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217201217201B000ESLJ6CA3VYHU6M4UYZZFbrian h0051297209600Have enjoyed Pero for yearsI started drinking Pero about 20 years ago when I had to cut back on caffeine. I drank coffee with cream and sweetner. Now I drink Pero with cream and sugar free coffee flavoring, Torani or DaVinci. Both have my favorite, English Toffee. Just like a storebought latte, but cheaper. Costco & Sams both have one brand or the other. The price for Pero here at Amazon is pretty darn good. Especially with free shipping. Have tried other substitutes but always come back to Pero.
217202217202B000ESLJ6CA3AZV5ELP55BEVmormongirl0051296345600good-bye postum, hello pero!When Postum went off the market I had to find another hot beverage to drink that was caffeine-free.

Pero is made from barley, chicory, and rye, and nothing else.

Pero, fit my needs. It also tastes better than Postum did!

Thank you, Pero!
217203217203B000ESLJ6CA1XKQX71GJASJRSuzanne Deneuve Hall "Suzanne"0051294963200Pero, Inka, Cafix review...I bought a case of all three products, Inka, Pero and Cafix in order to compare them. Honestly? They are all the same, so go with whatever is the cheapest. I think I did like Cafix the best, but it may be a mental thing with the name at least sounding somewhat like Coffee. There is little difference in all three, they look identical with only tiny coloration differences. All by themselves they do not taste like coffee and if you are a black coffee drinker? Pass, because you will not be satisfied with the taste. It is very bland all by itself. BUT, if you like cream in your coffee? You won't even notice the difference between coffee and these products within a week or two you will forget you are not drinking coffee. I am PERFECTLY happy with all three products and will continue to drink them;I will choose by PRICE due to the very similar make of them all. The cans all read the same ingredient wise.
217204217204B000ESLJ6CA30F4XVVY13DE1Krista A. Cook "Diehard Jane Austen Fan"0041294185600good product, good priceI have use this product for about 5 years. It is hard to find. Whole Foods stocks it, but this is about a dollar per can cheaper. Since Postum is no longer sold, this is about the only good grain drink that does not contain an coffee.
217205217205B000ESLJ6CA3DFEM24OFJDXDGrannie0051293148800PeroI have been drinking Pero for more than 20 years. It has a good flavor, doesn't keep me awake at night and it helps me relax.
217206217206B000ESLJ6CAQSEBTBPUAM65John C. Mcleod0031289174400It's not Postum..Kraft screwed up.Not bad but it's not Postum. Wish Kraft would bring back Postum. Kraft really screwed up.
217207217207B000ESLJ6CA3OWZAIUZYLDQXRae Lynn Guthrie "Rae"0051286236800Love it!Really good if you are looking for a coffee substitute! I am really enjoying it!
217208217208B000ESLJ6CA31GN10OIYG5UXBelle Voce "I'd rather be singing"0051283644800Great anytime hot drinkPero is a grain base "substitute" for those who are trying to quit coffee or just want a very nice hot drink. It's good on its own, but my favorite way to fix Pero is to make a "double" cup's worth with two heaping teaspoons of Pero, one heaping teaspoon of cocoa powder, Stevia to taste, and a small pinch of salt (try it with and without - you will taste the difference). Sometimes I also add a pinch of cinnamon. Especially nice in the morning and evening, but I drink it whenever. has the best price on the web.
217213217213B000ESLJ6CA2Z4WQG8SEM5KADiane Phillips0041273363200Pleased with thisAfter trying Sanka, Cafix, and one other I can't even remember, I found Pero. I'd been a coffee drinker for quite a few years, but wanted to get away from it. I have one cup every morning when I get up, sweetened to taste with brown sugar and sip away while reading the newspaper. Called a cereal beverage, it has no caffeine, so you can't get the jitters. If you're looking for a coffee alternative, this may be your brew.
217209217209B000ESLJ6CAGT368RO47WOZmimi0051280448000great fake coffeePero is a good coffee substitute especially when used with International Delight Fat Free French Vanilla.
217210217210B000ESLJ6CA2NCFNFLIG4FT6Connie0051280275200humdingerPero is a wonderful substitute for coffee. I discovered it a couple of years ago and was so happy to find it on at a very reasonable price. I definitely recommend it to others looking for a coffee substitute.
217211217211B000ESLJ6CA2MH59K9MNLCUFBibi0051278201600Pero Instant Natural Beverage, 7-Ounce Canisters (Pack of 6)Very good taste, I am using it for a couple of years constantly as a morning drink.
217212217212B000ESLJ6CA201LTYUYZ3UKWCarol M. Harris0051278201600only hot drink my husband can drinkI wish they carried this in the grocery stores, but really hard to find. My husband has acid reflux, and this is the only thing he can drink without stomach problems. Thanks to Amazon for carrying it!
217214217214B000ESLJ6CA3AHEHK9GIRG9CC. Sowards "The MOM"0051271203200pero is greatI started drinking pero when Postum was no longer available. I like it better. It doesn't get hard or clumpy and it dissolves better. The flavor is fantastic. I've shared it with family and friends and it is liked by all. Buying it at was cheap and easy.
217215217215B000ESLJ6CA3HBBB2UBT81L6James Nolan0051269820800Love the stuff!!I love pero. I use a little more than it calls for, but I think it's smooth and delightful and I used to be a real time coffee drinker so this has been a good sub for me.
217216217216B000ESLJ6CA15W3L07E06HVFC.M.77 "CM"0051269475200Close enoughIt is a great coffee substitute without the caffeine. Taste is pretty close too.
217217217217B000ESLJ6CA1NX8MOAG20TCWManuel R. Montano0051268092800One of the best productsMy family and I have been drinking Pero, for approximately 20 years and we will keep on drinking it. It's one of the best products we use. We not only drink Pero for breakfast but at any time we desire.
217218217218B000ESLJ6CA309IL412V9OJ5Kiruwe0051266796800I love PeroThis is a good replacement for people who want to eliminate coffee from their diet. I like having warm drinks but hot chocolate and other beverages that need to be sweetened do not satisfy me like Pero. I can sweeten it to my taste and it has the full-bodied flavor that doesn't need sweetening. I will recommend it to all my over-caffeinated friends and family.
217219217219B000ESLJ6CARJ62A1AJIZZ1Mike Chamberlin0051260835200Pero - Great!I have been looking for a substitute for Postum since they stopped making it. I read a lot of reviews on what people were switching to and this seemed to be the best choice. BOY WAS IT! My family and I love it!
Great taste, mixes up well and doesn't give you the upset stomach that Postum sometimes did. We highly recommend it!
217220217220B000ESLJ6CA1JCA9GXDB1KHKrakoons "By the Word of Wisdom"0051257638400Great coffee substitute!We have always been die-hard fans of Postum. Which is a defunct product since 2007. We tried this in Utah, but we can't find it in the midwest. We have even made a Latte-style (cold or hot)drink with this. A good word of advice always start with boiling water--it doesn't mix well if you add milk first. We are pleased with taste and "texture" of this substitute. It also stores very well in mylar storage bags for long-term storage!

Thank you so much for a great product!
217221217221B000ESLJ6CA2GTAW5E8T9BZQV. A. Patton0051254614400Loving PERO is good for mePERO is excellent and good for avoiding an additional product, containing caffeine. I choose this produce because it is tasty and has no side effects.
217222217222B000ESLJ6CA1NAI5TDIYR955Francisco0041253059200DeliciousI was looking for a substitute for Postum, and I was really having withdrawals from my lack of psuedo-caffeine. I tasted this, and although it still doesn't match Postum, it has a very delicious and "full" flavor, and mixes very well in water or milk.
217223217223B000ESLJ6CA1T4I7WHH16W8ZWayne A. Champlin0051249257600Pero is awesome for caffiene free needsPero is wonderful and is caffeine FREE. It is also low in calories. It makes a great coffee substitute but is also almost like a hot chocolate when you add creamer and sweetener.
217224217224B000ESLJ6CA3MIOEHFCUZZOTLexie "Lexie"0041249084800coffee-like but good for you
217225217225B0072V6R6QA33OGB9HJIVZ9BBarry A. Robbins0011338163200Incorrectly listedDespite what is stated what you get is the decaf version. Sellers need to properly list their items and not expect buyers to chase up returns.
217226217226B00317CWJ6AZLMKAHE6SP7JSean Raidley2251272585600MmmThese fruit snack are SOOOO good. The best I've tried. So good id rather be paid in these than $! ...
217227217227B00317CWJ6A3A18YSB8BC5QNLynn Church0011301270400Kellogg's Fruity snacks- empty boxI ordered a pack of 10 of the Kellogg's Fruity Snacks and one box was sealed but was completely empty.
217228217228B00317CWJ6A3O1I3KB7L1R9SVickie L. Kneisler "Vickie"0051297468800THESE FRUIT SNACKS ROCK!!!These are awesome and good for you. Also the strawberry and cherry too. I give these to my grand kids and their full of vitamin C. So eat up!!!!
217229217229B006POH0MGA3OWVRUGO6C914MSFINELADY0051345420800Ground MaceI bought this spice because I could not find it locally but had come across several recipes that called for it. I have not used it yet, but I'm sure it will be fine. The spice was also a good price for the quantity received.
217230217230B000HBY6KCA2YKWYC3WQJX5JShannie "Shan"6641204934400Good Basic cup, for a no-frills morningI WANT to prefer Green Mountain above all others...great customer service, small company makes it big, company with 'heart' and fair trade....howevahhhhhhh:
I have to agree with the other reviewer that prefered Timothy's Breakfast blend. After tasting most of the GM inventory, I would call 'Nantucket Blend' a Breakfast blend, sadly this would be 'Breakfast Bland'. Why 4 stars? This is MOST excellent if you like to add your OWN frills! Whipped milk, dusted with cocoa and cinnamon, maybe a dash of Bailey's or a peppermint stick...a good starter that will let you create your own nuance.

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