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217171217171B000ESLJ6CA2B0XRJQN0SY2GGerald Dehaeseleer1141207872000Postum substitutePERO is a good substitute for Postum. Kraft Foods discontinued selling Postum earlier this year.
217172217172B000ESLJ6CAW9JF9HHXTJLNJ. Cole "need2read"1151197331200Great warm beverage alternativeI've never been a coffee drinker, so I can't speak to Pero's comparison to coffee. However, when I want a rich, warm drink with fewer calories, Pero is the choice to beat hot chocolate. I add some non dairy creamer or milk, and just a bit of honey, and it really hits the spot without the overly sweet and high calorie count of hot chocolate. Hard to find in stores now, and Amazon's price is good (especially with Amazon Prime!).
217173217173B000ESLJ6CA3G1PQT4RHKMYZAnna Reed2341231718400From a Postum-LoverSo this morning I treated myself to a little of my meager store of Postum. It almost made me cry, it was so good. So I went on a rampage, searching the web for any news about Postum since my last one around a year ago. Finally I broke down.

My mom bought a can of Pero when she found out that Postum was discontinued and she hated it and it's been sitting on our pantry shelf ever since. I finally decided to try it this afternoon.

My verdict: if you are desperate for Postum, it's really not bad. It tastes very close to Postum, although there's more barley flavor/smell to it. I think I'll start drinking this as I slowly whittle away my Postum supply.

I'm a Mormon, so I don't drink coffee or tea, and sometimes I find myself desiring a drink more mature-tasting than hot chocolate. Pero satisfies the craving. Postum was better. Since I grew up drinking it. Try it before you turn your nose up at it.
217175217175B000ESLJ6CA347HBR9VINAMKdqdude0051350432000Natural Instant CoffeeThis is the best tasting instant natural coffee as an alternative for real coffee when you suffer from high blood pressure or other caffeine based irritations
217176217176B000ESLJ6CA3T39L90DIWBPRRichard Gaebel0031347753600Pero is OK But?Not any of these roducts can relace POSTUM. I doctor up 1 heaping t. of Pero with a level t. of raw sugar and 1/2 t. of instant decaf into a mug and fill with boiling water. It now tastes like something that I consider OK to drink each morning. Buy the Pero 6 pack so you can benefit from Amazons free shipment.
217177217177B000ESLJ6CA2XUE6L8ZEW4X5Debbie0051347062400Bad ShippingPero is an excellent substitute for coffee. My father has been drinking it for years. The product is awesome, however, when he received the package, 4 out of 6 canisters were broken open during shipping. He is elderly, 88 years of age, and to him it was to much of an inconvience to repackage everything and return them to the post office and ship them back so he obsorbed the loss. That was disheartening for me since I live several hours away and could not be there to help. Product good shipping was very bad.
217178217178B000ESLJ6CA3T0PYVPZ0HCBUVirginia Jones "hooked on books"0051346803200Healthier than coffeeMy husband was a heavy coffee drinker for 20 years, but when a friend gave him some Pero to try, he switched immediately! He drinks it every morning. We have found it less expensive to buy it from Amazon than at the healthfood stores, and the service it great!
Ginny Jones
217179217179B000ESLJ6CAEB2XG1DNNY7QMoshe Lazar "Soniarita Lazar"0051346457600Pero is my morning drink! Later, I drink coffee. . .I drink Pero in the morning because I like the taste and
it offers me the warm, hearty drink I need first thing in
the morning. Later, when I want a energy kick, I drink

When I travel, I take Pero with me. I've been using it
for over 15 years.
217180217180B000ESLJ6CA2R1TQAMT89OO9TC0051346198400Great alternative to coffeeI have been drinking a lot of coffee and happened to find this product. I wanted to reduce the caffeine but still get a hot comforting low calorie drink. The aroma of the Pero did not match that of coffee but, I tried it anyway. I mixed a cup and found it not as good as as my coffee but, tried it for awhile then decided to go back to my coffee. Having run out of coffee, I took the jar of Pero from the shelf and decided to try it again. This time I read the directions. Now who would think one needs to read directions to make a cup of hot drink? My error. I mixed the Pero with one HEAPING tsp. of Pero instead of my normal level measure method. What a difference! I'm converted, and the Pero had been sitting on my coffee shelf for about a month since I first opened it!
217181217181B000ESLJ6CA1AIN8THLBES9EMaria O. Dorsey0051345680000The Best to be HealthyIf can't drink coffee this beverage is the best substitute . Great taste and Healthy
Try it
Maria Dorsey
Woodbridge NJ
217182217182B000ESLJ6CA1SL26ZAKYESXHCarissa "web shopper"0051344988800Great Way to start the day!I love this product. Pero is so satisfying and full bodied, richer than a cup of coffee with no caffeine. I love that it contains chickory which is so good for the GI track, removes constipation and great for the liver. A lovely drink that is so healthy and good for you. I love starting my day with a hot cup of Pero. Completely satisfying with milk and sweetner.
217183217183B000ESLJ6CA3OLB5VDHC1ZADDusty0051344988800Coffee SubstiuteI have a caffeine allergy this is by far the best tasting of the substitues.. Just doesn't give you the caffeine kick LOL
217184217184B000ESLJ6CA1TESPO09TYAFBKaren K Terrell0051342656000Pero instant grain beverageIt tastes really good (for those who like the taste of coffee without the caffeine) and was a good price for the case.
217185217185B000ESLJ6CA3BDMK4WD03A74anjbarb0051341360000PeroWe love the taste of Pero. It is the perfect substitute for coffee with or without cream. We recommend it highly to anyone who wants to give up coffee and the caffeine associated with it, but wants to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or any other time during the day.
217186217186B000ESLJ6CA27UJ73JJVYT4Tjk0051336694400good taste, great alternative to coffeeI bought Pero for my mom who can't drink coffee due to stomach issues. Pero is gentle on her stomach and tastes good.
217187217187B000ESLJ6CA2RWPLOHPUX8WBpateo0051335484800pero instant natural beveragePero Instant Natural Beverage, 7-Ounce Canisters (Pack of 6) My husband and I love this drink. It is tasty with creamer for a hot drink or without creamer and with ice for a cold beverage. We sweeten ours with Stevia, and since Pero has no caffeine, and contains Barley, Chicory, and Rye, well, how can we go wrong? No fat, low carbs, low calories! Wouldn't be without it. Unlike coffee, it is not addictive because when we don't have it, we don't get withdrawals. We just miss it.
217188217188B000ESLJ6CA28ZFHM4YXM7A1Rich A.0051334880000PeroNow that I gave up coffee Pero is the next best thing I love it.I have been drinking it for 15 years now.
217189217189B000ESLJ6CA1XA8IIIYFZ44RElise0051334707200Great drink and no caffeineI grew up drinking Postum, but that can't be found anymore - then I found Pero... it's great. I love the roasted flavor and the fact that it is all natural and no caffeine.
217190217190B000ESLJ6CA20PYSCUG1YX6JJames J. Dick0051334448000Really good stuff, better than coffeeI used to buy postum coffee flavored type, was really at a loss when they quit making it. Took some time to find a replacement, but Pero is as good as postum coffee flavor ever was in my opinion . One very important thing...use 1/2 tsp. of molasses with each cup to make it taste the way postum did. Oh yea the molasses is good for you too.
217191217191B000ESLJ6CA21AH4DR8SDGJALove to shop online "Brooklyn Girl"0041333411200Good caffeine-free beverage, but not robust/flavorful enoughThis product is decent if you're looking for a light caffeine-free beverage. It does have a strong aroma (nutty) but no matter how much powder I use, the color, flavor and texture is still very light. I like my coffees and teas to look and taste strong (regardless of the caffeine level) so I always feel a bit disappointed at the first few sips. But considering what it is, it's good enough. I like to have this in the early evenings in the winter when I want a hot beverage without the caffeine. I wouldn't recommend buying this in bulk unless you've tried it first. Also, if you can buy Postum anywhere, get that instead. It's much better.
217192217192B000ESLJ6CAVYE27IZ42QTCarmen0051331683200I love my PeroI gave up coffee and grabbed a jar of Pero at Gelsons and I love it even more than Coffee. It's so delish! I ended up coming to Amazon and ordering a case of the stuff. I keep it at work and at home. I hope this stuff is good for me!
217193217193B000ESLJ6CAGIPU32GNUH08Dingdong0041324252800Overall, good buy. Good tasting product.I have been very pleased with this product. It is tasty. It only got 4 star because the packaging seems a little flimsy. Other than that, I have no problems with it and enjoy drinking my pero!!!
217194217194B000ESLJ6CA2NZ1471O89J7BRon Yancey0051316304000PeroIf you used to drink Postum, this is a very good replacement. Another product in this category is Roma. Both are good beverages for a non-coffee drinker.
217195217195B000ESLJ6CA1AMF6BUPVAW9KThelma Cannon0051313625600Tastes just like coffeeI can not drink reguar coffee due to health and my religion so Pero is the answer for me. It tastes exactly like real coffee, I love it and Pero does not give me a caffine headache.
217196217196B000ESLJ6CANS906E4EOXB3Lilac Lily0051309305600Good coffee alternative!This is the best coffee alternative that I have found so far. I love a hot cup of coffee but due to the negative effects on my health I had to find a substitute. I tried different teas but it wasn't the same. Then I remembered Pero from my childhood and looked for it in the stores. And I'm so glad I found it, it's an excellent coffee replacement. It has a very mild flavor similar to coffee, but unlike coffee it doesn't have a bitter aftertaste. I like mixing it with hot milk and it almost tastes like real coffee. Love it, I don't even miss coffee anymore!
217197217197B000ESLJ6CAJM3MWRVF0KV6vwink0031306108800product great, Amazon shipping, not so greatI like this product, but I lost 2 containers out of 6 because of shipping. They broke open. I requested a refund for my loss through shipping feedback, but no response from Amazon. I am usually so happy with everything I get from Amazon.
217198217198B000ESLJ6CA140U7CLCGSMFUhealthy kitten0041305676800Better Than CoffeeI like the bitter bite of good expresso and have come to like Pero with a little organic expresso even more. I put about 2 inches of Pero in a 4 cup French Press with 1 Tbsp of expresso (or your favorite fair trade coffee) add hot water. When it has "brewed" I add about 1/3 organic half and half to 2/3 coffee. It tastes like malted expresso - yum. And I really love this mix cold. Pero is a bit more reasonably priced than other coffee substitutes (especially ordered auto ship) and tastes as good.
217199217199B000ESLJ6CA29NQI0OT0Q81Shappycamper0051305504000coffee substituteWhen my doctor told me "no more coffee" I thought breakfast would never be the same - but then I discovered PERO - I know this sounds like a commercial, but it really is a good substitute - tasty - no caffeine - easy to make - yummy with half and half - wish I could find it in the stores - don't know why they do not carry it - better pricing thru Amazon anyway, probably! Try it!Pero Instant Natural Beverage 7 oz
217200217200B000ESLJ6CA3VZL2MLDKX8KDKathleen Flatley0051299283200The Good StuffMy husband gave up coffee for the sake of his health and religious observation. He was missing the hot beverage in the morning until I remembered that Pero was allowed. It took awhile to locate a vendor as it can't be found here on the Eastern Shore. It solves the problem and he can't live without it.

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