as well. While homemade cupcakes are still the best, if you have too little time to whip up a batch of cupcakes, when these cupcakes are fresh they are hard to beat. They have a soft, chocolate cake body with a creamy middle and chocolate icing on top. The only problem with these cupcakes is that they are addictive, and those of us who spend too little time on the treadmill need to watch home many of these things that we eat, both at one time and altogether.

Well, I hear a Hostess Cupcake calling my name...
216663216663B0005ZHOUOA3CFN1DW7YHUDPMadge1131189814400Not like I remembered...Boohoo--everyone talks about how these really bring back memories. I thought they would invoke some of my yummy childhood days, but they were a letdown! The frosting actually peeled off in spots! The cake was a little crumbly too. My little girl tastebuds must have just had lower standards.
216664216664B0005ZHOUOA8ORZVK8RWJLIG. Burton2311192492800Beef Fat? In a Cupcake?!I was shocked to read the ingredients of this and other Hostess products. Can anyone explain why they put beef fat in these products? I think it's disgusting - I've never seen such a thing and I'll never buy any Hostess products again.
216665216665B0005ZHOUOA3ETJSJU4FU333Jenel Still0051334534400Our FavoriteI ordered these mainly for my husband. We can't get them in the stores in our area, so I asked him if I should order them from Amazon and he said "yes". These are our favorite item that Hostess makes. We love chocolate, and the cream filling is an added plus.
216666216666B0005ZHOUOA1Z54EM24Y40LLc20051311552000LOVE these things!Always the lunchbox stable, these chocolate cupcakes with their infamous white swirl down the middle are still one of my favorites. No, they don't taste the same as they did in the 60s, but then again, WHAT does? The cream is what I notice the most - not quite as creamy and lush as they used to be, but well, they're still great and taste great to the next generation. They're also awesome frozen on a hot day. They have to be considered an American staple - especially since Hallmark has turned them into a Christmas ornament! Even though they do contain beef fat (weird, huh?), they're still good. All cakes for the most part, unless you use applesauce, contain some sort of fat or oil to make them moist. Just jump on the treadmill for a couple of minutes and well, there it goes! Great product, been enjoying them for 40 years, highly recommend!
216667216667B0005ZHOUOA2R6RA8FRBS608Matthew G. Sherwin0041183420800So good that you just might forget the oncoming diet debacleHostess Chocolate CupCakes have a great chocolate flavor that mixes so well with the cream filling inside them. These cupcakes certainly aren't the healthiest for you; but they DO make for a great after school snack; and they are perfect for when you need a sugar kick burst of energy when you're on the go.

The packaging is good; and they maintain their freshness so long as you eat them within a week or two of buying them. The cupcakes are relatively small and individually wrapped so they can fit in a small lunch box container for school kids, a lady's purse and even a briefcase for businessmen and businesswomen. Great!

However, the fun may stop there. I would not eat these every day. These cupcakes are loaded with sugar; and sugar can turn into fat inside your body if you don't get enough exercise. They have a lot of carbohydrates, too. These cupcakes also contain partially hydrogenated ingredients; this means they DO have trans fats--and trans fats are very unhealthy for you. The frosting can sometimes get crusty so eat these while they're fresh.

Overall, despite the health concerns, these cupcakes have several good uses that I couldn't ignore. They taste great; they are good for an after school snack or for adults on the run; and they come individually wrapped so they don't break and smear the chocolate cake or the cream filling all over your other things in your briefcase, purse or lunch box. Pick up a box of these cupcakes and enjoy one or two tonight!
216668216668B004Q4AQWSA294XN9G9ZXP70Starla dear0011323734400GrossThese coffee beans taste and smell really terrible. I've had other cherry flavored coffees that were much better. it came with two bags. I threw them both away. Total waste of money.
216669216669B002AIU2BMA27OUDQ6R737V0Jaimie Hernandez6651246147200Favorite for the whole familyI'm a diabetic & try to eat clean as well...these are the perfect solution! My kids enjoy them for breakfast or snacks as well!
216670216670B002AIU2BMA27NTHPTRXB766Sandra L. Thornton "typingterror"5551291161600Yum YumSomething healthy that actually tastes good. The blend of flavors is pure perfection and I am sure I will reorder down the road. There are no negatives with this product.
216671216671B002AIU2BMAFQDMD09WD7BGStacy Christman4451245974400Delicious!This is my favorite flavor! I am not a diabetic or and athlete, but I do like to eat healthy. They are great for a quick breakfast with a cup of tea or an afternoon snack. So tasty, flavorful and fresh. I just love the homemade quality about them. Not processed or dry...just delicious! Well done. Thank you for this great product.
216672216672B002AIU2BMA1PRVS9IDAC3SABarbara Bauer0051337212800Delicious, Nutritious, great for Diabetics!!I originally ordered this product after someone gave me one to try. I ordered them that day! The very full flavor of the orange and cranberry just explodes in your mouth with the first bite! I later read the reviews and realized that these highly nutritious granola bars had a very low glycemic index (they were great for diabetics!) They are high in fiber and I think they are made with agave nectar which is metabolized differently than sugar, so it doesn't give you that sugar spike and then drop. My friend who is diabetic loves them. I ordered a second order just for her. The orange cranberry is much more flavorful than the very berry. We both found those to be quite bland.
216673216673B002AIU2BMA3W43ZV9NIVHCEOrgainc mama-san0051327881600OMG-its goodI love these bars, they are delish.I am a diabetic so I can't eat a bar at one sitting but can enjoy hald a bar. It's a real treat because its not often that I choose to eat granolas bars.Whole grain or not, carbs are carbs and will elevate the sugar.
216674216674B002AIU2BMA35YSZNOF1ZI6TElizabeth Mark "Elizabeth"0041296345600Tasty and FillingI've recently been trying to eat low carb and purchased these because of the health and low glycemic qualities. My husband, 5 year old son and I all enjoyed them. They are tasty and filling. They have a very strong orange flavor, which I think they would be better if it wasn't quite so strong. I like the texture and the healthy ingredients.
216675216675B002AIU2BMA386TIEPW9DF54Amazon Shopper1251245974400Loads of Flavor!! Love it and so do the kids!!Each flavor stands out- the orange, cranberry and cinamon. It is so flavorful. My 3 year old nephew screams for spice orange cranberry, orange cranberry and he jumps for joy when I give him some to eat. How funny I gave him some to share with me and now when he sees me he always asks for them. His parents are thrilled that he likes this snack more then any other. since it is healthy- unlike the cookies and ice cream which have now become second in line to these granola gourmet bars.
216676216676B000MAST2YAYU0YYN6WN3OECarol2251307145600Delicious tea, hot or cold!We found this tea to be delicious served hot or cold. It has a beautiful aroma and color. I would recommend this to all herbal tea lovers.
216677216677B006VCXMRYA10Y0RNRVP2ZIVJ. D. Forest0051329782400Amazing 'cots!These are simply amazing dried apricots! There's a bit of a honey note in there, and they are glabrous, or fuzz-free. First read about them in Lucky Peach, and contacted the company for my first order. These folks ship fast, and the product is wonderful! I wound up giving an assortment of the Jelena, the Natasha, and the Larissa varieties out as Christmas gifts. I can't see myself eating any other dried apricots now, these have forever ruined the ones I used to get in the grocery store.
216678216678B001SAUO52A2UZHY97E45DNADaniel Payne0051307404800Good clean taste, plenty of kick, and cheap!After trying most of the other store bought brands and not being satisfied, I have finally found a good cayenne source against which I can judge others in the future. Good clean and pure taste with no added compounds. Just tastes like good pure ground up cayenne pepper, and plenty hot too. This is the logical next step up for any newbie who takes a liking to cayenne and is soon displeased with the quality of the other brands on the shelf.
216679216679B002ATOUZAA39O3YZS5TGUQ0growinemgreen3351257724800easy and delicious!i'm always looking for high protein snacks to keep handy and this is a winner! my girls are happy to eat it straight from the package or to dip pretzels or apples. so far, the price on amazon is the best i've found. stock up!
216680216680B002ATOUZAA3CPU6NZNKB5JAYelena Burkut "mom of two"5651326844800Great healthy snack Length:: 1:15 Mins

Great for on the go and a really great emergency Justin's Nut Butter Natural Honey Almond Butter, 10, 1.15 ounce Squeeze Packs (Pack of 3)snack idea
216681216681B002ATOUZAA3RDH3RTL2YWA8S. Angelucci2251287964800awesome!This stuff tastes so good and is so travel and lunch box friendly. Great product and I can't wait to try the other flavors.
216682216682B002ATOUZAA16WHSO9OBKPI3Book Lady "Book Lady"3451263427200easy to packRecently on an overnight backpacking trip I took Justin's Nut Butter with me. The squeeze packs were lightweight, and tasted great. The ingredients powered me through a long hike and by the end of the day i was craving more Justin's Nut Butter!
216683216683B002ATOUZAAQYY2OH4BRCZGMs. Piper Valentine "jet_set"0051348444800Amazing, healthy and perfect for on-the-goJustin's nut butters are so delicious and these squeeze packets are amazing! I have been buying them on Amazon Subscibe and Save for a few years now and never get tired of them. They are great to carry with you and have with an apple for a snack and avoid the pitfalls of eating junk food. They have about 200 calories each, so they aren't "diet" per se, but they fill you up and have protein so you feel satisfied. They are also really affordable compared to buying them at the store. I keep them everywhere for when I get really hungry, sometimes I just eat them plain.
216684216684B002ATOUZAA37PD4EE9XWZCHjayrah0051347408000Best Almond Butter and perfect portions.I don't know about anyone else, but for me eating almond butter out of a jar was dangerous. I would eat too much because it was so good. Now I have the perfect portion and great taste. Fast delivery! Enjoy!
216685216685B002ATOUZAA21L432848LRAFJ. Hurley "gem collector"0051345852800Delish!Wonderful taste! I'm 86 and seldom say that. My son said "Delish" and seldom says that. My nutrition guide's face lit up and told me that this product was used in kindergarden and primary classes who sll love it. They use it since so many children are peanut sensitive. So WOW!
216686216686B002ATOUZAA1CEUQNWX05HG6&JWM&TMM "JOTA"0051326672000This is the best oeanut butter...This is the BEST peanut butter and is hard to find in stores so thanks for making my jelly tasty with my Justin's peanut butter. Oh and even better I was able to purchase in bulk!
216687216687B002ATOUZAA1MRH4UW59OA83Casey0051315785600Travel StapleI travel ALOT and nutrition is really important to me. Most nutrition bars melt or get crushed in my bag. These squeeze packs are the solution to my turbulent travels so I don't have to worry about finding a nutritious snack in a new city!
216688216688B002ATOUZAA2JC7UL5SREOZ1Jackie0051315785600Awesome product with great tasteI love this nut butter because it has such a unique taste! I take the squeeze packs wherever I go, they are great at picnics! I highly recommend this product.
216689216689B002ATOUZAA3140MLA24996VStephm0710051313280000Great TreatCame packaged nicely. The packets are just the right size for a treat. One package can cover an entire banana. The flavor is good, just make sure you knead the package as directed
216690216690B002ATOUZAA3M9VDXXCO0NIVHealthy Thoughts0051312934400You can't beat this amazing Almond Butter!After trying several different Almond butters, I can honestly say this is far and above the rest. No oily mess to deal with and unbeatable consistency. With the individual packages you can take them to go or use them as your serving proportions. I have been nothing but pleased with my purchase and the many other different variations Justin's has produced, so check them all out!

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