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216781216781B002BERUGAANSHESKJHI7YHAw Bean "MeFirst"1251337644800Reminds me of Mother England & Grandmama Clara!Lemon Curd...yyyyyuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyy! One dollop goes a long way. Put it on toast, crackers, fish, plain yogurt, cottage cheese, cheesecake, even on granola or whole-grain cereal! Enjoy, 'cause you're gonna want more!
216782216782B0021HRIQYAITK3RDZXU46YMichele Meyer "HowToLiveInHawaii"0051350259200Organic, delicious, easy to makeWhy I love this tea:

- It's organic and fair trade.
- It contains simple, wholesome ingredients -- just black tea and essential oil of lemon.
- It's sugar-free.
- The taste is pure and delicious.
- It comes in large tea bags designed for making whole pitchers of iced tea -- so convenient!

I drink iced tea every day, and this one's definitely a winner. It has become a staple in my pantry. I also love Rishi's raspberry iced tea: Rishi Tea Raspberry Iced Tea, 1.75-Ounce (Pack of 3).
216783216783B0021HRIQYA37REDXKXYF2JJMW Mom0051329955200Rishi Summer Lemon TeaMy whole family loves this tea! It has a great lemon flavor-without being overpowering or bitter. My husband is very picky and I didn't think he would like it initially. I bought the first box at World Market and he just thought it was "okay". However, when I bought the four pack online (much better price! best I could find around anywhere!)and we ran out of that-he decided he could not go back to plain old Lipton tea anymore! He tried....but he missed the taste of this tea and told me to re-order! So needless to say-we are on auto-ship now and I have to be careful we don't ever run out!
216784216784B005J3RCNQA21VZSVGKNTCHNmichele lehr0051351123200things I can't find in local storesIt is so wonderful to live in a rural area except for shopping. Amazon is my go-to store for things not in the local markets. These white kidneys beans will make fixing meals even less expensive that buying canned white kidney beans.
216785216785B001COJ860A2PNOU7NXB1JE4Peggy "pab920"151551243641600Fresh tasting despite summer shippingI've liked most of the Back To Nature (BTN) products I tried and this is no exception. These are about 40% whole cashews and 60% halves. They taste fresh and are lightly sea salted. There are no added oils. I wouldn't call them jumbo though, as they are the same regular size of any other brand on the market I've tried. Since usually it is the Kirkland brand from Costco I buy, I will say BTN's taste much better, but they are also considerably more expensive. I will savor these 3 bags due to their high caloric content.Yum.
216786216786B001COJ860AMHUE4A12KNUZJanice Tumberlinson91051264204800great taste and valueI've been buying product from Back to Nature for a while. I have to buy them from Amazon because there is no Whole Foods or other natural grocery store in the near vicinity. I love these cashews. They have strong flavor. They are always fresh and crunchy. I've bought other brands and the nuts were tasteless and a bit rubbery sort of like humidity had gotten to them. Never happens with this brand. Great taste and great value. I would recommend them to everyone.
216787216787B001COJ860A3L11X533K0R82Andrew K. Mikelson "akmbenz"5541257984000Delicious and Perfectly SaltedI was initially skeptical about purchasing these cashews as they are commonly available in most supermarkets. This particular brand however is Superior to most others I have tried. The nuts are amazingly fresh and salted just right.

They have none of the oily taste associated with inferior quality cashews as they are specially roasted without the use of additional oils. The only minor issue that I have for the price paid is that these cashews are in no way "JUMBO" as compared with other Jumbo cashews I have purchased. There are also more than just a few broken nuts in the package which I assume can not be avoided.

Overall, these are delicious and worth the money paid.
216788216788B001COJ860A20KY64YA7FWTWBenQ "BenQ"4451253750400The best tasting cashews I have hadOur family loves cashews for their supply of protein and are easy for the body to digest. I try different brands and bulk buys from our local natural foods markets and I must say my 1st bag of these provided the best tasting cashews I have had. They were roasted to perfection, not overcooked or undercooked (either of which drastically affects their flavor) and the perfect amount of salt. I love the fact that they do not have any added oils which is common with most brands to add peanut and/or cottonseed oil. The only negative is the cost. I can buy Target Brand or Planters cashews for 1/2 the cost and they are tasty as well but not at this level of purity and goodness.
216789216789B001COJ860ASIGRUB6BNXEMS. Aiton "ZootSA"5641237766400Great for use in baking & Asian cookingAlthough my husband enjoys these as a snack, they are fresh & very lightly salted making them great for baking, candy making & Asian cooking. They were wonderful in my Cashew Chicken...added so much flavor without adding to the already salty soy flavored sauce!
216790216790B001COJ860A3F3B1JPACN215Michael G. Lustig7951239753600Roasted and salted to perfectionThese cashews are excellent and have just enough salt. In general, most prepared foods have too much salt. Most Americans exceed their daily salt intake by two or three times the FDA suggested intake. Finally you have a lower sodium dry roasted nut that is fresh, roasted to perfection and reasonably priced. If you want more salt, lightly coat the nuts with some olive oil and break out your salt shaker.
216791216791B001COJ860A1WYX4EKOZHXEFDonald A. Hays "Techlabjunky"1151335225600Wonderful taste, great price.If you sign up for Amazon subscription for this product, you will not be able to find cheaper cashews per oz anywhere! Even at the local supermarket the prices are higher.

The quality of the cashews seems great. I haven't had any that were "bad."

I wish this company offered unsalted cashews on Amazon. Sometimes when you're cooking you don't want the added salt in these cashews.
216792216792B001COJ860A1WSLGJJB2600Eczechchick ***silentnightranch1151334534400mmmm o yummo..These are so yummy....large, fresh roasted flavor, just a touch of sea salt....must have eaten half of the first bag upon opening... ...may have to place an extra order...I am definiately on autoship!
216793216793B001COJ860A179D72MNNITN6S. Jones1141333238400Back to Nature Jumbo CashewsI'm glad these cashews are available, especially since Planters no longer provides them.

Both brands are similar except the Back to Nature brand contains many more "burnt" cashews than Planters did.

For the price charged for the product, I feel they could make a little more effort to ensure their cashews are not overly roasted. The cashews that aren't burnt (which are a small portion, relatively speaking) are very good.
216794216794B001COJ860A2OP7RW3WNXR6CJVH1151314576000Great, fresh tasteCashews arrived in tact and tasted super fresh. Not oily or over/under salted like many other brands. Perfect amount of salt and bag is small enough to keep in my desk.
216795216795B001COJ860A3LNGS88ZYI86CR. Ellsperman1151304467200Good and HealthyI'm glad to see more companies using sea salt. And with no added oils, it makes these nuts even healthier. Great tasting too!
216796216796B001COJ860A3JSC221IBSG3BMichael Kinney "Love My TiVo"3431249084800Love the size, not to trilled with the sea salt thoughI loved the size of these Cashews but the sea salt made them smell a bit fishy to me. It might just be me but I will not be buying these again. One other thing with this item. It did not seem all that fresh.
216797216797B001COJ860A1Q7A78VSQ5GQ4Nice Lady "a reasonable person"0051350259200Excellent cashews. "nature's vitamin pill," Read on for nutrient value.These arrived in great shape with very little breakage. Very fresh tasting, nice jumbo size. Not overly salty; did not notice any fishy taste or smell.

Cashews are a very healthy nut- loaded with important minerals and nutrients, these are not only a tasty snack, but an excellent nutritional choice.

"nature's vitamin pill,"
Some salient points:

- botanical name Anacardium occidentale, the cashew is a close relative of mangos, pistachios, poison ivy and poison oak

- Nutritional facts: 5 grams of protein per ounce and high levels of the essential minerals iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper and manganese.

Cashew nuts do have a relatively high fat content (12 grams per ounce, 2 grams saturated fat), but it is considered "good fat." Optimal fat ratio in the nut, 1:2:1 for saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated, (ideal ratio for optimal health)

-high levels of monounsaturated fatty acids; help support healthy levels of low good (HDL) cholesterol.

Repeat buyer.

Do your body some good and fill up on cashews!
216798216798B001COJ860A1YZXE3DT9SFBHE. Perry "orangegirrl"0041345075200A little expensive, but very yummy!I was hesitant to order as cashews are a little expensive for me, but I love them. I'm glad I did-the texture, taste and salt level were great. I quit buying cashews from the larger manufacturers in the grocery stores due to the amount of oil and the slighly rancid taste. My biggest issue is not devouring the entire bag in one day!
216799216799B001COJ860A21574NLFDMVDWTanya0051340064000Yummy!!Very fresh, salty and crisp. Only complaint is that we cannot keep them in the house long enough-they are eaten so fast
216800216800B001COJ860A2IYLMDQGBB4VGD. Jones "wyoairerescue"0051325980800Good qualityXmas present for hubby, always a favorite, better than you can get at the grocery store for sure. If you are a cashew lover, try these, good for you too.
216801216801B001COJ860A2SZJ7YCLIGODXOdo0051323216000Fresh and delicious, every timeI order Back to Nature nuts by mail rather than buying other nuts in local stores because they are consistently fresh, crispy, and delicious, with no added oils or additives and with what I think is a perfect amount of salt. The cashews are whole and of a good size. The almonds are also great. I have never had a problem with rancidity. I keep one pack (contents transferred to a jar) in fridge, and the other bags in freezer till ready to use.
216802216802B001COJ860AUCYF2RN6Z0HXK. Blackwell0051318550400YummyThe only suggestion that I would pass on is that I refrigerate after opening because it takes me awhile (a few weeks) to go through the bag.
Also, I decided that they were cheaper over time than even Costco's cashews which are a bargain. That is because Costco uses more oil and so they are more of a grabber. But these have that good cashew flavor.
216803216803B001COJ860A3Q2XQSG9APO07Maryann smith0051317254400great cashewsI get rave reviews from anyone I give these cashews to. They are a lot cheaper than Fannie MAY. They make great Christmas presents. Just put some in Christmas tins.To me, these are a great buy.
216804216804B001COJ860A2IQH0H181GCT7Javier Martinez "jmart"0041314662400good I like themthey do smell a bit fishy but they do not taste like that. These are yummy not too salty and really delicious I bought these for the first time and am really pleased. The bag was kind of small though I guess I was expecting more but still I would purchase again!
216805216805B001COJ860AUICIB1WWCAQ7Jukeman "jukeman"0051314316800Very GoodGood tasting nuts, very good quality very few broken cashews, could be a little saltier, but easy to add some.
216806216806B001COJ860A10FL3TBQ7TI48J. King0051303776000Fresh crunchy resealable bag..and not to salty.
I'll buy more if/when I can finish all 3 bags. If your trying to gain weight these will do the trick.
216807216807B001COJ860A7PLSKCC3EVHSC. Christopherson0051271289600Perfect!I bought these because I was looking for nuts that didn't have added oils or BHT. I admit I wondered if they would be as good as nuts with added oils. I was really happy to find that they are much better! They have a perfect texture - crunchy, but not too hard. Salty enough for my taste, without the salt overpowering the cashew. Delicious!
The only problem will be pacing myself!
216808216808B001COJ860A2OWR5G2OAQF7CSincerely Yours0051270166400great price for fresh product and with delivery, it is another bonus over wholefoodsI love my nuts and this package offers the best cost benefits over wholefoods, whose nuts I also love. Very fresh tasting and no over due salt. We love the minimum added ingredients and so much better than those offered loose by some health food stores around us. great price for a great product.
216809216809B001COJ860ANUUF3N6B9NTATabitha0121340323200Back to Nature Jumbo Cashews - 10 oz.I purchased these nuts at my local Publix in their Greenwise section. I love the Back to Nature brand of snacks (cookies & crackers) so I thought I'd give their nuts & mix nut varieties a go.

I bought their almonds, cashews, and trail mix. The cashews come in a 10 oz. resealable ziplock package. There are 160 cal., 13 g fat, 100 mg sodium, 9 g carbs, 2 g sugar, & 5 g protein.

The bag was filled with broken nuts and halves. I couldn't get the seal to reseal for storage so I poured them into a plastic container.

The nuts are sea salt roasted with no added oils. I love the Back to Nature snacks, but this one is the exception.

These were very pricy, dry, & tasteless nuts. I was also disappointed by the term jumbo. These are exactly the same size you buy in a regular grocery store.

I have purchased goumet jumbo size cashews from mail order companies, and these did not quite measure up. My Shikingnese Darby and I love to snack on nuts, but even she spit this one out.

The product has many health benefits: no artificial perservatives, no artificial ingredients., 100% natural, but when it comes to taste--I'll pass.
216810216810B001COJ860A1U0NIZD9JORKGR. N. Wolf0131329091200Might as well be Planters - Not in same league as PearsBought these on the strength of other reviews. That was a mistake. A few comments, unbiased.

The description "jumbo" is totally deceiving, and Amazon should, must, change the description. I've written to suggest it as false advertising. The nuts are no larger than what is found in a typical can of Planters whole cashews.

Second, I doubt that more than half of the cashew mass comprises whole nuts. Many pieces, compared again to whole nuts one can buy from Planters.

Third, the last, and only, time that I ordered cashews via Amazon, I bought Pears Gourmet. Now THOSE nuts are jumbo and unique, a completely different class. Pieces made up about 25% of the tin.

My next order no doubt will be Pears, but I must say I like the crunchiness as well of the smaller whole nuts that can be found at Kroger. Nice to have choices.

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