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2173512173517310172101A2H3SATAEPFUDWC.J.0051298592000Pro-Treat Beef Liver Freeze Dried, Best Part Of Rudy's DayI was intially introduced to Pro-Treat Beef Liver Freeze Dried Dog Treats at my veterinarian's office. Rudy, our Jack Russell Terrior, usually not all that interested in dog treats, responded like I'd never seen before!

I bought a couple of cans (they are pretty pricey), but gave them to him sparingly. The tricks he'd do for the Pro-Treats were really entertaining. Now, Rudy has to take meds. for his glaucoma and thank heavens I found the large size here which is a good value, so he not only takes his medicine, but gives great tricks in return each day! He's a happy camper, despite the loss of sight in one eye.
Pro-Treat Beef Liver, Freeze Dried Dog Treats, 21 Ounce

Rudy says, "They are the best part of my day!" We think so too! ~ CJ
2173522173527310172101A4Z0JCSDTQZ88J. Jarrett "PhD. Doctoral Student"0051298505600Puppy loves theseMy dog loves these treats. He's really picking with his treats so it says a lot that he loves these. I had been buying him bags of the freeze dried treats at petco, etc. and it was costing a fortune, not to mention they were smashed. These are great quality. You get tons!! in the 14 ounce bucket and my little dog is in love.
2173532173537310172101AF44MU313L704H. Ernst "her_nst"0051298332800Great!Our dog loves this stuff. Ground up and sprinkled on his dry food he just gobbles it up. No additives or fillers no carbs. We also use as a treat. Best price at Amazon and quick delivery.
2173542173547310172101AYS3F0L3VFP6GRegan0051297900800Great training treats!Getting grain free treats for training usually leaves three options: hard biscuits (and who wants to work for those?), cooked meat (which is gross to handle), or commercial meaty grain-free treats which cost an arm and a leg.

These on the other hand, are very affordable, not gross to handle, and the dogs think they smell AMAZING. They work great when your dog's attention is wavering - a waff of freeze dried beef liver usually snaps them back to attention!

Also, being as they're only beef liver, I don't feel bad feeding my dog as many as needed for training.

Highly recommended.
2173552173557310172101AFDTV642ZGJ8SAmanda R Dodge0051297728000Best dog treatsI have a 2 1/2 year old black lab and these are her favorite treats! They are the best for training, my dog will do just about anything to get one of these treats. Even my 3 month old black lab puppy goes running to his kennel when I tell him to go to bed because he knows that a liver treat is coming his way. Since they are sliced small a large container of these will last a while. The only complaint I have is that my dog loves these so much that if she knows shes getting one she starts to drool, and she's not a drooler... So I gotta toss one to her quick!!
2173562173567310172101A32TR272T1PFE1Mr. Gibbs0051296864000Awesome!Pros:
Dog will do anything for this treat.
Doesn't smell as bad as many other treats.
Easy to break into smaller pieces.
Nothing artificial, easy digestion.

More costly than other dog treats.

Overall, this is a great product. While more expensive, my dog will do anything for this treat. He has several phobias, including getting in and out of the car, and walking through doorways, but he ignores all of his fears to get to this treat.
2173572173577310172101A3JDAZ5YVHY15UShadow and Blue0051296086400Great Product, Great dealMy dogs love these treats and I was buying them from the vet at double the price! Great deal, great service!
2173582173587310172101AS8WFSJTEPKX0Mr. David S. Lee "CaliforniaLee"0051291507200Liver TreatsMy dogs LOVE these treats! Freeze dried easy to throw some in a zip lock bag and take them with you. Wonderful training treats because they're so easy to put in your pocket. Great deal too!
2173592173597310172101A371B3Z09W4GT5Stardreamers0051287532800Great treats for dogsThis is a great treat for dogs, but do read the label: dogs of certain sizes can only have so many of these per day. I violated this and my dog got an upset stomach, so I am just giving a heads up. The cost is a bit high for these treats, but you get a lot of you buy the largest tub. My dogs go crazy for them too!
2173602173607310172101A21N1PT1A908KWOlechkin "Olechkin"0051285545600Wonderful treat for great priceMy dog loves this all natural treat and the price cannot be beat by any store.
2173612173617310172101A29JUMRL1US6YPHTBK0051278288000Like Candy for Your DogDogs love these treats more than any other treats I've ever found. In situations where other treats fail to get our dog's attention - Charlee Bear Turkey Liver & Cranberry Flavored Dog Treats, for example - these treats are impossible for her to ignore. They are an incredible training aid.

Big bonus is that they're also simple and good for the dog. Liver is a healthy treat and is supposed to help combat weepy eyes. Unlike most other commercial treats, this one isn't loaded with a bunch of other junk that isn't good for your dog (byproducts and the like), it's just a good ingredient that your dog will love.
2173622173627310172101A24CFW43ZERCSUD. E. Russo "D Russo Animal lover"0051276646400DOG LOVES ITMy dog, a little maltese, loves this product. She knows she will get it as a reward for doing her business on the wee wee pads. Works every time to reinforce her behavior. I also received the product in a timely fashion thanks to Amazon.
2173632173637310172101A296N1BPL2LBAAM. Israelson0051276560000The Only Treat My Dog Will Eat!We tried everything including cheese, chicken & hot dogs and this is the only one he will eat.
2173642173647310172101A3CEN1KNU51AD0Donald W. Perreault "DonPerreaultJr"0051274572800The Best!Dogs just love Freeze dried liver and this is a good price for this size container.
2173652173657310172101A3G8C334EDZPP7Anna0051274400000Great for Diabetic DogThese Dried Dog Treats are great. My dog was diagnoised with diabetes and these are a low fat treat for him and he loves them.
2173662173667310172101AQHATKEPH80P0Marie Stevens0051271203200My dog loves theseThe 21 ounce Pro-Treat Beef Liver Treats are a great value and my dog loves them. I just need to reach for the tub and she will sit and put up her paw. I even cut them into tiny pieces sometimes and sprinkle them onto her food. She gobbles up her food when I do that. This size will last a while.
2173672173677310172101A1WKFVJCSW1OW6R. Chan0051270425600Good StuffReceived very timely, and packed safely; no burst packaging. Really glad that these people make large enough buckets of this wonderful treat that it makes it affordable. Dogs love these little cube treats, and they are always fresh since they are freeze dried.
2173682173687310172101A38H80FBUIF8I3Bryan Kelly "bk"0051269302400Amazing Training Treat!!I have tried several different kinds of training treats from pet stores and they all either made my English Bulldog puppy sick or lose interest. The liver is working great she absolutely loves them and they keep her attention 100%!
2173692173697310172101A13LAE0YTXA11BDita Vyslouzilova "dita"0051269216000Great for puppy trainingNew puppy loves this, only treat he will pay attention to while walking and training. One note, pieces are quite large so I cut them up into smaller pieces so their recommended daily amount goes further.

All the dogs in the dog park can't resist my pocket when I have these treats. Usually surrounded by a crowd of dogs all poking at my pocket.
2173702173707310172101A13MS1JQG2ADOJC. Perrone0051265760000Best dog treat everThis is the only dog treat that my terrier will eat. We crumble over his dry food and he LOVES it.
2173712173717310172101ADXXVGRCGQQUORichard Pearlstein00512643776005 snouts!My Westie loves these things! She loves anything with liver but this one is the best. Expensive by weight, but well worth it. The freeze-drying process concentrates the flavor and nutrition: Susie gives it 5 snouts!
2173722173727310172101AZ40270J4JBZNZhinka Chunmee "gamer from way back in the 70's"0051264291200Dogs, Cats, Ferrets all love thisI wanted a treat that was accepted and well liked for my rescue animals.
This is the only treat that is healthy and loved by all 4 legged beings in my home!
It does not contain sugar or grains or silly vegetables which virtually all treats contain. Dogs, cats and ferrets are carnivores they are not cattle to eat grain or rabbits to eat vegetables, and WHYYYY do companies add sugar,beet pulp or corn syrup to carnivore foods? It is dangerous and can cause the death of an animal with diabetes.
It is pretty easy to break into smaller pieces for cats and kittens with weak jaws and its wonderful to use as an aid to gain the trust of an abused dog as it will not cause stomach upset when given in common sense amounts.
I like that it goes a long way as it costs alot to heal and maintain and train abused and rescued dogs.
NO minus to this product other then the price,I can not afford to use it as much as I would like.
2173732173737310172101A2ZO1AYFVQYG44Cindy Rellie "Rellie"0051254960000my 12 year old maltese has always loved theseNo waste , even if she is having a day when she goes on a hunger strike she always room for one or 2 or 3 of these and the extra powder on bottom makes a real treat on food , Never met a pooch that did not go crazy over her treats !
2173742173747310172101A2SWO60IW01VPXSam0051252022400My Alaskan Malamute Loves Them!!These liver treas are phenomenal. When i received the 14oz. bucket by amazon i began training my 3month old Alaskan malamute. Now that a month has passed by, she now knows: Sit, Stay, Down, Paw, & SPEAK! My bucket is almost empty as it only lasted for about a month but was worth every penny as ive read malamutes are very stubborn quite dogs. I gave some to my 2 poodles where they gobbled it down and were begging for more. These treats are highly recommended, plus the liver cubes can be further broken down into quadrants. A+++ product
2173752173757310172101A1V5MY8V9AWUQBCheryl Sapper "champagne girl"0051244764800THE BEST healthy dog treat!This is the ONLY dog treat that my Lhasa Apso will eat. It makes me happ becuase it has NO added ingredients or preservatives, as well as NO ADDED SALT! This is the ONLY dog treat that my Vet approves of!
2173762173767310172101A1L8DNQYY69L2ZR. Flores0051243728000Terrific TreatsThis is a great treat which all three of my dogs absolutely love! I am now ordering it regularly and the price is great.
2173772173777310172101A38AN6ZRMHV6EUCarole S. Stabile0051243382400Happy DogThis is a healthy and good snack for my dog. It is a great training produst too. When you take into account that a couple are all she needs it is a good value.
2173782173787310172101A5F2CS558RBDAMichael W. Riley0051242259200Good Product- VERY Slow Super Saver ShippingMy dogs LOVE this product. They beg for them. They also came recommended by our animal trainer. My only issue is that I took advantage of the Super Shipper Saver and for some reason it took almost a month to get here. VERY VERY slow shipping.
2173792173797310172101A3TFTWTG2CC1GAJ. Umphress0051240272000Best treat ever!This was the only treat my dog liked during obedience training and it has remained her favorite ever since. I haven't met a dog that didn't like this treat!
2173802173807310172101A16QUDK9MXGT58Sharon Mesker0051236643200Dog TreatsMy dogs love these treats. They beg for them and sometimes I sprinkle these treats on top of their food for a special treat. Also Amazon ships very fast so I get them quickly.

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