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216721216721B000Q92QIEALS0MQ6MPIKIPB. W.2331206748800Good, but SmallThe cup is only half full of macaroni. I figured once you added the water and cooked it, it would swell to fill the cup. But, no, prepared it was still only half full, and barely a snack, much less a meal. I doubt that even as a child this would have satisfied me. Good, but not worth a dollar a cup.
216722216722B000Q92QIEA2REMAWGATL67XLaura Wooters0051327104000easy mac, verrrry easy!I can't get over how easy these are to fix. Fool proof even! Add water, nuke, add cheese, eat. That's it. Great to keep on hand or send to work with hubby. I had never tried this single serving size before but it is just perfect!
216723216723B000Q92QIEA1R850B27HXBKJKragbax0051324512000Easy Mac for people On-The-Move!Well, it's Easy Mac. Easy Mac always came in little packets with noodles you nuke for a bit in water, then add the cheese. It was... Easy. My kids, growing up, loved it. We loved it because it allowed them to make themselves a snack (be more independant).

They're older now, but they still love Easy Mac. These packs they can take in their lunches for school or work. A couple minutes in the microwave, mix in the cheese powder, and they're ready.

Currently I subscribe and save a case of these every now and again to keep them in the house. The price is good.
216724216724B000Q92QIEA1SJ4L40563V9LKayJo0041323820800i like itI love mac and cheese and it keeps your tummy full until your next meal. It's great for all ages and a must have product in my pantry.
216725216725B000Q92QIEA1P80DQ1QCO68QHide0051320537600Easy!!I have been making these for years. I see the fire comments and I have to think something was done wrong. I have never even burned the product a little. It's easy to make at home when in a rush or at work and only 220 calories. I wish they had the triple cheese or the explosion ones for subsribe and save b/c I prefer them in flavor. I chop broccoli and mix it in to make it even more filling.
216726216726B000Q92QIEA1JFNZ4UAMEZN3Joe496 "kittybaby"0051319414400I am addicted.I wish I had never tried Kraft Easy Mac Original because I am addicted to it. The individual packages are simple to prepare and quick to eat so you are ready to prepare yet another bowl.
216727216727B000Q92QIEA3IGN8F9PUNRDWPhillip Berta0051318377600Great Value. Perfect SizeI have the Kraft Easy Mac 2.05 OZ on auto delivery every couple months. This is the smaller size than I find in my local store which is perfect for my son. The size is great for his lunch and very easy to make thus it is 'Easy Mac'.
216728216728B000Q92QIEA1BNM1B2ZIDBCVLinda S Freeborn0051307750400DeliciousWhat can I say, except they're tasty and quick and easy to fix in the microwave! And you can always mix some veggies or other things to make them even tastier and better for you!
216729216729B000Q92QIEA1PPS5R5G2PZNWjds0041301270400convienienti purchased this item for my son, it is easy for him to make as a snack or a meal. two days after i purchased it i returned to the site to order more and much to my surprise in a couple days the price jumped rediculously which blew my mind. easy mac is just that.
216730216730B000Q92QIEA2KLNNFPKZQF5AL. Sammons0051274140800Kraft Easy Mac, Better Than Ever!!I tried this product a few years ago, and I really liked it. Now that they have it in the little disposable cups, it's even better because it doesn't even dirty a dish. It's a mom's dream come true, kids love to make it themselves and they don't make any mess!! Great for after school snacks.

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216731216731B000Q92QIEAXBRD0CEN2WMBBeth Perkins0051267488000Oh how we love EasyMac.Keeping large quantities of EasyMac around is very important, as we have four-year-old and two-year-old granddaughters. Highly recommend buying this by the case.
216732216732B000Q92QIEA138MQ3JWML2FXR.B. Michael0031258675200Good for what it is: a quick snack/dorm foodI used to have these all the times when I lived in a dorm, since dorm residents are restricted to using only a microwave in their rooms. It's not the most appetizing thing to eat, but that's the be expected. However, it's not terrible either, and it's certainly no worse than your standard boiled-in-a-pot Kraft mac & cheese.

This is good for what it is: a quick snack; or for anyone at college that's limited to using a microwave to cook in their room.

The only tip I'd give is to put a little less than the recommended amount of water in the cup prior to microwaving it, and add a bit of milk (whole milk is best) after microwaving to thicken up everything a bit.
216733216733B000Q92QIEA1IL6W1NK05UW9C. Baker "cbaker"2421278028800Good Enough for a Quick SnackThis might not be the healthiest snack in the world, but for a quick, somewhat tasty bite Kraft microwave macaroni and cheese is decent enough.

On the plus side it is extremely easy and quick to make, although frankly the small portions are really on for a small side dish or a quick snack.

The one thing I do not like about it is the cheese seems really hard to blend into the pasta and sometimes it clumps up instead of spreading evenly, which can make for a rather interesting culinary experience.

While I don't eat these often, if I am feeling lazy and want a quick bite, this works well enough for me.
216734216734B000Q92QIEACGB8QG1ZGRTCJonathan Shook71311281830400FIRE & SMOKE HAZARDFor those of you concerned about the fire hazard with this product, the same thing happened to us this evening. The fire was almost immediate, and the smoke was pretty intense. The fire in the microwave continued to burn until it was doused, and now the whole house smells burnt, even after ventilating for hours. It looked like it could have burned out of control if someone weren't watching it close enough to see it flame up.

My microwave is ruined. My house stinks of smoke. We probably avoided a disaster out of sheer luck.

This product is not safe for use by children, or perhaps even adults.
216735216735B000Q92QIEA2W0O92FZFHJOJRonnie G.0231234569600A Vital College Staple, Buuut . . . .First of all I have to say, I LOVE these things . . . They come in handy when I'm too busy to go to lunch or if I ran out of meals (I'm a college student who lives on campus and; therefore, is subjected to the "meal plans"). What makes them vital is the fact they are microwavable . . . . You don't have to boil water or any of that jazz . . .They're simple and easy, hence the name of the product - Easy Mac . . .

Now for my complaints:

1) The original flavor is boring . . . I prefer the Alfred or Triple Cheese kind . .

2) The price isn't very good, buut it's a lot better than the prices of the Easy Mac sold at my school (my school overprices EVERYTHING . .. it sucks)

3) They aren't very healthy . . .but I shouldn't except much healhiness from Mac N' Cheese

4) Going back to complaint #1 . . .The taste itself is mediocre . .If you're looking for quality mac n' cheese this just isn't it . . .
216736216736B000Q92QIEA9YE63XDKJ1HDThe President "of the United States of America"0331219968000Tastes GREAT! not filling. And not good for youThis stuff is great. Tastes good, easy to cook, consistent results.

But there is not very much in each cup. I could eat 3 and still be hungry.

They are sodium BOMBS. 700mg of sodium per cup, 30% of what you should eat in an entire day. You will be very thirsty after eating them because of all that salt. And I heard the more salt in food, the faster you will become hungry after eating it.

There are healthier choices out there for a snack. Like White GoGo Rice which only has 10mg of sodium per package.

I might buy this again but not for a while.
216737216737B000Q92QIEA2XS63FBR40G5UMichael L. Concordia "MIKE CONCORDIA"61411247875200POTENTIAL FIRE WARNING ABOUT THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!! 0 STARSWARNING ABOUT THIS PRODUCT! I sent this email to KRAFT and ACME STORES where I purshased EASYMAC.
I purchased your EASYMAC microwavable mac&cheese dinner.
The package was in the microwave oven for 2.5 minutes and the plastic
container melted and started to burn in the microwave.
Had I not acted quickly my house may have burned down.
This is very serious, and this possible fire causing problem should be made
216738216738B000Q92QIEA18L1CVUIQRE9LMary McKinney "PRINCESS MERI"2751196640000QUICK & DELICIOUSMy whole family enjoyed this
mac & cheese for years.
It is very easy to make in the
microwave. However, we are
trying to quit eating processed
foods and have switched to

Kraft Organic Macaroni & Cheese Dinner, Cheddar, 6-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12)

We find it to be just as delicious!
It only takes 10-12 minutes to make.

In addition, I have learned that
microwaving food kills most of the
216739216739B000Q92QIEA1CHSF2YTBXUASAnne M.41121204502400Expensive for what you getAs a lover of boxed mac and cheese, I thought that these would be the perfect thing for me, so I bought some--and subsequently pawned them off on unsuspecting neighbors. Okay, it wasn't that bad, but they are definitely not like homemade (though I wasn't suspecting that), nor were they even like boxed mac and cheese (which I thought they would do a good job of replicating). I felt that these cups taste very powdery and were unappetizing.

The only way I could get them down was to mix some milk and butter with them. However, after already paying over $1 for this food, I feel like I shouldn't have to add more cents on to the price by supplying my own milk and butter. I also question the environmental friendliness of this food--there is an awful lot of extra waste made for a small amount of gain.
216740216740B000Q92QIEA3N4SGWWMUTY1ZGregory Law0431209254400Excessive SaltI like Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and hoped this would be a convenient and easy alternative to the box meal. It is relatively quick and easy to prepare, but it tastes excessively salty.
216741216741B000Q92QIEA1SB6KU28Q632BJudy0511303948800potential fire hazardMy 16 year old son made this product while I was not home. After 90 seconds the container started on fire. The microwave is burned and my son may have have been injured as the item continued to burn. He used an oven glove to remove it from the microwave and throw in kitchen sink. I am lucky to not be visiting my son in a burn unit now. If you value your home and children do not use this product. I reported this to Kraft who is claiming this is not a safety issue.If it has happened to you report it to Kraft so this dangerous item is removed from the shelves.
216742216742B000Q92QIEA1GEIPO2O5CS18blue01211242345600ickin one word, ick. all the easyac flavors taste take ane the sauce is really strange
216743216743B000Q92QIEACZISEHTW23IPPan Louis01711282176000got sickI got sick from eating this that I was sweating cold sweats by my pained tummy. Will. Never. Eat. This. Again.
216744216744B000KADHIWA169LQ0J9D74V8Jane Eyre "Teresa"4431174521600Carb Counters Hot CerealThis is ok, if you like the taste of soybeans and soy products, you will like it, if not, then don't try it. It has a very large soy 'fake' taste. It did have an oatmeal texture and a little bit of oatmeal taste. It wasn't bad, and if you miss your oatmeal, it is certainly a good substitute.
216745216745B000KADHIWA1J5NESI5KWWI1Blue Eyed Girl0041325376000I LOVE this cereal!I eat a low-carb lifestyle and in the beginning, I missed my cereal. I found this and think it's delicious! It has a consistency of grits more than regular oatmeal, but it is very filling and yummy. I usually add Stevia or my FAVORITE added ingredient is Walden Farms sugar-free, calorie-free Apple Butter. It's to die for!! I am definitely going to keep eating this product!
216746216746B000KADHIWAKMQUD7XC7JTMunfortunate consumer1211313193600unfortunate consumerThis product called "Hot Cereal" came under Instant Oatmeal but I/we saw absolutely nothing that even
remotely resembled an oat. There was no flavor despite the label and if one is supposed to feast with the eyes first, then I/we must say, without exaggeration, that it looked like pulverized cement mix with no aroma. The taste? Completely absent, defying any description in words. To boot, the shipping fee is greater than the cost of what the manufacturer considers a food.
216747216747B001IZM2NYA3PWTDJ7WCY5J2Jackie I. Yockey2251270425600Kool-Aid tastes Great !!Been looking for this for years. I had
this when I was a child and it was always
good. Now I have punch recipes that call for
it and it is no where to be found. Yes
I got it thru Amazon. You have saved the day!
Speedy mail service too. The taste brings
back so many good memories.
216748216748B001IZM2NYA2MUGFV2TDQ47KLynrie "Oh HELL no"1151307577600Cool, Refreshing AND You Control the Sweetness!We drink this in various forms year round. It's a great soda alternative for HOT Texas days even when Iced Tea is the soft drink of choice because you can sweeten it with your favorite sweetener like Equal, Splenda, Sweet & Low, Stevia, sugar ... We use it to make our version of Gatorade on the cheap to be used for post-exercise hydration AND recuperating from colds and the flu. Eighteen Bucks for this item, added to the rest of my order with Amazon Super Saver Shipping made this an economical and flexible choice.

10 tbs sugar (5/8 cups)
1/2 tsp of regular salt
1 package of unsweetened Kool-aid mix for flavor
Water to make 2 liters

Combine all ingredients and chill

2 pkgs. lemon lime unsweetened Kool-aid mix
1 (48 oz.) can pineapple juice
2 c. sugar
2 qts. water
1 qt. ginger ale

Combine all ingredients, except ginger ale; chill. Add ginger ale and ice just before serving. 50 servings.
216749216749B001IZM2NYAMBTT1SJ77APGJohn Randall1151252713600Takes me back to my childhoodI have liked this Kool-Aid flavor since I was a child but am unable to get it where I live anymore.
216750216750B001IZM2NYAVR45HEPBLUH3Joyce Nemitz0051350432000Kool Aid Lemon-LimeI could never be more pleased than when I stir up a mixture of lemon-lime kool aid. It beats beer or soda to say the least.

Thank you Amazon for making this available

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