Amazon Fine Food Reviews

218041218041B000W112KYA2O3398L7Z6DPZKeith0051317513600Oh my god this is so amazingI LOVE this product. It is so delicious and satisfying. I am so glad I tried it. I like to think of it as the Greek version of sushi (without the meat of course)!
218042218042B000W112KYA1UP8XMM4E5DHWAn occasional guitarist0021309996800The Oil is the Worst PartThese taste OK, but anyone thinking of buying them should be aware that the oil they are canned in is *not* olive oil, but soy oil. This to me is unbelievable. Isn't it some kind of sin against Dionysus to put grape leaves in soy oil??
218043218043B000W112KYA2POIM05TJE84PEA "Computer consultant"0041265846400quite goodThese are tasty. I was pretty surprised when I saw them in the store, but I'm a big fan of stuffed grape leaves so I tried them out. I wouldn't say they are the best I've ever had, but they're close enough. There are six in each can. It's very convenient to have something so interesting which isn't going to go bad right away.
218044218044B004IWY46MA2KAZ79C58SRIKK Ahmed1151347408000A Great Low-Carb SnackAlways on the look-out for low-carb items, I stumbled across a selection of Emmy's macaroons at my local Organic store earlier this year and read the ingredients list and nutrition label. I decided to buy three different flavors of them as they are low in sugar and net carbs. Each bag has three pieces, but one piece is big enough to leave you feeling satisfied. All the flavors are great! I also like the texture of the macaroons. I'm hooked!
218045218045B0043OYZ8WA44VFYAJPDTW1Clinton J. Poling2211342051200Worst food everAs a vet tech with tens years experience it is my opinion that this is the worst dog food on the market. Yes, of course dogs love it, just like people love greasy, terrible-for-us fast food. In general, people should choose foods that contain only a few ingredients, and as little soy as possible, especially if your pet has any GI problems or any sort of allergies (which mostly manifest as red, itchy, gunky ears), and if so, corn, wheat, and even chicken may be a problem as well. Getting your pet on a better diet will make them happier and healthier and will reduce vet bills.
218046218046B0043OYZ8WA1QT4U10DUPX2neat tunes2351294617600Approved by the pooch!After trying 4 or 5 different dog foods we came across this one. Yes, the name is funny. The price is good. $22 where I live. We found this food to be softer than other brands and our dog loved it. She sadly passed away a few days ago at age 15 and we donated her new 20 lb. bag of Kibbles 'n Bits to the Humane Society in her memory. We will purchase this again when we get another dog. Great product and price!
218047218047B0043OYZ8WA3LN2EJQFERZJSMichelle b. "michelle b."0111345420800pls dont feed your dog this poisonI've recently brought my dog this low budget meal sadly because I live off scholarship money and student loans and no longer live with my parent.......... I was temporarily buying my dog this food until my money came from school because I usually feed my shizu Purina one and refrigerated dog food. ........This food had my dog sick,hair fallen out in clumps, itching badly and throwing up............... I had to call my mother and have her to go out and buy her the food she usually eats. Yes I portioned the food to get her adjusted to the new food and I've done this for two months. I couldn't go on longer feeding my dog this poison , if you love your dog stay away from this food........
218048218048B0043OYZ8WA1PSYROWN621AXJudy G. Cole "Love Lost"0131335744000DOG LOVES IT....but will no longer order this item.I have discovered that this product has things in it that can make my dog sick!! I feed my dog to keep her healthy, was NOT prepared to kill her as I feed her. She is on meds and a Healthy Pet food now. I think the company that sells this product should MAKE SURE they are selling a "Healthy Product".

Thank you Amazon for the opportunity to "Inform" other pet owners of this situation.
218049218049B001HA6W36A9375V43796PQFrank Cherrito0051297900800great productexcellent product. this is the second one i bought in the past 6 years. we use it almost every night. it is very quite, the auto humidity setting are very basic but works well. we have not found that we need the antibacterial accessory and it holds up to the occasional dishwasher cleaning. i would recommend this product
218050218050B001ASZVAUAYW2O3HIBLYU3Mark Doyle2211250467200Worst Rum Cake EverI've tried several brands of rum cakes over the years. There are differences between them, but their usually minor. This was a totally different experience. First the presentation is bad. I thought the can was a novel way of protecting the cake... No, it was cooked in the can and its hard to present it as anything else. Next the taste and smell were not appealing. It was a VERY dense cake with fruit overtones.
218051218051B003N49CRCA1D7L4LKDOT4M1R. Parks0051349308800YUMThis mix is the bomb. Healthy, tasty and satisfying. Feel good about your snacking, try Kar's Nut n Yogurt mix. YUM!
218052218052B001A3KHU4A1KMZY24IPEU98Andrea Bowers3351332115200Great stuffThis powder has a rich smoke aroma and flavor. I love that it does not have that bitter aftertaste that I have found some liquid smoke products to have. I agree with a previous reviewer that it does tend to clump when rubbed on the wet surfaces of meat but I was able to easily remedy this by combining the smoke powder with my other spices such as garlic and onion powder, seasoned salt etc., before applying it to the meat. Also, drying the surface of the meat helps as well. I highly recommend this product. Its great.
218053218053B001A3KHU4A17IDRGDYBBTRRhaywire "haywire"3351331596800SmokeI make a lot of jerky and grill a lot of meat and liquid smoke can get expensive, so if you mix a little of this with water it goes a long way. Very good aroma and flavor.
218054218054B001A3KHU4A1TN4VAIM0AOFGDave C - Colorado Springs2411281744000Smoke yes but mush no!I enjoy grilling and making the related side dishes like baked beans etc. I am guilty of using at least 2 or 3 bottles of liquid smoke each month. After finding this product on Amazon I thought I would give it try. I have used several products from Colorado Spice and they have been good. This product was clumpy and does not sprinkle like a pinch of salt or anything else. If you try to rub onto or into meat it turns to a sticky paste which sticks well to your hands but not the meat. The smell is strong hickory and so is the taste (to strong or maybe the paste is too thick) I am back to liquid smoke. After 40 years of cooking it is still the only item that consistantly works.
218055218055B002ESMJAAA2H5HEOD8WF59NGary Gale "ggale"8851280620800The best so far.Wonderful coffee. Not bitter, too weak or too strong. Just right. Of all the coffee blends I have tried, this stands out in front. Thank you Amazon and Camerons.
218056218056B002ESMJAAA1Q08H4B9QGT2NChristy "MommyOfRedHeads"101151277510400The best of Cameron'sWe sent Woods and Water as well as Cameron's Gold Cup Whole Bean Coffee, 32-Ounce Bag and Cameron's Intense French Whole Bean Coffee, 32-Ounce Bag to my husband's parents as a gift. They typically only drink Starbucks coffee but we went out on a limb based on all the good reviews for Cameron's coffee. They like all three coffees, but they said in particular they like Woods and Water the most. Once we move back to the US, we're going to try Cameron's out too!
218057218057B002ESMJAAA3AMM5GPBW0LTMlittlebitsofsunshine5551293753600the best coffee everthis is such a smooth, flavorful coffee! not too dark, but not weak at all. it is also not bitter. oh. it is so good! and the subscription price is GREAT!
218058218058B002ESMJAAAG0W6LJKXQNJCMarilyn D. Selander2251294876800great coffee with a great price!I have enjoyed this coffee flavor for a couple of years now and recently gave it for a gift to my son in Indiana who is a coffee-lover also. He really misses the northwoods in Mn so this was a perfect gift and he loved it also. It has a refreshing woodsy flavor like when you are making traditional campfire coffee! Price was very competitive also.
218059218059B002ESMJAAATB8BLTS3PK8Tgaryleaddog1151333584000cameron woods & water whole bean coffeeI have tried several of Camerons Coffee's and this is one of my favorites. Nice flavor with minimal bitterness i love the aroma while grinding & brewing these beans.
218060218060B002ESMJAAA3LPU98GN4MG1CLance E. Swenson1151319241600FantasticMy first cup this morning of this type and I was very impressed. By far one of the better ones, if not the best. Excellent coffee- definitely recommend.
218061218061B002ESMJAAA1T334WCPRAFTLams221151318377600Great coffee!I took a chance on this, after reading the reviews, and was pleasantly surprised. This is really good coffee at a really good price. I'm usually pretty disappointed when I try new whole bean coffees, but not in this case. Would highly recommend.
218062218062B002ESMJAAA3QI1UHPJ543S2Tom Snyder1151316995200woods and water whole bean coffeeCameron's Gold Cup and Woods and Water are very good coffee. Have a great flavor and at a great price. I will use this coffee alongside my usual eight o clock coffee. Cameron's Coffee is a great value for the money I would highly recommend it
218063218063B002ESMJAAAHA6G4IMEMAJRM. Zinn "mczinn"1141307577600Great CoffeeWe are really enjoying this coffee in our house. We make it strong and this fits the bill - not to mention that the price is great. Thanks Cameron's.
218064218064B002ESMJAAAEMPWVZ4KIQMVC. Strain "ITReader"1151305072000Excellent medium-bodied coffeeGreat coffee when you don't want a full bold, a bit easier through the grinder as it is not too oily
218065218065B002ESMJAAA33WUPDAK2RNNJSteven C. Willard3441290124800Pretty darn goodI have received open bag of coffee before from Amazon also. Simply call Amazon customer service and tell them it was open and you want another shipment sent or your money back. They wont make you send back an open food item and will tell you to throw it out however I brewed it anyway!. As far as the coffee review its very good coffee for just about 5 bucks a pound with the discounts going on.
218066218066B002ESMJAAA1W3DCQ17IBNIZCollege Prof0051338163200Very good coffeeI have been trying many different coffees from Amazon over the past year. I can't really decide which is the best. I just started using a package of Cameron's Woods & Water whole bean coffee and I am beginning to think that I am in love....
I will try another bag of this coffee before deciding for sure, but I think this is the one. It is very smooth, no bite. I also noticed that while many whole bean coffees are "messy" when you grind them, this one is not. I definitely recommend that you try it.
218067218067B002ESMJAAA25EV9BQTD1IUTsoolyn580051311292800Great cup of coffee!Great value for the money! Not a real dark flavor, but still good. My family enjoyed it with the exception of my daughter who said she could taste the woody overtones in it which she did not like. Will continue to buy it as long as it's reasonably priced and quality remains good.
218068218068B002ESMJAAA1R2UQMETTM9OJalways buy in multiples "FetsyWetsy"0051308355200ExcellentLove this coffee. Or rather, my boyfriend loves it. I'm just the one with the Amazon Prime account. I like that it's in a 2lb bag, because now we don't have to buy it as much, and it costs less than buying it in the store, when and if we can find it in the store. If we stayed in one place for more than 3 months at a time, I'd definitely sign up for the monthly shipping program, or whatever it's called, because that's an even better deal.
218069218069B002ESMJAAA1799JT5GCF65EYayBick "mother o'two"1231306281600There are better beans...I'm not a fan of this variety of Cameron's. It was kind of bland no matter how strong I would make it. I much prefer their darker roasts, which are excellent.
218070218070B002ESMJAAA13QM0HT6VXHL5mean incognito monkey0131316131200it's okay but nothing to write home aboutI love Cameron's French roast, I love the quality of it, the high roast on the bean, love the overall flavor. So I thought we'd enjoy their lighter roast too when we want a less robust coffee. This didn't do it though. It's an adequate coffee, meaning not terrible and it is fresh, but it's got a back sort of oily/clanky flavor reminding me of supermarket brands, which isn't terrible but not good either.

I always freeze my coffee, taking out what I need for about a week and storing those beans in a container in the frig, so the coffee is always fresh and we use a Cuisinart grind and brew, which makes great coffee.

I would use it again if I had to, but I wouldn't recommend it as Cameron's best nor would I go out of my way to buy it.

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