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218191218191B003YK72LSA1XKRS3MAN3AUNMegan0131336089600Flavor Not What I Was ExpectingI purchased these based on a recommendation from the Hungry Girl emails as a great low fat snack. These are ok, but the flavor is definitely not what I was expecting, there is almost a burnt quality to the flavor. Also, the serving size doesn't seem like that much since the cookies are very thin. For similar nutritionals you can have about the same amount of Keebler Elfin Crackers, which are much more tasty and satisfying. If you liked the McDonaldland Cookies as a kid, go for the Elfin Crackers, they are very similar in flavor.
218192218192B003YK72LSAMHHNAFJ9L958A M0111321747200These taste so bland.Look, each pack contains two servings of 120 cal each, yet those servings serve up exactly zero taste. They should make it one serving of the same number of calories but inject some taste. They taste like someone forgot 1) salt and 2)sugar. Wow. Super bad.
218193218193B003YK72LSAZQXSDY803256mom of two0111317859200dissapointednot what i expected.. I tried vanilla version at my neighbour's - they were soft and nice.. but they were also in a bigger bag (8 oz or so). These cookies (oatmeal) come in small pouches (2 oz or so) and they are stone hard, too salty, no taste appeal whatsoever. The same I can say for the chocolate version. Nobody in our family wants a bite of them - waste of money.
218194218194B003YK72LSA2EVUVG1MRLDK4m.lg "the prophet"0151310428800delicious cruelty-free crackers!these are the best animal crackers i've ever tasted! the chocolate simply adds to the deliciousness. they taste like mini-cookies. they are vegan and thus cruelty-free! organic and yummy. what more can be asked of an animal cracker!
218195218195B001TY56FUA37I39GVHMZ59PMary0051321142400Simply Organic Minced OnionsI really love the fact that I can get organic minced onions that are tasty. I would definitely recommend this product. Thanks Simply Organic!
218196218196B002V0JGSYA1JARKX9JX6YSIRobb Spewak0051325894400The best way to buy fruit.Perfect product and saved a LOT of money by buying direct. I will buy again from this vendor next Xmas as well.
218197218197B0047TNJ6WA17U5TPRT6RGW5Jackie1141309305600It tastes more like roasted garlicI ordered it by accident and then decided to try it. It brings a good taste of garlic but not exactly like fresh garlic. It doesn't have the slight spicy in the fresh ones, and of course, without juice - which I expected. I feel it is more like roasted garlic, or in-between of roasted garlic and fresh garlic. The good thing is that it will give you a taste of garlic without the bad smell in your mouth. For garlic lovers, I will recommend this product. By the way, amazon is fast.
218198218198B005XGH9H8A25TVH9W5A6IHPkristilou2251338595200Yum!I absolutely love peanut butter but it's such a high calorie food that I really have to limit my consumption. My typical morning begins with a bowl of oatmeal which I like to mix about 150 calories worth of peanut butter into. I recently discovered this product and decided to give it a shot in hopes that I could shave a few calories off of my oatmeal and this product didn't disappoint! I admit it lacks the creaminess you get from real peanut butter but all the flavor is there at a fraction of the calories and fat! My morning oatmeal which used to be approx. 370 calories is now down to around 240 thanks to PB2! I haven't tried using it in anything else just yet but this one change in my diet has made the product worth it to me!
218199218199B005XGH9H8A2M70OTUERIG5C4ladyz1151344211200LOVE IT!!!Learned about this product in a Weight Watchers meeting. I have pb every morning on bread. Instead of 5 points, this is 1 point. The flavor is awesome!!! Delivery was quick. Would recommend it to everyone.
218200218200B007F1GOOSA2CBUISG1N4X72Bari Phillips "Bari609"0051347580800Great salad dressingIf you like your salad dressing a bit sweet (as I do) and have health problems (ditto) this is an answer to your prayers: Low calories, low sugar, low sodium and "lite" oil. Low sodium salad dressings are few and far betwwen. Both Annies Lite Honey Mustard and their Balsamic dressing are delicious and fit well in a sodium restricted diet.
218201218201B0014J5KGKA2ZGHESQDCI77MShiloh True "Rabid Reader"0041347840000Fresh, tasty, herbal/salt blendHerbs de Provence can bring many dishes to life. Baked chicken and root veggies are a good place to start, for those who are not familiar with this herb mix. Then expand the horizons by searching all the wonderful online recipes. Winter is coming; it's time to enhance those savory stews and one-pot dishes --- to take the plain to the extraordinary.

I personally like this French gray salt and herb combination because I don't like to overdo it with the herbs. I prefer a more subtle flavor. However, if you prefer more herbal punch, you may want to stick with purchasing the herbs alone, or make your own mix, which is quite easy to do. Otherwise, you will be fighting with the salt.

If you need to watch your sodium intake, you need to know that this product is heavy on the salt --- and the crystals are very large, so it is easy to over salt your dish. You will be fine, if you make adjustments for salt required for your particular recipe. This is just something to consider, when ordering this combo product.

I can attest to the freshness of this product. Upon opening the glass jar, the fragrance was very potent and lovely. I also prefer having the herbs in a jar with a twist-on-lid. This will help maintain freshness.

All said, I highly recommend this product, with the reservations mentioned. These concerns are manageable. Just remember that this product is predominately salt, with herbs as the secondary enhancement, but the herbs won't go unnoticed.
218202218202B000NMCEEAA1NZYT6GAHWFW3Michael A. Norbury "Kuma"3341228521600Zero BarZero bars are hard to get anymore. The item arrived quickly. Tasted great! Wish it was a box of the larger bars.
218203218203B000NMCEEAA3UII3T6GHE4NHRebecca Pelegrin2251313539200husband saversI order these every 2 years for my husband and he just loves them. They come promptly and well-packed. thanks very much.
218204218204B000NMCEEAA21RAYUI5XLDTOW. Malan "Bookie"2241219795200goodThese are good, and not chocolately sweet, good texture if you want something other than chocolate.
218205218205B000NMCEEAA3VWMMQAIR8C7YPhil T.0051340582400Zero BarsLast of a dying breed!!

Originally made by the Hollywood Candy Company ([...]), now made by Hershey's.

These are similar to the original ones from my youth. Originally they sold for 5 cents. One of only two of the original offerings by Hollywood Candy, the other being the PayDay bar.

Currenty available in two sizes, 1.85 oz and 3.4 oz "Supersize".

Try them, you'll like them!
218206218206B000NMCEEAA3KKMB2MUI4AEWkendra0051319241600zero candy barsI love these candy bars and they are so hard to find where I live I will order again when I run out Love them.
218207218207B001B10WR8A3SFK4IP4TGTY5Writer "Friend"8851197158400Veg to Bowl makes my life so much easier and my dogs love it!I may be the wrong person to ask, because everything from Dr. Harvey's is the best. I have tried almost all of their products and the quality is impeccable,always! But I recently found this vegetable mix and it has made my life so much easier. I feed raw to two of my dogs and slightly cooked meat to my other two, who are older and do better with the meat cooked. I used to spend 2 hours every Sunday cutting up vegetables to add to their meals. This product has really changed my life. It is so easy and my dogs love it. I know how important it is to add vegetables to my dogs' diet. They are much healthier since I have changed their diet to an all natural regime. Finding Veg to Bowl was great. It has nothing but vegetables, no filler of any kind. I love this product and this company. Dr. Harvey's products can be trusted no matter what you chose. I also use all of Dr. Harvey's treats for my dogs and for my cat.
218208218208B001B10WR8A2N2CXGM3N6OZIA. Smargon1141341273600great product cheaper elsewherei've been using Dr. Harvey's Veg-to-Bowl for about 6 months and my 2 dogs seem to love it. At least they eat it and finish most of what they get. A few words of wisdom. The product package says to let it rehydrate for 8-10 minutes. i have found this to not be enough time and really needs closer to about 20 mins or even longer. I like to put the hot water in upon waking up, walk the dogs and then have a cup of coffee when i get back and then feed them. It's about 20 minutes and enough time for the veggies to rehydrate. If they dont rehydrate completely they are harder, and while my dogs will eat them, you will see the undigested remains in their stool. I know, yuck, but hey it's just veggies. Sometimes I put the water in right before bed so when I wake they are fully rehydrated. Saves a little time in the morning. Last thing on the product, as much as I love Amazon, and I do, I get about 2-4 packages a week at times, their prices on this are MUCH higher than what i pay for it at Unleashed by Petco. I havent looked elsewhere for it but it's about $6 cheaper than the Amazon price. Not $6 off the retail price, the actual Amazon price. So for me it's a no brainer. Despite the convenience of home delivery, i'll walk the few blocks to my local store and buy the veggies there. If anyone from Amazon reads this, c'mon guys, you'er a big supplier, get with it and lower the price or this is one product i will continue to buy elsewhere.
218209218209B001B10WR8A358FWFJX9BB0GS. Betts "retired educational technologist wh...1131330300800veggies okI thought I would use this item a lot, but have not really gotten into it. I believe the best method woukd be to fix a large amount of mix and freeze in small serving size bags. I do recommend it though to supplement raw diets.
218210218210B001B10WR8A23UHUA27I0RPUTalya M. Bates "Travel, food and anime"1141329091200A good buyI bought this product to help my allergic Yorkshire Terrier. He would vomit or have diarrhea frequently with many of the name brand holistic and "quality" brands I found on the market. When I switched him to this brand not only did he not go through any of the usual sickness when switching but he immediately loved it. His lack of willingness to eat a brand is what instigates the switch. I would try to wait out the vomiting if it wasn't too bad as I did not know if it was from switching or allergies. Anyway, his appitite for the this brand is strong and his vomiting is almost completely gone. Outside of when he runs too much, has an asthma attack, and pukes.

One thing I must add is that because it is dried vegetables this product is best served the following day after mixing and adding meat. After I prepare enough food for about 3 days, the following day the vegetables are soft enough for my dog easily eat it. It takes much longer than the 8 minutes the website advertises. This is my only complaint, that they are not upfront about that. The food is quality as you control what your dog eats. I recommend it.
218211218211B001B10WR8AK3T7GM0QYLZVAngela0031348963200My dog is too pickyI'm only giving this two stars due to my dog being extremely finicky. I have a one and a half year old lab and he has been a picky eater since I brought him home at 8 weeks old. I tried this product because he suffers from chronic diarrhea and has skin and eye allergies. Unfortunately I cannot rate this product fairly because my dog stuck his nose up at it and walked away. I was hoping to find a miracle product that he would eat and aid with his issues. This product has many great reviews so I am very disappointed that I won't get a chance to try it out. Please note that my review is not negative against the product, but due to my dog being an extremely picky eater.
218212218212B001B10WR8A9GQR7CMQERSSKaren V. Stefanini "parrot lover"0051333238400Rexie likes these vegetables!I have read in many dog advisory articles that dogs should get 2 grams of protein per kilogram of weight per day. The instructions on the package would provide a 2-8 lb dog with 30 - 42 gms per day I believe. I called Dr. Harvey and he said that 2 grams of protein per kilogram of weight isn't enough to keep a parakeet alive and to give Rexie 3 - 4 ounces of protein twice a day.
218213218213B001B10WR8A2IYLMDQGBB4VGD. Jones "wyoairerescue"1231325980800Not a favorite of pupsSeems to be decent ingredients, tho I am not thrilled with the garlic or potatoes and pup doesn't like sweet potatoes, so sorted them out until I ground it to mix with her cooked meat. Wish this had a calcium supplement with it. I will continue to look for a pre-mix that has no garlic, no potatoes and hopefully a calcium supplement with it.
218214218214B005MOO8YIA57E0SSHBJBVJose R. De Jesus "Jay"2211327881600WORST QUALITY OF BRAZILIAN NUTS EVER..I usually buy Brazilian Nuts from,this time my wife decided to give me this 5 pounds for my birthday.
The shipping and delivery time was wonderful, but he quality of these nuts are the worst ones that I ever got, some those nuts are stale and 99% of bags are composed with nuts cut in half.
I don't recommend this product to anybody.
218215218215B000NAZQLAAKB1NK29ME964Roland Conde2251204848000DeliciousI use this often in my oatmeal in the morning, or occasionally in my tea. Very earthy taste, don't need to much to get it just right.
218216218216B000NAZQLAA1DJ4D9BDDRS9Wbstrue4551182211200Unusually GoodSeeking an alternative to sugar, I stumbled across information suggesting honey. Then, some quick research into honey led me to dark honeys--not available in the US--which also contain some healthy ingredients for humans. Honeydew honey is special even among the specialties, in this regard. And the taste, intriguingly exotic, is very, very good.
218217218217B000NAZQLAA2B5OI74EHGVH1Jane "jdeaton2"5731208044800New Zealand Airborne Honeydew HoneyThis honey has a rich depth of flavor and is very tasty. I like to use it in my hot tea. I was, however, disappointed in the container, which was plastic (I was expecting glass) and small (I was expecting a pint). Because of the very high shipping fee, I will not be ordering this item again.
218218218218B000NAZQLAA1W5BAOQS9GH55C. Rickard0051335484800Absolutely fantastic.There is no honey I have tasted that matches this. The is a depth of flavor without a great deal of overt sweetness.
218219218219B006HYMXW6AL1U0G76QDJX3paco011132753600010 pack in 1 box not 10 boxes...Buyer Beware! The wording is confusing - seems as if listing makes it seems like 10 pack - it is 10 packs inthe 1 box. These are less than half this price in the stores. Buyer Beware!
218220218220B003DKRC1YAEX6NEVN118OWEdward R. Price Jr.1141276300800sweet peach k-cupThe tea is a little stronger then I expected but it is good. I had to add sugar to the product but any body who likes an unsweetened tea will probably like this product without adding sugar.

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