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218461218461B0016511UGA1EQIBG5NDUPZSWeinyce0051319155200How can you not like Oreos, especially small packagesGreat item at $16 (on sale). My problem with supermarket packaging is the problem that the cookies taste great but once you open the package for about a week the cookies gets moist and taste not nearly as delicious as when the bag was open. So these small packages, I think 6 cookies each is the perfect size. They will all taste great and crisp.
218462218462B0016511UGA2JS37XWAZOFOUBillie S. Zinke0051318982400perfect for halloweeni ordered these to give out for halloween instead of candy. the only problem is i didn't hide them well enough and my dear husband keeps taking them in his lunch. perfect for on the go snacking and they are great portion control.
218463218463B0016511UGA2P68VWVCZ7VK5value290051318896000Oreo CookiesI received 6 boxies of Oreo Cookies, shipment was fast and well packaged. This will be great to hand out for Halloween!
218464218464B0016511UGA1LP1PGQLL9B5FAndy L.0051318291200Just who does not like oreosnom nom nom. Oreos are just delicious at every age. Eating these just brings back so many fond memories of my childhood. They make a good snacking food in the afternoon or even in the morning. Just be warned, these things are filled with sugar. Each pack has 6 oreos, which I tihnk is too much for one serving. I usually split one pack for two days.
218465218465B0016511UGAYFD7LW553YIUDiana A Choy0041314316800Good but some packages were missingordered the 4-12 packs. 2 of the 4 boxes only had 11 packs. Kinda odd to have this problem in one order.
218466218466B0016511UGA2PHG0XWUB658MC. J. Wallerick0051308182400Hooked on CakestersThe cakesters melt in your mouth. I love these so much, that I am writing this review at 4:30am. Couldn't sleep, so needed a little cakester and milk. Did the trick. Good night.
218467218467B0016511UGAOTK7PEWW1T91Mohammad Masud Hasan0051289779200Excellent snacksI love this small, tasty cookies. They are my backup in office when I get hungry in the middle of work or I am late in launch.
218468218468B0016511UGA370Z6I5GBWU44M "CultOfStrawberry"0051271808000Divine DelightMy review is for the product cookie itself, not what might happen if you buy food from Amazon. Oreo is a classic cookie, and while I can't say that I am a big fan of all their flavors, I really enjoy three flavors - original, Uh-Oh Oreos, and the top of the list, Mint Oreos. The flavor is strongly reminiscent of the Thin Mint cookies sold by the Girls Scouts. Unfortunately, they only sell their cookies once in a while, but I can head to my store any time I have a craving for the flavor of chocolate and mint in a cookie. I even like this better than original Oreo, and that's saying a lot. Nom nom.
218469218469B0016511UGA22CW0ZHY3NJH8Noname0051261526400Chocolate covered Oreo recipeEveryone loves Oreos. They're even better dipped in chocolate. I made a plate of them for my son's Cub Scout cookie auction and a plate of my cookies sold for $20. So yummy.


2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
2 tablespoons shortening
1 package Oreos
*optional: 1 cup white chocolate chips and 1 tablespoon shortening

**Before you begin, make sure everything is absolutely dry. Even a drop of water will ruin your creation.**

Melt the chocolate chips with the shortening in the microwave for 1 minute. Stir until melted. If needed, heat another 10 seconds at a time until melted. Be careful not to burn the chocolate.

Place one cookie in the chocolate and coat. Use a fork to scoop it out, tapping against the bowl and scraping the bottom of the fork on the bowl to remove excess chocolate. Place on wax paper and let it set. Store refrigerated.

Optional: To make it pretty, melt a cup of white chocolate with a tablespoon of shortening at 70% in the microwave for 1 minute. Dip a fork in the white chocolate and let it drizzle from the fork onto the semi-sweet chocolate covered cookies. If done neatly, your cookies will look beautiful.

Hint: I do one batch in semi-sweet chocolate and one batch in white chocolate. Then, I drizzle the cookies with the alternate chocolate. Plate them together for an eye catching presentation.
218470218470B0016511UGA383XURHVF8ON6Mrs. Kilo Delta0051241049600Mmmmmm, vanilla-y goodnessI second Joanna Daneman's observation that these golden Oreos are preferable to the regular chocolate Oreos when you are in public. Oh, how many times have I enjoyed an Oreo milkshake on a hot day, only to smile widely at everyone with a mess of chocolate cookie in my teeth? *shudders*

So, only downside to the Golden Oreos is that I don't think they'd be as good in a milkshake as regular Oreos. But the pluses are many with the Golden Oreos... a crisp vanilla cookie that is very good all on its own, but sweet biscuits and gravy, the vanilla cookies are paired with a sweet filling. They are addictive.

If you like vanilla sandwich cookies, try the Golden Oreos!
218471218471B0016511UGA1ZT2CBKZL2BUABob from New York0151244246400Better than the originalIt is hard to imagine something as good as the original chocolate oreo. That was in the days when Oreo only meant one thing: Two chocolate wafers and vanilla cream. The best way to eat those was to soak them until they were soft in ice cold milk (only could get whole milk back then). Now there are how many things with the oreo name? TOO many.

But this! The Golden Oreo. Truly wonderful. Totally different than the original oreo. But wonderful. It is also BETTER than the current chocolate Oreo. I wish I could taste-test the original oreo for comparison, but cannot be done...
218472218472B0016511UGA2LOGVWP6H78TYB. Antille0151215993600So goodNow I know why there are cookies number one.
There are so good, you must try it.
218473218473B0016511UGA101HSNF12PR4YMaggie1911313366400Wrong quantityI only got pack of 12 but not as it was said pack of 48,because my husband placed this order, When i got the package i just felt strange they used a so big box for this small stuff,, and I did not realize the quantity was wrong until today I checked my account. But now I already finished most cookies ,and I think everything is late .
218474218474B0016511UGAPP8XWYYV4PAADebra Chong "ECommerceMaven"21331248480000Little filling, disappointed in quality of productOreos have gone downhill in quality. Little creme filling and mostly chocolate cookie. Recommend Newman's equivalent, much more filling and great tasting.
218475218475B0016511UGA1ADBFXP4CFNRAGretchen12611253750400never received this orderI think they would have been good... really wish I could have experienced them. They've never arrived.
218476218476B000FCNLO0A365IW5R8V53KYM. Harless1151187136000Scrumptious brownies!I had these brownies sent to a friend in Las Vegas for her birthday. She said they were the best brownies she has ever had. They arrived in a beautiful box, and very fresh. The shipping only took a few days. I would recommend this product to anyone with a sweet tooth!
218477218477B000FCNLO0A1EISBYJZUHPB4T. Anastasi "TK"0041222646400Brownie pointsI sent these brownies to brighten someone's day. My friend called to thank me for the gift, said they arrived fresh, delicious, packaged in cute box...then said she wished I'd sent them to her home rather than job since her coworkers agreed they tasted great and finished them off!
218478218478B003KSWCJ6A11NOXIBYIZKDMpondscum0041347667200good teaThis is a nice floral tea. Sometimes the added vanilla note comes through strongly, other times it seems to be more like an aftertaste. I enjoy this tea, but probably won't re-order unless it goes on sale at Warehouse Deals again as I don't think it's quite "special" enough to justify the regular price.

These tea bags come with a lot of bulky packaging, BTW -- each bag is individually wrapped in a rather large foil pouch and the pyramid-shaped bags look like they are made out of nylon instead of paper (the box claims they are biodegradable, though). Also the pictured product box is much larger than a normal-sized box of tea bags.
218479218479B0005YMPX6A2GKQO64H3922TDeirdre Mccutcheon2251151280000The Name says it all!We first tried these crackers while wine tasting in upstate New York. The wineries give these to cleanse the palate between tastes and they are terrific! We brought some home and continue to enjoy them with wine, beer and just for snacking too! They are healthier than alot of crackers and have a great distinctive flavor.
218480218480B0005YMPX6A2V1UIFZSVWP1XDeckard1151137974400Just the right cracker....Good texture, plain (but good) floury taste. Low fat. Great to munch on.
218481218481B0005YMPX6AXYXSO2XDSNZ4M. macleod1151136592000These are excellentThese are a perfect snack cracker-slightly sweet with a nice (not gritty) crunch
218482218482B0005YMPX6AKZQACNTZ2AD4Joan A. Shelton0051173312000wine crackers are goodI have long enjoyed these and am glad to find a supplier.
218483218483B0005YMPX6A2AA9O4BQKF99GRosalie Consolazio0051168473600Cheese and CrackersI bought two boxes and gave them along with the cheeses I bought. They looked just right to go with my purchases.
218484218484B0005YMPX6A12ZKF4RZJALSJLil S. Adickes0041162684800O.T.C. Wine CrackersI had been looking for this product since having them at a wine tasting party. Someone suggested, and I thought "That's ridiculous! You don't buy crackers on Amazon. com!, but lo and behold, there they were! Now I know you can find ANYTHING on Amazon!
218485218485B0005YMPX6A2QJYJXMVFZA3HLEM Sunshine "Always Sunny"0041160265600Great with wineThis summer I was introduced to these crackers while at a vinyard in long island. I bought 2 boxes and never bought the wine. Healthy and very addicting! Enjoy!
218486218486B0005YMPX6AJDYEJVTATMTNFlute Player "MF"0051159142400You MUST try these...These are some of the most FABULOUS crackers I have EVER tasted! They are a MUST when wine tasting, and in fact, are terrific any time you are serving wine and cheese. LOVE THEM!!!
218487218487B001HTL750A1D19BY7EPM9KHC. McCarthy0041349222400Yum !Love this stuff -- use it in everything --- tastes fantastic in our fruit smoothies! I do wish the sugar wasn't added, it's not necessary, but it truly beats chopping your own ginger, no matter how much I blended I would always find stringy pcs left over -- this solved that! too easy
218488218488B001HTL750A5MAZIIFRVF0JElizabeth Stoodley0051343001600A Juicer's Savior!!I've been juicing a lot and grating ginger has been the one thing I absolutely hate doing, it just seems to take forever. This product has made my juicing experience so much easier and faster, love it!
218489218489B000MT8FK6A1E29194QNFHFGEmmly1121217635200Soft, sweet paper bar...I purchased this because I used to eat them as a kid all the time.

I wasn't impressed with this product. It literally tastes like sugary paper. It is not reminiscent of the real thing at all.

Sorry I wasted money on this.
218490218490B000MT8FK6A3PJ0TNZOJ2MCIShannon Hill1141209945600Approved by italian in-lawsI ordered this on a whim because my wife mentioned she used to get this candy as a child at her italian grandmother's house. It was a hit with her and her family. I had no prior experience with which to compare but it tastes good. Also, it was fresh and well packaged and seems to have a decent shelf-life. We found an unopened pack last week (four months later)it is was still just fine.

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