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217291217291B001M074NIA1HJKF6DKPSDG3Jorge Arturo Reyes Guzman "cook haven"8821246233600Check your boxesI have been purchasing there products for 2-3 years now. Not always, but sometimes the box contains bugs inside the bones, that make my dog sick. After further examination it seems the bugs come inside hte box. Today I opened a new one only to find it full of bugs to, I threw them all away and probably wont purchase again. I dont urge you to stop buying the product but rather check it thoroughly before giving it to your dog. If it does contain bugs contact the company and tell them where you bought it.
217292217292B001M074NIA3TJZADNICSLE6M. K. Sadler "mksadler"6611245369600Good product, bad vendorLast shipment was full of bugs. Not getting any more. Maybe I was just unlucky but there was no excuse for this.
217293217293B001M074NIAK0CENM3LUM28Ana Mardoll4451222646400Medium Sized Treat, Big Yummy TasteMilkbone Original Crunchy Treats / B000EBKSCU

My puppy just loves these Milkbone treats. Though the box says "Great for Training", they are a bit too big for proper treat training (which involves slicing the treats very thinly so that the dog doesn't get satiated or fattened up) because the treats are very hard and cannot be easily sliced into smaller pieces.

However, they are uniquely good for training "Leave It!" - I can drop it on the floor and the puppy immediately notices the smell and comes over to investigate. And if he decides to ignore my "Leave It!" command, the treat is big enough and hard enough that it survives in his mouth long enough for my to reach in and grab it and start over - no rewards for ignoring "Leave It!", or he'll ignore it always. After only a few weeks of training, "Leave It!" is well-understood and almost always obeyed, thanks to these yummy Milkbones.

Also, since these are larger and more satisfying that his usual treats, he also gets these at crate time. When Mommy says "Crate!" that means he snuggles into his crate and waits anxiously for his Milkbone treats. He absolutely adores them, and loves gobbling them up happily.

These came carefully packed from Amazon with no shipping problems. The bulk price on Amazon is much cheaper than anything I've found locally and much more convenient.

~ Ana Mardoll
217294217294B001M074NIA3UBJDPQIPCF3UClaribel Aguilar "Bel"1141336953600Great ProductMy Border Collie mix 7 month old puppy loved these treats. I used them for training and playing games with my puppy like "find the treat". I would order these again but I've switched my pup to Pup Corn treats made locally, cheaper and healthier too but still eats milk bone biscuits. The free I.d tag is promotional is a pretty good deal and I plan to order Oreo one.
217295217295B001M074NIA1RJVX3BGIG7W0Amelie1141336176000My dog never tires of eating these treats...This pack of six boxes is a great bargain. Although I've been trying to buy more nutritional and healthy treats, I still keep a stash of these because my dog likes them. I would be happier though if the manufacturer didn't use artificial coloring, and I'm somewhat suspicious of the little pieces of hair I've seen embedded in the "marrow" part. I haven't seen any bugs that other reviewers have mentioned.
217296217296B001M074NIA1MEX7I9RSY6HFBrenda Glad1151298073600One Happy DogThis is the only dog treat that my Cocker Spaniel enjoys. My local vendor does not do a good job keeping this item in stock so I was very happy to be able to buy a case of them so that my four legged friend will have the treats she deserves.
217297217297B001M074NIA36AAJ79YKPGREO. Vinogradova "jaded mouse"1141236211200Good Tasty TreatsThese are nice, small treats that my dog enjoys very much. Only reason that it gets 4 stars rather than 5 is because of the "great for training" call on the box. As one reviewer already said, these really aren't very good for training. They are too big to work well - the dog looses focus and they are too crunch to cut up and use in smaller bits. However, with that being said, my dog loves these! I'll continue to pick them up as general treats or as a big treat at the end of a training session.
217298217298B001M074NIA3KJUQVN7ZLREICathy Mottershall1151195257600Our Dogs Love ThemOur dogs love the basted gravy bones by milkbone. The only problem is they are not readily available to buy in the stores! Most biscuits they eat leave little "land mines" all over the carpet. Not these bones, I don't think the crumbs even hit the ground before they are lapped back up by our Boxer and Parsons' Russell!
217299217299B001M074NIAAE2CFT4C13UMpuppy0011341792000HorribleI got this for my yorkie-poo puppy at target and my puppy hates them! Another con is that every time my puppy ate one she threw up! I will never give these to my puppy again.
217300217300B001M074NIA1PUR64CKPT5MNBaron "Enstrom Helio"0051333584000Milk-Bone Original Biscuts for puppies Cavalier King CharlesWe have two King Charles Cavalier Puppies that are the best behaved puppies we have ever seen, so I tend to want to reward them more than I should. I found other rewards gave them loose stools and did not last. The Milk-Bone Puppies are perfect so we got the automatic ship and it works perfect.
217301217301B001M074NIA3T0SWLO1GL9VMAnna Marie Anderson0051323561600Crunchy Dog TreatsMy Yorkies love these treats. They are the perfect size for smaller breeds, and the crunchiness helps to reduce tartar. Apparently they taste pretty good, too, as they will all do just about anything to get some! The boxes arrived well packaged.
217302217302B001M074NIA1BDWH3JVHP4NC. Powers0051308355200No BugsGreat offer- bulk dog treats for a decent price. Others reported bugs in the boxes, but these were clean.
217303217303B001M074NIA1L7R2764ED46YG. Hembrough0051305158400GOOD TREAT FOR MY LABWe got these for my fiances lab (my lab too thru him) and we use them as occasional treats and for training purposes. For some reason, I thought they'd be bigger than they were, but I'm okay with the size that they are. I read that some people had bugs in their boxes, no bugs here!! Thank goodness!! She likes these treats, but she also eats deer poop in the backyard and anything on the floor, sooo I can't guarantee that the taste is great, but if she eats them, then that's all that matters! LoL. As humans, we'll never know, and I'm not trying them!
217304217304B001M074NIA39IW64JWDI7B3Happy Mommy0051298505600Great Savings!!With the subscribe and save option these are MUCH cheaper per box then my local stores. I did open the box to discover the flavor treats, but my puppy isn't complaining a bit!! ;)
217305217305B001M074NIA10A2FBKZM9IDYAnn E. Brown0051281312000Can anyone help me find these Milk Bone BiscuitsI am desperatey trying to find Milk Bone Chicken&Rice Biscuits for All Size Dogs. There is a picture of a Cocker on the box and the biscuits are shaped like a chicken drumstick--they are hard rather than soft. For years I have been able to find this product at my local Target or Kroger stores, but not now. My little Sophie is almost 15 and just loves these treats. If you can help, please let me know.
217306217306B001M074NIA6FH1IN5WGE2LLeslie A. Boyle "Book Diva"0051247529600Yummy for Pups!My dogs just love these bones. This was such a great deal compared to the cost in the grocery store that I just couldn't pass it up! I highly recommend this vendor and product!
217307217307B001M074NIA9101KNY0S3H2My 2 Cents "A penny for your thoughts"0021244592000My dog says blehI've never found a dog biscuit my little Maltese likes so I knew I was taking a chance. Still, I'm VERY disappointed that there are no returns for the 11 unopened boxes. I wouldn't try them if you have a finicky dog or a small eater. They are bland. There's no tasty smell, I mean nothing. The cardboard box smells as appetizing. I realize my dog is hard to please so I won't blame it all on MilkBone. He's not a big eater and has never been a chewer (never chewed on furniture, shoes etc) so although he won't grab ANY bone, he does enjoy them. Most beef bones are too large but he crunches lamb or pork rib bones up completely. There must be SOME kind of biscuit to keep a small eater's teeth healthy.
217308217308B001M074NIA1W2XM3OFJPEMZA. Rosen0051242345600He loves them!Lucky, our St Bernard, loves these treats. While they are a little smaller than his "good boy" Extra Large Milk Bones, the Gravy Bones provide him a little variety and there are never any crumbs!
217309217309B001M074NIAVIYHPBLQVBGBClara "mystery fan"0041231632000Our dog loves these biscuits.These biscuits have bran in them and seem to keep our dog regular. Just make sure that your dog has plenty of water to drink with them. Buying in bulk from Amazon saves us money.
217310217310B001M074NIA9IIFKIBNMNCVDisneyGuys070051220659200Tasty Treat For MY Little OneThis is a tasty treat for my little guy. He is a Brussels Griffon and weighs in at 8.5 lbs. They are perfect size for his little mouth. He enjoy's them daily as a reward and a special treat.
217311217311B001M074NIA205NUNGUHPKK5E. Byers0051195603200The only treat my pup wantsThis small treat became the only treat my cocker/springer would eat. She will refuse others. I sure hope it never goes out of production.
217312217312B001M074NIA3EW235III93CPivy0311302307200BUGS!?Based on the reviews, I will not even buy this on-line. Amazon - would do you continue to sell these knowing there is such a problem?
217313217313B00199CDTCA3O9Z0EQ61OE46loki0051349654400Yummm!This is the third Larry's Beans that I have tried and one of the best. The Mexican decaf got me hooked with its smooth taste. You will not believe it is decaf. The Malabar Triple X blend was OK. The El Salvador Dali blend is delicious. Smooth a little smoky and a little darker than the Mexican decaf. (the Mexican decaf looks like ground cinnamon) This would be a good one to start with if you haven't tried Larry's before.
217314217314B00199CDTCAPXM19HV7WUBVCowboi0051340755200For the discriminating coffee drinkerLarry's Beans coffee is a revelation. The Salavador Dali blend is one of their best offerings. If you chug your coffee, or drink it with tons of cream and sugar, this is not the coffee for you. If you savor coffee and want to appreciate every sip, you will be hooked!
217315217315B0040KEJQWA3C2F0J9YACVB1Faith Pavkovich2251289001600Pasta Junkie loves new GF shape and authentic textureI love,love,love this newly featured product. It will not disappoint you. The texture is 'spot on' and the flavor will not leave you missing the regular gluten varieties.
217316217316B0040KEJQWA2VYJ1E78EBOULGolf gal "Golf Yogi"1151323648000Best gluten free pasta everMy daughter in law and I had this at a local restaurant some months ago. It is by far the BEST gluten free pasta on the market. Well worth the price!
217317217317B0040KEJQWA29SDTTPMASNVNA. Jackman "Misc. et al., etc..."1151295568000Better than any non-GF pasta I've ever triedI bought the first pack of this for a ridiculous price at a local health food store for the sake of at least TRYING to find a gluten-free pasta that doesn't taste like chalk or corn starch. This is NOT the typical GF pasta. It does have a flavor slightly different from "regular" pasta, but it's divine (better than what I can recall of wheat pasta) and has yet to compete with any of the sauces I've paired with it. As well, unlike all the corn OR rice pastas I've tried, it cooks cleanly. No poofs of starch boil-over or sticky texture. I was delighted to see this on Subscribe and Save. As much as I like to support local food shops, Amazon's S&S is one of the only ways I can afford to live as my diet requires.
217318217318B0040KEJQWA3AJ5YR18TPIKWKate Thurman0051339977600Excellent pastaI bought this to make some macaroni and cheese for a family gathering. I didn't mention to anyone that it was gluten free, and no one had a clue. Even the leftovers were good, which I have found isn't always the case with GF noodles.

This pasta has a very mild flavor with no weird aftertaste like some other GF pastas, and the texture was no different that wheat pasta.
217319217319B0074AR8IGA3BPXL02KIHS47E. Woodworth "happy grammy"0051347148800very goodMy family loves all of these. I will definately buy them again! They were fresh and the variety was very nice so it pleased everyone
217320217320B0074AR8IGARKL8PLBDB4T5Marc Mest0041344124800Love snackwells, but not all the same calorie portions in thisFirst, I think this has an odd product assortment. I don't understand the popcorn mixed with the pretzels and the cookies. Other than the chocolate drizzle on the popcorn it does not seem like they all fit together.

The main issue is that the calorie portions are not the same for all three. the popcorn is 130 calorie count while the other 2 are 100.

So that is why I knocked off one star.

The pretzels are the real prize in this assortment.

They arrived fresh, and even though it has been very hot and humid the chocolate did not come melted.. So Nabisco really knows how to make a product.

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