Amazon Fine Food Reviews

217981217981B000GZSDSAANL46NJMDUUQKDeanna Humphrey0051278374400first and favorite finger foodThis was my son's first finger food and at 10 months remains his favorite. It is great for when you are on the go. It isn't messy because it is one big piece rather then other traditional finger foods that are small pieces that get all over the stroller, car seat, and the ground. This is easy for him to hold and feed himself from day one. Great product!
217982217982B000GZSDSAA80TTYQ6LADYTKelley B. Howard0051278374400Can't live without themI was glad to find these since the one grocery store that carries them is often out. These are the one thing I feel comfortable passing back to my 9 month old in the car with no fear of choking or a huge mess. I love them and always try to have them on hand in case of emergency fussiness
217983217983B000GZSDSAA1HAZ2SOA8IQ6WFelicia Lau "Felicia"0051277337600Great Product!My son is allergy to wheat, nut, milk, soy.... when we found out these allergies, there is not much crackers he can eat. Baby Mum-Mum is the best for allergy kids or older babies, it taste good too. My son eat it for 2 years and never complain, still eating it almost everyday. Strongly recommended.
217984217984B000GZSDSAA1EXYA879CXCXPBeth Sakshaug "Valley Momma"0051272672000The best for beginner eaters!What a wonderful product! I used these with my now 3 year old daughter when she was learning to eat solid foods. I'm now using them with my youngest, now 10 month old daughter. I started giving these to her when she was about 7 months old and she very easily eats them! I love how they can hold them and they dissolve so easily... perfectly individually wrapped sizes are great for putting in your purse for them to munch on while shopping. Highly encourage moms to buy these for their babies!
217985217985B000GZSDSAAKAUWAPYXE1N7M. Lefler "GrammyL"0051270944000great first finger foodWhen my grandson was teething he desperately wanted something to chew, but anything we gave him he would break off a bite and choke on it. Mum Mums disolve in their litle mouths, especially since they are drooling so much anyway. I could give him a Mum Mum and he was so happy, especially when we were in restaurants and he wanted food to eat too. Naturally you have to watch children when they eat but the chance of choking with these is slim to none. And even better their little faces are not covered with cookie slime that dries like concrete.
217986217986B000GZSDSAA3NP4SFN2SBJWILaura J. Tai0051266192000Baby Mum-MumGot this for my granddaughter who loves this food and goes nuts when she sees the box. I recommend this snack over the normal mushy stuff that's out there even though this is not a good teething biscuit. Granddaughter likes to practice biting so this is great. We don't have to worry about choking
217987217987B000GZSDSAA30X2Y78O59BNYK. Cushman0051259280000Great Treat for ToddlersMy son loves these cookies and I feel good about giving them to him. They are a great deal too :)
217988217988B000GZSDSAA2XBDWD9QM8U0Qwatersedge0051247097600the perfect yummy & healthy snackThese are such great snacks for my little one. I began giving these when he was about 8 months and he still loves them (14months). I love the fact that they are healthy and not loaded down with artificial flavors and colors like so many snacks are. Ony gripe would be that they are very delicate and tend to break into tiny pieces when toting them aorund in my diaper bag. no big deal though. Oh, and they are hard to has them but not consistently so I just order them in bulk on amazon
217989217989B000GZSDSAADYIQFJ018VC8B. Vinsant0051246320000My son loves these!My son is 11 months old and I just found them at the supermarket last week. He LOVES them!

My one and only complaint, is that I bought the last box at the supermarket and I can't find anymore anywhere! I just had to order them off Amazon so I know I will be able to have some in the future!
217990217990B000GZSDSAA2VGDYNEFGGHC3T.springer0051246233600YUM YUM MUM MUMMy kids love it and it does not taste bad! I have tried them too...yummy!
217991217991B000GZSDSAA25EWS790IV798NOLA Sunflower0051245369600Babies and Dog Loves ThemMy 6.5 month old son loves them. Once he dropped a piece of mum-mum on the floor and my dog gobbled it up off the floor. Now every time my baby eats a mum-mum my dog is standing nearby waiting for a piece to drop on the floor.
217992217992B000GZSDSAA16O1VBF65CETYTammy L. Walling0051244764800Baby Mum CrackersThese are the best crackers for little ones!! They don't make a mess at all like the teething biscuits! My baby girl loves them. Our local store has been out of them for almost 2 months. I was so grateful to find them on the internet!! Yum Yum Mum Mum...
217993217993B000GZSDSAA4D1VL748E8QJS. Renka0041243555200Baby CrackMum mums are known as 'baby crack' in our house. They crunch satisfyingly yet melt easily, meaning no teeth is no problem and the mess is really minimal. They do tend to break and powder inside each pack of two, though.
217994217994B000GZSDSAA2VHKZ2BWXCSM3M. BOWMAN0051243296000Great Snack For Teething InfantThese rice rusk's are great for your little teething infant. My son is 6 months old and has no problem eating these up. It's great for in between meals. They do tend to get a bit sticky and if they fall on a carpet floor, make sure to pick them up right away. Overall, these are great and not a choking hazard.
217995217995B000GZSDSAA3T3Z95O5WE96Hannaver0051237939200Awesome!My 6mo old daughter absolutely loves these crackers! At first bites, she broke some pieces off and spit them out before it got any chance to melt in her mouth, but about a week later she learned how to "chew" them with her gums, since she doesn;t have any teeth yet!And my husband and I love to munch on these crackers too, when our baby let's us
217996217996B000GZSDSAA34X4X5ATL38JSBarbra A. Inderwiesche0051235865600These are greatThese "cookies" are perfect to distract the baby when staying in or going out. She loves them and gets excited when she sees the package. GREAT PRODUCT! I bought an entire case and am so glad I did.
217997217997B000GZSDSAA1GON5NGOPZ56MErika Welch "Natural Mommy"0051233792000Awesome first finger food!My daughter and I love these rusks! She is one year old and has been eating them since she was about 7 months old. I only wish I had known an organic variety was available!! I definitely recommend them to any mom wanting a worry free finger food for their little one!
217998217998B000GZSDSAAYWTNQH54IYLRM. Nemec0051231459200Perfect first foodThis was one of the first foods for my son who is now 7 months. It's easy to eat as it dissolves in their mouths - perfect for those without teeth. It is also easy to digest - basically rice and sugar. For me, they taste kind of like a giant Rice Krispie.
217999217999B000GZSDSAA26RWLUUJ73WJRdeanna feemster "Seth's Mama"0051230508800Great Snack for creepers - toddlers!I used to work in a preschool and I would buy these for my little ones. Their parents loved these snacks! 1. they were safe to swallow and gnaw on for a while. 2. they weren't messy 3. they are cheap and 4. the kids loved them. i think that little ones like these so much because they make a crunchy sound and they can hold it themselves. i now have moved on the toddler rice biscuit version of the mum-mums. they just came in today and my 19 month old loves them! too bad the organic ones are always on back order! great product!
218000218000B000GZSDSAAS5G9JG4V0D6OAimee Mcnally "New Mom"0051223251200Great purchase!My 8 month old has enjoyed the Baby Mum Mums now for the last 2 months. They're great for development (hand-eye coordination) and as a healthy snack. Thumbs up!
218001218001B000GZSDSAAEZHINQ7LTC9IK. Keyes0051214870400Be careful - they're addictive for babies AND moms!I recently found these rice rusk cookies at my local WalMart, and was immediately drawn to the fact that they are nearly the only thing I could find for babies that does not contain any wheat, which I am trying to limit in my toddler son's diet. The easily-graspable size and loud CRUNCH were an instant hit with him, and I have no qualms about handing him one without the necessity of watching him like a hawk to be sure he doesn't choke on it.

I like to try the stuff I feed to my baby so I know what it tastes like, which turned out to be a mistake with these... because I love them! They are light and airy, mildly sweet and browned just a tiny bit which adds to the flavor. I now find myself looking for excuses to 'help him finish them up' (i.e. Now that the package has been opened, they'll go stale in the next 15 minutes if they're not all eaten right now!)

I have a friend whose 9 month old is ready to try chewable foods, but mom is too afraid she will choke - I'm going to recommend these to help the transition proceed safely! I was disappointed to find only two boxes left on the shelf during my last shopping trip, so signed up for Amazon's subscription service.
218002218002B000GZSDSAA1GHZAJ90NA661F. Gliksman0051212537600baby loves thesemy son loves these (they were recommended by a friend). they also hardly make a mess and dissolves easily
218003218003B000GZSDSAA2ITE3MPRR1T7RC. Kleinman0051212364800Best Snack Ever!My daughter LOVES Baby Mum-Mums. We started giving them to her when she was about 7 months old, and now at almost 11 months old, she still eats at least one package a day. When she gets cranky during car or stroller rides, we just give her some mum-mum and she immediately stops crying and starts happily eating it. In fact, we got her to take her first steps by holding out some mum-mum, and she walked right towards it! I would recommend these to anyone with a baby. They really are the best, easiest snack ever!
218004218004B000GZSDSAANHTV8079PR20Michael R. Whitney0051208649600Baby loves theseMy 7 month old has been eating these for about 2 months and loves them; they disolve quickly, and has never had any problem with them.
218005218005B000GZSDSAA1QIRYX97JPFBkamom0051206835200A big hit with our son!After my son had mastered rice cereal, we could not get him to eat any other food. Until we discovered Baby Mum-Mums! They become soft quickly and are an ideal first food.

Now that my son is 2 years old he still loves these crackers. We have learned to bring a couple packages with us wherever we go. They are perfect at restaurants...we give a package to my son to tide him over and keep him occupied while we are waiting for food to come to the table. We bring an extra package just in case it takes a really long time for the food to come - best way to avoid a tantrum!
218006218006B000GZSDSAA1OD3F3VNIGGV6Oscar Osorio "Heather"0051206662400love em!!!my daughter is 11 months. she loves them!!! i couldnt live without them now! no mess! great snack!
218007218007B000GZSDSAA30N6WPCXXRRVMK. Thicksten0051206316800GREAT gluten free treatThis is a great product and treat. My son loves the fact that he can hold onto the biscuit and devour the rusk. It has a similar dissolving consistency as gerber puffs but are great for some of my sons little friends who can't have gluten
218008218008B000GZSDSAA2ND4MZ2LWWGICV. Aguiar "herbalgrrl"0051205971200Great melt-in-mouth cracker!!!I found these while I was visiting in Florida. My 9 month old loved them! They are easy to handle and melt in his mouth quickly, so no fear of getting a large piece stuck. He can break off a large piece, but he just sucks on it for a few seconds and it's soft enough to manage. Once back in MA, I couldn't find them in any of our grocery stores, so I ordered a case on Amazon. I have no doubt that he will eat all 12 boxes in the nex couple of months. We are tyotally sold on Mum-Mums!
218009218009B000GZSDSAA3JFRSOOE0EJN7Charlene Blackburn "Ocean lover"0051205798400Baby mumsMy family and I found these for our 8 month old grandbaby while on vacation. She loved them. They dissolve easily for teething babies and seem to taste very good. Good also once there teeth are in, as they can crunch and use their teeth to chew them up.
218010218010B000GZSDSAA2R0GMEWFD6LJMAll My Shoes "Rose"0051198627200Hard to find in the storesThis is gluten free. My Grandson just loves them. They sell out so fast at the store I can only get about 2-3 boxes at a time. With free shipping the price is better than the store price

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