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217051217051B000G6MBWIA2ZCD6KO2YY9IZA. Crawford0051214265600Smokin'Nice amount of heat and smoke. Very tasty chip that goes great with a brew.
217052217052B000G6MBWIA34ZI3K5DNDSNELisa M. Redington0051211673600really good chipsThese chips are salty with a hint of sweet. They are crisp and crunchy. They are the best chips I've ever had!
217053217053B000G6MBWIA1Y1O4GJA3HXQFJelcy Romberg "Chocolate Breath"0051210204800Plocky's Tortilla Chips, Red Beans 'N RiceWe ordered these only because the Black Beans and Rice,which we really. really love, was out of stock. After about a week, we finally opened up a package and then kicked ourselves for not having tried them earlier. There is a little kick to them after you swallow them to let you know you have had a hint of hot pepper of some sort. We took them to a pot luck that night and came home with an empty bag. I used them, from another bag, as a garnish on a salad that I took to the pot luck and we came home with an empty salad bowl!
We will definitely order these again.Plocky's Tortilla Chips, Red Beans 'N Rice, 7-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12)
217054217054B000G6MBWIA2TW6FWJYTF8QMNancy Walsh0051209686400"Simply THE BEST"I was first introduced to the Red Rice & Beans chips in my hometown of Bethlehem, PA. When I moved to North Carolina I was unable to find these chips in my local area. On my trips back home, I would buy a bunch of bags to bring back with me to NC. Then I discovered that I could order them on-line and life was great. These chips are my all time favorite and everyone that I serve them to loves them just the same. You just gotta try them ... you'll be hooked !!! ..... Nancy Walsh
217055217055B000G6MBWIAISIJIUHHZNHQGG "reading tutor"0051201651200AddictedOk. If you don't want to get addicted, don't try Plocky's Red Beans and Rice Tortilla Chips! My husband and I started with one seemingly anodyne bag from a store. Now, we've just received our second case. It won't last long. Beware.
217056217056B000G6MBWIAC82F5LXJCR22kimberly0051199577600Perfect tortilla chip goodness!My husband (who, being Mexican, is very picky about his tortilla chips) and I absolutely love these! The texture is light and crispy, rather than thick and crunchy. He actually usually prefers a very hearty, cruncy chip (Like El Ranchero), but the flavor of these is so fantastic that we're both thilled with them. The bean, rice and corn base makes them incredibly flavorful, and they have a touch of onion and garlic in addition to that. We go through an embarrassing amount of them. I never, ever like plain chips, but these I can eat without anything else, although they're particularly amazing with a fresh salsa. I highly recommend these!
217057217057B000G6MBWIA3I7NZC5LUVPPWCarolyn Waters0051198886400These chips are addictive!Plocky's Tortilla Chips, Red Beans 'N Rice, 7 Ounce Bag (Pack of 12) I first tasted these chips while visiting relatives in KY. They are not available where I live, so I ordered them from Amazon. WOW! My friends and family are all addicted to them. The spicy flavor grabs you at the first bite. Once a bag is open, it is gone!
217058217058B000G6MBWIA14B8M117EUBLKShelly Kenyon0051180656000Best tortilla chips ever!!!We like these chips for salsa and quacomole better than any other cips on the market. They are even great by themselves. We will order these as long as they are available. Thank you for making them accessable.

Shelly Kenyon
217059217059B000G6MBWIA228P3VH7SFBHGJ1221219449600MehI guess there's no telling what will tickle the palate. I'm a huge Tabasco fan, and I love unconventional snacks. But these don't taste to me even remotely like the wonderful sauce they're made from; I didn't find them to have much of a kick at all. Practically bland, in fact. Even with my strong aversion to wasting food, I had to throw out or give away most of the case. Do yourself a favor and find a bag of these locally before taking a chance on 12.
217060217060B000G6MBWIA1AQ2W2R4SOVGNDe Profundis61011195084800The "Organic" Label is Misleading"Yeast Extract" is listed as an ingredient. Sounds harmless, right? Specifically, these chips contain autolyzed yeast extract, which is, on a chemical level, monosodium glutamate. It's just derived from a different source, but it has all the same toxic properties. Kettle still advertises their products as containing "No MSG" while they acknowledge that their chips are not safe for people with MSG sensitivities.
217061217061B000G6MBWIA3NCTCNAUYCH6Hjesse girl0131278374400Kind of BlandThese were not flavorful enough for my taste. It seems that all the seasoning falls off the chips and sinks to the bottom of the bag. Too bad, because I really liked the idea of a healthier potato chip. I would not buy these again.
217062217062B000G6MBWIADD87VB66Y0DQL. Pray "bargainqueen"0151277337600Delicious chipsPlocky's chips are made of several whole grains and have a touch of sweetness. They are a little lower in fat and sodium than regular tortilla chips. The flavor out performs any tortilla chip I have ever eaten. They hold up great to salsas and dips. Nothing wimpy about them. I just wish the company made a bigger bag! Love them. Usually found in the organic foods section of the grocery, but seem to be difficult to obtain as the shelf is always empty. Order by the case. You'll be glad you did as they disappear fast.
217063217063B000G6MBWIA2GS0QUCV2KVMPStephanie J. Myers0141209686400Broken chips but tastyI love these chips and ordered them after I had some in Florida. My case of chips came without any packing inside. All bags in a box with no cushioning at all. Needless to say most of the chips were broken and I would not order them again. A great item but if they can't package to aid in minimal chip breakage then one is wasting their money.
217064217064B000G6MBWIA1D0P49A1MQO1OJSY9951 "JSY9951"0151209340800The best chips ever!!!I received this chips in a gift basket and absolutely loved them. I searched high and low, but was unable to find them until I saw them here. I immediately ordered a case. These chips are light, crispy, flavorful, and good for you. I love them with dip, in chili, or just plain. Once you try them, you'll be hooked!
217065217065B000G6MBWIA3J6N95DIJTPVHB. P. Mayeux "bpmayeux"0151203811200Excellent Tortilla chipsThese chips are truly amazing. They have it all. They're light, crisp, great tasting, nice texture, AND they're all natural... AND low in fat and sodium! Need I say more? I recently bought a bag of them at a regular grocery store, and couldn't belive my taste buds. That's why I excited why I saw them here on Amazon, and decided to buy a case!
217066217066B000G6MBWIA3MALNCOVF5COPOverseas Mom0151203206400Black Beans Never Tasted So Good!!!These are the most fantastic chips I've ever had! I could eat the whole bag myself! They're made with lots of whole grain and beans, and make a complete protein, so I have no qualms about feeding them to my kids as snacks. They are great! The only problem I have with them: The bag is too small!!! We need a bigger bag!! :)
217067217067B000G6MBWIA1ABDQ02BCIGYQHM3721173830400Not, my favorite chipI did not like these potatoe chips. It's hot, and sweet, with an overwhelming taste of garlic. It's also a bit salty.
217068217068B000G6MBWIA1KBNKFKAWYV7LCharles R. Bock0251186704000Very Timely DeliveryThey did a very good job with shipping the order quickly....Nothing like Ace Hardware who took a week to ship
217069217069B000G6MBWIARLTWKV2AUJ2Fkoboilila1421237939200Very Tasty - BUT BEWARELong story short - these are very tasty. We have purchased a number of flavors from this brand, this is my favorite.

BUT... as noted by another reviewer - these contain MSG in the form of "Yeast Extract".

It has become a popular means of hiding MSG lately by calling it different things, as a person who now finds himself having to use more caution in what I consume I find the whole process of hiding in plain site very bothersome.

Also, the bag is not very large, but half of it is air. This may well help in shipping, but when paying a premium price for 'organic' it just seems more deceptive.
217070217070B003X0TRGWAW36VW12DYYQJMary E. Grider1151342396800I LOVE it...I recently tried this cereal for the first time... and I LOVE IT! I will continue purchasing it, but at Trader Joe's!!! They have 24 oz boxes for $3.99....
217071217071B003X0TRGWA2NDZVF3EYB8NOJessie3451295568000Delicious and fillingI really, really like this cereal. There's not a ton of sugar, and it's nicely filling. The squares stay crunch for quite a long time in the bowl. The boxes shipped by Amazon were fresh and a long way from their expiration date. If you haven't had it before, perhaps it is better to try a single box; if you've already had it, you know what it's like.
217072217072B003X0TRGWAADQ71HN88KO9MyMarineRox2351289433600Healthy Family Favorite!This cereal quickly became one of our family's favorite! I'm pretty picky about ingredients, I want a cereal that has no sugar, no corn products, and has minimal ingredients. This fits the bill! And the taste is GREAT! My two-year old loves them, and I even love to have them as a dry snack! Very good!
217073217073B003X0TRGWA1EM0HNGJB42JZRegina Harwell0051342656000GenieVery good and good for you. They not only make good cereal but good "I need something to hold me over" snack. Not too sweet but just perfect.
217074217074B003X0TRGWA107SVKYGPGBPPAngle Side Side0051335398400Best Cereal in the History of CeralMy key cereal metrics:

- Must not rot my teeth with high-fructose corn syrup
- Must be healthy without tasting like wood pulp
- Must stay crunchy in milk for more than a couple minutes
- Must be able to grab a handful and eat as a dry snack

This one checks all the boxes. It's got a great subtle vanilla/almond flavor -- not sugary and not bland. The only problem I can find is that a 6-pack only lasts a week in our house.
217075217075B003X0TRGWAU62QFJXETTSWxoman "xoman"0051329609600Best cereal ever!Tastes good & good for you! The high fiber is good for your heart and other things... I could eat this every day for the rest of my life.
217076217076B003X0TRGWA3NMEF3MJ0A3PLR. Callicotte0051328572800Always Fresh and Delicious - Healthy Too!I eat these almost every morning. It's the freshest and yet the healthiest cereal, alongside of the Cheerios, I eat. I like the taste, too. Great deal in a 6-pack. Oats are good for your heart - this never hurts.
217077217077B003X0TRGWA2GC5JELY3N07Vbman0041317600000Beats Cinnamon Toast CrunchLooking for a change, I decided to pick up a box of these. The taste is quite different from what I am used to. The texture is more like the oats style so there is a bit more of a crunch to it than other cereals. The taste feels to have a little less of the sugary aftertaste as Cinnamon Toast Crunch. It also appears to be slightly more healthy but I don't have a box handy to compare. With Subscribe and save, the prices are cheaper than Trader Joes so if you are already a fan, this is the place to get it.
217078217078B003X0TRGWA25ZJJSHQ7FEM3Lmac "Mommylawyerknitter"0051301788800Not a box of crapMy father in law tells my daughter that cereal is a box if crap. This cereal is not! It's one we all love and I buy it by the case. Great with fruit and yogurt, milk or dry.
217079217079B003X0TRGWASMG0LP404JLCAmazonian3531297209600Not as Healthy as you may thinkShould be called Barbara's Bakery Shredded Oats Salt Crunch - there is more salt in this than cinnamon!!

Shredded Oats Cinnamon Crunch
1 cup (55g)
Amount Per Serving
Calories 230' Calories from Fat 25
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 3g* 4%
Saturated Fat .5g 3%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 220mg 9%
Potassium 150mg 4%
Total Carbohydrate 43g 14%
Dietary Fiber <4g 17%
Sugars 15g
Protein 6g


Good tasting cereal but I have switched to a similar product from Whole Foods with no sodium, no saturated fat but with sugar. Tastes great and recommended.
217080217080B003X0TRGWAJFMYOLRWDJ46Ele Wallace1351305331200Barbara OatsAfter eating these puffed little bite-size oats (original) for so long I fell completely in love with them.
In January of this year I found myself in the hospital. I ordered the well known oats in the little yellow box for breakfast. Although I was quite ill, I still wanted my oats. Well, I took one bite and tasted the chemicals that were in that cereal. Not to gross you out but they ALL came right back up.
The Barbara's Bakery bite-size oats are THE best and I will continue to eat them.
I sure hope they have them in Heaven.
Thanks so much for selling them.

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