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216901216901B008EG5ADYAOXMWBNDZDJ9LChelsea Liddle0051337904000Delicious and fillingMy whole family really enjoys this cereal. It is ever so slightly sweet (not the typical sickeningly sweet breakfast cereal!), crunchy, dense and hearty with just the right bite-sizes. Every single person in my family enjoys this and it is filling, unlike most cereal. I will definitely get this again!
216902216902B008EG5ADYA2WSAGFJSQC1YFCrease in the Page0051337817600Good breakfast or snackIf you like cereal with plenty of sugar and pretty colors, this is not the cereal for you. Then again, if you're the sort of person who likes cereal that seems like sticks and twigs, this is also not the cereal for you. If you're the sort of person who makes oatmeal from scratch and adds a spoonful of brown sugar, you'll love this cereal on mornings when you don't have time to boil water etc. It is a wholesome cereal with a little bit of sugar fun going on.

The cereal stays solid long enough to finish the bowl of cereal. The squares are the right bite size.

But this seems more like snack food to me than cereal. Put it in a baggie and munch it dry on the go. My kids were eating handfuls of it out of the box.
216903216903B008EG5ADYA1A027UELK4JZCJami Garrison "JamiRae"0051337817600Love these!As another reviewer pointed out, these are great alone by the handful as a quick snack but also great for a morning cereal. (or any other time you may want to eat a bowl of cereal, or course!)

The squares are smaller than I had expected, but actually a prefect size - not too big and not too small. They soften while sitting in milk, of course, but stay crunchy enough so that they are not all mushy by the time I get to the end of the bowl. They also are not too sweet. "hint of brown sugar" is a very accurate description. You really don't need to add any sugar to these, they are great on their own and with milk. (I actually eat them with vanilla almond milk rather than dairy).

The fact that they have whole grains in them, 6 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber make them even more appealing to me. One cup (serving size) of Quaker Oatmeal Squares with 1/2 cup of almond milk is just 255 calories. this is a great way to start the day and fills me up as well. I may try adding strawberries or bananas into the bowl for additional goodness!

And yes, I plan to try the other flavors as well. yum!
216904216904B008EG5ADYA2AYJJAFNSGSU1C. Bennett0051337731200A Staple Cereal In Our Cabinets!I have loved Quaker Oatmeal Squares for years. I love the taste, the crunchy texture, and the big bonus of excellent nutrition to start the day.

This cereal has 90% of your RDA for Iron, 100% RDA of Folic Acid and 25% RDA of B6, Zinc and more. There are 46 grams of whole grains per serving, 6 grams of protein (not including milk), and 5 grams of dietary fiber.

My kids even eat this cereal, and that says a lot for the deliciousness factor!

You will find this cereal in our cabinets every single week.
216905216905B008EG5ADYA37LNXZ3U8Z0PWparanormal junkie0051337731200~~perfect on-the-go snack~~I had these sent to me at work so I shared and got some input from my coworkers as well. The all around consensus was that this is a fantastic treat. Granted, none of us ate this as it was marketed. We all ate it dry and couldn't get enough. Some of the comments included:

1) I don't care for a sweet cereal and this has just the right amount of brown sugar!
2) Another coworker said, "I do like sweet cereal and think this is very good. Can you get in the store yet?"
3) A full cup per serving! That's fantastic!
4) These are more like a treat than a breakfast cereal.
5) I can put these in a baggie in my purse for an on the go snack. Awesome!

We all agreed that this is something we'll look for the next time we go grocery shopping!
216906216906B008EG5ADYA1V1EP514B5H7Yasiana0011337731200Crunchy, but tastelessI tried these squares this morning, but even with the addition of more brown sugar than what was in the product, they were tasteless! I agree that they are crunchy, but I expected much more from the product, more on the order of Kellogg's Little Bites which even kids seem to eat with relish. I don't know what I'm going to do with the remainder of the box as I can't recommend this product, but I hate to throw food away, even when I don't like it.
216907216907B008EG5ADYA1D9V11QUHXENQBig Al "Alan Rivière"0031337731200Tastes like sweetened graham crackersI eat my cereal with soymilk and I eat it any time of the day when I need a quick meal. I am a cereal lover. However, I am not impressed this Quaker Oatmeal Squares Oatmeal cereal. It doesn't have the favors of grains I expect in a cereal. Instead, it tastes like sweetened graham crackers, which I don't care for on the first place. The only good things I can say is that the cereal stays crunchy in soymilk and its small size fits the spoon well. The manufacturer Quaker claims that the fiber in it will lower my cholesterol, but many cereals makers make that claim these days. This cereal is not for me.
216908216908B008EG5ADYAFDJGY68CQL2XSnail Dealer "Snail"0051337731200Fulfilling, not too sweetHealthy is the first word that comes to mind when I think of this product.

I've always loved oat products over corn or rice. It has, I think, more fiber, and the texture is simply more fulfilling for me personally. I love the oatmeal squares because it stays crunchy longer than most other cereals, and it's not super sweet. I eat this often not only for breakfast, but mostly for snacks. It's good on its own or with a bowl of milk.

You can add fruits and it tastes great as well. My favorite is small pieces (not slices) of strawberries.

Overall, it's super crunchy, very filling, and has great, light flavors. Highly recommended! Much much better than the other "health" cereals that can taste really bland, and this is tasty for both kids and adults, too.
216909216909B008EG5ADYA91TB0WX94MHPCarina0051337731200Can stop eating it!I love this cereal, I buy it all the time to snack on. So, when I was given the opportunity to have it vine I took it. Normally, I get into work so early, that I don't have time to eat breakfast beforehand. So, I will bring in a box of cereal and munch on it. This cereal is one of my favorites. It is a great cereal to just munch on because of the size of the cereal.

It is very crunchy, has a touch of sweetness, and tastes real good. It is pretty addicting for me, I am continuously popping one of these in my mouth.

I am not much of a milk and cereal type of gal, so I haven't had this cereal in a bowl with milk so I can't tell you about the consistency it has with milk or anything like that. But I can tell you as a stand alone cereal just to snack on, this is one of the best!

I mostly go for taste then health benefits. But, one of my healthy coworkers saw me eating this one day and was very surprise at how healthy this cereal is for you and taste good too. Lets see, on the box it says 46 grams of whole grains, 6 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber. A cup of cereal has 210 calories, 2.5g fat, 190mg sodium, 44g carbohydrates which 9g of that is sugar. I don't know much about those numbers, I just know it tastes really good :)
216910216910B008EG5ADYA1WP940JZL83T7A. Looby "SvleMommy"0051337558400Good with or without milk!My entire family loves these! They are very crunchy and just a little sweet. My boys like them as a dry cereal snack and I like them with milk. They don't get soggy to the point of not wanting to finish the bowl. I have also tried the Honey Nut flavor and found that I prefer the Brown Sugar.

I put them in a box of things for snacks (portioned out into the smallest zip top bags) and my boys always eat these before anything else in the box. (It includes cereals, fruits, rice cereal treats, cookies and pretzels.)

They're packed with lots of good things, too. Whole grains, fiber, protein, iron (hard to get into my boys diets) and not a lot of sugar make this a pretty great nutritious snack or breakfast cereal. We stay full longer after eating these too.

I'm not sure I'd pay the Amazon price though. It seems really high for cereal. Even with Subscribe and Save, it's over $5 a box and I'm pretty sure it's less than that at WalMart. Of course, if you're like me and have to drive 30 minutes to the closest grocery store, the delivery convenience may be worth it with the way gas prices are around here.
216911216911B008EG5ADYA1II2ZRPKZAQQDAmy Mcfarland "Mom of 2"0051337558400Delicious and filling!This is a new favorite in our house, for us grown-ups and the kids alike. It's crunchy with just enough sweetness, and seems to hold its own in a bowl of milk. My kids also love it in their snack packs. With most other cereals, I'm hungry well before lunch, but the oatmeal squares seem to last me at least 4-5 hours. We love these!
216912216912B008EG5ADYAVR3F6VQYIMZWJoseph Tidline0051337472000One of the best tasting cereals on the marketI was hesitant to try Quaker Oatmeal Squares because they resembled Mini Wheats cereal which I am not a fan of. But because it was from Quaker I gave it a shot and I am glad I did. I was shocked how much I liked this cereal. The taste is great and the hint of brown sugar gives it just the right amount of sweetness. The first time I tried it I had finished my first bowl and poured another one. This is a really good cereal and I highly recommend trying it out.
216913216913B008EG5ADYA31RRDJEW9UNONJonathan C. Williams0051336867200Love it but cheaper in storesThis is one of my favorite cereals because it keeps me satisfied for a lot longer than most do. It also tastes really good. I would buy it on Amazon but their price is FAR above what I can find it for in the store ($5 a box vs. $3 at Walmart).
216914216914B008EG5ADYA17S9Q2RZW4NVJSummer Q0051334793600Pleasantly surprised!My family is pretty picky when it comes to cereal, so we were a little skeptical in trying Quaker Oatmeal Squares. Luckily, we were pleasantly surprised. Even the pickiest of eaters gobbled them up. They have a nice, slightly sweet flavor and a great crunch to them. As a mom, I love that they are whole grain & nutritional. I will be adding them to our cereal rotation. Thanks, Quaker for making something nutritious and delicious!
216915216915B008EG5ADYA1LJR5IS0B6ADXThe Straw Man "J.E. Hoppock"1251338768000Cold Oatmeal?This breakfast cereal by Quaker is really good. The cereal is squared shaped oatmeal that is prepared with milk and eaten cold. This is a fresh twist on an old classic because when I think of Quaker oatmeal I imagine it warm, not cold. The cereal is promoted by saying it has a hint of brown sugar and it is true. The taste of brown sugar is very, very subtle, but there.

This cereal also is a heart healthy product and provides more fiber than an average bowl of cereal. Another nice perk is it doesn't become soggy as soon as the milk hits it. This might be a good way to have kids eat a healthier breakfast cereal. I know that I enjoyed it and would purchase it again.
216916216916B008EG5ADYAHIK7BUXFRMT8David Bower1241338076800A Nice Alternative to Spoon Size Shredded WheatOne of the things I appreciated about this product is no sorbitol included; all of the sweetness comes from natural sources including brown sugar and sugar. The grains are all whole grain and include a broad spectrum of vitamins. The size of the individual squares is smaller than one typically gets with a shredded wheat product and they maintained their crispiness much longer. The sodium content is reasonably low at 190 mg and the dietary fiber is respectable at 5 grams as is the protein at 6 grams.

The taste is pleasant and that, along with the sustained crispiness makes for a nice change from shredded wheat and raisin bran. This one is worth a try.
216917216917B008EG5ADYA1KOYOE8O2F1J4J. Miller "Heresy"1251337817600Tasty and crispy in milkVery tasty, the hint of brown sugar is just right so that it is sweet but not overpowering and the pieces stay very crispy in milk. Great tasting and good for you, can't go wrong there.
216918216918B008EG5ADYAEWA6HVPFICZNThink1241332979200Great cereal but the price?I have to give the stuff a good rating because I have liked it enough to say, make it my breakfast for the past 15 years. BUT it has become inordinately expensive here in early 2012. Recently Quaker reduced the weight from 16 oz. to 14.5 oz. and at the same time the price went from about $3/box to $4.75/box! WTF?! Sad to say I'm still eating it--it's good.
216919216919B004UEIGCQA188G2XR43OJJWEverfree3351309305600GreatWhy did it take so long for someone to try making soda out of real juice? It tastes just as good (if not better) than the artificial stuff, and you're not killing yourself by drinking it.

I hope this becomes a trend and the big soda companies follow suit so I can start getting this stuff out of vending machines and in larger packs at a lower cost.

This particular flavor is a great combination.
216920216920B004UEIGCQA1S5H64UGBC8OPM.H.0051323820800Deliciousness!I buy this at my local WalMart, and decided to post a review simply because I am drinking this right now.

Packaging: A thin, tall can. Proportionally splendid. Designed just as posh as the drink itself.

Ingredients: 70% Real fruit juice (the only other ingredients are sparkling water, fumaric acid, natural flavors, and vit. C) and 0% artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Carbonation: Light bubbly sparkliness. Though, since I stick mine in the fridge, it's a WOWing refresher with a sharp kick to the tongue to really wake up your life. Aftertaste does have a slight minerality similar to that of Perrier.

Flavors: Primarily blueberry. You will puzzle over the amount of blueberry or pomegranate in each sip at first, especially if you've never had Ocean Spray's blueberry juice (they did not attempt to cheapen the product by drowning out all flavors with cheap grape juice). However, the taste is unmistakably blueberry, with undertones of pomegranate procuring a rather mature flavor.

Thirst-Quenching factor: Above average. Compared to a soda out of the fridge, it is excellent. It does fall a little bit short of water, but is on par with Gatorade.

This drink is best consumed pinky up, fresh out of a portable champagne compartment in your classy Chevy.
216921216921B000RLGE16A1ZPVW0WXNJ3YZAlex "47"5551250899200Mmm... beer...I drank a Duff Energy Drink - yay. Like the Flaming Moe NRG drink, this one apparently came out awhile ago. Here's another review - hurray.

Taste: 4.5/5 Quite good. Not as good as the Flaming Moe NRG drink, but still good. It tastes a lot like orange pop/soda, really. One of the better NRG drinks I've had behind Flaming Moe NRG drink. If you ask me though, for whatever reason, Duff goes down easier/you can drink more faster.

Smell: 4/5 This has a very faint orange-like smell. There's not much to it, smells like orange pop/soda, but just a little different. Not a strong odor, but it smells nice.

Look: 5/5 The can, while bland, looks exactly like the one from the show. It has the exact same design, beside the fact it says Energy Drink below Duff. Still, like I said, looks like the one from the show.

Overall: 4.5/5 Duff NRG Drink shouldn't disappoint. Many picky people may find the taste pretty disgusting ( it, in a way, has a slightly bitter taste, I guess. ) but I really liked it. Most people won't even drink this ( or the Flaming Moe one ) and will just keep it as a collectable. If you ask me, you should buy two of each can so you can drink one of each.


Notable Nutrition Facts: 12 Oz. Can, 160 Calories, 190mg Sodium, 42g Carbs, 40g Sugar, four different B Vitamins, (Vitamin B5 has 1000% of your daily value - that's not a typo. ) 1000mg Taurine, 120mg Caffeine, and other extracts.
216922216922B000RLGE16A3QU4LHCO3BFB0Xander91151250121600FOX merchandise with an animated buzz...I mean caffeinated kickWith a rampant craze that spread faster and wider than the freaking cancer, energy drinks have become a common staple of the American caffeine junkie, instantly, from one day to the next. Strolling through obtuse grocery aisles my eyes are hardly at rest. Everyone has an energy drink brand: Monster, Rockstar, Elmo, Barbie, even that guy that guy Richard Grieco who used to come out on that show 21 Jump Street. Well not really, but there are plenty. And with so much variety, how could my daily caffeine intake get any better? Only when The Simpsons entered the market with DUFF.

A delicious orangey taste that mockingly counters the color palette of beer, the low stamina days become high stamina days and the Simpson's brand logo puts a blissfully dorky smile on my face. The bubbly tonic is rightfully simple in taste, without the excessive extravagance of other energy drinks that make your teeth wonder when they might get brittle and break like the stumpy columns of ancient Greece (i.e. Arizona green tea energy drink). Don't let a cartoon brand Energy Drink parody of beer fool you either. This liquid delivers with a steady caffeine peak, without a draining crash. It is a drink that delivers in the substance of product and exceedingly well in the décor of its package. Ay Caramba!
216923216923B000RLGE16A3P66ZLHX44HSBjml2251311206400Must buy for any true Simpsons fan.As a fan of the Simpsons, I knew I had to have this as soon as I saw it. I ordered 3 of them and they actually got here one day ahead of schedule! The cans look awesome, the color and design are perfect. The only thing that I would have changed is the "energy drink" text under the Duff logo, I think it would look better without it. The cans had minor dents and scuffs, but not a deal-breaker. Each can had barcodes stickers stuck on the can that seemed to be placed in a way to cover some of these scuffs up. Maybe they were on display in a store or something?...but like I said; not a deal-breaker for me. The drink tastes pretty good too, it's a sour-orangey-energy drink flavor. I usually drink Amps and I like these, it has more of a bite to it but it's OK. P.S. Toss them in the fridge for a while after they are delivered! Like most drinks they are much better cold.
216924216924B000RLGE16A1FMPPWY9S3ZQCChodieGrundleson0051340409600As expected...don't drink it!!I got it just for the novelty...then one night, I was doing some studying and was tired. I pounded down and energy drink and kept plugging away. Again I started to get tired, slammed down another can of diabetes and continued my studies. As the night turned to morning I opened the fridge for another energy drink...nothing. So i went back to my research, then as my eyes were growing heavy, I spotted this sucker up on my desk, curse my eyes, next thing you know I was guzzling down this sludge. It tasted like dirty mop water, and gave me a headache, then I fell asleep and missed class, surprised I didn't wake up in an alley with torn clothes in a pool of my own bile...Anyway, I bought this for the novelty, and am rating it for the novelty. 5 Stars!!!
216925216925B000RLGE16A3FZ4CG0ZWV6WDPaul Garrido "Mayfire91"0051302048000So goodI'm not sure what's up with the price but I get this at my school for $1.05 and I get one everyday. Only 120 cals, lots of vitamin B (1000% DV), 1g of taurine, etc. It tastes so good and it doesn't get the nasty taste like monster does after a mouthful. Nice looking can too. Gotta try this stuff
216926216926B000RLGE16A67KLV39HFYC7Edward A. Kalinowski "eddieocean"0041279843200great producti wanted this as a gift but the can came dented and scratched! the package it arrived in was like new. the product was sold to me as new and came busted. wont buy from them anymore
216927216927B000RLGE16A2XOV5YYB1QP2ISam0411329350400EMPTY CANI paid about 12 dollars for an opened and empty aluminum can?! I believe I ordered 12 fluid ounces of energy drink and got a 10 cent can in return. I want either a refund or another order WITH THE ENERGY DRINK INSIDE!
216928216928B0044X5RWAA2A98IZ6QUMIUXCindy404541309132800Amazon price is outrageous!!I bought this item at the local grocery store for $5.50 for a 9.8 oz jar which would be $16.50 for 3. I absolutely love this sweetener so I checked to see if Amazon offered it. At my surprise:

Amazon wants nearly double that for the same amount PLUS over $10.00 in shipping for these 3 small jars!!! I am very disapointed in Amazon for this irresponsible price/shipping for this item and will not purchase this from them until they get their heads out of the clouds and offers this item for a competitive price and free shipping. If they would do this, I would do the subscribe and save option as I use this item every day. I would have given this item 5 stars if it wasn't for Amazon's price/shipping.
216929216929B0044X5RWAA1TXDNGOPESQLTS. Peterson "PhD^2"5551324425600The best available stevia productI have been using stevia products since at least 2008, originally as Stevita, a product that has the consistency and spoonability of sugar.
Like Stevita, Truvia has the consistency and spoonability of sugar. Like Stevita, Truvia has no calories. It is an effective sweetener, and in the spoonable version I'm reviewing is quite easy to use in many ways. The envelopes of Truvia are handy to carry with, but ripping them open spills a little bit on the counter, when using a small spoon with the jar version might well be neater.
UNLIKE Stevita Truvia is widely marketed, except that it's not in a Target store in the Chicago suburbs. It is even available in my local fairly small supermarket in West Philadelphia/University City. At one time the supermarket carried the jars, but then there was price drop on the envelopes and that is now all they carry.
I agree with another reviewer that Amazon is taking a cue from one of its sellers, and is charging an outrageous price for 3 jars of Truvia. A little goes a long way; I am really not sure I want to spend twice the price of 3 jars in the store, to buy 3 jars from Amazon. Would I even use up enough in a year to justify the purchase?

It's a good product. Keep looking until you find it at a semi-reasonable price. It does cost more than sugar. On the other hand, the benefits of no sugar high, and reduced calories, make it worthwhile.
216930216930B0044X5RWAAPI39DXE1BMLJAM4451333152000Don't buy it online unless you can't find it in the storeThis has been our complete replacement for sugar for several years now. It's good stuff, but Target and Walmart and most decent size grocery stores carry these for about $6 per 9.8 oz jar (just go the section of the store where the regular sugar is). The price here is over $12 per 9.8 oz jar--there is no way you should buy it from here unless you're sure you can't get it in your regular grocery outlets.

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