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218221218221B003DKRC1YA3AU1O2F96P0ZRRuben Aguilar Jr.0031344816000Must tasteThis is very strong tea of hint of peach in the background but still a thirst quencher. I never seen this flavor in retail or food markets though.
218222218222B003DKRC1YA2T6J1XFG5O554J. C. Brown CSP0051324771200Peach Tea KeurigThis is among the most flavorful Iced Tea products we have found by any vendor for the Keurig systems K-Cups. Some of our friends enjoy this with one pack of Splenda over the ice then brew over it. Repeat buyer several times over.
218223218223B003DKRC1YA1C54TY4NR6JZ2Brad Brown0051279584000Love this teajust bought a Keurig Coffee maker and love this option. the tea is strong with a nice hint of peach and a slight sweetness.
218224218224B005LURDAYA5K6ERR8JNUMPJane Hettesheimer "avid reader and tv watcher"0121339027200Pop IcesWhen I received this product I notice that the box was wet. When I opened the box, I found that ten (10) of the Pop Ices had leaked.
There appears to be a good variety of flavors and since I only received them yesterday I have not tried any yet.
218225218225B005VOOOR0A14JEHIPKZXN9RJ. Weddle1151337990400deliciousMy family enjoys these mostly healthy snacks. Chocolate, nuts, and a true crunch YUM! They were shipped quickly and arrived very fresh.
218226218226B005VOOOR0A1JVX82JB2H4SConstitution 101 "The powers delegated by the...0051348185600Low carb/sugar and actually taste great!Only 14 carbs, 6 grams of sugar(high MALTOSE corn syrup not fructose), 10 grams of protein, actually tastes like chocolate/peanut butter=WIN!!!
218227218227B005VOOOR0A28J2SWLFS8Z5LGali0021348185600Rip OffThese taste pretty good, but let's be real, they are a glorified candy bar with unhealthy oils and next to no nutrients. And at this price, it comes to about $1.00 per bar. I would recommend waiting for a sale at the grocery store or choosing a healthier bar altogether. This is a rip off.
218228218228B000K6DVDMA3OI5NNRMDDCAGTony6631205366400They make great tea, but can't count.My wife and I love the tea and have ordered this product twice. Based on taste alone, the product gets 5 stars. So, why 3 stars overall?

The first package was short 3 bags, the last short by 1 bag. We love the tea and are willing to pay a premium for it. We do, however, expect to get what we pay for. We are trying to get Mighty Leaf to send us the missing bags or give us a credit. No word yet.

We suggest that you count your bags when you get the package to make sure that you're not getting short changed.
218229218229B000K6DVDMA3APOJL5NBH8H9RareReviewer1151211328000The wife LOVES 'em!2nd Mother's Day in a row and probably for everyone that follows! She finishes the all 108 in an unreal amount of time...
218230218230B000K6DVDMAN0DMNI0RWQWJMary Jean Bence1151206489600The Best Tea EVERI love this tea! It's whole leaves make such a difference. You can actually taste EVERYTHING.
218231218231B000K6DVDMA9WJCO7Z5P2QNMarie1151178928000AwesomeAmazing quality tea with a large variety of options. A must have for any tea-lover.
218232218232B000K6DVDMARNZS272L2RORGary T. Farr "Kim"1151178928000The Best Tea in the WorldI tried this tea while on vacation in Boston. I fell in love with it. When I got home I looked everywhere for it but had no luck. I gave up trying and my husband surprised me with the huge sampler box for Easter.
218233218233B0054M88JEAE4YY7QJ8B4O3Phyllis S0051350432000Love Simpli OatShakes!Simpli Oakshakes are simply delicious, healthy and a perfect addition to my smoothies or alone as an in-between meal snack. I had surgery that left me unable to eat solid foods, so I drink smoothies and soup for all my meals, and I need to get creative. I needed a healthy alternative for a snack in between the bigger calorie smoothies, or to add into a smoothie for extra healthy calories - this is it! It's smooth, tastes wonderfully chocolate, and because it's made with oats, fills me up more than just plain almond or rice milk. So happy to have found this product! And they always include a handwritten thank you note and a couple of samples of their other products with each order - I love this company! And now can't wait to try their coffee flavored oatshake.
218234218234B0054M88JEA1JAZYTVXH8XZUD. Dune0051346371200My family loves itSmooth, creamy, chocolaty and dairy free. We have to buy dairy free in my family do to dairy allergies. We haven't been able to tolerate most chocolate food items because of the dairy. This has been the first chocolate food item that has not hurt our stomach or intestines.
Here are the ingredients: Water, oat fibers, sugar, cocoa powder, rapeseed oil, tricalcium phosphate, carageenan, gellan gum, salt, Vitamin D.
The taste is sweet and creamy. Way better than chocolate milk in my opinion.
A little expensive, but I'm getting used to having to pay for the out-of-the-ordinary items I have to buy for an allergenic family.
218235218235B0054M88JEA2JFLYWG8LRFRTPaty Kay0051346025600Yummy!!We got a sample of this at the L.A.T.E. ride in Chicago. I grabbed one just because it said dairy-free and I have a young son with multiple allergies including dairy. Nobody was grabbing these because well it was the middle of a long ride and chocolate milk just isn't the first thing you think to quench your thirst. When I read through the label and saw my son may be able to have it, I decided to taste it to see if it was any good. I LOVED it, I let everyone in our group taste it and they said it was good and they definitely finished it off because whatever crappy gatorade type drink they had there was nasty. My son usually has to drink rice or coconut milk... And he's tried them all and we get his favorite but he just tolerates it with cereal, he would never just drink it alone. The sample (one 8.45 oz) that I brought him he liked! He's 3.5 and you have to remember he has never had milk before and he drank about half of it, little by little... It is sweet and creamy and has no oat grits like I was expecting it to have which is good for him. It has a thicker consistency than milk or regular nesquick but it's great. We all liked it so much I just spent $51 on 18 25.50oz. containers of it! It's expensive but I've had to spend $4.99 for RiceDream before because that's how much they wanted at Meijer that particular week, so for under $3 each I'll take the yummy chocolate oat shake.
218236218236B0007OPWWKA1KUCDLFSU6E6VAlohaMistress1121289174400DisappointingThis is an old-time favorite that I haven't been able to find since moving to WY.

It's disappointing to have gotten "irregulars"--stale, brittle nugget; faded (and spotty) dull chocolate coating, and semi-filled wrappers.

This candy bar should be pull-apart chewy and the dark chocolate coating should be just
that--dark and glossy. I'll order directly from maker next time; I'm not about to trust this company again.
218237218237B0007OPWWKA31I73TX539GHRArlene Karno "Finicky Feline"0051269043200are you crazy? keep a box of these handyHarder to find at the old corner liquor store
every day. Big Hunks, Lemon Heads, Chunkies,
but never any more Looks. Thank you Amazon!
I even gave a few away!
218238218238B000KR8QH2APQ8SS0IIAZFVvermontlover0051347667200Great SalsaThis salsa is Delicious. whenever we go to Lancaster Pa. we would always stock up. Now being available on amazon I will be able to eat more of it and order it here.
218239218239B0007OPWWAA58PH4TISI0ZPLa Cade "Virgie M Collier"1151142640000Long Boys CoconutI came upon the site by accident I am so glad I did i am from Louisianna and I grew up on theLon Boys since being in California half my life the Long Boys were our here then slowly you just did not se them anymore. Thank You
218240218240B0007OPWWAA3A2N910BEOIL8Miss Shopallthetimeonline0051310947200Take me back to New Orleans!!!!!!!!!!!Once we left New Orleans after the storm I try to find things from home that we enjoyed! Once I found these long boys! I loved ever bite!
218241218241B00850BMOAA6A0Q31L15HRAbout0051347062400Loved the coffee!Loved this! I purchased after reading the reviews on the other offered quantities. They had a great selection, all were in date and there were plenty of Bold for my husband and a mix of flavored for me. Several decalf, tea and cocoas. All were great and fun and I will buy again.
218242218242B0000D179VA2UPE7OTFZS84OThöm Frost4451248825600hotif you use the store bought chili powder be careful when using this one can get hot fast
218243218243B001HTKRWYAYQWJUNE09ZWEM. Pogue "Mrs. Pogadaeus"2251287273600EVEN MY HUSBAND WILL EAT IT!I've been an Annie's Naturals fan for a long while - we have an autistic child and she cannot eat anything with gluten or casein in it - which is present in many other salad dressings. She has a couple of favorites in the Annie's Naturals lines, and this is one of them.

Until I found Annie's dressings she liked and that were GF.CF, my daughter had gotten used to just eating salads with lemon juice and a little salt - adequate, but hardly fun or savory. I bought a bottle of the Roasted garlic and she really liked it over most every other kind of dressing, She asked for it specifically, when to other kinds she would say, "Noooooo!"

I love the taste - it is decidedly garlicky - so if you are not a fan of garlic stay away. but like roasted garlic should be, it has a sweetness to it that fresh garlic doesn't. It is savory and yet wonderfully mild. A very simple and classic taste - more like home made.

But my husband just stuck with his Sam's brand ranch dressing. Ranch on salad, ranch for dipping, ranch, ranch, ranch! That is, until he decided to try and lose some weight. So, he picked up the Annie's Roasted Garlic and he just went nuts for it! (And he's picky - well, that is to say, he loves ranch and not much else!)

So, now that you've got my husband sold, this product will always be found on our table.
218244218244B000UH7VRIA214RJ0BMHRUAKthamnosma0051235865600Unexpected flavorsI really love this stuff. Not your usual pasta sauce -- smoky, spicy, a bit hot and just wonderful. Can use it nicely with chicken as well.
218245218245B000XRYXWQA2FCBSNYGSVWCWfirst time cat owner7751275004800no more diarrhea!I adopted my 4 1/2 year-old brown tabby, a little more than a month ago. According to his medical history from the shelter, he'd had frequent diarrhea and they gave him deworming medicine which apparently made him throw up and still didn't fix the problem. They told me the problem will soon go away since he had been just treated, so i didn't worry about it too much and took him home with me.

The very next day, he had a very runny stool with dark blood spots at the end! Being a first time cat owner, I got scared and took him to the vet and she said his fecal exam result showed nothing out of ordinary and blood in stool is common for cats.I thought it would go away since I was starting to feed him good quality food, but it didn't.
I kept seeing blood and loose stools in his litter box and whenever he had normal poop occasionally, I would get very happy since it didn't happen so often. Oh, and he was one gassy cat!

I did my research and tried to put him on a raw diet but being a student, I just couldn't afford the time and the money. I heard canned food is better than dry, so I got him all-natural premium canned food but it didn't solve the problem.
I have to admit he didn't seem to like it at first. He LOVED the previous food, but he just sniffed at the new food and walked away. It took him a couple days to get used to eating it. It's been about a week and no more diarrhea!! He's had healthy, normal poop for a week and I haven't detected any gas from him!! I still give him the same canned food, but he mostly eats the Natural Balance dry food. He doesn't go crazy over it but he seems pretty content with it, so I can't complain! It's a big, I mean BIG, relief!
218246218246B000XRYXWQA26HEGFG11QZRGfirst5times4451268006400It works!I have to admit up front that it has only been a week since my two cats have started eating this food exclusively. I don't want to jinx it, but this food is amazing. I have a 9-year old and a 13-year old, both with extremely sensitive stomachs and can never find food that works for both of them. I've tried the super high-end natural food which was way too rich and greasy. I've also tried the low- to mid-range food like Science Diet, Iams, Nutro, and Purina...all sensitive stomach formulas, all with the same result - puke everywhere.

After trips to the vet, multiple food changes, trying wet food only diets, considering raw diets, I finally came upon Natural Balance Chicken and Pea formula. It was on sale at Petco, and so I got a small bag thinking if it didn't work, at least it wasn't an expensive waste. I was skeptical, but hopeful. Day 1, no puke. Day 2, no puke. Days 3, 4, 5...NO PUKE! I can't begin to tell you what a difference it has made! The best part is that they both WANT to eat this food. They will meow when their bowl is empty and get excited when they hear the kibbles hit the bowl.

If you have kitties with sensitive stomachs and feel like you've tried everything, I really recommend giving this a shot. It's very reasonably priced, has NO grains and is made for cats with allergies and sensitivies to fillers. Give it a try!
218247218247B000XRYXWQA16FIIK96Y4OH3bookcat2251312502400only food she will eatMy cat was adopted from Humane Society as an adult. She demonstrated signs of allergies by excessive grooming that created red bare spots. I moved her to a limited ingredient diet on suggestion of my vet, and it does seem to help. She has fewer times when she engages in this excessive grooming, and her fur is in much better condition. A major plus is that she will eat this food. I had tried previously to move her to other cat foods, including Blue Buffalo and Wellness Core without success. She has been on this food for about two years and is just back from her annual check up with good marks for her health.
218248218248B000XRYXWQAP3JZHR00VBNPTeresamew2251290988800Absolutely Fabulous Product!!!!My bottle feed kitten has suffered from loose or runny stools for his whole life after being weaned off the bottle. We have tried many high dollar foods and all types of sensitive stomach foods. After reading good reviews for this food I decided to go ahead and give it a try. No more loose stools within 2 days!!!! If only we had tried this product earlier. It is also important to me that my pet's food doesn't have corn fillers in it which this food doesn't. Science Diet lists it as one of the main ingredients in most, if not all, of it's foods. This product has been miracle for our baby!
218249218249B000XRYXWQAKQCYJ2AJQFN1Billychic1151321315200GREAT for Cats w/ digestive/allergy issues they love it
218250218250B000XRYXWQA21912ESG27IBAT. Steichen1151301961600Love itI bought this after seeing recommendations from people whose cats had digestive problems. My maine coon had the same problem and being long hair her soft stool issue wasn't pretty. Within days of feeding her this food wet and dry her problem stopped. Her poo does smell terrible but it's been like that with every good quality food she's had. In all I highly recommend this food to anyone who has a cat with digestion, loose stool issues.

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