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216841216841B008EG5ADYATP4RKTN6VJSSnik5751328400000My favoriteQuite possibly the best cereal ever. This is pretty expensive in stores so finding a good price on Amazon is awesome. Not too sweet, not too bland, and doesn't get soggy. This cereal is perfect and makes a good meal or snack!
216842216842B008EG5ADYA3UJRNI8UR4871Wulfstan "wulfstan"2351337904000Crunchy goodnessI eat my cereal dry- right out of the box. Mostly for breakfast, but sometimes as a snack. Frosted Mini-Wheats is my "go-to" cereal, but this had oats instead of whole wheat, so I decided to give it a try.

And, now, it's my second favorite cereal. Ok, so it's didn't quite bump my "go-to" out of first place, but it came close, and in fact I think it will be my fave for breakfast (but not as much for snacking).

It comes in a rather solid little square, with a great crunch and a good mouth feel, and it super-easy to eat right out of the box. My "Brown sugar" version had a hint of sweetness.

Nutritionally it's two paws way up, with low fat, high fiber and not a lot of sugar.

So- give it a try.
216843216843B008EG5ADYA30JYPESIBJ8DZTM Goss0051351123200Wait...what?! Bland?!To everyone giving less stars on here for it being 'bland,' my brain is attempting not to spontaneously combust. It. Is. Oatmeal. It's not like you just went and bought a box of Lucky Charms. Do you know what else is bland? Cheerios! Doesn't make them any less amazing.

This cereal is always exactly what I've been looking for in a cereal, something I've found almost every, single other brand, be it big label or generic lacks. It's actually filling. Sure, if you eat enough of any cereal, you'll feel full after a while, but this is the only one I've found where even a moderate bowlful leaves me feeling quite satisfied, almost like an actual bowl of oatmeal.

Another good aspect is that it isn't overly sweet. And of course, it's whole grain and full of fiber, so,'s even somewhat good for you.

After having eaten cereal almost my entire childhood, I had lost the taste for it when I got older, and have, over the course of the past 15 years, not really had any interest in cereal products. However, since my 8 year old girl is a bit of a cereal aficionado and there is always random boxes of cereal in the house, I end up eating a bowl now and again. Until I discovered these. Suddenly, for the first time in a decade and a half, I'm back to a bowl of cold cereal every day for breakfast.

Kudos to Quaker, you've made a breakfast cereal that I truly do enjoy.
216844216844B008EG5ADYA3QVAKVRAH657NOrrin C. Judd "brothersjudddotcom"0051350518400The Wife and I have an agreement.......she yells at me for buying too much cereal, like all straight men, and she eats it when she doesn't want to have a real dessert. One of our favorites for taste combined with reasonable nutrition is Quaker Oatmeal Squares. Sweet enough for a snack, but filling enough and healthy enough for a meal.
216845216845B008EG5ADYA3SLC8F6VIWXIRJohn T. Horner "jthorner"0031348790400Nice and Cruchy, But Too SweetI like the texture and flavor of this cereal, but would prefer it less sweetened. Breakfast doesn't have to be coated in sugar, especially not a breakfast which also has heart-healthy pretenses.
216846216846B008EG5ADYAQAT7HWPDXACLS. Watkins "swatkins01"0051345680000Tasty and healthy - what else can you say!I love Quaker Oatmeal Squares in general, and "Hint of Brown Sugar" is my favorite variety. While tasting quite good, which is almost a prerequisite, this cereal is also relatively healthy. It is high (higher than most any other cereal) in soluble fiber, a key for reducing cholesterol, plaque buildup in arteries, etc. Most cereals have little or no soluble fiber, containing insoluble fiber (the main ingredient in many laxatives) instead.
216847216847B008EG5ADYA1M85S3L9ROA17C. Young "C. Young"0051345680000Crunchy Oatmeal Cereal With Just the Right SweetnessQuaker's Oatmeal Squares provides 46 grams of heart-healthy whole grains in a cereal that tastes bold with just the right amount of sweetness. I don't like overly sweet cereals, and Quaker's Oatmeal Squares fit my taste perfectly. My kids, who typically do like sweet cereals, even liked Quaker Oatmeal Squares.

One thing I really liked about this cereal is the way it made me feel full in a lasting way so I didn't eat too much of it, or snack on other things between breakfast and lunch. This was quite helpful in my dietary goals.

Quaker Oatmeal Squares come in four flavors, all of which are good. If you like cereal and are looking for one that is both healthy and has a great taste, this cereal might be what you're looking for.
216848216848B008EG5ADYA2K1BVRREVIX0TE. A. Ha "Forever Reading"0031345680000A good breakfast choiceThis cereal is faintly sweet, it suits an adult palate- not like the sugar blasted types that come in brightly colored boxes. The squares are a good size, not too big, and they hold milk nicely. The overall taste was rather bland, I really did not notice any brown sugar. I did like the fact that they are made of oatmeal for the cholesterol lowering properties. I did feel fuller than I do after having a breakfast of the flake cereal variety. It's a satisfying good, basic, cereal.
216865216865B008EG5ADYA3P8ZDHC7XSKSERavenskya "Princess of Horror"0041339977600better dry than with milkHealthy Cereal!

I love cereal though I rarely eat it as one is supposed to, generally preferring to take a small ziplock of it with me to eat dry as a snack.

this cereal was perfect for me. It basically tastes like teddy grams without the sugary coating. I was able to eat baggie after baggie of this stuff. I did try a bowl of it with milk, but it had a very strange texture (kind of slimy) which I did not enjoy, so I returned to eating it dry and was completely content.

Because of the high fiber and healthy content of it, this will become one of those cereals that I by regularly as snack food. But I will stick with Life cereal for adding milk to.
216866216866B008EG5ADYA1R4VHGGF1H23YJoseph Morse0051339977600Simple, Healthy, Breakfast ExcellenceThe ingredients are simple and healthy and the way they're put together makes for a tasty, crunchy bowl of cereal. And just you wait until these little oatmeal squares soggalate a little, that's when this Quaker breakfast excellence really shines. It's made of oats so it's "heart-healthy" evidently, but it's also free of too much sugar or trans fats, so it has my vote as a healthy cereal. It would be a staple if it was a little less expensive.
216867216867B008EG5ADYA277GP2U2TXH51grumpydan0041339977600Quaker Oatmeal SquaresHere is one of those cereals that you can eat as a breakfast meal with mile or a snack by itself. They are crunchy and yes, the brown sugar is just a hint, so it is not sweet but still tasty. Even in milk it doesn't get soggy too quickly. But I ended eating it most of it as a snack. I found it a very satisfying way to enjoy oatmeal in my diet
216868216868B008EG5ADYA3RNP5X8ZGZIEIStephanie DePue0041339977600Tastes Good, and Good for YouQuaker Oatmeal Squares with a Hint of Brown Sugar come out of the box quite sweet enough for me, and that's something, considering how attached I have become to that Southern favorite, sweet iced tea. They've also got a nice crunch to them, and I've found them tasty for breakfast, or as a snack. The soluble oatmeal is a good way to help satisfy the federal dietary guidelines suggested daily whole grain consumption. And, of course, this cereal is a useful baby step towards keeping your heart healthy.

The Quaker product contains 46 grams of whole grain per one cup (56 grams) serving, of which there are about eleven in the box. This is 96% of the guidelines' suggested minimum whole grain requirement per serving. There are 210 calories per serving, 6 grams of protein per serving, 0.5% saturated fat, 2% of the daily suggested intake of that element. 190 mg of sodium, 8% of the daily suggested. 9 g of sugars; 5 g of fiber, which is 19% of the daily suggested. There is no trans fat, only 1 g each of polyunsaturated fat and monounsaturated fat per serving. As I look through the ingredients, I actually see nothing that I'm trying to avoid, no high-fructose corn syrup, etc.

The federal guidelines say that diets rich in whole grain foods and other plant foods may help reduce the risk of heart disease. This product offers 3 g of soluble fiber a serving, a handy keystone to a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol. Diet experts recommend eating at least three one-ounce servings of whole grains, or 48 grams, daily, based on a 2,000 calorie daily diet. So here you have 46 grams of whole grains per serving. Handy, right?

So it tastes good, and it's good for you, a winning combo. A good food to try.
216869216869B008EG5ADYAD3R2M2DT2BY3Alexandra Cenni "Poisoned Rationality"0021339891200Not quite what we thought it would beThis cereal wasn't as tasty or satisfying as we thought it would be. The puffs didn't stay puffy in the milk, the 'hint of brown sugar' was completely absent and dry (w/o milk) the cereal was very flat and not very filling.

As far as a breakfast cereal this didn't fill me with interest or make me fill full like regular oatmeal. As a snack it was okay, it worked well for movies or when I was out walking around because it didn't make my fingers feel sticky (which is always a plus).

I don't think I'd recommend this however.
216870216870B008EG5ADYA3TP31S61PPE3GAlexJouJou0051339804800Great taste, addictive, snack or cereal - it's all good!This cereal is a fave at our house. It can be a snack or a cereal. It has a nice appealing texture which does stay crispy with milk longer than flake type or other shredded grain type products. It is sweet but not sugary. We find it very satisfying. Not sure I notice any brown sugar taste - but as noted it is sweeter than plain grain cereal.

Oats seem like a heart healthy concept - I'm not entirely sure that the processing of said oats into this cereal makes it healthy but then we alternate it with real oatmeal so it is not a daily meal for us. It does seem to go quickly as it is easy to eat a bigger bowl than the serving so we have to watch that.

We also (contrary to the cover) do not like this with fruit unless the fruit is slightly tart. It makes it too sweet. So for those strawberries or other berries that have a more sour than sweet taste this is ideal. For fruits like banana's or sweet blueberries it was just too much sweet for us.
216849216849B008EG5ADYA2K3DB7X56UXLZJC Chupack0041343692800Crunchy and lightly sweetened, good for snacking or with milkQuaker Oatmeal Squares cereal consists of pillow-shaped dense nuggets of oaty cereal. There's a light sweetness, more of a brown sugar taste, that comes in the bite. The nuggets stay pleasantly crunchy in milk, but I found that I enjoyed them most of all as a snack. The cereal feels like a grown-up version of Life; the differences are that it is less sweet than Life cereal) and has a much heartier texture and flavor. I do think that fans of Life that are beginning to find it too crumbly or sweet will enjoy this cereal as an alternative for snacking or breakfast.

Nutritionally, I like that it has a fairly high amount of protein for a cereal (6g per serving, without milk, vs. only 4g for Life cereal). Surprisingly, though, it has slightly (1g per cup) more sugar than Life cereal, despite being less sweet generally. It's also higher in calories at 210 per cup vs. 160 for a cup of Life. (If you do these comparison's directly on Quaker's website, note that Life has a serving size of 3/4 cup whereas this has a serving size of 1 cup. So, you have to adjust the nutritional info accordingly.) Even with this though, I think Oatmeal Squares are more filling in the same amount and possibly more satisfying. That may be due to the higher fiber content (5g per cup vs. <3g per cup for Life).

All in all, I enjoyed it and would certainly buy it if the price were right and the mood struck me.
216850216850B008EG5ADYA23GS4UGLQBG2VC. Boudreau0041342483200Great snack, mediocre in milkA handful of these Quaker Oatmeal Squares make a great snack. They are reasonably healthy and have a great taste of brown sugar with a big crunch.

Unfortuanetly, they don't do so well in milk. Although they hold their crunch very well, they quickly lose their flavor in milk. I guess that the "hint of brown sugar" isn't enough to stand up to the milk. So, they becaome a somewhat flavorless crunchy breakfast. Not bad, but not so great.
216851216851B008EG5ADYA3E07UISGJ2BT7nashvillegirl0031342483200It's OK - on the bland sideI found this particular cereal, with brown sugar, to be on the bland side, especially in comparison to the other type I tried, the Quaker Oatmeal Squares with Cinnamon. I couldn't really taste the brown sugar at all - I don't really need cereals to be overly sugary, but this one tasted particularly bland. That said, it was reasonably filling and got me through the morning. I would definitely take the one with cinnamon over this one though.
216852216852B008EG5ADYA8MZA6YR9UAN9JET0041340841600Crunchy and satisfying!This is one of my favorite cereals. It is crunchy and satisfying, and has a pleasant taste. I didn't rate it 5 stars because of the following: 1. I think the squares could be a little bigger, which would add more crunch and have a better mouth feel. 2. It seems like this product would have more fiber than it does. 3. The hint of brown sugar is VERY slight - if you're looking for a sweeter cereal, this isn't it. Otherwise, I like this cereal and am glad I tried it again after a few years!
216853216853B008EG5ADYA3I2WE58OUUEXGfigaro "jacoba"0051340841600Crunchy, Hearty CerealI have been eating this cereal on and off for quite a while. As my title says, it's both crunchy, and hearty. It's also lightly sweetened but I usually add a bit of sugar. You don't get hungry very fast after eating this, and it doesn't get soggy in milk. It does have quite a bit of fiber, so even though I am often tempted to eat it for breakfast, lunch AND evening snack, I have to control myself, and just have it once a day.
216854216854B008EG5ADYA2FYK4HWXZRLPNGregory McMahan0041340668800A Worthwhile Purchase From The Quaker PeopleAs someone who was raised on Quaker oatmeal, I had the usual reservations about the product. You know the list: bland, doesn't taste good, too runny, too thick. But then, oatmeal tends to vary with preparation style. That said, there was a bit of negative bias on my part going into trying the product.

After eating a bowl of this product every day for a week (there's that much in the box, with a bit left over), I can honestly say that this product handily exceeded my low expectations. Somehow, someway, the good people from Quaker actually found a way to make oatmeal consumption enjoyable, with just the right amount of additional ingredients to make it sweet, flavorful and filling.

Specifically, the product works well with warm, hot or cold milk. I tried the product a couple of times after pre-heating it in the microwave (high power for 15-20 seconds) and letting it sit for two to three minutes, and it was quite tasty, almost like having a bowl of actual oatmeal. Like good, steel-cut Irish oatmeal, the product pairs well with a number of fruits, and I personally was very pleased with the combination of fresh blueberries and soft, ripe (but not overly-ripe) bananas that I added to it after I the let squares sit in warm milk for a few minutes.

As for the product itself, it looks a lot like Nabisco's shredded wheat squares or General Mill's Cinnamon Toast Crunch (no small coincidence I suspect- a new competitive entrant, perhaps?). It has a good texture and color, but I did notice that it took a bit of time for the squares to soften in milk (I personally do not like hard, crunchy cereal), especially if the milk is cold. The product was sweet but not overly so, and a bit on the chewy side. As an added plus, the product by itself is quite filling (and fosters good regularity. That said, I do have one piece of strong advice (or perhaps a warning) for those like me who like to have their cup of French roast coffee with their cereal: expect to visit the bathroom shortly after having your meal and don't be too surprised if you feel magically five pounds lighter!

Overall, I liked the product, and I think I will look for it in the stores.
216855216855B008EG5ADYA3MKON3VM0W1THAlan Beggerow0041340409600Good cerealThis is a good cereal that has a good flavor and crunch. The real problem for me is that is it is not really all that different from many other cereals as far as taste and texture goes. Perhaps the fact that it is made out of oatmeal does make it a little more healthier for you, but for my taste buds it's not any better than shredded wheat.
216856216856B008EG5ADYA1SY4X1WWNOBX5theShepherdz "theShepherdz"0041340323200DeliciousI really liked this cereal! It wasn't overly sweet and had a great crunch to it. My favorite way to eat it was with yogurt and blueberries in the morning, but it also was delicious with milk. My 20 month old loved to eat it plain as a snack. I'll be watching for more of this!
216857216857B008EG5ADYA1A9Q3CQA5Y28EBurleysGirl0051340323200Great!!!These are a big favorite in my house. My 4 year old loves them, and ive gotten in the habit of taking a bag full to work to munch on throughout the day. I'm excited to try other flavors!
216858216858B008EG5ADYA2KBFB6A2D7PNOTotally Honest Reviewer "barb"0031340236800BlandQuaker Oatmeal Squares have a bland taste. A hint of brown sugar coats each square, and it is exactly that - just a hint. According to the label, this cereal has 210 calories per 1 cup serving without milk and 250 with skim milk. It boasts 5g dietary fiber and 2g soluble fiber. For 210 or 250 calories, I think it should have more flavor, but for those who don't like any sugar in cereal, this works out well, especially if they prefer a high-fiber one. Personally, I wouldn't purchase these oatmeal squares and would opt for a nutritious cereal with more taste.
216859216859B008EG5ADYA21SL94J53BDS9LGM0041340236800Crunchy, tasty, hearty cerealThe Quaker Oatmeal Squares Crunchy Oatmeal Cereal makes for a very tasty and satisfying breakfast. Taste is overall good as is the ability to remain crunchy while drenched in milk. In other words, it doesn't turn soggy that easily which is a very good thing. By the same token, it's not as hard as some granolas so it's easy to eat and digest. I tried this with soy milk -- but I assume the taste experience would be similar with regular milk. I would not hesitate to buy this in the future.

The only caveat I have is a very minor one and more of a preference rather than any real issue. I also tried the Cinnamon version at the same time and slightly prefer the taste of that. This version -- "Hint of Brown Sugar" -- tastes a little like maple syrup. Now if you like maple syrup this would be a plus for you. But I don't and prefer the cinnamon flavor.
216860216860B008EG5ADYA1Y3X3C1VLGAESJohn Morton0051340236800Not to sound like an ad, but it's "Healthy and Delicious""Healthy and delicious? You've got to be kidding." It's absolutely true. Assuming oatmeal isn't going to do you under, you shouldn't miss trying this out. Personally, I love this stuff. I have a small bowl of the Quaker Oatmeal Squares nearly every morning and add in some of the "Nut & Berry Mix" from Trader Joe's and it's a perfect breakfast. (The Trader Joe's mix has dried cranberries, raisins, blueberries and raspberries + a variety of nuts.) I'm anxious to wake up tomorrow for my next breakfast. It's that good!
216861216861B008EG5ADYA93LCEKKTMG7QR.D. Monsoon0041340236800Great tasting, but a bit high in caloriesOverall, this is one of the better tasting cereals I've had in a longtime. Very crunchy, stays crunchy in milk for a while, and while there is a distinct brown sugar flavor, it is not overly sweet.

The main downside is that the cereal is fairly high in calories: 1 cup (dry) is 210. When you figure that the average bowl is 1.5 to 2 cups, and factor in milk, you're approaching 500 calories. That's a lot for breakfast.

So while Quaker Oatmeal Squares passes the taste test, you may want to use a measuring cup when eating.
216862216862B008EG5ADYA9LAPV8XNKZVZJohn Bowes0041340150400cereal or snackVery tasty for breakfast or anytime. Mix with some nuts, raisins or other fruit and it makes great munchies. Went out and bought more.
216863216863B008EG5ADYAORGKBNQZ83O8MacGuffin "MacGuffin"0041340150400Does Double DutyIt seems, having a look at other Voices' reviews, that I'm not alone in discovering that Quaker Oatmeal Squares make an excellent snack all on their own (and in fact, with the exception of one bowl with milk, this is how I consumed my box within a very few days). However, that's not to say that they're not good with milk.

I'm a big fan of oats (in fact, I cook oats in broth and have them as a side dish) so I was happy to have the opportunity to sample this for review. First, those who aren't all that familiar with oats should be aware that they not only contain a fair amount of "roughage," but that they're also high in soluble fiber as well--this is why they're considered heart-healthful (that's literate-speak for "heart-healthy"). It's this fiber that's responsible for oats' "slippery" quality when they meet liquids and why colloidal oatmeal is so effective as a natural soothing agent for inflamed skin and, when cooked, rolled oats tend to be gummy. I personally don't find this off-putting and found it to be minimal in this case. But I digress.

Quaker Oatmeal Squares are quite lovely. They're not too sweet and I found they held their crunch quite well when combined with milk (but then I tend not to linger over a bowl of dry cereal for that very reason--if I want mush, I'll cook my grains). However, I don't keep a lot of milk in the house, especially over the summer (it just doesn't taste good then), so I found myself snacking when I was in need of a nosh (my day just isn't complete without something sweet). And y'know, they really hit the spot. I felt that at least I wasn't eating total junk and was ingesting some fiber as well.

My only complaint is the addition of white sugar and artificial colors. I'm aware that brown sugar is only marginally more healthful than white sugar but even so, why include white sugar in a brown sugar-flavored product? If you think it needs to be sweeter, just up the brown sugar (or use dehydrated cane juice or Sucanat). And why add colors? If you're targeting health-conscious customers, do so all the way--it can be used as a marketing tool ("free from artificial colors, flavors, ..."). It never fails to astonish me just how dim corporate America is, and it's especially painful where food is concerned (the irony here is that Quaker Oats really ARE a healthful product). Get with it, guys.

All in all, if you're not a health purist and want an at least somewhat healthful cold cereal, you could do a lot worse than Quaker Oatmeal Squares, especially given their "snackability." I've reviewed several cereals for Vine; this one is undoubtedly my favorite.
216864216864B008EG5ADYA2IMZNPSJGB2HQFernando Valenzuela0051340064000Tasty and HealthyI'm usually a cereal man when it comes to breakfast. That is, unless of course, there's donuts or pancakes. But most of the time I try to stick with a healthy type of cereal rather than Lucky Charms or something of that nature. My two favorites are usually raisin bran or frosted mini wheats but this has worked its way into my regular rotation. They are nice and cruncy with just enough brown sugar sweetness to be tasty without overpowering your taste buds. Sometimes I mix them 50-50 with the cinnamon flavored and have a nice brown sugar & cinnamon flavor. Also, it's nice and hearty so it doesn't leave me hungry after only 30 minutes. Definitely recommended.

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