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218011218011B000GZSDSAA1193BFIE5JV25Linda L. Vincent0051194393600Baby Mum Mum's are not only for babies!!When my daughter purchased this new item for my 8 month old grandson, little did she know she was finding his 58 year old Grammaw a wonderfully edible gluten free food also.Once I tasted them I immediately purchased 2 boxes for myself. I have Celiac Disease, as does my 5 yr. old granddaughter, and my grandson has not been able to tolerate gluten thus far either, so this is a treasure for all of us to find. They are difficult to find, and am so grateful to see them on Amazon! They certainly are not only for babies in this family. They are absolutly scrumptious with gluten free ready to use cheesecake filling spread on them, and I am going to try dipping them in melted semi sweet chocalate with a hint of peppermint extract, and then I will try a thin layer of peanut butter spread on them before dipping in semi sweet chocolate .... as far as I can tell .... there is no end to their use for me! I am so happy to find them on here, so that my 5 year old granddaughter can try them also!
218012218012B000GZSDSAA9MMHKFD4P0WHTracy Ann Seymour0051193616000Mum Mum's are the bomb!These "cookies" are the best for your little one that is learning to feed hand to mouth. They are able to gum it around in their mouths and it dissolves pretty quickly. I like them because they don't make a huge mess like biter biscuits or zwiebeck toast. They are a great little snack and they don't go stale the day after you open the package. If I could give them 6 stars, I would!
218013218013B000GZSDSAA2I0XAL00U8Q1Ldreamsmd0051189728000Great snack for baby!This is the greatest snack for your little one. My littl guy loves these because he can hold them easily and I don't worry because they melt when he puts them in his mouth. He loves them so much that when he sees the wrapper he comes crawling over smiling!
218014218014B000GZSDSAA1DAYVHM2367JJMom2Meghan "Mom2Meghan"0051183852800My Baby LOVES these!My 11 month old will go through a canister of gerber crunchies in a sitting. We found these and she LOVES them, but doesn't go through them quite as quick. I am anxious to try the veggie flavor with her. Well worth it, and much more economical than Gerber Crunchies and healthier!
218015218015B000GZSDSAA2TPFYWV8ROJPQCarrie Kozubal0051174089600The Perfect First SnackMum Mums were my son's favorite snack as a baby, so I was bummed to learn that my local grocers no longer stock them. Thanks to Amazon for coming to my rescue!

These are wonderful snacks for babies just learning to feed. Because they are thin and dissolve in the mouth very quickly, babies are less likely to choke on them than the teething treats you typically see in stores. I began feeding Mum Mums to both my son and my daughter within a few days of starting them on rice cereal and have never had them choke on one. I also love that they are much less messy than other baby treats.
218016218016B000GZSDSAA1YQSZYCJJGKDYM. Zogg0051172534400These are a Lifesaver!I found these crackers in the baby food aisle at my local supermarket while looking for a nutritious, easy to chew, snack for my 12 month old. Because my son had not cut many teeth, at that time, it was important to find something that he could chew easily. Needless to say, my son is now 14 months old and completely addicted to them. They are crispy, but dissolve easily in the mouth. He loves the crunchy noise that the crackers make. I whole-heartedly recommend this high quality product. The crackers are well worth the price.
218017218017B000GZSDSAADZPGXBDOB68MSarah A. Wiechec0051170201600Baby Mum Mum is Yum YumThese things are great! We found them while traveling in BC when our daughter was 5 months. She got the hang of them real quick with no choking! Now we take them everywhere with us. They are a great snack and great entertainment.
218018218018B000GZSDSAA1RTZNIZLC9QX6Ann3511309132800Very blahAfter reading all of the great reviews, I purchased these for my daughter. Unfortunately I couldn't just buy one box, so I have way too many of these! I like that they are light and safe for babies to eat. However, the ones that I purchased were unflavored. My 10 month old does not like them at all. She'll play with them and then throw them on the floor. This was a complete waste of money for me! Thankfully they weren't very expensive. Maybe I would have had better luck if I had purchased these when she was 6 months old or if I had purchased a flavored brand. I would advise you not to purchase these for babies older than 8 months. If you do purchase them, you may want to consider the flavored ones.
218038218038B00247ATFSA1AQ5TLL8SYQ5TN. Gold "trismegistus"1421263945600Doesn't make anything taste like baconbecause it isn't bacon. It tastes like Baco's, which don't taste like bacon. I fail to understand how anyone who really loves bacon can be satisfied with an imitation.
218039218039B003H7MXNAAGZB9H390LNU8Christine0051339200000The BestTyphoo decaf is far and above any decaf on the market. We have tried all available. Some are good. But not one matches Typhoo decaf.
218040218040B000W112KYA1QTICTBQKS6I6No Name0041340064000Great, tangy, somewhat fillingI grabbed these for a light lunch while our office fridge wasn't working. I was happy to see there are only 280 calories in the whole can for 6 of these. They are very tangy, which I like, and the leaves are soft and not stringy. The texture of the rice is a little mushy, but it's pretty good considering it sits in a can for so long. Two cons, one is that the lid is not easy to pop off. I didn't have a can opener and almost broke the pop top thing. So if you don't have access to a can opener, these might be a problem. The other con is that one of the oils in here solidified making these look very unappealing. But they taste good, so that's really all that matters. There is no fruit or anything in these, it's just the grape leaves stuffed with tangy rice. Very yummy, I wish I'd brought some bread now to dip in the oils that are left over!
218019218019B000GZSDSAA1MMKZFH75TJEPSlim3521222387200Safety concern in light of recent milk powder scare?My 8 months old loves this, but I just read the label this morning and discovered that it containes milk powder and it is made in China. With all the recent recalls of milk products in China due to melamine contamination, I've decided not to give to my baby any more until I have evidence that it is safe. Has anyone done any research on this topic?
218020218020B000GZSDSAA3L1RWD4LLMSO6Mary Mccollough "Sabresister"1251240185600Baby mum-mum'sMums are the absolute best. I have not found any product that compares to it's food content and eatability. Unlike many of the other "teethers" mum-mums do not get all messy and disintegrate in the baby's hand. They rapidly dissolve in the baby's mouth -- no concern about choking. I discovered them for my grandchild -- wish I had had them 30 years go!
218021218021B000GZSDSAA3NMV4K3K5BHYLbellybutonlint "bellybutonlint and other such...111811233619200MADE IN CHINAThese are made in china...not a good idea at all considering all the food saftey issues of late. also i feel that it is wrong to buy food/agricultural products from another country (a politically hostile one at that) when our own poor farmers are having such a rough time making ends meet because all their work has been outsourced to these unsafe chinese farms. there are many much safer and ethically sound alternatives to these snacks.
218022218022B000GZSDSAA24PYRLWHTVKY5LaDiDa142311297641600MADE IN CHINA!I bought this at Whole Foods so just naturally assumed they would be made in the US or Japan or somewhere reliable. NO. MADE IN CHINA. Very very sad and disappointed. My baby thought they were ok, but after a while got bored of it. I realized they were made in China half way through the box. Not letting baby eat any more of these tho and not buying it. I just don't trust ingesting anything made in China.
Whole Foods recalled this product from their shelves (at least the WF's around here). Can't buy this product anymore at WF.
218023218023B000GZSDSAA2PSOIZXQU9NABVernon Dowdall0151288742400Great snackMy eight month old daughter loves these things. She can't get enough of them.
218024218024B000GZSDSAAHPDSINYUQP72Matthew K. Beaupre "babymama"0151241395200WAY BETTER THAN BITER BISCUITS!!!!!!!!!!EXCELLENT PRODUCT FOR BABIES! My daughter has oral motor issues but loves these. They dissolve better than anything we've tried, no choking on chunks! They are cheap and taste them yourself, yummy! Great texture, large size, on a messy scale of 1-10, a 1 ! I won't touch gerber finger foods again! Very low sugar also, my 3 yr old son even likes them!
218025218025B000GZSDSAA3VPHLBHMULALACelia D. Medley "Celia"1311243382400not a biter biscuit!I bought these because I could not find ANY teething biscuits anywhere around here. I was hoping they would do the same job but they don't come anywhere close to Gerber's product. My daughter is six months old and although she likes them she bites off pieces with her teeth and I'm afraid that she'll choke. They don't dissolve quickly enough and were a waste of my money.
218026218026B000GZSDSAAPKIMIJUJ2FQPEileen M. Brown122111225584000contains milk, from chinaI threw them all out.
They contain milk products and were manufactured in China.
218027218027B000GZSDSAAAE9K71VPQ5LIL. BUULTJENS2511282694400Choking hazardMy son is 6 months old and I was so happy to find this product. I thought it would be like farley's rusks but it's more like a wafer. I tried it before giving it to him. It does not melt in the mouth on contact. This 'rusk' can easily break or be squished by a 6 month old. Thinking that my baby will have a better experience I gave it to him and he was biting on it like a teether and a small piece broke in his mouth. I quickly took it out as I could see that it was a hard piece and it failed to melt in the mouth on contact. I will return this so called rusk and get Farley's rusks instead.
218028218028B000GZSDSAA3TWWFB58KTKD5J. Cai81511233100800Don't Buy thisThis rice rusk is made in China. I don't trust it since it has milk powder as one of ingredient.
218029218029B00247ATFSA2YKWYC3WQJX5JShannie "Shan"3331265587200Not quite bacon-yI purchased this, and used it, but I totally agree with the person who also said it was not baconish...why was that review voted as not helpful? It was totally on target, and I wish I had read it before purchasing. Still, this is a great item for vegetarian friends, and if you are looking for smoked salt, this is not bad. Don't expect bacon, and you'll love it.
218030218030B00247ATFSA1TD7CZIQ3X1WMEML0051348876800Not Bacon or Applewood FlavoredBut a good taste all the same. Think of a barbeque/smokey seasoning salt with a bit of crushed soy bacon bits mixed in. A little bit sprinkled on eggs is great, and it seems like it would be perfect on burgers.
218031218031B00247ATFSA25ZA3DUKI6CGWTelex "Telex"0051347321600Very goodI have 3 different flavors on these and they are : jalapeño , apple wood ,a and hickory. I so far think hickory has the best smoke taste but apple wood has more bacon flavor. Jalapeño is good but not the best . All these products do and will add complex flavor to your food. They add great smoke and subtle bacon flavor. You can smell the bacon and taste it on most foods. I think it is the best on chicken. I disagree with the people that say there is hardly any bacon flavor and I think you guys have poor palates. Do not expect this to make your food taste like it was wrapped by 90 pieces of bacon for Pete's sake! No seasoning is meant to achieve this level of flavor and if you want full bacon taste then buy bacon and eat it! But JD's bacon products are amazing and my wife and I love it on most BBQ meats and I like to add it to chili's and anything you wish to add extra flavor to. Highly recomended and it will always be in my spice cupboard .
218032218032B00247ATFSA2XXH4MKQI4DXADorm Room Chef0051336348800Good Stuff!!!This is my favorite of the bacon salt lineup with hickory a close second. It has a nice smoky kick, not as intense as the hickory, but with a more complex flavor. The applewood flavor is not very strong but that is fine with me because it has an excellent bacon flavor. I use it as the secret ingredient in my steak seasoning. Mix it with some kosher salt, black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and a dash of cayenne and BAM!!!! Everything is better with bacon salt!
218033218033B00247ATFSA1KOT8QF046CCQJ. A. Lynn0041300492800Flavor At Its BestWe use this on just about everything. Eggs, hamburgers, macaroni salad you name it! Livens up anything you add it to. Just wish it had come in larger size.
218034218034B00247ATFSAAJO7AOKTBVL0Beukeboom0051297728000Great stuff!Okay, don't be put off by the label "Bacon Salt". Sure it sound strange but I am so glad I tried it. First off, even though it calls itself "salt" it is not overly salty and it does have a distinct bacon flavor. This particular one is my wife's favorite. I use it in soups, meats, and even vegetables all with great results. Definitely a product to try.
218035218035B00247ATFSA27GFBJWVL0J2Scott M. Sargent "Scott"0051277164800awesomeI found these spices to be absolutely awesome in flavor. I use it to spice up so many things from chicken to beef and vegies to popcorn. I would highly recommend this to anyone
218036218036B00247ATFSADUQITP3B82TTInternetGuru0051245888000AWESOME!I bought this from the company's website. IT IS AWESOME! I am a vegetarian and am thrilled to find this. I used it on my tomato and bean sprout sandwiches, on popcorn...yum! I am out here in Cyberspace trying to order more to try out other flavors.
218037218037B00247ATFSA3FSQ1T0OO63A8Moon Rat "MoonRat"2521252195200Where is the applewood smoke and bacon flavor ?I tried the applewood smoked bacon flavor salt to see if it was better than their standard bacon salt.

I love bacon. I like it well done and crispy. I often add the fake bacon bits to salads or pasta. The flavor is okay, bacon like but not as good as the real thing. I have started using the packaged crumpled bacon by Plumrose, or Oscar-myer. That gives a very nice real bacon flavor to anything you put it on.

So when I received the package, I couldn't wait to open it and try it on some food. What a disappointment ! It tastes like salt and MSG with a slight smoky applewood yeast flavoring... not close to a nice bacon experience. I tried it on a sandwich, veggies, etc.... still a far cry from a nice bacon taste. Just salt, MSG and a little smoke flavor ...

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