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217635217635B000LQLV7EA1PVE0IU0XUPICSudip Kundu "sxkundu"11511274745600Bad for healthBought this because it was during a gold box deal. It caused stomach issues for me. Very unhealthy, avoid.
217636217636B000LQLV7EA20FTWRXQTMGPCM. derose "iknowall"22311261872000Disgusting, took 2 bites just to make sure my taste buds were working correctly.Disgusting! If anyone wants I have a case with all but 1 in it. I trashed the one I tried. If you want it just have to pay for shipping. I will probably just throw it all away.
217637217637B003ZICPQGA1U2VI8HX5ZXC1Sky Dragon101051287532800My favorite milk substituteI have tried all the rice-based milk replacers, since I do not eat dairy and I like to cook, make ice cream and shakes.

I also don't think added sugar is healthy, or canola oil (see my review of the Rice Dream product).

But even putting those considerations aside, this has the thickest, richest flavor. I like the vanilla flavor best.

And it's organic!

I much prefer rice beverages to oat, almond, hazelnut, and soy beverages, for flavor. There are some reasons not to drink too much soy as well (look it up).

You'll have to get your protein elsewhere, but otherwise this drink is delicious and healthy and easy to digest- the best of the lot.
217638217638B003ZICPQGA37DVHLSM1VBOSLuna Media "Michael"0051343347200My Favorite Milk SubstituteI wasn't sure how I'd like this, but I took a shot and was pleasantly surprised. I've tried a number of the other milk substitutes including almond and soy, but I either didn't like the flavor, consistency, or both. Rice Dream tastes ok, but seems too watery for my taste. This one is just the right consistency. I still prefer regular non-fat milk best, but this will due as a reasonable substitute. If I can't get organic milk, I'll use this instead. Head's up on the shipping: Whatever you do, don't click on "Buy Now With One Click." I accidentally did this and ended up paying $20 for shipping on a case. Use the regular checkout and remember to click on "free shipping."
217639217639B003ZICPQGA2MKNM7HXRRPTDJennifer Pitts0011339459200Expiration Date was NearingWhile the product itself is good, what the seller neglected to mention was that you get a case that is expiring in about 2 months. Just make sure that you can use that amount in such a short timeframe. I usually buy these from Whole Foods but as I don't have one close, I thought I could buy these and save the trip. The Whole Foods cartons don't usually expire for at least a year. Will not buy again due to poor advertising. This should be revealed on food items.
217640217640B000SWTKV0A3VZITD02OQCC4K. Shore "Mother of three"838551194393600Best Sea SaltI first heard about this sea salt in the book, "Real Food", by Nina Planck, who touted its health benefits and delicious taste. Unlike most salts available today -- including gourmet sea salts, kosher salts, and table salts -- Celtic Sea Salt is hand-harvested, unprocessed, and unrefined in Brittany using centuries-old techniques. This means it retains its original natural minerals, the absence of which in today's diet can contribute to a range of health problems.

So fine, it's good for you. But how does it taste? As a regular user of expensive sea salts (purchased in gourmet food stoes, Whole Foods, etc.) before finding this one, I can say it is by far the best tasting one on the market. It actually has a delicious stand-alone flavor and tastes less metallic than other sea salts I've purchased and more like authentic salt should. I purchased some at Whole Foods and kept it out in a salt cellar on our table. It quickly became the only salt we use, both to season our food at the table as well as in a wide range of recipes. Now I buy it in bulk via Amazon, which offers a better price per ounce than the small jars sold at Whole Foods.
217641217641B000SWTKV0A1QRBYTIDDOOBZFr. Seraphim "Independent Sacramental Christi...424551178582400More than SaltThis unprocessed sea salt has much more than just sodium chloride in it. There are dozens of trace minerals in it making it much healthier for you. It is coarse, so just a little pinch sprinkled into your cooking or table food will do it. The taste is strong and goes a long way, but is SSOOO much better than normal table salt. If you want it fine, you can grind it in peppercorn grinder or buy the fine ground for a little more money.
217642217642B000SWTKV0ARVQ4KDMT0FS9Memento Mori212251303344000Highly recommendedThis sea salt is excellent for cooking but also for general use. It tastes superior to any salt that I've ever tried and since it's harvested from cold, northern seas it has a much richer mineral content. Magnesium is especially important for the body and many studies show that approximately 2/3 of people are deficient in this element, this salt has a higher magnesium content than any other that I know of thanks in large part to the minimal processing that it undergoes.

* Celtic Sea Salts are a prime condiment that stimulates salivation, helps to balance and replenishes all of the body's electrolytes
* It provides renewed energy
* It gives you a high resistance to infections and bacterial diseases
* It supplies all 82 vital trace minerals to promote optimum biological function and cellular maintenance
* It balances alkaline/acid levels
* It restores good digestion
* The natural iodine in these salts protects against radiation, atomic fallout and many other pollutants
* It can aid in relieving allergies and skin diseases
* And overall greatly reduces toxins and to help prevent ill-health
* Properly stored, salt keeps virtually indefinitely
217643217643B000SWTKV0A3EMSRPW9SRW43turtle's mom101051236211200great saltYou know how it is - the local store brings in a new product for customers to try, you buy it and like it, then find the store doesn't stock it. Sigh. I do not use salt as a rule. I find that my tasting has changed and adding salt is just, well, too salty for me. This product, however, is very nice as it has a mild flavor. I like that there is magnesium and potassium added. A bit more expensive that the usual table salt, but worth the price.
217644217644B000SWTKV0A3NDZQKYTXW7T6L. Geri607611300665600OVERPRICED and OVERRATED!!!---> BUYER BEWARE!!!This salt is only $5.00 from the manufacturer's website, celticseasalt . c o m , further more this website and this manufacturer is highly deceptive, and it is obvious by the comments on this website. all modern sea salt has significantly less trace minerals than ancient himalayan sea salt. the manufacturer provides a graph that seems to indicate this salt has more than 3 times the trace minerals, when all they are really comparing is the moisture content. you are paying for about 12% water when you buy this product by weight, which is about 3 times the amount of water in himalayan salt.

Himalayan salt forms an alkaline solution in water, due to its higher trace mineral content, while all modern sea salt forms acidic solutions. this salt does have a decent flavor, which i find goes well with fish, but for all other cooking, himalayan salt is both tastier and healthier. a lot of reviewers have been duped by the spurious and misleading information on the manufacturers website. this salt has a significantly lower ratio of trace minerals to sodium than himalayan salt.

Finally, the mercury and other heavy metal content in modern sea salt is much higher than in himalayan salt. harvesting "deep water" which protects against many organic pollutants that float like gasoline in a street puddle, does nothing to prevent the increased levels of mercury, cadmium, arsenic and other heavy metals from getting into the salt.
217645217645B000SWTKV0A2QRKOCQH5PR1DRonald M. Bowren "Ronbo"141651226361600I really like this product!I learned about this product on the Master Cleanse website. I had tried some of the organic sea salts available at our local market. Using the recommended 2 teaspoon per 32 oz of H20, the store bought stuff was hard for me to gag down. I ordered the Celtic Grey on Amazon, and was pleasantly surprised by the taste. I actually came to like it, and it's also supposed to be loaded with beneficial minerals.
217646217646B000SWTKV0ATRJU1DB2FSWMJohn Potocki91051264291200Celtic Sea saltThe salt taste a bit light compared to 'table salt'. The important thing is that it has almost none
of the negative effect of table salts and it is giving you extra minerals.

I must note that the salt requires a grinder as it is difficult to use in a straight shaker.
217647217647B000SWTKV0A5FA5H7INH9PJkittenpawsbb6651290297600Cheaper than in the storesI was on the Master Cleanse for thiry days, I use the recommended 2 tsp in warm water, and I only used up half the bag. Great bargain online, in the stores I would have to pay same price for half the size.
217648217648B000SWTKV0ABMCRTO2ZKQB4Jordan Case "ilovemycorgi"6651280102400The best salt ever!I, too, began using this salt after reading "Real Food". I love, love, love it! It's got a great flavor and, after eating this salt, table salt is way too "salty" to eat (in a bad way). This salt adds a great flavor to my eggs in the morning, my salads at lunch, and most dinners that I have at night. I will NEVER go back to regular salt!
217649217649B000SWTKV0A2K56OB2VLCHVIThe Enchanted Bookshelf5551288137600Good for cooking, seasoning, nasal irrigationWe love the taste of this salt. It is very course, I mainly use this to throw into soups and things that it will dissolve into, or dissolve with a bit of melted butter to put on vegetables and pastas and such, or onto items where you would traditionally use a course, kosher type salt. I put it in at the end of cooking so I won't "cook off" all the minerals it contains. It has a nice, kind of sweet taste, once you try it you will never want to go back to the heavily processed salt Americans generally use. I have not tried it in a grinder yet, but when I tried to process it in my spice mill it was difficult to grind down due to the fact that there is some moisture in it. So we generally just buy the finer grind for table use, although my kids do use small amounts of this at the table sometimes and enjoy it. We find it is also A LOT more pleasant to use for nasal irrigations than regular salt, a lot less harsh on your sinus passages. Delicious and healthy for you!
217650217650B000SWTKV0AMM2C2L9PN3Z0Amazon Girl "Amazon Shopper"4451327276800Great after you take the Moisture OutThis product is just as it states, just remember it will not work until you draw all the moisutre our of your sea salt. (meaning work in your pepper mill or grinder) To do so, heat oven to 250, put salt on baking sheet, put in oven, turn oven off...Simple
217621217621B000LQLV7EA3UFVGQSGRNJQ9nini0041304467200korea instant noodleone of my favorite instant noodles. the noodle itself was okay but love the saurce package - so spicy and tasty and it comes in large quantity. I use it to cook my other dishes. on a different note, i found this noodle on sale in local ethic store cheaper than what i paid in Amazon. oh well.
217622217622B000LQLV7EA1JGI7OQSY4325Selene3541243814400Good, plenty but little bit too spicyWe love the ramen. It's especially good as serving hot. The noodle will be soft and more delicious when you cook with pan for about 5 mins. The package is large, 30 bags, divided into 4-5 small bag/ pack , 2 persons can share 1 bag for a light breakfast.

The reason I dont give it 5 stars because it might be not good for someone not familiar with this level of spicy ( Could be extremely spicy while serving hot) and especially those with stomachache.
217623217623B000LQLV7EAM53ODYRZK4PXrandom122122130420800020 pack cheaper than 30 pack per ounceShouldn't it be the other way around? C'mon Amazon. 15 cents/ounce vs. 19 c/oz. I'm pretty sure the point of buying the bigger packages is to receive a better per product price. Love the ramen, but not loving the price in comparison to the 20 pack.
217624217624B000LQLV7EA3O7YA79I8MWGAJackieW.1241290816000MAJOR YUMS!!!No college dorm is complete without ramen noodles, and these are much much better than the american version. you get can a box like this for half the price, but I guess when you're a deprieved college student, it's worth the price. It's also the perfect intermission to bland dining hall food.
217625217625B000LQLV7EA1ANFXANZVR069Warren Parker1241279843200Pretty darn good.I've eaten the cheap ramen noodles like any other college student, and having read the reviews I was really looking forward to trying these Nong Shim Shin noodles. Upon receipt I cooked one up to see what it's all about and I wasn't disappointed.

These are still just noodles, so I wasn't expecting it to change the way I look at food. But they are as high quality as any product in this genre.

If you add the entire flavor packet it's quite warm. Hot even. Having tried them with a pinch of the packet, half of the packet, and the full packet... I find that I'm a half-packet fellow. I like a medium amount of heat, and using the full packet is tolerable but I don't want to have to tolerate the food that I eat.

And yes, I agree with the general consensus that while it's acceptable on its own, it also makes a fantastic base to which to add additional veggies and meats to build a greater and more substantial dish.

Edit: The juice of one whole lemon or even one lime accentuates the flavors quite nicely. To the point that I wouldn't want a bowl without some!
217626217626B000LQLV7EA2ZGE64J2UNYR9John Hammond4751221177600Five Star Korean StyleKorean style ramen are often hard to find in stores. Now the convenience of Amazon simplifies buying these delicious spicy noodles and soup. These are one of my favorites.
217627217627B000LQLV7EA2FXHOK3OQ3DV3vietofmars0141293408000Hot stuffIf you like the Nong Shim bowls and the spicy kick then you'll love these.

One pack of noodles is not enough for me, I'll throw in another pack of just the noodles from a Top Ramen so I get more noodles and save some money.

There's a spice packet and another packet that has some dried veggies, I think there's mushrooms and green onions and carrots.

I cook it all up, drain the liquid, squeeze lemon in, and mix with some sriracha.
217628217628B000LQLV7EA87EKDKFDHH6LGadgetgal0141274832000Good but YOW SPICY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love spicy food but these are crazy spicy. Definitely take another reviewer's advice and only add 1/2 the spice packet. I didn't because I do love spicy food and they were really too hot for me. I poured off the broth and was able to enjoy them but next time I will reduce the amount of the spice packet. Otherwise really good ramen and not a flavor you would easily find in stores.
217629217629B000LQLV7EA1KV4ODFSR763AWinona W3651252281600One of My FavoritesIt is spicy but you will definitely love it once you get used to it. I'm simply a big fan of Korean food and this company's products are all my favorites!
217630217630B000LQLV7EA1NC1XUONAAZTEG. Funk "jigger gal"0231332979200Nothing I would buy again...........A good product but I'll stick with the cheaper dollar store Raman Noodle packages. The noodles were better in the Nong Shim product but, for the price difference, they were not worth the extra cost.
Sorry -
217631217631B000LQLV7EA3GXFWWNUC0M6KHarold Wong1541254528000mmmMMvery spicey, best if you dont drink all the soup or you'll regret it later!
217632217632B000LQLV7EA14RTGLWETYO9DDaniel R. Lewandowski "Monkey Man"1551235433600Ecelent ShinIve been looking for this product for a while glad Amazon has it and I love the flavor, I cant live without my Shin
217633217633B000LQLV7EAFE2GUIJJEED0Mark J. Rosen "hatetoshop"11011279152000way saltythis is by far the saltiest such product ever. I think my bp went up 10 mm hg. Dont buy this
217634217634B000LQLV7EAONXMXUC8FVNES. Chen0841230336000good sellerIt was quite good at the begining, but got tired of 30 bags of instant noodle in the end...

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