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218372218372B000H27KYAA3HGDYTORDT68SAnne B. Lewis01411168560000oopsWe have not received this as of yet. It is expected to be shipped in February.
218373218373B003QI7QDMA21LMBT8OZKUJXSparky02101051302739200Oh, Beautiful Sweetness!I did not purchase La Chinata's Sweet Smoked Paprika from Amazon, but I have tried this product. In short, I can only say it is beautiful. It's like a soft silk caressing the tongue. It imparts a smokey flavor that is enhanced by the unique flavor of Paprika, only this paprika is one of the best I have ever tried. There is more depth to it as it hits every surface of your tongue. Goes well on many things, though in my household we prefer it on fish with color, such as salmon. This also goes well on white-meat chicken, adding flavor to an otherwise rather flavorless meat (just a side note: organic, free-range chicken is always more flavorful than prepackaged, frozen, "housed" chicken). Though this paprika is sweet, it is great for savory dishes. I highly recommend trying it!
218374218374B003QI7QDMAN17KNMHILGHBMelissa Mcnab "Melissa"5541326153600Awesome SpicesThis Sweet Smoked Paprika from Spain is really smoky and sweet. You can really taste the difference than those spices in the grocery store. No comparison. It really brings alive the taste of anything you put it on. I will buy this product again.
218375218375B003QI7QDMA1NCCWFXM0W77XA. Simons5541323216000Wonderful flavorI have used this in several dishes and the smoky flavor really comes through. The only problem I had is that I couldn't open the lid. I had to use a can opener to get it to work. I would buy it again.
218376218376B003QI7QDMARO42EM85I9LDNancy Crider5551319846400The best spice in my cabinet!This is a great rub for chicken and beef or any meat. Bought this because started a diet plan and was omitting sauces and gravies. You will never miss them with this sweet smoky perfection. Just saute meat in a little olive oil and use this with salt and garlic. Like a 4 star restaurant!! Love it in my homemade veggie soup brings it to life.
218377218377B003QI7QDMA2KMIWIJCZR6HWT. Brewer "Creativeminded"3351325203200Love, Love, LoveHad been watching Food Network shows and kept seeing Smoked Paprika, but had not found any in our local stores. We now use this on almost all meats. Absolutely love the flavor.
218378218378B003QI7QDMAYSE1PV810RY1Amy Rosaaen-McDonald "BuddhistWarrior"1151342742400Not your grocery store paprikaThis is the first paprika I have used that didn't come from the grocery store, so those products are my only frame of reference. That being said....WOW!! What an amazing flavor. I was not aware what paprika was capable of on the palette, until now. I added about a quarter teaspoon to a small pot of fresh picked Lima beans, quartered tomatoes, a hock bone and a tablespoon of Grey Poupon mustard. I can only say that I wish I had made more for next day leftovers!!

Smoky, slightly sweet and sooo delicious. Can't wait to try it in other dishes. Also looking forward to trying the other paprikas in this line.
218379218379B003QI7QDMA29PFH92WZ1FC9Patrick M. Miller0041345420800Nice balanceThis product has a nice balance of color granulation and smoky flavor. It arrived fresh and the tin appears to keep it that way.
218380218380B002R7ZPX6A9VHTNTERYH1JDavid M. Gomez0051302048000My wfie and I love this java!A local cafe by our house brews Cafe Rojas and let us in on that fact. We still go to our cafe but enjoy waking up to our Cafe Rojas at home. This coffee is smooth and offers a great blend flavor. Im not going to describe the taste because I dont want to hear myself sound fancy... I would just recommend this brew to you!!!
218381218381B002R7ZPX6A3ESW5ZLG53OEUTam0151293062400Very good cold brewed coffee or coffee concentrateThis is very good coffee when making cold brewed coffee (i.e. 1/4 lb coarse ground coffee + 2.25 cups filtered water sits overnight, then strain through a mesh strainer; serve 1 part coffee concentrate to 2 parts milk or water).

It has a good flavor and is not bitter. Surprisingly, I actually prefer this to the more expensive Stumptown coffees.
218382218382B002R7ZPX6ANSPYN8OOXLXPDevin A. Breeding0151288828800Flying JThey sell Boyds Coffee at my local Flying-J and this flavor is by far the best coffee I've ever had. It is the only coffee I can enjoy with no added sugar or cream.
218383218383B002R7ZPX6A3BTPL464TDPH2M. J. Zimmerman0151276646400Maybe the best ground coffee everI received a complimentary package of Boyd's Organic Rojas ground dark roast with a new coffee maker that I received as a gift. I think it is the best tasting ground I have ever tasted. This is the only coffee that can pull me away from my morning double espresso. As rich and full-bodied as I imagine anyone could want. Purchasing through Amazon (free shipping) gave me the best price.
218384218384B002R7ZPX6A247N59DY7NAGKRobert1351291248000Great CoffeeI ordered this coffee on a whim, what a find it is has been. The taste is most excellent: bold, powerful and smooth. I now get it via subscribe and save as it is my main coffee and it helps to save a few dollars along the way. I drink about 2-3 cups a day so taste for me really is a factor. If you enjoy a strong cup of coffee, you cannot go wrong here. Never heard of Boyd's before this, it is an average price for "middle class" types of coffee, but in my opinion better than almost anything that big corporate machine in the Northwest is turning out. Hope this helps....thank you Boyds
218385218385B002R7ZPX6AGTO21BHY08LFscottls1 "scottls1"0221291939200Boyds Coffee 100% organic doesn't taste very good...Like other reviewers- The best restaurant coffee I've ever had was Boyds brewed in a commercial Bunn machine-
This isn't the same coffee, and doesn't taste that good (no date on the bags...!?).

I usually grind my own organic beans, and was looking for a "good" pre-ground organic for when I'm in a hurry.
I also tried the Maxwell House 30% organic, and it wasn't that good either.

I guess I'll order some more of my favorite Cafe Altura Dark Peruvian whole beans Cafe Altura Organic Coffee, Peruvian Dark, Whole Bean, 32-Ounce Bag .
218386218386B004AH6NBYA1AUVLXU2XWNJ1Alexis0051345852800Great ChewThe chews arrived yesterday. Today, they are all gone. My kids loved these, but I wish they were rolled thicker like the rawhide. :)
218387218387B004AH6NBYABDV68HULVMHNKaren0051300492800Love it!My Shelties love Wholesome Hide Pork Roll! Once I give them a new one, they spend days finishing them off, and the rolls are something they spend time with every day. Me, I like them because they are made in the USA and chemical and disease free. Excellent choice for our canines.
218388218388B0001J1ZCMAY133JOM8KP4ZManuel Wanskasmith1141112745600Boozy and GoodThese salty jumbo olives are great in a martini or even by themselves. Once I started eating them I couldn't stop. They do add a LOT of olive and vermouth taste to your drink, so use sparingly and drain the excess juice.
218389218389B0001J1ZCMAJ7WN51MTJW8Lhwsnow "hwsnow"0051168300800Fantastic!We can't make a martini without these olives! They are the best! if you like a dry martini, there's really no need to add any vermouth if you use these olives.
218390218390B004WL4C6QA1YS1WUB8OWHJJMichael M.3351332633600A Fortunate FindI bought these cookies as a gift. It took only four days to have them delivered. I was very pleased with the product! Each cookie is individually wrapped and the cookies were fresh and had that wonderful crisp to compliment that classic fortune cookie flavor. Do not be discouraged by the price! These fortune cookies are ABSOLUTELY worth it! The only down-sides to this product are that (1) they do not come in the box pictured on the Amazon page (they come in the brown cardboard delivery box with "fortune cookies" printed on it) and (2) a portion of the cookies are damaged (however this was expected when ordering anything this fragile). Overall, an excellent buy. I would recommend these to anyone looking for fortune cookies!
218391218391B004WL4C6QA1WSSL9R8YQ158David0031338681600Different brand shippedI received Golden Bowl cookies. This is a different brand than specified in the ad. . . . . .
218392218392B001QQDH6GAK3SUUL1WSM7Gcarobonly "rosered"2251262131200carob browniesThis mix is very good. I liked these brownies better than those made with chocolate. Thanks Barry Farms for making this mix!
218393218393B003X05R2KAIE0SRG9CHELPD. Romero1151295308800Delicious butYou can get a 14.5 oz bag at Costco for $6.99. This 3.5 oz bag is overpriced at about $9.00!
218394218394B005C3IVMEA1RQLAQPJI3AH6Bill6751319587200Andersons Maple SyrupIm so happy I can finally get My Andersons Syrup on now. This syrup is so good and tasty You hardly use any at all. I found out about them when they sponsored Ron Hornaday's NASCAR Truck. Thanks to them for supporting auto racing and having a great product. I ordered a couple of other little things I needed and got Free Shipping. Im going to order more for presents for Christmas. Buy Yourself a present and get some of this fine product.
218395218395B005C3IVMEAH7YKAODEBN7Jedward gonzalez2241340928000Just Right.I like this stuff it just seems to have the right balance. Its not overbearingly sweet and not too mild or watered down either. It has a sweet yet mellow taste and is very light. It just works.
218396218396B005C3IVMEA22TPYVN5S3JLMChaoGirl3451342224000New favorite syrupMy husband and I have tried myriad brands of pure maple syrup over the past two years, but Anderson's is now our favorite! The taste is exceptional: mild but rich, "mapley" but not sickeningly sweet. After my first order, I tried going back to another organic brand we've frequently used, but the difference in taste was too noticeable. So back to Anderson's we went... Both orders have been delivered promptly, and I love that we're supporting a family business while we're at it!
218397218397B005C3IVMEA2HCEWRGKDPN9Pwolfie0031351209600Quite sugaryI bought this maple syrup to save a little money versus an organic grade A maple syrup available on I do notice a difference in taste, this one is more sugary and has a less complex taste. It might not matter to you if you're not a maple syrup connoisseur.
218398218398B005C3IVMEA20GBNGSRX4N6XLauri0051328054400Pancakes, bacon, and ANDERSON's.... nummy.We love it at our house. We got it for a gift a few years back and haven't bought any other kind of syrup since! You won't be disappointed!
218399218399B005C3IVMEA8KJ7FKTBI0RHBrenda1251326326400Yummy!!Definately the best Pure Maple Syrup I've had. It's my favorite on pancakes and my husband LOVES it on his vanilla ice cream. It's also nice to be able to support a family owned business.
218400218400B002UTCI2MA3HBRFMRD034J0Zoya212251278720000Good stuff!I did a lot of reading on cat food after my picky Siamese mix started losing weight slowly since she refused to eat anything my local grocery stores offered, including the more expensive brands. No matter how much I seemed to spend on what passes for "regular" cat foods she looked terrible.

It is definitely a dense food, but that just means I fill up the bowl less often - usually once a day, down from two or more when my younger cat was eating constantly because the food I gave them had so little real food in it! From the way my cats' condition has improved, it appears to be a very healthy food as well. I saw the difference in my Siamese mix's coat less than a week after switching from what was basically fish flavored corn cereal to this - her coat is shiny again and she has definitely gained back some weight on Blue Wilderness. My cats will push each other out of the way to have the first bite after their bowl is empty. My picky eater even eats Blue Wilderness kibble straight from the floor if it's given as a treat.

I have tried several other "holistic" and "real food" cat foods, but this one is definitely the most preferred by me ( makes it very affordable compared to my local pet stores) and my two cats. I am happy to have found a somewhat reasonably priced, nutritious cat food - most cat foods belong in the cereal aisle or are so expensive that I would probably have to sell my car to afford them. Blue Wilderness strikes a nice balance.

When I got my new kitten recently (that makes three cats total now), I noticed that Blue Wilderness is now making a kitten formula of this food (not yet available on Amazon.) I picked some up at a local Petsmart for the new arrival. This food must have a good reputation outside of my own opinion, because when I told my vet what I was feeding my kitten, he put away a free sample of a lesser quality "vet recommended" food he had offered me without another word.

I have tried many other grain free foods over the last year or so and Blue Wilderness is still my go-to food. I've never had any issues and my cats enjoy both the bagged and canned varieties. It's nice that it has a lot of flavors to rotate through so that they don't get bored.

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