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217081217081B003X0TRGWA394ZEKMKA8SOHTrench2551301788800Delicious and $$$Trader Joe's has 24 oz. box for $3.99, making this deal about twice as expensive.

It is, howev:

1) Super healthy

2) Really delicious

Amazon has all the people who don't live by a Trader Joe's by the balls, and they know it.
217082217082B003X0TRGWA30B1KYZ314BR5Annie S0211325808000Not as great as I expected...The price was great on this product and I'd had the peanut butter flavor many times and even gotten my little picky autistic kid to eat it and it is great, but this one, the shredded oats, is rather bland and sorta hard...not puffy as I had expected. I'm sure it is really healthy...but don't expect the kids to luv it...I wasn't crazy about it either.
217083217083B003X0TRGWAI77HI2V39S26Coffee Nut0311326585600yuckWe purchased a six box carton of the product. We were very disappointed with the product, as it tastes very stale and does not have the flavor that we remembered. It leaves a dry chalky aftertaste. We are feeding the boxes to the birds.
217084217084B000YHNXTEA37J4291SDK5QQBill Davis "Bill"7851205193600Sugar Plum Farm syrupOne word: Yummy!

This is a great syrup, warmed or cold. Very tasty, especially good on waffles.
217085217085B000YHNXTEA327TM2DNXKH8LJust an Average Bloke1151331856000Excellent product, just not cheap!12 fluid ounces of this stuff for $8.99 a pop is about the only negative I could find with this outstanding substitute for the long discontinued Knott's Berry Farm variety. Whereas fruit syrups generally retail for no more than $3.00 per bottle, the scarcity of Apricot trees in California must be driving the price of this product, then again Casa De Fruta is not exactly a discount store. I was curious and decided to determine what a gallon of syrup would run...$95.89 / gallon which would buy you nearly 24 gallons of Unleaded fuel at $4.00 / gallon.

A great product, a not so great price.
217086217086B000ESLJ6CAREJQLL45GNUWCharles Dickens "Charlie"0051246924800Pero, Instant natural beverageSince Postum had disappeared from the super markets, Pero has been a very good and tasty substitute.
217087217087B000ESLJ6CA19U2280FL9RI8Michael Lawrence "Mr. Natural"0041245196800Pero reviewNot as good as Postum, but over time becomes an acquired taste and is not so bad if you add lots of other flavorings.
217088217088B000ESLJ6CA9K680IYLS8QTM. Murri "LDSMOM"0051243987200"PERO", non-coffee substitute hot drink"Pero" is a wonderful option if you would like to have a cup of a warm drink but do not consume coffee or tea. This product is naturally decaf! I enjoy it at night or morning, because is very relaxing. If you like the "mocha" flavour but do not drink coffee, this is it!!! Excellent product, and for some reason not in the stores anymore, Amazon is the only place to get it!!!! I looked everywhere for it and was so happy to find it here AND at an excellent price. I recommend it 100+%.
217089217089B000ESLJ6CA36896I0IUN3SWLee Welker0051243900800Pero, a good substitute for PostumI have always been a consumer of Postum. I was quite unhappy when they discontinued it. My wife was looking for an alternative beverage and found Pero. She purchased one container for me to try. It is different from Postum, but also similar. I like it and actually don't miss the Postum anymore. I would recommend this product for anyone who is looking for a Postum subsitute.
217090217090B000ESLJ6CA3BTBX7XBSBIEMLouise Ross0041243555200Pero a caffeine substitutePero Instant Natural Beverage, 7-Ounce Canisters (Pack of 6)

Pero Instant Beverage:
I purchased Pero Instant Beverage to replace caffeine drinks; because I like a warm drink especially in cold weather, but I had too much of a love of and over did coffee. Pero come the closes I have found the coffee taste, but did not give me the jitters. As for taste it is far from coffee but the closest I have found and not a bad substitute. In fact I have learned to like it.
217091217091B000ESLJ6CA1TES7S93ZS6MLWilford Wolfgang0051243296000This is the Postum I never thought I'd find. Smooth and TastyThis is the product I thought I had lost....It's slightly lighter than Postum, but you can compensate with adding a little more. 1% milk and sweet and low makes a delicious breakfast drink. I am hooked...and glad of it.
217092217092B000ESLJ6CAS9FZJ8IM8XGOPhilip J. Barcola0051241481600A great substitute Coffee and late Chocolate like drinkLast year I had a serious medical problem with silent acid reflux and I had to stop drinking coffee, which I love and drank daily. I also had to stop eating/drinking Chocolate. I checked out a few places and this product was highly recommended. Now I would rather drink this than coffee. I drink it every day and it is so nice to have it at night before bed now. I could never do that with coffee or I would be up all night.

My friend also started drinking Pero and he thinks it is great also.

This is a great product - You never need coffee again after dringing this.
It is a little messy like chocolate on cups but no big deal.

I would recommend this even if you don't have a problem with coffee.
217093217093B000ESLJ6CA100QWNGRXC3SM. Bernal0051241308800Easy & FastIt was Easy to Order. I recevied what I oredered Faster than I thought. Good Job!
217094217094B000ESLJ6CA1NM68FYA7WGNDQuincy Liz0051239494400Pero replaces Postum!Looked all over for a replacement for POSTUM, and PERO does it - THANK YOU!!!
217095217095B000ESLJ6CA3VSG22FVMY1U7Carole Perrotta0051239235200Great replacement for acidic coffeeIf you have acid reflux, this is an excellent replacement. Tastes better than most others.
217096217096B000ESLJ6CA19OLXZY6PP6KAL. Platt "Jafrarose"0051237766400Great substitute for PostumWe were Postum fans, but after it wasn't available, we started looking for something to replace it, and found Pero. We love it with hot milk and sugar.
217097217097B000ESLJ6CA3OQUR5RBOZKBCSunshine0051237420800I love my PeroI started using Pero when I felt I should cut back on caffeine. I fell in love with the convenience and taste. I often prefer it over coffee. I can drink it any time and often use it as a substitute for dessert when I am craving a sweet.
217098217098B000ESLJ6CAXW0AOUZFH6SMIra Polson0051236384000I was looking for a great hot breakfast drink and this is it.they quit making postoum, and i was hoping to find a hot drink that did not have all the cal of hot cholate. i dont drink coffee because of my faith. so PERO was what i was looking for and it is great. will buy as long as it is avalible.AAAAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++++++++
217099217099B000ESLJ6CA106T2I1NKYNDUAnami Bremer0051236384000A Bargain and it tastes great!This product has a very pleasing flavor. I like mine with milk and sugar and it is a wonderful morning drink. Because it has no caffeine in it, I can drink it any time day or night and not be bothered with jangling nerves and sleeplessness!

The price for the 6 cannisters is very reasonable as they last quite a long while. Good value.
217100217100B000ESLJ6CA2HXZWC789KLHNMed Student0051235520000PeroI love Pero with milk and sugar and was finding it impossible to purchase anymore in markets or specialty shops. I was impressed that Amazon had it to me in days and that it is less than anywhere else. Thank you.
217101217101B000ESLJ6CA30E3IAHISA83KJ. Yee0051235260800Not Postum But Pero is an Interesting SubstituteI'm very sensitive to caffeine even to decaf but can drink decaf early in the day but not late afternoon or at night. In the winter, I like to drink something hot at night and to me Pero is a perfect beverage for that since they took Postum off the market and can be a nice alternative if you wanted something a little heavier than herbal tea. It doesn't have the bitterness of coffee, and is flavorful with a nutty background taste. I tried Cafix at the same time and was surprised that I like Pero better since Cafix has a couple of more ingredients. Just a warning - it's doesn't taste like Postum.
217102217102B000ESLJ6CAU7ARLCWMQ7SRJames C. Morrison0051234483200PERO: A substitute for CoffeeMy wife and I have used PERO for many years, it's the best substitute for coffee that we've come across. The only problem we've ever had is finding a distributor. Initially, it was available only through a company in Salt Lake City, then New Jersey, and now through Amazon. Through the years the quality has always been consistently good. If you are looking for a coffee substitute made from grain, try this one.
217103217103B000ESLJ6CAF4M8ENMVXXZ7C. Ethington0051234396800Yea...!!I was so glad to find Pero Breakfast beverage. The store here that was carrying it discontinued it. Not being a coffee drinker, but liking something besides hot chocolate in the morning, I was very disappointed. But finding it here on was just great. I have told my friends who are kicking the coffee habit and they are now on the Pero bandwagon.
217104217104B000ESLJ6CA3UXNT3N02JMH1God Child "Faye"0051228003200PeroThis is a good substitute for the Postum drinkers since they quit making Postum. Of course, it has its own distinct flavor. I have been enjoying it.
217105217105B000ESLJ6CA2F7DCP6EKJLYTWonder of Herbs0051226880000GREAT COFFEE SUBSTITUTEAmazon offered a great special price. I've been drinking PERO since the 1970s. It's a FABULOUS tasting coffee substitute...VERY RICH and DELICIOUS. I don't even think of it as a "coffee substitute." It's just a great tasting hot beverage without caffeine---but so delicious tasting that it stands on it's own. I drink it with cream and sugar-- and sometimes add other yummy extras--like cinammon sugar, or syrups, like
caramel, for a drink which is so rich it's like a dessert.
217106217106B000ESLJ6CA2G7VM7SUD6YJCcjw0051223942400PeroI bought the product for my in-laws, who live in Florida and cannot easily get it. They are very satisfied with the product.
217107217107B000ESLJ6CA3PSVGDE3OS5ACmineeme "me"0051214092800pero - cant find in storeshave been buying this drink for my aunt at the grocery stores & all of a sudden it's no longer available. looked on line & amazon was the best price. when i run out will order again from amazon! thanx amazon you came to my rescue!
217108217108B000ESLJ6CA3P0O3ZVFHN0I0von67trumpet "Von"0041212537600Good tasting fake coffeeMy wife can't have caffeine, so she really likes the hot beverage, Pero, in the morning. I think it tastes different, but flavorful.
If not for Pero, she wouldn't have anything to drink, since her old instant drink has been discontinued.
217109217109B000ESLJ6CAPRL9F3EZG4CSElisa D. Lopez0051212278400wonderful product, reasonable pricewe are sxtremely satisfied with the product. hope the price won't go up once we decide to order again
217110217110B000ESLJ6CA1C985LSG19UQEDoris M. Leffingwell0041211846400Coffee substituteWhen the production of Postum was halted, I needed a replacement for a tasty coffee substitute. I found and ordered Pero on the website. I am satisfied. Pero runs a close second to Postum.
Doris Leffingwell

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