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217921217921B00834CKJ4A2L742V9GKLA5AJacquelin Naue0051351036800Good value excellent productGetting this pasta in bulk made it so much more afordable and it is so much better for the environment not having all those boxes to recycle. I will definately look at buying other products in bulk from Amazon.
217922217922B004JLGEN8A882PMEFQSP2Nangelsguard1151307318400Brilliant bulk buyI fell in love with Stash chocolate mint tea two years ago. I am thrilled to be able to buy it now in an economical and environmentally friendly way. This is used for my private use and I've felt uncomfortable with all the many boxes I've gone through in order to have my six bag a day tea fix. If you are a tea junkie and care about our landfill situation then go for broke and purchase this way and save yourself a couple of hundred bucks.
217923217923B004JLGEN8AS0SPE5TEM74ZElizabeth Kingsley0051332201600Excellent tasting tea.I have tried many OOlong teas and this is by far the best. It has a wonderfully light coconut, mango flavor. The two flavors blend well together, neither one overpowering the other. I will definitely buy again.
217924217924B004JLGEN8A2VHX2LUXMLS18noblecat530051328486400an excellent cuppareally nice tea, and smells wonderful. I enjoy it with a teaspoon of "sugar in the raw." Stores well as is wrapped in foil. I usually buy the box of 100 teabags since it is an excellent value
217925217925B004JLGEN8A1UQBFCERIP7VJMargaret Picky0041321401600A ginormous box of 1,000 tea bagsStash Chamomile Herbal Tea is tea bags with dried, crushed chamomile flowers.

Honestly, as far as I'm concerned, chamomile is chamomile. I suppose that when you use loose flowers you get sediment in the cup and I have seen this happen with some brands of chamomile tea bags, these don't do that.

I have also had organic chamomile (this isn't) but I can't taste the difference.

Each bag is individually packaged and that is either good or bad depending on how and where you use it and if you are concerned about excessive packaging.

If you really, truly like chamomile tea, or own a restaurant, this ginormous box of 1,000 single-serving tea bags is a good choice.
217926217926B004JLGEN8A38Q1ROUWYYUGWlxaccord1221329177600Stash Chocolate Mint teaFast shipping. Smells good when you open the tea bag - tastes like watered down coffee with a faint mint aftertaste. Not recommended.
217927217927B001O8IKM2ADDHKR47KXK0Lgtdmouse0051278288000the bestHands down the best strawberry jelly I've ever tasted. It will most likely be all I'll buy from now on. It's not overly sweet, which is nice.
217928217928B000GZSDSAA1UYE6RGNUSJ8Wtexan123 "texan123"71411229990400Made in China!!!I loved these until I found out they were made in China. After they tainted baby formula, there is no way Im gong ot give these to my child.
217929217929B000GZSDSAA2YGG5M0E2CPPARadiance4911283040000Made in China!Last time I checked a package of these in the market they were made in CHINA.
217930217930B000GZSDSAAU2B6CFY0WVSGErich Fried "Cookie"4921222992000Sadly made in ChinaI bought the crackers for my baby son and he LOVED them. I liked very much that the ingredient list is so short. But then I discovered that the crackers are made in China - stopped giving them to my son and threw them all out. After all the lead in toys for children and melanin in baby milk, I just try to buy as little as possible that is made in China - and definitely nothing that my son will eat! If these crackers were made in the USA, I would totally recommend and buy them again.
217931217931B000GZSDSAA2KRS1UTM28D55Courtney Williams2821291680000Made in China- won't buy againI saw "Japonica rice" and made the mistake of thinking these were made in Japan. Realized they are actually made in China. I avoid buying anything made in China, if possible, because of the political ramifications, but particularly avoid buying products for my infant made in China because of the safety issues.

My daughter did enjoy these, but I won't be buying them again.
217932217932B000GZSDSAA2P877IH47UWNYS. Schisler31011278201600Excessive PackagingI tried this item for the first time after having purchased from Walmart. I thought it would be good, especially I noticed an "award" emblem on the front of the package. After opening and trying this product, I don't really know what that award was truly for. Being very environmentally conscious, I feel that the packaging is too excessive, the rusks are individually wrapped in non-recyclable something(?), and all the individual packets are packaged in non recyclable plastic film, all contained in a carboard box. I also didn't realize that this was made in China at the time I purchased it (I was in a hurry). My 9 month old can't eat these right now - I will go back to other dissolvable foods like "puffs" for now. My four year old, however, wants to eat these more than my 9 month old and since my four year old is so skinny, these are not the ideal snacks for her either, since they don't have much nutritional value if you read the side of the box. I love Amazon, but I would never order this particular item from them and I would not reccommend this item to new parents.
217933217933B000GZSDSAAPI6FY2S03VO1L. Rifenbark31011276905600Made in China & No nutritional valueI went to BRU today to buy these after seeing how great a 6 month old was able to handle them. Every time I give my son a teether biscuit (Gerber or Earth's Best), he ends up chewing off a huge chunk and almost choking. The 6 month old who was eating these today had no choking problems because they melt. I was so excited to buy these. As I was walking to the register, I saw that they are made in China. Also, if you look at the ingredients, they have nothing of any value in them. Just empty protein, no vitamins, no fiber, no nothing.
217934217934B000GZSDSAA29AFEDF5D5QQ8E51511299715200Made in China!!!I bought these on the recommendation of a friend who's baby loves them only to discover once they arrived that they're made in China. Not something I'm willing to feed my baby.
217935217935B000GZSDSAAR20LP3HOD36LM. Baab "dilettante"1811314662400choking hazard for little onesI've been looking at all the local grocery stores for teething biscuits for my 7 month old daughter. When I didn't find any there, I ordered a case of these. Unfortunately it's a total waste of money. I tried giving them to my daughter twice and both times she instantly broke off a piece that was perfect choking size. They're too easily broken to be good gnawing biscuits, and don't melt in the mouth fast enough to overcome that problem. It's back to the drawing board for me while whole boxes of these sit unused. For what it's worth, they're also really bland flavored.
217936217936B000GZSDSAAJGYH6E293OIGMarietta61931202515200QuestionsI really want to try this product after reading all the wonderful reviews, but the fact that they are made in China really concerns me.
217937217937B000GZSDSAA3711VSC453QYNtinapnyc21111319414400Made in China - NOT worth the riskWhile these seems tasty and have a good texture, they are made in China. Despite what the manufacturer or anyone else says, while I might let my child play with a toy or wear clothes made in China, I would not let my child ingest any food made in China. My colleagues at work have visited with manufacturers of all types of products in China (including food) and based on what I have heard from their first hand accounts as well as the known incidents such as melamine milk, I would not let my baby put food made in China is his mouth. Sorry, not worth the risk in my opinion.
217938217938B000GZSDSAAHO0UB07FBNQVi-sore "i-sore"0911318809600Made in CHINA!I'll buy clothing and electronics if it's made in China, but NO WAY I'll food - it's just too risky. Even some of the middle class there have started their own farming because they know they can't trust the government to regulate food safety... So, I'm hugely disappointed to learn that about these especially since I love how my little one is happy to be able to hold the cracker by herself. Won't be buying any more of these!
217939217939B000GZSDSAAM917OVTQ63WKcharlie717141226016000My son likes theseThis is what my wife wrote about these on her blog:
Pros: Great as a first finger food, low choking risk, tastes good, not very messy, packaged conveniently for on-the-go snack, does not contain wheat.
Cons: Not sold in most supermarkets (have only found them at Walmart and Sam's Club and on, caused me temporary panic b/c they are made in China and contain skim milk powder BUT there seems to be no cause for concern.

I've been giving Baby Mum-Mum rice crackers to SB as a snack since he was about 7 months old, and it was love at first bite. I taste all the stuff I give to SB to see how edible they are, and I have to say that they are pretty darn tasty. The crackers are very light and airy and sort of melt in your mouth as you chew (or mash in SB's case). They have a lightly sweet taste that makes them easy to eat. The box contains 12 conveniently wrapped packages of 2 crackers each - perfect for sticking in your diaper bag for snack time on the go.

After SB's bottom front teeth came in at about 6.5 months, I started looking for a teething cracker or biscuit that doesn't have wheat in it (I read that it's better to wait until baby is 9-12 months old before introducing wheat due to the allergy risk) and couldn't find anything in the grocery aisles, surprisingly. Then I came across Baby Mum-Mums at my local Walmart, which are made of rice, not wheat. Although Baby Mum-Mums aren't exactly a teething cracker, they were close enough for me. I mainly wanted something that SB could practice biting and chewing on. They've turned out to be the perfect starter finger food.

Initially, I would hold the cracker for SB as he chomped on it, but after a little encouragement, he started taking the cracker in his own hand and feeding himself. Yay, his first successful attempt at finger food self-feeding! The crackers were great for giving him finger food practice, since they are easy for his little hands to clasp and big enough for him to find his mouth with it. As you can see from the picture, they have a long oval shape and are pretty thin, so it's easy to bite off pieces. And they don't create much mess at all - a few crumbs here and there. I've found them to be a great distraction for SB when he gets fussy on car rides or in his stroller.

There are a lot of things to like about Baby Mum-Mums. The box highlights the following:

-No Artificial Colors or Flavors
-No Preservatives
-Gluten, Egg & Peanut Free
-Baked, Low in Fat & No Trans Fat
-No Added Fats or Oils

But there is another important thing to note about these crackers. They are made in China AND contain milk powder. About a week after the melamine-tainted milk scandal came to light in China, it suddenly hit me that my SB's beloved Baby Mum-Mums might be one of the foods affected by the tainted milk. I went straight to the web to see what information I could dig up on Mum-Mums and the melamine issue, seems that they are safe. A big sigh of relief. This is what I found:

Statement from National Importers (importer/distributor of the product): This basically states that Mum-Mums contain milk powder imported from New Zealand and that food authorities in China, Australia, Canada, and the US have tested batches of Mum-Mums with results all coming back negative for melamine contamination.

The full post:
217940217940B000GZSDSAA1SN27V477FNSJRay of Agoura222451276646400good brand from TaiwanMy husband and I came from Taiwan and have been living in the US for over 15 years. Normally we only buy Chinese snacks that are brand names and made in US or Taiwan. However, I was very glad to find this product in Amazon even though I just bought it today and haven't yet received it. I do know "Hot Kid" very well and used to have it for snack growing up in Taiwan. It was one of my few favorite snacks made by a well reputed Taiwanese company. I trust this brand just as I do General Mills or Kraft. It was already a major food company in Taiwan back then and "rice rusk" was the most popular product. Now, this company has made its way to becoming one of the three biggest food companies in China. Interesting enough, these three companies are all Taiwanese companies. I think the main reason is that people in China do not trust their own brands. I believe that "Hot Kid"is a quality food product. I think the worry is overdone and the red flag is unnecessary. My son is 7 months now and it was a pleasing surprise to have found this product in US.
217941217941B000GZSDSAA1SW4ZTIR7QYU9tinystar5551311897600I heart mum-mumOh my, as the mother of the world's crankiest teether, I should have been on the lookout for something like this. Honestly, I'm smacking myself in the forehead for not trying mum-mums earlier. Because my son? He loves him some mum-mum. They let him happily gnaw away before dissolving into non-choking hazard goo, and this kid has been pretty unimpressed with all those other teething products out there. I know because I own them all. Seriously, all of them. Sophie? Berry teether? Water ring teether? Bead teether? Mesh feeder-teether thing? Ice cube in a washcloth? They're all garbage in my sons eyes. Some asian rice rusks with a funny name=LOVE.

Pros: I can find them at my local Walmart. They're perfectly portioned with two to a package (like poptarts), and they're easily tossed into a diaper bag. I break them in half before handing them off to my son, but that's just because he has a tendency to randomly chuck things out his stroller, and this keeps him from wasting an entire precious mum-mum. I personally think they taste pretty good (I haven't tried the other flavors). Also, they're cheap, much cheaper than all those teething products I just listed up there.

Cons: While somewhat sturdy, they are not crush proof, as evidenced by the large amount of mum-mum dust in my purse. They hold up much better if given their own diaper bag compartment, rather than tossed in with all the rest of your stuff. Also, while they dissolve into goo, that goo is gross, and it is super sticky as it dries. Nothing a couple of baby wipes can't fix, and fortunately, the goo doesn't stain.
217942217942B000GZSDSAA3VMF1KVRGUR6UMkW "MonK"4441289174400Nutrition Informatoin Needs to be UpdatedThe nutrition information is not what is on the box. The box does not list skim milk powder as an ingredient but does say that the product may contain traces of milk. I tried giving it to my 6 month old. She liked chewing on the rusk and only gagged a couple of times. However, it must contain milk because she is milk-protein intolerant and had a rash on her face and behind that evening. Too bad I can't return the other 5 boxes.
217943217943B000GZSDSAA1L8W4EHPAFZQ5Brigetta2251239840000Not Just For BabiesI first discovered this product while stocking the baby food aisle of my local Wal-Mart where I work. I'm always on the look-out for low fat, low carb products and this fits the bill. There are 12 foil wrapped Mum-Mums containing 2 crispy wafers each measuring 4 1/2 by 1 1/2 inches.A serving is two of these easy to open packets,just zip them open from top to bottom along the side. They dissolve easily in your mouth and are still sturdy enough to spread peanut butter between for a sandwich that even a toddler would love, or top with tuna or egg salad without getting soggy. Great as a salsa dipper.They are bland taste wise but they're made of rice and they're a healthy alternative.
217944217944B000GZSDSAA1H2Y88JACM2PWJ. Miller "book lover in CA"2251212537600Seriously awesome snack for babies!I have 9 month old twins who have decided to be very independent. Baby Mum Mums allow them to feed themselves and provide a snack that dissolves easily so that I do not worry.

I have only tried the vegetable flavor Mum Mums, but as I said, the Twinsies love them! Highly recommended.

Note: They are always sold out at our local store. I'm considering getting a subscription to them on Amazon so that I don't have to be disappointed in the store.
217945217945B000GZSDSAAKY1HGHJYUQE8H. Mitchell2251189209600Gluten free snack!!As other reviewers say, these are great. My baby loves them, they're not very messy and they're cheap! The Amazon price is the same as the price at our nearby Walmart. However, both Amazon and Walmart are frequently sold out of these because they are so popular. So, stock up when they are available.

Another plus (for us anyway) is that they are gluten free. It is extremely hard to find good snack/finger foods for babies that don't have wheat flour in them. Additionally, I've found that any that didn't have wheat usually had corn instead, which I'm also a little wary to give my baby for the first year at least. These are just rice! They are perfect. I can't recommend them enough.
217946217946B000GZSDSAA37Y7CMDRGXMJUKnightbaby1151338595200Next step after puffs and a savior at restaurants!!My son is 8 months old and a bit bored of puffs but wants to feed himself. I try to give him real foods that he can hold and eat but worry about choking. He often takes massive bites!

He LOVES these. I think the big thrill is holding them and doing it himself. They pretty much melt in his mouth so they are very safe.

When he is fussy and bored at restaurants, these buy us 10 more minutes. That is a lot in parent time!
217947217947B000GZSDSAA1NGMIFJ0R1TYkuangw011151331424000Great first snack for baby!I bought these for my 9 mo old so she can learn to bite with her new front teeth. These are by far her favorite snacks. She can easily bite off a piece and they dissolve in her mouth quickly even if she takes a big bite. I also love the fact that these don't leave crumbs, so no clean up needed at all. Will try the other flavors when she runs out.
217948217948B000GZSDSAA3SRGY8A2KLE2BM. Luongo1151316995200Mum-Mums - GreatThese are great! The kids love them, very healthy for them and they are very convenient with very little crumbs to clean up. They don't turn into a soggy cooie or cracker. We ordered them have from Amazon (much cheaper and with super fast delivery) in each flavor they offer after trying them from a local grocery store. The kids seem to enjoy the banana and the strawbery the best, but they honestly go crazy as soon as they see the package come out of the cabinet. Highly recommended!!
217949217949B000GZSDSAAXBC52UXVOIO0Aleisha Fritzen1151316563200Love mum mumsThese are great for babies and toddlers. Taste good and low in calories. I like to eat them for a low cal snack.
217950217950B000GZSDSAA12VO1CF8HB7MAmjs1151306281600Best infant/toddler snack!As a mom of four, I probably should've bought stock in Gerber considering how many Puffs we've gone through in the past 5 years. I noticed these while shopping at Target and gave them to my son as his first self-fed food at about 7 mos. and he absolutely loved them. He is now 10 mos. and prefers these to any other snack, including puffs. They are easy to hold, dissolve quickly, don't leave too much mess, and are conveniently packaged in packs of 2 (great to toss in your bag). I would highly recommend this to any mom. They are hard to find in most supermarkets so I'm thrilled that Amazon has them now and at such a good price.

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