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218251218251B000XRYXWQA10UWP6T47G9TRJ. Swearingen0051350864000Perfect for my allergic kittyAfter my cat developed some crazy skin allergies on top of an overgrooming issue, my vet suggested I try a strictly no-corn diet with an alternative protein (no chicken or beef.) This was one of the few foods I could find without any of those things & decided to give it a try. It has worked FABULOUSLY.

Her allergies have disappeared, her fur has grown in soft & thick and I've even noticed a reduction in the stink of her poo. I highly recommend to it anyone dealing with a super-sensitive kitty.
218252218252B000XRYXWQA10CV04MCRJWBILouisy0021346630400My cats do not like itWe just moved, and can no longer buy the trader joe's cat food our two cats love. I ordered this because of the great reviews and healthy ingredients, hoping it would help one cat's health. (He recently had an overnight stay in a vet's office because of tummy issues.)

Well, the first time I put it in their dishes, both cats just sniffed it and walked away. Later, one cat would take one in his mouth,then spit it out on the floor. These are cats who eat everything (including things they shouldn't) and get VERY excited for breakfast. Eventually, they stopped even walking toward their dishes when I poured more food in. One cat was barely eating anything. The other one (with tummy issues) suddenly became more interested in eating leaves tracked in the house. Finally, I broke down and bought them Purina One Indoor Advantage Cat Food, Hairball and Healthy Weight Formula, 7-Pound Bag at the store and they LOVE it. Plus the first ingredient is chicken (not chicken meal or by-product), not green peas. Right now they're eating half natural balance and half purina one, until they use up the bag.

I'm sure this is great healthy food, if your cats will eat it. I did notice that they have very healthy looking stools in the ole litter box when eating it (Gross, but important, I know. The things we do for our cats!)

Hope this helps another person who really loves her cats.
218253218253B000XRYXWQA3OTIR56OYMEILAllyM0041346284800Good alternative!One of my cats had food allergy. He vomited once to twice a week so my vet suggested to feed him Hill's Prescription Diet d/d - Duck & Green Pea Dry Food. It helped! My cat stopped vomiting but it didn't help my wallet! That particular dry food is extremely pricey (3.5 lbs for $24. Yikes!!) So I had to look for alternative. Nature Balance Green Pea & Duck is a great replacement and much cheaper (although not as cheap as I hope but I accept the fact that premium food cost more). The only downside is that it is not available in the stores near my house. Although it is convenient to order online but still, I like to be able to pick it up in the local store.
218254218254B000XRYXWQA210W09NDVQD77su z q "sme"0051344902400My kitty loves this food!!!This cat food was recommended by my vet for my slightly overweight, indoor kitty. She's now hooked on it & turns up her nose at other food, even the same brand canned. I had been buying it from my vet but it was a little pricy. So glad Amazon carries it at a good price & has free shipping. Takes most of the work out of feeding kitty.
218255218255B000XRYXWQA1JO1GD5JLWR2ECandy H. "sockmonkeychick"0051343865600Amazing cat food!My 10 year old tabby (Buttons) had started developing some serious skin issues. Her fur was thinning, she had scabs all over and she had a pretty gnarly case of dandruff. She was also throwing up in random places throughout the house. I found out she had allergies, we aren't sure to what exactly but decided to change her food. After spending hours researching and reading reviews online I decided on the Natural Balance Limited Ingredient food. Buttons had never had duck formula cat food so I decided to try it.
Its only been three weeks and the difference is remarkable! My 10 year old cat is running amok like a kitten again. She has more vigor, has stopped vomiting and is back to chattering at me and looking for attention. Her whole personality has went from crabby and subdued to kitten-tastic, purr machine ball of fun. Her scabs are healing, she's no longer constantly itching, her eyes are clear and her cat box isn't a disaster area any longer. Not to mention, she gobbles up the food. I noticed that she doesn't eat as much as well.
Bottom line: I have my cat back!
218256218256B000XRYXWQA2XM2JNT48HJAIS. Coker0051343606400My cat is doing great on this foodHe had developed allergies to something and just became miserable. The litter box was awful, his coat was falling out, constant gas and just began to look droopy, bumps on his stomach. I knew a trip to the vet would cost a lot so I decided after reading about this food to give it a try and it has been a true cat and money saver. He scarfed it down right away and the improvement started right away but now after a few months, he is super cat. His coat is gorgeous and the litter box has no smell I mean none and is much more solid. He never has gas now and always wants to play. It saved my cat from whatever was tearing at him and saved my wallet, after doing some quick math I made a trip to the cat toy section and gave him his cut.

This has really turned out to be a great product for me and my cat.
218257218257B000XRYXWQA4559I0YQXHWZsjab's mom0051341705600Great for my cat with allergiesOne of my cats has allergies and I am thrilled to have a food she loves and no more skin allergies!
218258218258B000XRYXWQA1DAFWS98LQD2Rmarriediimuzik "ilovehousemuzik."0051341532800My Cats Dig This.My cats totally dig this food. They gobble it up with no issue and wait for more. Great limited ingredients, complete nutrition you can feel good about feeding your cats.
218259218259B000XRYXWQA304YHUHCXGD87Melissa R. Addison0051330992000Cat with Allergies and this is a great foodMy cat has severe food allergies (allergic to grains (wheat, corn, etc) and beef and chicken. I put her in the duck and green pea first then got the salmon and green pea and mixed them and she is in kitty bliss - she eats this food, has good weight and NO ALLERGY ISSUES. Most pleased with the dry and canned products! This has been a life saver for my and my cat.
218260218260B000XRYXWQA1I2XAB5RSV5PGLaura0051329523200Great product!I adopted two kittens a year and a half ago, and one of them instantly showed signs of IBS. This food quickly fixed all of her symptoms. Not only that, but they are very healthy and slim. Others are always asking what I feed them because they have overweight cats, and I always recommend this. Miracle food!
218261218261B000XRYXWQA6DLE6CKQT12KVickie T. "Cat Maven"0051324857600Great ProductOther than taste preference, from my cat, haven't had a problem with her eating it. She doesn't like the Venison. But the chicken and duck, she devours. They are of the 'pate' consistency. My cat won't eat chunks. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product.
218262218262B000XRYXWQAK178FB53M8E0Paul Bozza "Electronics addict !!"0041295308800My cat loves it but.......My cat is a bit picky so I can say if he likes this, I would imagine most cats would like this. My problem is trying to find a food that he likes that doesn't make him have loose stools. Well, this isn't one of them. I gave four stars because he likes it and he doesn't vommit this stuff back up. Some foods he would eat, he would not tolerate well. This one he does just fine. But, the stool is the issue. Oh, and his diet is strictly dry food for your reference.
218263218263B000XRYXWQA3R9Q9WQ1M1NYZJ. Murrell0051291075200Great Cat Food.My cat suffers from a very very sensitive stomach. For months, she went though episodes of vomiting and diarrhea. We took her to the vet and tried different "sensitive stomach" foods, but nothing helped. This seems to be the only food that she can eat that will not bother her. She loves the taste of the food, she has stopped vomiting, no more diarrhea, and her coat is very shiny. The price is a bit steep, but it is a quality cat food. I would recommend this.
218264218264B000XRYXWQA35B8ZMAE909F5L. Malessa "Valley Mom"0051274659200It really does work!I was paying $70 for feline ZD. The last draw was when the vet told me I would have to bring the cat in for a physical in order to renew the prescription (it had been a year). So now, in order to continue paying for ridiculously priced cat food, I would have to spend an additional $60 office visit to get the prescription. Did some internet research and found this food. My cat has been on it for a a couple months and no allergic reactions. Her face use to swell and get puffy from normal cat food. So happy to be saving so much money, only wish I had done it sooner!
218265218265B000XRYXWQA1CIZ1YE8CL6XMMr. Ryan M. Lamar2511326672000Tainted food, Nov-Dec 2011I was a big fan of Natural Balance because of the grain free formula, small kibble pieces, and competetive price. That was until my cat became sick for a week and a $350 vet bill to determine the problem was this bag of kibble. It was easy for the vet to diagnose: I changed my cat's food out on Monday. By Tuesday, she was showing signs of nausea (non-social, lethargy, eating sparingly, licking her lips a lot). On Thursday, I took her to the vet. The vet said she had a fever and was nauseated. She recommended I swap out the food which I did that day. By Friday, she was showing signs of improvement, and by Saturday, she was back to her energetic self. If you are like me and are willing to buy quality food because you love your cat, please avoid this formula.
218266218266B000E7WM3WA3W1AR1J5Y86SNJustina Hayden101051155686400A Long time favoriteI've been buying this product for at least 10 years, and if they haven't changed it, it's simply fantastic. I add shrimps and baby corns and broccoli (sometimes a little cooked rice) and it's a super fast cold (or hot) weather meal in minutes. If you like Thai food, don't hesitate to try it.

When I find it, I always buy lots. I've just used my last packet since we moved to Canada, and I'm so glad to find it at Amazon.
218267218267B000E7WM3WA1Z7XV6JU0EV8MBarbara "Barbara"9951167868800Thai Coconut Ginger Soup"WOW"...My first time to try Thai Coconut Ginger Soup, I'm Hooked! This is really good, and so easy. I made it with chicken, added some precooked rice, a few mushroom slices, a can of chicken broth, and a can of coconut milk...The flavor is so good and rich. There are 12 packets with 2 packets of soup base mix in each one, for a total of 24.
218268218268B000E7WM3WA14EJ2J2D1MT67kcita4451196553600makes tasty easy soupI love this soup in the winter! i use lite coconut milk, cilantro and bamboo shoots in addition to the recipe on the back of the packet. 20 minutes to super delicious soup!
218269218269B000E7WM3WA2ZIF718W4OWSFAngela Asbury "crimsontoll"3311299801600Very dissapointing!I love Tom Ka soup, but this mix is not right. I highly recommend the "lobo" brand tom ka paste!
218270218270B000E7WM3WAMDMOLW27PYKDSharonG1233351288483200This is a wonderful tasting soup - easy to make and so good!This is a wonderful tasting soup - easy to make and so good! I couldn't find it locally and one of my stores offered to order it, but never did. Then someone suggested Amazon. Yum yum! It was cheaper at Amazon and I sign up for the autodelivery so I will never run out!
218271218271B000E7WM3WARENGZFNYZUK0Anonymous "wisher"2251235692800Yum!Being very picky about my Thai food, I was a bit skeptical of this "instant" product and was prepared to tweak it quite a bit. However, to my surprise, it did not need tweaking: Just add your own chicken, coconut milk, and broth, and you've got a VERY passable Tom Kha Gha!
218272218272B000E7WM3WA1FXKG0OCA8Q11Stephen K. Martin2251214092800Pretty authentic great tasting soupI love this product- been using it for 10 years now. Very flavorful soup mix and very authentic, if you've ever had the real thing at your favorite Thai restaurant. Quick and easy to make. Add some straw mushrooms or spinach leaves and green onions to the soup to jazz it up a bit. I also like it spicy so I put in some thai chili paste. Yum!
218273218273B000E7WM3WA32ABJ57CKY78DB. Godfrey "BarbaraG"2251198281600Wonderful!This soup mix is quick and easy with the flexibility to use as reccemmended or add any leftover veggies, rice or noodles for a heftier soup. As soon as someone in the house starts to come down with a cold, I make this up. It really helps with congestion (it has a little 'kick') and is a great comfort soup as well.
218274218274B000E7WM3WA28DA4HNDPAGHKC. Quinn1141327708800lovely soup, less lovely rice dishThis soup base does indeed make a lovely coconut ginger soup, and is much faster and easier than trying to make it from scratch. I was intrigued by the instructions for making this into a rice dish, but thought the results were underwhelming. While the soup has a wonderful flavor, the rice dish was rather bland and disappointing. Still, I bought this to make soup, and do love the soup it makes so 4 stars.
218275218275B000E7WM3WA1GCIKCWCY4FSIMelanie Moncrieff1151294444800Thai soupI love this soup, we use the recipe on the back of the package, and I add a container of sliced button mushrooms and a package of rice noodles, cooked. I make this at least twice a month. I usually use both packets in the package, and double the recipe.
218276218276B000E7WM3WA2GEZJHBV92EVRHistory buff0051346112000So criminally Good!!I used this as an experiment to make potato soup. I added cooked potatoes,veggies, mushrooms & coconut milk. Ooohhh so good & smooooth. Whenever I make it now I have to make a big batch because everyone wants 2-3 bowls!! Be creative.
218277218277B000E7WM3WA12CH6V0JYWOK7A. Peters "Maine"0051340409600a favoriteThis is a favorite with our family. I got a package of this years ago and then gradually it became harder to get at the local grocery stores. It keeps well so was worth getting a lot of it to have on hand. The blend of ginger, coconut milk and the spicy flavors is really a winner.
218278218278B000E7WM3WA2UXMRA9PNL7L0MaryAllenNC "MaryAllenNC"0051331251200So good, so easy!Can't believe how good this is! Just got it a few days ago and have already made it twice. Very easy. Added cilantro and it is close to my favorite Thai restaurant Tom Ka Gai! We will keep this on hand.
218279218279B000E7WM3WA190Z0NI22R5I4David Nightingale "Repent The End is Here, or...0041330300800A love you long time classic!Heh, I started buying this soup in the mid 90s. Then like many, I started using it as more of a base, to then expand upon. Suddenly, I could not find it in any of my local grocery stores. I feared that it had been discontinued.

I am very happy to find this here today! Now I can show my new wife just how good my super duper coconut ginger soup can be!
218280218280B000E7WM3WA3ORUO8RT0QU9ECherie Friend0051326499200Versatile and delicious soup baseSeveral years ago, my local grocery store carried this soup base. I can no longer find it locally, so was delighted to find it for a resonable price at Amazon. My family and guests love it.

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