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216707216707B000Q92QIEA161DK06JJMCYFJ. E. Stephens "Jeanne"3351224892800Easy and DeliciousI sent this to my son at college. I have used this product before and it is very easy to prepare. Most people love mac and cheese and this is just as good as homemade. The best part about ordering from Amazon grocery is that they deliver to your door. If you have a love one that lives far away and has limited transportation this may be an answer for you. Just order and let Amazon do the rest.
216708216708B000Q92QIEA1J5HIF41ENSMZAdam Wood2241300492800A childhood favorite that I can make anytimeEver since I was a kid, I've loved Kraft mac and cheese. Granted, the years have probably faded my memories, but I sure think that this tastes just like the stuff my mom used to make from the box (and I later made from the box when I was in college). Unlike the box version, I can make these easily at work - woohoo! I can store these in my desk drawer, and either one or two packs serve as a plenty satisfying lunch for me. I've never had any issues with making these, with the recommended 3.5 minute cooking time being just perfect. So simple to make - pull off the plastic seal, remove the packet of powdered sauce, add water to the clearly marked line in the cup, microwave for 3.5 minutes, add the powdered sauce, stir, and enjoy!

The only downside to me is the disposable container for each serving that isn't readily recyclable in a lot of places (it's type 5 plastic). Like many here, I'm much more conscious of my environmental impact than I used to be.

If you watch for sales, you can get these for a good price. I ordered them from Amazon for under 60 cents a pack, but they are almost always available for at or under a dollar a pack at the stores around me. To me, that's a great price for a quick and satisfying snack/lunch.
216709216709B000Q92QIEA17XJCP9P9VSL0My Kids Mom "Elorasmom"2251260230400Can't beat these!I actually have a subscription for these Easy-Mac cups - this allows me to get them less expensively even than at WallyMart and certainly more convenient!! No tax, free shipping - how can you beat that deal?????

My 2 daughters will cook for themselves at times... but, when they are too tired, or busy, etc. THese make an easy snack that Mom is happy about! I am always trying
to get them to increase their calcium intake and this is a way to do it that they have no idea I'm giving them something good for them!!

We have been on the auto-ship program for over a year now and only once did we have a little "stockpile" of them and I fixed it by donating the new case to our local food pantry!

Our house would be very upset if Kraft discontinues this product or Amazon stops it's program!!

Yay Kraft, YAY Amazon!!
216710216710B000Q92QIEA2O6HZ2B9YSRXRIndiana Customer1151319068800Been eating Easy Mac since my freshman year of college, great dorm foodI graduated with my 4 year degree this past May, still unemployed, so it is nice to finally have Easy Mac on subscribe and save. Great tasting food at a discount, thanks Amazon. :)
216711216711B000Q92QIEA16CA0LWKNZ2OLTawanda1151293753600husband loves theseThey're pretty tastey for what I remember! Nice and quick, and very easy! My husband who's in Iraq love these! He's able to come back and have something warm to eat.
216712216712B000Q92QIEA2OAJIE88LV79OPS1111293235200Just One Word Too.YUCK! I would have only left one word for the review---YUCK! But, Amazon requires at least 20 words. Occasionally I indulge in childhood comfort food like Kraft Macaroni and Cheese; however this Kraft Easy Mac tastes bad to me.
216713216713B000Q92QIEA1G39CW6KX7DMWW. Squyres1141278806400EasyMac is easyWe purchased this product for my 90 year old mother -in -law and I think she eats one everyday. It is easy enough for her to do on her own so she doesn't get discourged and not eat at all. She likes to live alone and this gives us a small bit of piece of mind.
216714216714B000Q92QIEA5HXKRDOCWO4Ablue1151265068800Much Better than the Packets!In the past, I always bought the easy mac packets. I bought the microwaveable cups because I figured that they would be easier. However, not only are the quick and clean, they taste better. The texture and taste is much closer to that of real mac and cheese than the packets.
216715216715B000Q92QIEARP6KJ123AUT0P. Billings1151238457600So easy!This really is very easy, and doesn't dirty up a separate bowl like other quick-fix macaroni products. Even with water, it's very cheesy! Make sure you stir very well after adding the cheese powder.
216716216716B000Q92QIEA2XNOB1T796Y6BChibiNeko "Sooo many books, so little time!"1141227225600Easy to make, not as good as "real" mac & cheese thoughAs a person who works the graveyard shift, I'm always on the lookout for meals that are easy to carry along & easy to make. Meals that cook fast are a bonus. With that in mind, I decided to take a chance on the Kraft Easy Mac meals.

The packaging is easy to carry & doesn't damage easy, which is good since it would be very bad if it got damaged either on the way or while it was heating up. The directions are also very simple to follow. Add water & nuke it in the microwave for 3 1/2 minutes, then mix the powdered cheese in. Up until that point, it's perfect. However after that point the big problem is the taste. It's good, but it's not as good as the real deal. That's to be expected though.

Overall, I liked it & I liked it enough to purchase more for future meals. It's not very healthy, but it will fill you up enough until you can get home & make a real meal. I wouldn't suggest it as an everyday meal though.

216717216717B000Q92QIEA2MZ59SJR6FIW8R. Hall3441226793600The Real Easy MacGood flavor and easy, add a small pouch of starkist tuna with oil and it gets 8 stars. Easy and good.
216718216718B000Q92QIEAQQGQYTU1SXA7Patricia Sills3451188777600easy maci love being able to purchase the mac and cheese this way. my only complaint was with this order some of the items came open during delivery and there was a big mess in the box. other than that we love it.
216719216719B000Q92QIEA2HLNY2R3CK5S7Natalie Maggiore "Natalie"3451184544000yum yum gimme some!I got this for only 25 dollars with free shipping and a 7 dollar coupon code. I have 5 kids and when i am pressed for time this is the easy lunch or dinner fix. It will fill my 1 yr old but not my big girls. So i will quickly cook some ground beef or hot dogs and add it to the easy mac ( the cup is big enough to add these things) i also keep them in my diaper bag for my toddler. I bought this a week ago and it is half gone so i am back to buy more b4 the 7 dollars off expires. great deal! i read somewhere that the food on amazon is soon to expire. the easy mac had an expiration date of nov 2007 but one case of 36 wont mke 2 weeks in this house.
216720216720B000Q92QIEA2YI0WDLYV3D12Tara M. Trent4631281052800Melted and burned plastic cup 3 stars for product, 0 stars for cup!!My kids love this stuff. It's easy enough for them to make themselves. Just add water and microwave for 3 1/2 minutes. However this morning my 10 year old daughter decided to make some and the plastic cup actually melted and the macaroni is a black clumpy plastic coated mess. The entire house is filled with smoke. This have never happened to us before but I have read that it has happened to other people so this isn't just some random freak thing. I am now nervous about the kids burning down the house with this stuff. I'll have to begin to monitor the microwave while it's cooking (as in stand in front and watch for the 3 1/2 minutes). One incident probably isn't enough to make them stop cooking it but I just thought I would make others aware of this potential risk.

I gave it 3 stars since I do actually like the product since it's easy for them and actually doesn't taste bad. But I if this happens again, I'll have to rethink the whole thing. The actual macaroni is fine, I think it's just the cup. So 3 stars as it stands and 0 stars for the cup!!
216691216691B002ATOUZAAKMIFWRYNTLDIK. Luu0051309996800Delicious almond butter!I just ordered this product and tried my 1st pack. Delicious as a snack and healthier than inhaling a Reese's Peanut Butter cup...or two. This almond butter product has the right amount of sweetness.
216692216692B002ATOUZAA28OCCB4428BBLSoCal Gal0051299974400Bit 'O Butter!Man - these are fantastic little single-serving packets! I love that I can throw them in my purse or lunchbox for a quick shot of protein to have with fruit or whatever. They are perfectly portioned out already and taste amazing! You do have to squeeze the packets back and forth a bit before using them to break up the natural oils, but overall, they're really handy! I can't wait to try the other flavors too.
216693216693B002ATOUZAA2II07FLJ2CIRRMiller0051299196800Yum...SO Good![...] I took it out of the box rinsed the package kneaded as directed and ate it straight out of the package. It was so good I will definitely continue to order and probably try the other flavors as well. Almond butter is a much healthier than Peanut Butter especially this brand and another brand I ate which only contain a few ingredients. FYI for those who like Peanut Butter Justin's brands are just as healthy as their Almond Butters. I wanted to try the squeeze packs because the other brand I have eaten in the past though good, it's such a pain to have to stir this huge jar of it every time and I like to keep an eye on my calories so having to measure out a serving from a jar each time gets messy plus it's so bland I always add a little honey to it. This was was perfect not bland like plain Almond Butter, but not too sweet or salty just enough of everything. Besides the convenience of not having to stir and measure from a jar I like knowing exactly how much I am getting plus these can be thrown in my purse when I go out for a quick healthy snack when I am out. Being Gluten, Corn, Soy & Diary Free (among a few other things) makes its difficult when out so it's nice to be able to have something with me that I know is healthy and I am allowed to have.
216694216694B002ATOUZAA2Y1JDKJQYVS15JLaurie0051283990400Awesome!Justin's Nut Butter is amazing. These are a great snack for children on the playground and it keeps them quiet for a little bit. I don't mind giving them more than one cause they are high protein and good for you! Keep them coming Justin's!
216695216695B002ATOUZAA12HEK8S1VZD4NLouK "LouK"0041282780800Tasty snackThese were very tasty for a quick snack. The only drawback was trying to squeeze out the last bits from the pack, usually used the corner of a desk as a squeege.
216696216696B002ATOUZAA2E1H1HXY0Y7HYJ. Gold0051262131200Great anytime snack!!Love this stuff as a snack between meals! Don't forget to knead the pack before you open it. Sometimes you have to mix some almond oil back into the pack.
216697216697B001KWGRUEAKGAVL3B83ZEWMutt puppy0151346889600Almond flour.Good price and the flour is nice and fine. I am sure I will be able to make lots of good foods with the flour. Thanks
216698216698B001SAZYUMA3W4NG95JHEGHRMatthew Maroon1251302998400Fantastic tasting stockEveryone knows that you can't beat a homemade stock, but how often do you find yourself with a large amount of left-over crustacean shells (that weren't boiled) on hand?

This is a pretty good substitute. I used it in a crawfish pie from My New Orleans: The Cookbook and it came out fantastic. It's cost-efficient, tasty, and extremely convenient.
216699216699B001SAZYUMA11UNOAFTR9MDHAndrew Marrus1411325116800Dented cans, box in good conditionThree of the six cans in the box were dented and unusable. Interestingly, the box was in good condition, meaning that the cans were damaged before packaging. Amazon gave a refund for the damaged goods. Fortunately, I did not need all six cans for the recipe.
216700216700B001SAZYUMA3FBBWSW8348DBala natural01421278979200Not a good value every can was dented when I received it.Not a good value - every can I received was dented. It came in a box by itself which was in was in a larger box with some carbonated juice cans which were held together by plastic rings. It looks like the cans were dented before being shipped. Notified shipping. Haven't heard back yet.

The Brand and broth are probably good but not dented cans.
216701216701B008JV35JKA8R4PMQJVBSM1Tailchasers Incorporated1151348099200Begging for more!My pup, Foster, loves these treats! He is on a grain free diet to keep him healthy and prevent allergies. These treats are just the right size for a bedtime snack, and he gobbles up every crumb off of the floor!
216702216702B008JV35JKAJASQIOUO6E7YKathy S. Kergaravat "Kathisue"0051348617600AWESOME grain-free dog treats! :)All of our dogs LOVED these treats! Young and old alike. The bag was emptied in NO TIME! We'll be getting more of these! Thank-you Clear Conscience Pet for a great tasting grain-free dog treat!
216703216703B008Z66XZ2A19M74LYW0VPQMAntonia Parker0051345507200AMAZING!!!Honestly, the best olive oil I've ever had! I bought a bottle a couple days ago and it's half way done already.My roommates keep on stealing it to use it on their own dishes. You can just taste the freshness. This is truly the real stuff!
216704216704B000Q92QIEA39PF0QG0HC6RQtnysgrl161651196208000Not just for kidsI love these Easy Mac cups. I have a disability that requires me to get around in a wheelchair, and it is difficult for me to use the stove. This product being microwavable makes it really easy for me to use. And it tastes really good, too.
216705216705B000Q92QIEA2AY83K9N60V38C. Dionne "Chrissy Dionne"101051185148800my son could practically live on these things!These little containers are the perfect size for a 10 year old to be able to make himself a bowl of macaroni without parents having to be overly concerned about them getting burned... even once cooked, the hot water is low enough so it won't easily 'slosh' out resulting in burns (which was my big concern!)

Don't fool yourself, these aren't anything like homemade, but they are exactly the same as the Easy Mac. add a little pepper and they're pretty dang good! I've even been known to eat them occasionally :)

I actually signed up for the subscription service so that I could have these delivered on a regular basis because our local store often only has 10 or fewer of these cups or they have them in the other flavors which my child will not eat. Plus, buying it this way is much cheaper than buying them locally (we were paying $1.25 per container when we could find them).
216706216706B000Q92QIEA2SH7OWE8QJYNCKaleidocherry5551206230400Another pantry staple!Ever since you were a kid you loved Kraft mac & cheese, right? That's how it was in our family and even my parents still eat it sometimes. Easy Mac is a great solution to busy families. Whack it in the microwave with some water for 3:30, mix in the cheese, and you're done. Perfect for an after-school snack or late at night while watching a movie. Even better when you use Amazon's "Subscribe & Save"! Automatic monthly delivery at an even better price.

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