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218401218401B002UTCI2MA3AET7DYGI4I8GPouty Princess131351283731200Great food for active cats!I have three very active ferals that I tamed as kittens. They are indoor/outdoor cats and very active. One of them was throwing up his food a lot and the vet suggested it might be the grain products in the food I was feeding them. I switched to Wilderness "Duck" flavor and they loved it - and no more sick kitty! The only thing is it has a very strong smell for a dry cat food. Not too bad, but you might try a small bag to see if you can live with the smell. I also tried the salmon flavor - One thing I noticed about the Blue Buffalo "Wilderness" salmon flavor is that it did not have the same pungent smell as the duck flavor "Wilderness" food. So I liked that! However, the kitties did not attack the salmon variety with the same gusto that they dug into the duck flavor "Wilderness" dry food. All in all, this is a good dry food that is great if your kitty has a sensitive stomach.
218402218402B002UTCI2MA2QSGUY7QYXCFMA. Murdoch131351271548800My cats love this foodI first purchased this food because I really try to avoid buying cat food products that have a lot of carbohydrate filler or use low grade animal byproducts and it seems the ingredients of the food are really healthy. I was pleasantly surprised by the extent to which my cats LOVE this food. If I leave an unopened bag around, they will even try to eat through the bag to get at it. They are indoor cats, but this food really seems to agree with them. My cats don't really get hairballs anymore, their coats are shiny, and they seem to have more energy (are more playful) since I switched to this food. For whatever reason, they like this duck flavor (green bag) of food better than the blue bag formula, when given the choice.
218403218403B002UTCI2MAGRG9K65FCCWGShopping Mom "Carol"101051304985600Great food for my senior kittyI have a 15 year old American Short Hair who a few years ago spent 3 days at the vet b/c he could not stop vomiting. Every test was run and he was sent home - but still throwing up! I decided to hit the internet and realized his diet was probably making him sick. All those years, I thought I was feeding him a healthy diet. I really think as he aged he could no longer tolerate the grain in his kibble. I switched him to Wellness Core, and I noticed an immediate improvement in his stomach sensitivity. Recently, I decided to try Blue Buffalo Grain Free mainly for my convenience (I had to drive across town to find Wellness Core) not really expecting to find something my cat liked better just something comparable. Wow! He loves the BB Wilderness! He doesn't have any stomach sensitivity and he looks leaner and spryer! I hear him crunching on it right now! Another plus - it doesn't stink to high heaven like the Wellness Core - the fish smell was enough to knock you over. I am grateful to have found the Wellness Core and it definitely improved my cat's health, but Blue Buffalo is a great product as well. If your kitty is vomiting a lot, try changing him to a grain free high quality food. It made a world of difference in my ol' kitty's life. Why isn't diet the first thing vets tell you to try? In hindsight, I feel bad it never occurred to me b/c really why are we feeding our animals food made out of corn?
218404218404B002UTCI2MAPKRM27FLPSOVEleanore O. Nary8851288137600It's all about the IngredientsThe first three ingredients of any kibble pet food should be meat, and meat that is relevant to the animal eating it. And this food delivers that, with no repeats: Deboned Duck, Chicken Meal, and Turkey Meal. While the last two products are "Meal" meaning that they may contain bones, feathers, feet, or egg shells, however a whole pressure cooked chicken is much better than the corn and gluten based food that most out there are. Right now we have six cats in the house ranging from 3 months to ten years old (four are fosters), and all of them eat and love the Blue Wilderness Duck cat food. And another plus; for all six of our cats it has almost eliminated cat box odor created by fecal matter.

I highly recommend this food.
218405218405B002UTCI2MADVLRJS633OTDSusanna Hutcheson "Copywriting for the Discri...5551332201600It's curing my diabetic catMy cat was recently diagnosed with diabetes. I searched everywhere and talked to everyone about food. This food stood out from all the rest. So, I bought it. He loves it and has gained about two pounds - a good thing as he'd gotten too skinny. But, the good news is, he's coming off the insulin. Today the vet took him from three units to two and said he's probably going to be able to come off because of this diet.

So I can and do highly recommend this to you for your cat. If you're lucky enough to have a non-diabetic cat, do feed it to your fur babies. Diabetes is a horrible thing and expensive to treat as well as frustrating and hard on the pet parent and the pet. If you feed this food, it's likely your pet will never get diabetes.

I generally buy it at PetSmart of PetCo. You can get a coupon for $5 off on the Blue Buffalo website. But wherever you get it, get it.

UPDATE: Today my vet said I could take the cat off insulin. And I thank this great food for that. Hopefully he won't get it again. Be sure and tell your vet if your cat is on this food and it has diabetes because it may change the amount of insulin it is given and how its monitored.

-- Susanna K. Hutcheson
218406218406B002UTCI2MA1I9MRXUIEKWF1S. Shahjahan5551308873600Excellent food. Highly recommended!I have two cats. One cat has been overgrooming for a few years resulting in a bald stomach and legs, not to mention hairballs. The vet thought it might be a food allergy or anxiety and suggested that I experiment with different foods. The other cat has a sensitive stomach and would throw up a couple times a week. None of the foods I've tried over the past year seemed to make any difference. It never occured to me to try grain free food until it was mentioned in a Tidy Cat Breeze review I was reading (another highly recommended product - I love it!). I purchased this food a couple weeks ago and not only has the puking stopped, but my cat's hair is already starting to grow back. This food is definately worth the price!
218407218407B002UTCI2MAMKYYKDURTGEMJenny4431301443200cat will not eat the small kibblesI have tried two different kinds of B.B. cat food, because the ingredients really sold me. But my cat keeps not eating the small kibble part of the food, it's suppose to be the antioxident part. It just got to wasteful and I finally switched to another brand. I tried the dog food too and my dog does the same thing or he drops the small pieces all around his bowl. I wish they would just mix the small pieces in with the other larger ones. Jenny
218408218408B002UTCI2MA330HOATBTK10Pkodon3351306886400Great cat food worth the priceOur kitties had issues with cat food from the store, so our vet recommended Blue Buffalo. Since I have started feeding them the grain free recipe, neither one has gotten sick. I will be buying Blue Buffalo exclusively from now on.
218409218409B002UTCI2MA202FL2VAJS6AMNadia "Nadia"7951289347200EXCELLENT BUTThis product is indeed excellent. I talked to a rep at the store, and she said this product helps keep the the digestive tract clean by quickly sending impurities out of the body. It has real duck and some blueberries and cranberries--not just pumace of these fruits like some other brands. This product contains lots of good things. I have bought it several times and my kitty really loves it. My only gripe are the lifebites that she has a tendency to spit out. These lifebites contain vitamins & antioxidents--they are a wonderful source of extra nutrition--the reason I buy this food. Your cat might have some problem getting used to eating these. I only wish they would incorporate the whole nutrition package into one single morsel--not have these separate from the rest of the food. I don't know if this is a business decision (for taste reasons or nutrition reasons--they are in fact cold-pressed). (I have no idea if all the other morsels are cold-pressed.) I don't know the true wisdom behind this decision to keep what are in the lifebites separate from the other morsels. Maybe there is a good reason, maybe not. I tried to e-mail the company and have gotten responses, but they seem to be avoiding my main question--besides the vitamins--what is in these lifebites that my cat may be missing? Are there blueberries & cranberries--the color is darker than the rest of the food. I would love for my cat to eat blueberries or whatever extra they put in these lifebites--besides the vitamins. Where are the blueberries or cranberries? Are they in the regular morsels or in the lifebites?

(Note: dated 3/30/11: The total list of lifebits ingredients are listed on their website. My frustration remains the same. I only wish they would make these lifebits even MORE tasty than the rest of the food. The idea is very good, but the reality is frustrating. It seems that the Chicken package rather than the Duck package has more lifebits. This has been my experience only and may not be totally accurate.)

You can try mixing a tad of warm water into the food to make some good broth & help bring out the aroma. Try warming up cold water in a pan. (Warm water straight from the tap might have lead if your pipes are prior 1978 & warm water has much more lead than cold water.) Try mixing the lifebites with some tantalizing food. These are suggestions to make your cat get the full nutrition package.
218410218410B002UTCI2MA15RT5XOD85Q29Atlantic Aviator2251297814400No more cat dandruff!Our cat had a greasy coat on regular cat food, but after changing to BBW and tuna, his coat now is glossy and free of the disgusting dandruff. Our whole house benefits from low carb nutrition--the way we evolved to eat. Especially prey animals like cats and dogs.
218411218411B002UTCI2MA16PLJVBJMPRFXL. Rapier "Cargoyle"2251296172800Good Cat FoodA friend advised me to get Wysong food, but the packaging was pretty inconvenient and I didn't seem to notice any difference in my cat's behavior. She also threw up from the dried pheasant stuff. I did try the blue bag of Blue Buffalo Wilderness before and didn't really notice anything either (btw I think having a sales rep in the store is kinda rude). But now having tried the duck formula after reading reviews on different foods, Shaneekwa definitely seems to be more active. She never used to run around jumping and playing like this. I'll be sticking with this one.
218412218412B002UTCI2MA3ECVBQ4HLDQX3Heavne1151339027200Definitely worth the price!I must say, I've tried every kind of cat food in the book. Previously feeding my cats cheaper brands, such as Kitty Caboodle/ Friskies/ etc, I would alternate to other brands such as Iams and Purina Beyond. I have two cats, (a 4 year old tuxedo "Bud" that I adopted as a kitten from the NE Humane Society, and an 8 year old orange/white tiger "Sally" that I adopted from my sister in law). My tuxedo can eat anything & everything and it never seemed to matter, I could literally change his food every single day to a different brand and he would eat it without a problem, it was only after I adopted my tiger I noticed she wouldn't stomach any of the brands I would buy. Figuring she had a sensitive stomach, I switched foods more gradually & stuck to what I thought were higher quality brands. Nothing worked. I did some research and was horrified that I had been feeding my cats basically nothing but fillers with minor meat ingredients. I'd seen Blue on the market, but due to my financial situation at the time I couldn't manage to continuously buy it and stay within my means. Recently I've been able to afford Blue and purchased a small bag to give it a trial run with my kitties. Boy am I glad that I did. This is the only food both of my cats have been able to accept without any issues. I was also kind of worried about the Lifesource bits, thinking Sally wouldn't eat them, but she did. :) Both of my cats fur is so much shinier and they have a lot more energy. I've also noticed that they don't eat nearly as much of this in their shared food bowl over the course of the day, which I'm assuming is due to it being grain free/ no fillers. I definitely recommend this product 100%. I've given my cats both the Chicken & Salmon flavors and they've liked both. They will also eat the wet canned food as well. (Which rocks because I try to feed them both wet & dry, and it's usually hit or miss with canned food) My cats are worth the price of this food if it keeps them healthy & happy. :)
218413218413B002UTCI2MA1XVP5FE3K8U9WKerri1151331164800Happy Cat, Happy OwnerI adopted a young cat and was feeding Purina Cat Chow. My cat would eat and eat and EAT and then beg to eat more. She was eating the dog's food. She had a lot of gas and freakishly large bowel movements for a 7lb cat. After doing some research I decided to switch her to a higher quality food and see how she adjusted. We are at the end of our second bag of Blue Buffalo Duck recipe cat food. My cat has more energy (oh joy :P), her gas is non-existent now and her poo looks like it came from a cat not an elephant. On top of that her coat is glossier, she doesn't eat the dog food anymore and I feed her much less than I used to. This food costs an arm and a leg, but you get what you pay for. Good nutrition isn't cheap. McDonald's vs Whole Foods.
218414218414B002UTCI2MA1N50J3LLTV9TYDaniel Granados1141328832000Great foodI switched to this from wellness since it is a bit cheaper. The wellness was a little more moist out of the package and kept my cats full with slightly smaller servings. This may be due to the lack of filler and more protein in the blue buffalo wilderness. I'm guessing the bag sitting in amazon's warehouse probably isn't quite as fresh as the one in a high volume pet store, thus this was just a little more dry. Mixed with water or cod liver oil this is wonderful in treating my cat's dandruff.
218415218415B002UTCI2MAXV18SQFZWN09M. Cheung1141317340800THe bestCompared a lot of cat food and their philosophy on cat food, We love Blue wild. My cat put on many pounds for no reason, and after we switch to blue. Her weight is down, more energy and more playful. She looks so pretty now!
218416218416B002UTCI2MA2HUCQZYML09TVCarolyn1141310428800Good High Protein Cat FoodThis is the only high protein / low carb dry cat food my cats will eat. It's no grain which helps with their allergies. Extra points for implying that this will bring out my kitty's inner Lynx.

If only they could invent no carb dry cat food! Until then my cats are living large, eating duck twice a day.
218417218417B002UTCI2MA35N0EICBY7X8JCynBio1151304121600FIV rescue loves it!I recently adopted an FIV+ cat, and have read that a high-protein, high-vitamin diet is important for them. This guy was on Taste of the Wild before, so I've offered him that, CORE Wellness, and Blue Wilderness Duck. It took him about 48 hours to decide that he liked the Blue much more than Taste of the Wild. So there you go, 1 out of 1 FIV+ blue Russian rescue cats prefer Blue Wilderness Duck. Go figure. :)
218418218418B002UTCI2MA194OCP49BPKNJimbo "Jimbo"1151290211200Cat goes nuts, eats moreMy 5 month old kitty just loves this food, eyes are clearer and bluer and coat is so soft. Kitty is noticeably more active, today it discovered it could open cabinets. It only has 40% protein, debating on buying more of this or try Core 80% protein. Cats in the wild eat mostly protein.
218419218419B002UTCI2MACNVGR0IB323YElena0031350950400Blue wildernessAbsolutely love the ingredients in this food but worried that after opening the bag I found very sharp bone fragments in some food pieces...what's worse, after about two weeks I noticed my cats having severe constipation. They never had these problems before. I think I will try the indoor version of this cat food and hope the extra cellulose fiber will help.
218420218420B002UTCI2MA1CKQ3YNAQN59JLisa G. Leitz0051346457600Excellent for skin allergies--and they like it!I have a healthy adult cat that develops terrible scabs on his back if he's on food with grain in it. He likes this stuff and it prevents the skin allergies from flaring. If you have a cat that seems really itchy and uncomfortable, you might try a grain-free diet for a few weeks and see if it makes a difference! I like that this brand packages their food in a foil-lined bag--I think it helps it stay fresher and more palatable.
218421218421B002UTCI2MA33TTM8GBNN1P0Anna0051346371200Kitties used to chicken, but soon learned to love zee duck tooI have one diabetic cat and one with impending renal problems: so, opposite dietary requirements. This food I figure is best dry food I can get to compromise...I'm no vet but both cats thriving and I supplement with real meat and wet food daily.
218422218422B002UTCI2MA1KRYZW13V44HJKandice N Daniels0051345075200cat loves it!I noticed that my 2 year old cat was not eating that much of the science diet so based on the reviews I went out and bought the 2 pound bag of this flavor. My cat like it. She eats a lot more since the switch the antioxidant pieces and all. Coat was dull before but now has a shine.
218423218423B002UTCI2MA29FFT26RF63YXJule Kijek0051333584000Simply THE BESTI did a bit of research on cat food when my senior cat started to throw up her food. I found out that grain is not the best thing for a cats digestive system. Now both of my cats are on BB Wilderness. We toggle between the duck, salmon, and chicken and they love it all. I add several cans of the BB canned food per week and all is right with the world now. It IS a bit pricey but well worth it.
218424218424B002UTCI2MASCRQHC3W383YHappycatz0051331596800High quality food - well accepted by my catsMy 9 cats range in age from 6 months to 15 years. Several are show cats and I breed the occassional litter. I have been feeding BB Wilderness Duck and/or Chicken for the past couple years as 80 percent of my cats diet. They all love it and their coats are great. I have one cat allergic to fish so do not use the salmon diet, but he seems able to tolerate the small amount of fish that is in these other two formulas. My only complaint is that it is only available in small bags. I would prefer to be able to buy a 30-40 pound bag rather than a bunch of 11 pound bags.
218425218425B002UTCI2MA6AC8EOYP7T50Mammaluk "Mammaluk"0051330646400Solved my Cats Sensitive Stomach IssuesI have an Abyssinian male that was not keeping down, seemingly every kind of food I tried.

It ended being that grain is no good. Has to be nearly all protein.

Great product!
218426218426B002UTCI2MA3VVCJJDQV0DS9Rewster0051329091200Best Cat food Cat Food EverMy cats have healthy coats and have just enough energy with out overeating. They love the food and pick at it throughout the day. Great Cat Food Plan to buy more in the future.
218427218427B002UTCI2MA271YL78EZ8Z32AnnieQ0051328140800Blue Buffalo Wilderness Cat FoodMy cat isn't very picky but seemed to be having a reaction of some kind to store bought cat food - I feel bad that I was ever feeding him this low quality grocery store food.

I looked up on the Internet and found that two of the most recommended cat foods were Wellness Core and Blue Buffalo. I bought both and my cat much prefers the Blue Buffalo Wilderness as far as dry food goes. He also eats wet food and he likes the Wellness Healthy Indulgence packets.

Anyway, the food change seems to have done the trick. No more itchy eyes for kitty and he looks great!
218428218428B002UTCI2MA25R45PHICRO40Jessica0051319760000Kitty and I love this stuff!I initially bought a bag of this while working at a pet store to try with my cat. She isn't a picky eater, doesn't care what I put in her bowl, but I wanted to give her something a little closer to her natural diet. She absolutely loves this stuff! And, beause it's such high quality food, I only buy an 11 lb bag every 3 1/2 months. So, sure, it's a little more up front, but ends up evening out when you compare how oftenn I would have to buy cheaper bags of lesser quality, and end up feeding her more. Alot of people say that their cats won't eat the lifebits, but I find that I have no problem with that at all, at the end of the day, only a few pieces are left.
218429218429B002UTCI2MAA0YPCLUF78B4Elizabeth0051318636800Wonderful, healthy dry foodMy cats love this food, and clean their plates. I serve it to them only at lunch, a tablespoon each, and serve the wet/canned duck food at breakfast and dinner. If I control the amount they eat, they digest it well and don't throw up. I called Blue Buffalo and asked for the levels of phosphorus and sodium in both foods, and the vet approved. He said it was even lower than the vet prescription foods for renal issues. He was impressed and surprised. I'm relieved, my cats are happy.
218430218430B002UTCI2MA2IKI87RL0SATEMichael Stuart "Liberty!"005130135680018-year-old cat healthy and spry!We feed our cat and dogs only Blue Buffalo!
Since we've switched the dogs look so much healthier. Their coats shine, their muscles ripple, and they're more active.
Our ancient cat--she's 18 years old--can still jump to a 4-foot high counter, and she's active and happy.
I credit Blue Buffalo. It's amazing quality food. Looking at the ingredient list I joked with my wife that if times got hard, I'd eat this food in a heartbeat. I was only partly joking!

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