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217231217231B000HBY6KCA3E43CGZ847R52Nicky's Mom3311201824000HorribleThis blend is very weak even on the smallest cup size. Tastes more like tea to me.
217232217232B000HBY6KCA28ITUI9HHCRYGRuth E. Martin2251170720000best priceOrdered Green Mountain Coffee because it was a great price and shipping was free. I would recommend this site to order Green Mountain Coffee. Delivery was fast also.
217233217233B000HBY6KCAFYQ9V4XBVCJ1The Rothwells4511170720000BLANDWe have found Green Mountain's BREAKFAST BLEND to be VERY BLAND. Timothy's BREAKFAST BLEND is an EXCELLENT alternative.
217234217234B000HBY6KCA3MQUI4MMIOE4WD. Mack1141181606400Great mild blendI use to buy the Nantucket Blend, until I discovered the Breakfast Blend. Its a bit milder. Doesn't have as much of a "bite" to it. I'm enjoying a cup right now...
217235217235B000HBY6KCA1ZHRX45XVAGA4Pam1151172102400Great Customer ServiceOrdering went smoothly, delivery prompt. Would not hesitate in ordering again.
217236217236B000HBY6KCA3F4GCZPC0MCOWRhonda Ritchie3451186099200Green Mountain Breakfast Blend is the Best!This coffee tastes great and the k-cups are so convenient and easy to use in my Keurig coffee maker. I would highly recommend this product to everyone who is looking for a medium blend coffee.
217237217237B000HBY6KCA1004HHMSDY5IPR. Harris "Full of it"0021295481600Weak, bland, blech... and I just started drinking coffeeJust started drinking coffee after 36 years and I feel so strongly about how uninteresting and weak this stuff is that I feel compelled to give my 2 cents.

It seems even though I'm a newbie I like it strong and black. I like the Donut Shop. At work I like coffee that coats the teeth a bit. I know, gross.

There's just nothing going on here. Little taste. Little aroma. If you make a small cup it's a bit better. In short, if you genuinely like black coffee that tastes like coffee don't get this.

If you like it weak, or as others have said you just need a base for a fluffy drink (which is cool) then I guess this would work.
217238217238B000HBY6KCAPHXWZJ22M17MT. Stratton0051221436800Green Mountain Breakfast Blend CoffeeVery good. Green Mountain K-Cups are a good choice for the Keurig brewers. The have a wide variety of other flavors to fit most any taste.
217239217239B000HBY6KCA2I1XQEL3U2RWQDawn M. Maguire "Alba de CT"0041221264000A favorite of the family!These K-cups are a family favorite. So easy to make, convenient, and tastes great.
217240217240B000HBY6KCA2JMGJ9CS49HO0Diane Cunningham0051220572800Excellent CoffeeOne of my favorite flavors of K Cup coffee - bold but not bitter and suitable for a big mug!
217241217241B000HBY6KCA28JVPK6M9QYH7B. Smith "Red Sox Fan 1964"0041217462400Good flavorthis product has a meduim to strong flavor and will give you the kick you need to get going in the morning. Nice smooth flavor not bitter like some coffees and makes a very nice Iced Coffee.
217242217242B000HBY6KCA1OUB5B4VNFMQDJohn McInnis "Puckk"0051212883200Grat coffeeThis is by far as smooth and flavorfull as any of the best!!! Have been drinking it for a while!!! Very good
217243217243B000HBY6KCA3P7QCI0MASRFQL. Fischer0051212364800Favorite CoffeeMild but very flavorful coffee - I've tried maybe 20 different coffees so far and I still come back to this one: )
217244217244B000HBY6KCA3912KLXEVHM1DDavid Durham "joe consumer"0051211241600It is our office stapleOf all the coffees offered for k-cup makers, this is the one that our office has decided on as our staple supply. It was most universally preferred, and the most flexible for those who liked it with sweetener, sugar, cream, flavorings etc. Smooth, fresh, and smells good in the morning.
217245217245B000HBY6KCA2VZ3CW8PL9EZQC. Merrihew0031209340800Breakfast blendI decent coffee if you prefer a mild blend with all the convenience of a K-Cup.
217247217247B000HBY6KCA3OXNKSQMVGOR2CoffeeLover0051201392000The best coffee I ever tasted!!I received a Keurig coffee maker for Christmas and I absolutely love it!
I would have to say my favorite is the Breakfast Blend. I actually look forward to getting out of bed in the morning because I know within a few minutes of being up I will be able to have a coffee that is so delicious!
The only thing I don't like is that you can't make a large cup of coffee with it because it tastes weak, but a medium size one is excellent unless you like strong coffee, which I don't. I would definitely recommend people to give this one a try. You won't be disappointed.
217248217248B000HBY6KCADL1YNBMGKKOBI Am Me "Me I Am"0051196467200Best price on the net!This is the best price I found on the net! Especially with the free shipping!
217249217249B000HBY6KCA15UJFVMKE9L5AS. D. Alcott0041191283200Good cup of medium blend coffeeThe Green Mountain Breakfast blend is one of our favorites. It is a quality medium blend that is smooth and not bitter.
217250217250B000HBY6KCA3EGGW8TUNJD4YJ. Barber "Papa077"0051190505600Very mild and tastyI love this coffee. My favorite. K cups from Green Mountain have a small chance of blowing a huge amount of grounds into your cup. Still buy it though.
217251217251B000HBY6KCAJWG3VFYW32PQR. McPaddenSr0041183939200coffee shortage?I was disappointed to realize that I was unable to order any more green mt. "breakfast blend' k-cups. Have they been discontinued from inventory?
217252217252B000HBY6KCA18F6C3SOMRPJHJ. S. B. "coffee lover"0051173398400delicious!the breakfast blend is a perfect start to your day. the warm, mellow taste is wonderful!
217253217253B000HBY6KCA1CFZ2EIEBDLVTLance M. Orner0051169424000A great mild coffeeOut of all of the K-Cups I've tried, this is my favorite non-flavored coffee. I typically use cream and sugar, but this is smooth that I drink this one straight. Good stuff.
217254217254B000HBY6KCA35VVQ3TL5Y6SOFreddie1211183680000Flavor-Lessly Light Coffeeok-i've tried & liked many Green Mountain coffees, but this isn't one of them. It should be labeled "VERY light" (aka...extremely(!) weak). Even using the small water size cup, we found it bland.
won't be a repeat customer of this one.
Note: for some reason, these boxes had no expiration date printed on them, whereas, all previous orders have.(?)
217255217255B000HBY6KCAFNO5GJI8ZLG6A. Gift For You0151198886400The Coffee Lovers say it is great!Good buy and the coffee is good. 50 cups of coffee that are quick, available, and cheaper than the high price places. No one has to leave the office to drive to get a good cup of coffee.
217256217256B000E63LMOAQ77E7NYAY0LRM. Davidson6651147910400A great light Chai!This is the best of the Chai's offered by Celestial Seasonings in my opinion. It is light and very spicy, very good either on ice or served nice and steaming. Try adding Honey or Light brown sugar and half and half or whole milk for a light, creamy treat!
217257217257B000E63LMOA1X5AZLSNAUNW8B. Parkins1151327536000WOW!I'm a little late to the whole chai game. It seems like I'm the last person to try chai. It was a slow process. A couple of years ago, I was trying to find a brand and flavor of tea that I could really enjoy. I'm not a coffee drinker and always felt left out that I couldn't seem to enjoy a relaxing, warm beverage. I'm a lover of all things coconut and during my tea-buying spree, I found a box of Celestial Seasonings Sweet Coconut Thai Chai and promptly bought it. I also purchased another CS tea called Honey Vanilla Chamomile. I tried the chai once, but since I really didn't know how to prepare chai, I thought it was ok, but didn't go back to it. On the other hand, I immediately fell in love with the Honey Vanilla Chamomile and couldn't live without it. After a while, I was cleaning out my tea cabinet and decided to give away all of the teas I had amassed (except of course for my beloved Honey Vanilla Chamomile) and decided to hang onto the Sweet Coconut Thai Chai just because it was coconut. A few days ago, I decided to try to make it with some warm milk and Sugar in the Raw. I was absolutely blown away! Overnight, I went from zero to Chai fanatic. It seems that if I am a fan of a product, it's a sign that the item will surely be discontinued. Because it had been two years, I was afraid that CS may have stopped producing the Sweet Coconut Thai Chai, and I held my breath as I browsed their website. Thankfully, it is still produced and while on the site, I decided to see what other flavors they make. That's when I saw it--I literally gasped out loud when I saw that Celestial Seasonings makes a Honey Vanilla Chai! Oh my! It couldn't all-time favorite hot tea was also a chai! I rushed out the next day(yesterday) and grabbed up a box and came home to make it. All I can say is WOW! This stuff is amazing! Please, Celestial Seasonings, don't EVER stop making this!
217258217258B000E63LMOA27VCKLHQCTSY3S. Bailey1151301270400One of my favorites!The taste is wonderful. Love it! I use to purchase this tea in the grocery store for almost $5.00 a box. I found it here on Amazon and now can by it in bulk at less than $3.00 a box. I was so excited that I found it for a cheaper price. I love this tea. I wish it was in a decaf option since now caffeine is becoming an issue. My shipments come very sift as is normal with Amazon. So, I have become a subscriber to save even more money.
217259217259B000E63LMOA3U9C2JNIYGA3VTrixiHobbit1151298937600My Favorite TeaI absolutely love this tea. It smells like Christmas to me. A friend of mine first gave it to me to try a couple of years ago and I started buying it myself after that. My store, however, doesn't carry it any more. I went to the website to see which stores near me are supposed to carry this tea and none of the ones listed do anymore. So I came to Amazon to order some. It was an excellent value for how many boxes I got and it arrived even earlier than expected.
217260217260B000E63LMOAYMVSU2V6RF75Felicia1151291161600If you love Starbucks Vanilla Chai...I bought this tea over a year ago, when the vanilla chai latte's were becoming fashionable at Starbucks. I was at a Starbuck's inside of my local Kroger and asked for a Vanilla Chai Latte. She said, oh you mean a Chai Tea (bag) with a shot of vanilla & steamed milk. I looked at her kind of strange. She said, great, I'll get it for you right away. She rang it up and it was half of the price that I normally pay. Well, she put a Chai Tea bag in my cup, put a shot of vanilla on top of it and poured water up to 3/4 of the cup and topped it off with steamed milk. She told me to give it a few minutes, a stir and I should be ready to go. To my surprise, with a tsp of sugar, it tasted exactly like its more expensive counterpart. I did the rest of my shopping and before I checked out, I went back to the young lady and said, thank you for showing me another way to make my favorite drink, can I buy those tea bags in here? She said that the tea bags that Starbucks use, are kind of pricey, but that she tried the one by Celestial Seasonings "Honey Vanilla Chai," and it was the closest to our beloved drink. Well, that was the beginning of the love affair with me and this tea. I usually steep it with hot water and top it with either half&half or just milk with 1 tsp of sugar (I've also tried a tsp of honey which is equally as good). I had not drank any of it in a while and went to the pantry to make me a cup the other day... well, my husband has been in my last package and left 1 tea bag (you know men) and we have looked all over the place and cannot find it locally anymore. Thanks Amazon for making this available to me... and what a deal, especially knowing that I have two drinkers in this house instead of one. Thanks again!

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