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216751216751B001IZM2NYA33R2MDJ9ZQTP3Mary Eggers0051314748800Best Kool-Aid flavorLemon Lime "Green" Kool Aid has always been a family favorite. In recent months it's been hard to find in our grocery store so I was delighted to find it through Amazon. I set it up for automatic delivery which was an added bonus!
216752216752B001IZM2NYA25J6WNKW1RTJ0LoisL0051309219200FINALLY FOUND ITBeen searching the stores forever to find my favorite.......the old Lemon-Lime flaavor Kool-Aid that I loved as a kid. Might have known......I'd find it on the internet. Don't know how I got along without it so long.
216753216753B001IZM2NYA2AP9C0B716IZNK.C. "Mother of college student"0051304121600The best refreshing drink ever!!!We were introduced to the lemon-lime Kool-Aid 25+ years ago. It is the best flavor Kool-Aid makes. It is refreshing and tasty and since you add your own sugar, not too sweet (I use 3/4 of what they say). This flavor has been impossible to find in the NYC area for years, and now we can't find it in the Pocono, PA area either. Thank goodness for Amazon, now I have a year's supply!!! If you want to give your kids something tasty and fun to drink, with a little less sugar, you should try this one. Enjoy!!!
216754216754B001IZM2NYA2MGH8QG2UOWRtshae0051303689600great valueIt's very hard to find this product, at all, in the store. This was a great find and a great deal.
216755216755B001IZM2NYA22SO92CSZIA0Ximthyma30041299542400the lemon-lime drink by kool-aidkool-aid sold every where but try to buy lemon-lime' huh ya right! hard to find but eazy on-line at amazon.... the flavor is the only one i like besides cherry.. i also make pop-cicles with it taste great!! enjoy.... 1 cup of sugar to a gal (2) packs of kool-aid..
216756216756B001IZM2NYA4BAW9SUOJSFPmasnyder0051281312000my favorite kool-aidKool-aid brand flavored drink mixes are the best, they mix well and taste great, no powdery taste. Lemon-lime is my favorite flavor, but hard to find in the stores near me.
216757216757B001IZM2NYA2ST95AEW55NQRBettie Shrek0051273968000KOOL-AIDI make a drink called "Evergreen Punch" that calls for lemon-line
kool-aid. I have been unable to find this within a 50 mile radius of
my home. This was a much used and desired product and am very pleased
that I could find some.[[ASIN:B001IZM2NY Kool-Aid Lemon-Lime Unsweetened Soft Drink Mix, 0.13-Ounce Packets (Pack of 96)]
216758216758B001EXO3UAARKVMTORCYAVFRon's wife2251314835200ExcellentWe usually have to travel to China Town to buy this product and was so happy to have found it on Amazon. It was sent to us quickly and we love this tea which is very good for us. We would order from this company again. Thanks
216759216759B001EXO3UAA33KH2VM7QPKOEkdean1121325721600Still a good health choice, but blech!I had been purchasing loose leaves from another company, but one day when they weren't available, I ordered these bags. Blech!! The loose leaves from Immortalitea were such a pleasant tasting product. These bags are so pungently horrible tasting that one shudders when sipping it. I can't get past the taste.
216760216760B001EXO3UAAID3PD6X39NDPShaanxi0011346284800Tastes terribleIf you like bitter, putrid tastes, this may be the tea for you. The tea tastes so terrible I am sure it will be thrown out. Gynostemma is supposed to taste good. Something is very wrong with this product. I drink a lot of herbal teas, so I can usually tolerate new flavor.
216761216761B001EXO3UAA3T6YQ287TG7G6A. Choi1211328313600I bought this brand at a local store (not Amazon) and it tastes horribleI bought jiaogulan from multiple places and this brand doesn't taste right. It tastes bitter with no sweet aftertaste. I would not buy Sheng Tangshen Brand jiaogulan/gynostemma pentaphyllum.
216762216762B001EXO3UAA1TWAY2XOJEW7HRam Rajendran "good shoe"1251315180800Digestive BoosterI was not quite sure about the results. I took only morning and evening. Result was excellent. I felt my stomach is smooth.
216763216763B001EXO3UAA39GHEM2JBZFHQYoshio Nakashima "yosh n"1241276041600herb teathis tea is for medical use to lower blood pressure. it seems to have diuretic effect
216764216764B00778CSBMA2T5PG4FKUHTT9liz0051344124800Best olivesIn a recent flight we tasted this delicious oloves they are the best but the odds are you can't find them at regular groceries store but they are yummi.
216765216765B00778CSBMA375YA7CH01JG8Sumfo0031336262400Not hotI am an olive feind and I love peppers, so I thought these would be right up my alley. They are great for on the go, small package. The taste is good but do not expect any heat on these, they taste like regular olives with some seasoning. A little pricey too, I would not purchase these if you want a spicey hot olive treat.
216766216766B00778CSBMA1W8B3AI6ZZEQOTP "TP"0051331078400Best of the BestI love their Mediterranean flavor so jumped on this new flavor. It is great, not too much spicy and a nice flavor. I have tried other brands but nothing comes even close to this.
216767216767B007SAC6ZCA2KSE659I6YOU8Mike Conley0011337644800Waste of moneyMight be good for people sensitive to caffeine, but I was unable to ascertain an effect beyond an initial rush from having shot a mentholated product into my nasal cavity. Much too little caffeine, I believe.
216768216768B003ZUJ350A195LWAJK3G9DADonna1151339372800Great soup base!This is great soup base and I have two kids who have Autism and cannot have gluten and THIS STUFF IS GLUTEN FREE AND GREAT and I use it Frequently!
216769216769B003ZUJ350A2SHUYK3YMWPGKHelysa1151334188800Very good!I was looking for some onion soup mix that was free of artificial ingredients & preservatives. I found this & tried it--& love it! It tastes great & is all natural. I plan to stick w/ this for my recipes in which I need onion soup mix. This one is really good!
216770216770B003ZUJ350A3SW8742TQAQH7RalphT "RalphT"0041348444800VeganThe product meets the criteria but is ho-hum. I will buy it again because it is vegan and the price is OK.
216771216771B003ZUJ350A26M5O53PHZTKNDebs "peanut"0051346803200Excellent and HealthyI am very careful these days what I eat due to a recent diagnosis. One of the things I watch is MSG - read some reports on it and you'll understand why. Everything in my cupboard had MSG in it. This does not. The risk is always, "Will it taste good?". MSG adds a lot of salt and what the brain reads as flavor and sometimes removing it can seem like a reduction in flavor. Not so with this product!! It is so good - I use it wherever and whenever I can. I am finding that I do not have to use very much so it goes quite far. I now have the vege, beef and chicken flavored versions and they are all good. MMMMMMM...happy tummy!
216772216772B000KPQZA4A2R13625CBMAKBDiyaRobinBird3351196726400Delicious Full-flavored CinnamonWe are trying to implement organics into our lifestyle as much as possible. The Simply Organic product line is wonderful... priced well and this cinnamon is very full flavored. Amazingly better than the non-organic grocery store stuff.
216773216773B000KPQZA4A302GJM3CGZLM0Cheryl Matejek1151207958400Simply the Best!Simply Organic Cinnamon tastes much better than cinnamon brought in a supermarket. (My supermarket doesn't carry organic cinnamon). I use it in my oatmeal and the organic cinnamon tastes much better than the regular stuff.
216774216774B000KPQZA4A3K3ID43G6A8UHLily0051224806400Delicious and Organic!If you enjoy lots of cinnamon, this pack of five is an excellent value. It is very fragrant, perfect for baking and sprinkling.
216775216775B000VICU72AQE1QZR23ZCUNSimpsonsFan991131318982400Refreshingly AddictiveGinger Nuts are like the Tomacco grown on the long-running "Simpsons" cartoon--they have a stingy bite at first, but become addictive upon subsequent tastings. The ginger, along with the lemon flavoring, gives the cookies the taste that may put off all but the most discerning consumers. Packages of Ginger Nuts can be bought in the International Foods section at the local Big Lots for two bucks or less--why buy online?
216776216776B000VICU72AHTJVGSTA5IJ9Expert Shopper "avalon2"1151264896000Great TasteGot these as a gift from the family priest who hails from Ireland. It has a great taste and I just need to get my hands on more.
216777216777B000VICU72AAYI9XESVJOOIEan W. Ramsay1151212192000Ginger BiscuitItem arrived on time and was in good condition. it was fresh and delicious
216778216778B000VICU72A31RABYCFQCTTJPaul E. Jackson "Eddie Jackson"0051271894400A memorable cookieI first ate these cookies in the summer of 2006 in Belize. Since that first visit, I try to eat as many as I can on any additional visits to get my share. These cookies have a sharp ginger flavor, nice texture, and a butter cookie aftertaste. I can't wait to order some (of course I may have to start a more intense work out program and take a second job).
216779216779B000VICU72A2R3RJTNDXXDF2Thomas G. Halko0041268179200If you like a ginger bite...Cookies are crisp and lighter than a snap, but have a big ginger taste. Love the almost peppery bite with a good hot cup of coffee. Would make a good base for a lemon cheesecake instead of the ususal Graham crackers.
216780216780B004DTCHH8A31K7TC3X0F2WVAdrienne Smidt0051349568000good stuff, too expensiveBought this konjac as a low cal snack. It's great tasting, brought it to work & my coworkers couldn't get enough. Down side is the price, $8.99 for a 3 oz bag. That's just way too much to pay so I haven't bought it again.

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