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217141217141B000ESLJ6CA39XLN55PXP1H3Linda Wimberley5551163116800Awesome Brew Touted by a Mormon Fan in Texas!I'm almost afraid to say how much I like this product for fear the price will go up or demand will go up and it will get tougher to find. Recently, at the home of a Latter-day Saint friend I was offered a cup of Pero served with a flavored creamer and it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Back in my coffee-drinking days I would easily go through 10 cups a day. I still love the smell of coffee and Pero has brought back the flavor without the jitters. I can have a cup before bed and not have a bit of trouble falling asleep. Thank you Amazon, for carrying this great little product at a great little price!
217142217142B000ESLJ6CA1ORIGRG4QXV72nmoira7851171584000Great product, excellent priceBy far the best tasting of the grain based coffee substitutes I've tried. In addition it dissolves well (unlike Roma) and doesn't have a funky aftertaste, even without sweetener. I like it with a little sugar and a bit of milk.
217143217143B000ESLJ6CA19J6P7B8SFGP0Valerie V. "California Livin'"7851162771200Perfect "Coffee" for Tea Totalers and Caffeine HatersMy body doesn't handle caffeine well and I don't like its effects, even with black tea. Thank goodness for Pero. It's rich and robust without nasty caffeine because some of us tea totalers get tired of the wimpiness of herbal teas. I like to add milk and sugar for a richer coffee-like experience. And for those who thrive on instant gratification, it dissolves immediately without having to wait 3-5 minutes to seep. Pero costs almost twice as much in retail stores, so I was ecstatic to see it on Amazon at such a deal. Only problem is having six containers means that I'll probably won't have to buy Pero again until 2010.
217144217144B000ESLJ6CA1U3BLQOAFYOG6Andrea L. Stoner3341207958400Next best thing to coffee...I had to stop drinking coffee and caffeine for health reasons. My natural doctor placed me on a strict diet with Pero as a substitute for my coffee fix. I am very pleased with it's flavor when I use it with cream. The flavor is not a great to me without it. You can taste the difference but it is as close as you can get. I also tried the Cafix brand of coffee substitute. It wasn't as good to me. For an instant coffee beverage this one is for me. If you want brewed flavor, give the Teeccino brand a try.
217145217145B000ESLJ6CAJVDLNT4WC2Y5Carolyn Clark3351205107200Pero - Excellent replacement for PostumMy sister-inlaw was looking for a drink (caffine free) substitute for coffee. We drank coffee flavored Postum and suggested she try it. When we went to buy, found that the company had discontinued. After searching the internet we found Pero. She loved it! To her, it was better than drinking coffee. We've decided to order some for ourselves. (Cannot find this product in stores)
217146217146B000ESLJ6CA1MQUB9PXVA3KVJ. Peterman3351204761600Surprisingly Good If Made Strong!I too am trying to cut back on the coffee, so I tried this product, and Teeccino. Loved Teeccino and after adjusting the amount of Pero(a teaspoon was way too watery tasting),this too is a great coffee substitute. I add way more than they call for(maybe 2 tablespoons?) then add coffeemate and it tastes like a real good flavorful cup of coffee...
217147217147B000ESLJ6CA2MJH11R1IVMPAHugh Thompson3331260921600I'm getting used to it...Pero cannot compare to the complex, stimulating flavor of freshly brewed coffee. But, having cut back on coffee, I am learning to enjoy it as a substitute.

When I first opened the canister I was hit with an aroma reminiscent of stale instant coffee. Unfortunately, my first taste of it only reinforced that impression. I've never been a fan of instant coffee, so I was initially underwhelmed. However, I decided to give myself a little time to get used to it. Now I can say that, as a healthful, alternative beverage, I actually look forward to a cup.

It has a body and mouth feel somewhat reminiscent of coffee, and tastes enough like coffee that it helps satisfy my coffee craving. Even though I always take my coffee black, I add some milk to Pero which gives a little more smoothness and richness to the flavor.
217148217148B000ESLJ6CA2EVCKS9N1DLM7Martha Scheuble3351257292800TERRIFIC PRODUCT!My husband and I cannot have caffeine at all and so we had been drinking Postum until it was taken off the market, lost, gone, zip. In searching the Internet, I discovered a blog about the tastiness of something called PERO and upon reading further, decided to give it a try.

Let me tell you-- IT IS DELICIOUS!! It even tastes like coffee that I can vaguely remember and so I feel like a real grown up again. We drink it with fat-free half 'n half and that just adds even more flavor, so creamy and just plain good. I would recommend this product to anyone that needs to completely eliminate caffeine, but actually it is so good that even real coffee drinkers should enjoy this without fear of over-caffeinating themselves or getting the "shakes" from too much caffeine. Try it - you'll like it!! The best price is at

Martha Scheuble
217149217149B000ESLJ6CA3IL38Z1JJYV6PPizza Stork "Jay"3351210550400Pero Coffee SubstituteMy wife and I had been using Postum, but since it is no longer available, we chose Pero as one of our ingredients of our homemade International coffee mix. Pero tastes remarkably similar to Postum but with less of a molassesy taste but Pero has a more distinctive flavor similar to coffee. Pero quickly dissolves in warm to hot water or beverages. Pero has appealing taste when it is used alone or mixed with other powdered drink mixes.
217150217150B000ESLJ6CAFB8QZCFKNIAPW. Smith "W. Smith"3351162771200Pero Instant Natural BeverageI have used this product before. Recently the stores in my area discontinued Pero. I looked online and found I could purchase it for about 1/2 the price in the store and if I bought a case (6 cans) the shipping was free. It will probably take a year or two to use up six cans, but the cans are sealed, so freshness should not be an issue. Service from Amazon was it's usual great service.

217151217151B000ESLJ6CARIS449U0D9CBDMG "Donna"2251190851200Good Coffee SubstituteI used to find Pero in the local grocery stores, but they stopped selling it a while ago. I found it again on Amazon. It is really the best coffee substitute. I can't take the caffine in the evenings, so its a drink I can enjoy at any time during the day!
217152217152B000ESLJ6CA3AF3EVH0LEKE0Angela Jostlein2251178496000I enjoy the Pero Coffe. I used to be a heavy coffe Pero coffeI used to be a heavy coffe drinker. Several years ago I had to give it up and switched to Pero - which I was familiar with from Europe. The taste really satisfies me. Very smooth, no strong bitter taste.
217153217153B000ESLJ6CA1BCWGVYYV43PQIrene "Irene"2251170201600Excellent beverageWe found this beverage several years ago when looking for a caffeine-free beverage as an alternative coffee. Since then we've been ordering it by the case. The chicory flavor is very subtle, and the barley makes it frothy and full-bodied. It's great in the winter with milk and honey, or makes a great iced beverage!
217154217154B000ESLJ6CA22Y1UGDSQ5ODCA Customer2251168905600Hot DrinkThis is the best non-caffinated hot drink I have found! It dissolves quickly, has a roasted aroma and can even be substituted for coffee in recipes. Try it at a 1/2 teaspoon as well as a full teaspoon to adjust the amount of flavor you like. I bought a case - it's the cheapest and I will always have it on hand. It is an excellent gift as well.
217155217155B000ESLJ6CA3M4CZU4VJGT9DCatherin Mccollister "Blusonja Books"2251157932800Doctor's OrdersMy doctor has insisted I give up caffine, but I can't resist my morning cup of coffee. A friend introduced me to Pero as an alternative hot beverage in the morning, and I love it! I've been searching for it ever since, none of the stores in my area seem to carry it. Thanks Amazon for making this great beverage available at a great price.
217156217156B000ESLJ6CA2NFZJMU03Q9F5Saved1151330473600Pero brings me back to GermanyI've lived in the states for 28 years and my mom has been faithfully sending me care packages which contained Caro Kaffee (Pero) among other goodies. I happened to see the container in a catalog and immediately went online to search for it. And here it is. I grew up on this stuff and gave it to my kids disguised as "Kids Coffee". My mom said that they used to roast their own during the war because real coffee was scarce. Anyway, it has a mild flavor somewhat like weak coffee. The powder form foams up a little, especially if the water is too hot. The crystals in the dark roast dissolve easier, but that's no big deal. So I stir a few more times. We add sugar and milk as with coffee and enjoy. It doesn't hit a nervous stomach as caffeine would. And no, it is not a superior coffee if that's what you're looking for because it isn't coffee. I can't wait to tell my mom that she no longer has to mail it to me. Enjoy.
217157217157B000ESLJ6CAMUAWXDJHE4D2angieseashore1111320710400Was there a recipe change?I have been drinking Pero ever since I was a little girl. My grandmother in Germany would send it to us every Christmas. The order before last, the Pero still had the same great taste as I remembered having as a little girl. Then the order that I recently placed, tasted funny, like maybe the recipe was changed. It was also a bit of a lighter shade than my previous case. I would love to order another, but I want only one canister to make sure that I must have gotten a bad batch and not a change in recipe.
217158217158B000ESLJ6CA3GYGBGCU36X30Cindyd1151320364800Pero coffe sub grain beverageI find Pero to be the best coffee substitute I have ever tasted. I have tried many others, but Pero gives the real coffee smell and taste without the harmful caffeine and acids associated with coffee. It is instant, dissolves well, and is not gritty like some other grain beverages. Getting it by the case on Amazon is a bargain and saves me a trip to specialty grocery stores to buy it. I highly recommend it.
217159217159B000ESLJ6CA6V87X1EV19ERPAVEL DOBRUSKY1151318118400Pero - CaroI know Caro from Europe, where it is a popular drink for those not hooked on caffeine and/or sugar. Pero is only a different name (possibly for advertisement purposes in the USA) In my native tongue "pero" also means "a spring" (elastic resilient coiled metal) , which well describes my daily morning cup.
Too bad US grocery stores don't carry it more often or ever. And if they do, they overprice it as some exotic drink from far away....hmmmm.... barley, chicory, rye. Right?
217160217160B000ESLJ6CA1U4JWHUO6QDVPMarcus1121297555200Odd bitter taste not like Postum.
217161217161B000ESLJ6CA36H493XGV2JJKSnowwhite "Claudia"1151256688000I love peroI remember Pero from when I was a child. I grew up in Germany and that was always what my grandma would make for me rather than coffee. Children shouldn't drink coffee right?

Due to my pregnancy I stopped drinking coffee because I could't leave the bathroom even if I only had a small cup of regular coffee, even decaf. But I LOVE I really had a hard time to adjust and I still love the smell of coffee, but can;t drink it anymore.

Then I remembered a brew called Caro Landkaffe, which is the german version of Pero. I did so much research if it is actually available in the USA. Thank goodness I found Pero...........I was so delighted.

As soon as it arrived I made myself a cup of Pero and I love it. To me it smells and tastes like coffee. Also you can adjust the strenght of your brew by adding one or two more spoons to your cup. So it really is as bitter as real coffee if you want it too.
I usually drink my pero with a hint of milk. I just love it.

I really recommend it.
217162217162B000ESLJ6CASIVV4OPBO1WKDonna Everitt1151220832000Yummy!I was a die-hard Postum consumer, but had to find an alternative when it was discontinued. I am so happy to find Pero! It is really very good (better than Postum) and quite inexpensive.
217163217163B000ESLJ6CA2055K5K5SFUEOQueen Eliza "Beth"1151218240000Happy and Safe Drink[[ASIN:ASIN Pero Instant Natural Beverage Happy and Safe Drink]]
I am glad I found this beverage for my father. He is 80yrs old and can't
drink coffee. This is a good subsitute for him. He knows it is safe for
him to drink and likes it. I am happy for that. It's a good subsitute for those
that use to drink the other discontinue brand.
217164217164B000ESLJ6CA1VRU0741NP6M9Dr. Jo-anne Winslow "MusSec"1151217030400Excellent ProductMy father drank Postum for 50 years or more and when they removed it from the market, he was very upset. We immediately began a search of other similar products and finally settled on Pero. It's an excellent hot non-caffine beverage that he truly enjoys.
217165217165B000ESLJ6CAHDTY6VR9I2NDB. R. Northcutt "grandma many times over"1141216684800Not exactly PostumEver since Postum was discontinued by the Kraft company I have been searching for a reasonably priced coffee substitute. I finally located this product. It hasn't quite grown on me yet but considering the fact that I had been drinking Postum for over 40 years I think I will aquire a taste for this product, especially since I have 6 containers to go through. This product dissolves readily in hot water.
217166217166B000ESLJ6CAWZ8F82XL1YCWKathryn Green1151214611200Wonderful choiceThis purchase was a wonderful choice. I was not sure what I would be getting. I made the purchase based on the comments I had read. Pero is a winner in my book. I had drank Postum in the past but it is no longer available. This drink is even better and is smooth and not bitter. You do have to follow the directions on making it, if not it will clump in your cup. I am 100% satisfied.
217167217167B000ESLJ6CA3LZU1W8C2QGTXM. C. Vidic1141214352000tastes good, replaced postum for postum supply finally ran out. i tried pero and liked it. it tastes a only slightly different that postum did, and favorably in my opinion.

its basically the same drink as postum. pero has chicory which postum didnt. the chicory is adds a barely detectable bitter taste, which makes flavor remind me of coffee. (which i cant drink anymore.) overall i was pleasantly surprised by Pero.
217168217168B000ESLJ6CAK7KES5JKAXMPZena Malone1151213747200Excellent Product!We were using Postum & it was discontinued, so I decided to search the internet for something else. To my surprise I found something much better.

My friend is very hard to please when it comes to taste and to my surprise
he loves it. We are really enjoying this product. We can't have caffiene & this is just perfect for us.

Also, we were very pleased with the quanity & price.

Thanks alot,
Zena Malone
217169217169B000ESLJ6CA2IOFHDTLQGKBVSandra Bryla "Loves to read"1141210982400Replaces PostumI bought this product for my elderly father to replace Postum which he drank for years and was recently discontinued. He says this is just as good if not better. He is very happy with Pero and the price is acceptable so I will order him more when he is running low. Thank you
217170217170B000ESLJ6CA2T2L39MUC3ZHCJeanne M. Eck "One Blessed Woman"1151208131200This is great stuff!If you want to kick the coffee habit, it will be easier with Pero.
Pero is caffeine free, but still gives that satisfying feeling of a hot drink. My husband drank Pero every evening instead of eating supper, and lost 60# in about 8 months. My seven children love Pero, too; they use creamer and sugar, and it is delicious.

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