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218071218071B002ESMJAAA3V9FMOXIQF8USH. D. Kade0131314403200No better than Dunkin' DonutsThis is my first Cameron's coffee. Product quality seems fine, but taste is nothing special. No better than Dunkin' Donuts.
Context: I use Capresso conical burr grinder, Cuisinart drip coffee maker, & triple filtered water.
218072218072B002ESMJAAA1L039YS3P3JWRR. Reed31141289952000Great Coffee after a bad startI am quite disappointed. I read the reviews about this coffee from Cameron's that had received a 5 star rating. When the coffee arrived the bag was evidently open and you could plainly smell the aroma of coffee. I am sure that whoever packed this bag of coffee could also smell the aroma of coffee escaping the bag and indicating a faulty seal, but they shipped it anyway. I ordered premium coffee and I got coffee from an open bag that had been slowly going stale for God knows how long. This is not what I payed for and certainly not what was advertised. Where was the quality control ? Who checked this order ?

Update: Amazon replaced the order of course, and the coffee is quite good for a medium roast. As a matter of fact I get it shipped every 2 months and I blend it with another French Roast and it is almost as good as Back Country Roasters Cowboy Mud (excellent dark French roast)
218073218073B001SAOBIIA3GGD7ZWVWIKOUPeter P. Fuchs0051292457600Reliable Garlic Taste, Never BitterThis is the product that gives a lot of delicious garlic taste but is never edgy or acidy. It mixes well with everything. Also available in any Hispanic stores.
218074218074B003ZTMDQWA1ZE4QNO719ABXM0111345766400Surgery for the dog after eating this bone !!We bought this bone for our 2 year old lab and he swallowed it in 10min.... he got sick the next day, had to get surgery and a week at the vet with antibiotics etc... DO NOT BUY THIS BONE !!! bottom line do not give cooked bones to your dogs. I don't understand that the dog treats companies are selling this treat since any vet will tell you, it is extremly bad for your dog. We learned our lesson the hard way !
218075218075B000IPYWCEA3JF1EEXMKSEZID. Mclean2251184889600Move theater popcorn flavorthis is movie theater popcorn flavor while using soybean oil. (instead of coconut oil which is bad news) Works well with a stir crazy popcorn popper.
218076218076B0064MGQVAA1KY5Q7HBX6IALJoan0051340323200Love these peanut chews since I was a little girlOkay I ordered these directly from the manufacturer in Pa. and found I can get many more much cheaper thru Amazon, so that is what I do now. They are unfortunately very good and extremely habit forming. I am the only one in my household of 2 that eats them since my husband complains that they stick to his teeth. Doesn't matter. Where I go Peanut Chews go!!
218077218077B000M2Y0HAA3NNIJGARM3HWOgirliegirl162211199664000Wow, those are some expensive pop tarts! ;)As the previous reviewer stated, I also received one measly box of 16 pop tarts for $27. Wow, those are some expensive pop tarts! ;) When I called Amazon to rectify the situation it took a 45 minute call trying to explain to the CS rep that no one in their right mind would pay $1.69 PER pop tart. They finally assured me they would send me the correct order. So I waited....and whaddaya know....once again recieved one box. LOL I called again and had to go through the whole 45 minute convo again explaining how much a pop tart *should* cost. This CS told me he couldn't resend, but would just refund my money. Thank heavens. My blood pressure couldn't take another delivery!
218078218078B000M2Y0HAA1I3ZI9RFYCBSEDoron Gill162211198281600What a disgraceI would gladly review the item, if only I could get it. Thing is that the Einsteins working for Amazon figured that for 27 bucks they would send me one box of pop tarts containing 8 pairs, rather than 8 boxes containing 8 pairs and then to add insult to injury went on to argue with me that the (Pack of 8) in the description means 8 pairs of pop-tarts as opposed to 8 boxes of 16 pop tarts!!!
My advise to Amazon - dont quit your day jobs. Stay with the book business!!!
218079218079B000M2Y0HAA2KNR3BSX0UM8Ibebop222251327881600Best flavorI grew up eating poptarts, and I can tell you, after trying every kind out there that the brown frosted sugar cinnamon, and these, are definitely the best.

These are so good, that they even taste good when they are cold.
218080218080B000M2Y0HAA370Z6I5GBWU44M "CultOfStrawberry"1151303948800Fantastic!Now, this is a flavor of Pop-Tarts done RIGHT. The crust is graham-cracker, so it adds a nice kick to the whole treat that the regular crust doesn't. The filling is half marshmallow and half chocolate, and when you toast the tarts long enough, the filling becomes all nice and gooey and you can lick it out of the edges. Frosting is also pretty good, but the real treat is the filling and the fact that the crust tastes better than most others.
218081218081B000M2Y0HAAPT6RZOJ2HVFXcustomer3421261872000smore's poptartsThese poptarts were stale and had a funny taste. A disappointment after all the waiting for the shipment.
218082218082B000M2Y0HAA3UP070UDU89IJessicaTheKat "Meow"41221200268800Tasteless & BlandIf Amazon is still selling these for $27.oo for one box containing 8 poptarts ----don't buy them. Don't buy them at any price. Rice cakes have more taste than these! I bought one box at the local store for $3.97. They are tasteless. Maybe a hint of chocolate but all I really noticed was the bland cardboard covering called a cookie? I prefer to get my empty calories from things that taste good.
218083218083B000F3OA7QA1MJSWI87ZME83Gillian4451214611200Tasty low calorie sauceI was surprised to see this delicious sauce rated so low, but then I read the reviews and saw people had been having problems with receiving the wrong item or with open and spoiled jars. I have ordered this twice now and luckily have had neither of those problems. Hopefully this means those problems are no longer happening.

As to the sauce itself, it looks and tastes very fresh. It's a little spicy, but not too much, and so long as you mix it before serving is not watery as one reviewer described it. The colour is good and it looks very appetising when mixed with something such as a wholewheat rigatoni. It is also very low calorie, only 40 calories per serving (or about 200 for the entire jar), and has only fresh, wholesome ingredients, no preservatives, etc. I like it so much I have set it up for auto delivery, which brings the price (which is a little high) down 15%.
218084218084B000F3OA7QA32RI2J8EM3C37KJM B in Sac4541200355200Delicious, but 2 jars broken!The shipment of 4 jars arrived with 2 of them broken, poorly packaged. Customer Service will replace them, though. And then I tried the sauce, just as is, over pasta with Parmesan cheese on top. DELICIOUS!!! Just hot enough to get your attention but not so hot that it would burn your mouth. Wonderful, I can't wait for the replacement! If it weren't for the poor packaging job, I would give it 5 stars.
218085218085B000F3OA7QA3F3B1JPACN215Michael G. Lustig1151204848000Packaging is fineOther reviews said the packaging was inadequate, broken or not air tight. That was not my experience. Arrived in good condition (I checked every bottle for a proper seal). The sauce is very good compared to store brands and the price is reasonable considering the quality.
218086218086B000F3OA7QA3NSFZDEI7MP94chrispy33 "Chris"0051234915200Better NowI'm sure they have changed the packaging since the earlier reviews. I've ordered this sauce several times recently and all containers have been intact with expiration dates far in the future. I've odered this sauce more than once because I like it very much. The price is very reasonable compared to other brands in the stores when it can be found at all. It's spicey, as it should be, but not overly so. As with their other sauces, there are recognizable chuncks of the various ingredients rather than a uniform liquid when its impossible to tell what's in it.
218087218087B000F3OA7QAZR7LUR3RRVKQSharis0051232582400Just delicious!I hate seeing poor reviews for this product which really are not the fault of the product. I'm sorry if jars arrive broken and can imagine that's very frustrating but that's not the fault of the product. I really can't imagine anyone denying this sauce is spectacular! It's spicy enough without causing pain and discomfort. Like no pasta sauce in a jar you have ever eaten I promise. Delish PLUS low cal, low fat and low carb. I couldn't ask for anything more. (All the Scarrpetta sauces are divine actually but this and the Vodka sauce have a special place in my heart.)
218088218088B000F3OA7QARHU6Z50Q187DDennis E. Rusnak "smoky mountain man"0031206144000Hot and SpiceyIt is a great tasting product. Easy to use..

Problem is much to spicy for the remaining family members..

Good point. More for me!!
218089218089B000F3OA7QA389WPXEAOGLF4Claire Caslin "Claire Allread"5821199750400Not worth the trouble.The first time I ordered this product I received 4 different styles instead of only Arrabbiata which I ordered. Amazon sent a new set because of the error. However, when it arrived two of the four containers were open and moldy.
218090218090B000F3OA7QA2VW7RVPROAJEQR. Verducci4711201305600Blech!You won't find yourself soaking up the last trace of Scarpetta pasta sauce on your plate with a slice of pugliese. In fact, I would be surprised if you even made it through the meal.

I'll have to contact Amazon as well, because at least one of my containers was leaking and I received a variety pack instead of only arrabiata. I love arrabiata sauce and it's not easy to find. However, something just went very wrong with this one. It's possible that it arrived spoiled, because it tasted somewhat foul and I developed a stomach ache a couple hours after I tasted a few bites of pasta and pushed the plate aside.

I don't even know if I want to try out the other three containers anymore. Life is short. Eat accordingly.
218091218091B000F3OA7QA2BKMDF0BB0MH9Lynda MacButch0111317254400Good product - bad packaging!This is the second time I have purchased Scarpetta Sauce. The first time the packaging was intact, the second time, one of the bottles had a broken seal, so very moldy sauce had leaked into the box and onto the other bottles. This is expensive sauce and even though it is tasty, I will not buy it again.
218092218092B000F3OA7QA2ESFG6AQK2Z29chef corvette "chefcorvette"2711201219200watery~h2Onot only did I receive 4 flavors instead of the one that I ordered*just like the other reviewer* I couldn't use the vodka/cream flavor....the others were all diluted...lacking punch and flavor...
I added spices, capers, anchovies, olives, etc......I didn't need to spend $20 for sauces that I had to enhance. I have made better at home, from scratch, for a few shekels.
218093218093B004QSV9RKA2H0HL54GR32SKWhatever! "Whatever!"2251326240000My little darlings LOVE these!I've had an Amazon "Subscribe & Save" subscription for the Smokey Bacon flavor of this brand for over a year and my dogs love them. So I figured they might love these too... I was right!! As with the bacon flavor, if you want a treat that will last a while, this is definitely not it! It takes less than a minute for my dogs to make one of them history.

Just FYI: I've ordered this item twice and both times I received "Better Than Ears Plus Hip & Joint" (which contains glucosamine and condroitin). That's fine with me, but it's not listed in the description so I thought I would mention it for those who may have concerns about supplements.

And just in case you're confused by the 1.95 pound specification, it translates into 36 "ears" per package. I just wish Amazon would make this item available through Subscribe & Save like the bacon flavor!!
218094218094B004QSV9RKA1ENHRW45AF7E1Robin R. Wicker "wickgeo"0051348012800Yum Woof!It is more appropriate that my 4 basset hounds review this product. Gypsy say Yummy! Scarlett roles on her back! Arhoo establishes Rebel's opinion, and Gimme Gimme! is Dee's thoughts. I loved receiving the big bags which are hard to find at most stores on my front step. Good quality treat and a good price.
218095218095B004QSV9RKA1WZ8Z01VJ9NMTSo Happy0051346457600OH so GoooooooodI have two dogs and they really love Better Than Ears Peanut Butter (BTEPB). At about 6 every evening they run into the spare room where I keep the Ears and they speak and ask of their evening treat I have 4 different bags of treats there so I show them the bags and each evening they want the BTEPB they eat one and go have a drink of water and off to sleep land they go its really great. I can really tell how happy they are OH So Gooooooooooooooooood.

The wonderful part also is they are made in the USA and the price is affordable

Great Treat, Great Price, and Great Made in the USA, NO Mess

I am so happy that I get a bag or two every month. With no worry about running out. Reordered goes though (automatically) This is another great thing.
218096218096B004QSV9RKA2KJDRVWYBEA3ISherri0051344988800My 3 Dogs Luv ThemMy 3 dogs just love these treats. I can't go near the cupboard, where they are kept, without 3 dogs at my legs. The treats are big in size and soft to chew. I just wish my dogs ate slower so they'd last longer!
218097218097B004QSV9RKA20MX64TM39J0PJudith A. Frey0051344297600My dogs love themMy two beagles absolutely love these better than ears. They are hard to buy treats for but they love the peanut butter better than ears.
218098218098B005SUCOIIA3AS33EATHARKKSharon Staley0051350000000no sugar Vanilla Ice CreamThis product is good, at least it does have the after taste like some no sugar products or give you bad digestions afterwards.

It is good with my sugar free syrup too!

218099218099B00086IDZUALQZ47P9G00G2HonestReviewer1131328400000Good flavorI originally bought this flavoring to make a champagne cake, but when my fiance tasted it he decided he didn't want me to make one anymore. It tastes kind of like cherry.
218100218100B00086IDZUA1L11GZHR0WA3VAce0051332979200Potent StuffThis stuff is awesome. It smells like bubble gum (which is a little weird) but once you add it to your frosting/batter/whatever it's a very strong champagne flavor. It's great too because then you don't have to worry about using too much champagne to flavor your baked good and ruining the consistency of the batter. Tiny bottle though, make sure you keep an eye on it's location.

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