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218491218491B006R0P3JAAHD2T5LTE3E7IStacy Juillerat0051346457600Delicious!These beans were easy,healthy,and super delicious! Very easy to make a quick vegan meal..I added brown rice and salsa to these beans...very good!
218492218492B000BHI8JMA2BPGIPXP0N9ONElinor Molino-myers "Elly"0041338681600Scott's fudge ballsThese were delicious, but not wrapped as well as I think they should be. They kind of melted out of their wrapping.
218493218493B003O7ZON4A1XXK766F7BBF6KB181951282435200My Dogs Love This StuffWe have 4 small dogs and our challenge has always been to find a natural, healthy dog food, made especially for small dogs, that our dogs actually enjoy eating! They are very particular! Simply said, they love this dog food. With other brands, we could usually just leave food in the bowl and the dogs seemed to eat only when they absolutely had to for survival. Now we have to put portions in their bowls because they will eat as much Blue Buffalo as they can... every kernel! I think they would eat until they explode if we didn't "police" the food bowl! We've tried every dog food on the grocery store shelves and this is the best. I know if our dogs had thumbs and type this review, they'd give Blue Buffalo five stars.
218494218494B003O7ZON4A346XW97VHQG45El Cucuy111251291248000My pug loves itAt first I was a little hesitant to buy it because I've heard other dogs won't eat the life source bits, but I was at a local pet store and decided to give it a try. I had looked over the ingredients before so I was familiar with what was in it. I knew that it was a pretty good food and certainly better than most. I decided to give it a try because it wasn't too expensive and it didn't have too much protein. I've tried other really good brands and the ones with too much protein didn't work out. I was surprised the my dog liked it so we stuck with it. To this day he is still eating the same food. He does great on it. No gas. No loose stools. Everything has been great. The size of the kibble works out great for my pug. It's not too big and it's not too small. I also like that it doesn't have corn in it.
218495218495B003O7ZON4AE0LPTNSDSDMBRich Beaudry, Carver "richlife"151841286928000Good Quality, Reasonable PriceI didn't rate this food at the maximum only because it is a little more expensive and it is not the highest rated quality. However, the quality rating is FAR SUPERIOR to the ProPlan he was on and also MUCH higher than the "vet recommended" dog food (and less expensive than the latter).

After doing a lot of research on the quality of dog foods, it becomes obvious that what most of us probably buy for our dogs really may not be good for them. Meat by-products always raise questions, but the real concern for me is the grains frequently used that are indigestible by dogs or that the dogs may be allergic to or may develop such an allergy because of eating them. A particular concern is wheat gluten (allergy), soy (filler) and corn meal (filler). Most inexpensive dog foods are primarily made of these. Aside from being almost worthless from a food value view for a dog, their only "merit" is the artificial nutrients that are mixed in.

Once you start looking into dog foods that provide good quality foods (rather than fillers and chemical nutrients), the price usually climbs very quickly. (That's not to say that many poor quality dog foods aren't also really expensive.) I picked the Blue Buffalo Small Breed food because my energetic little dog needs a really good food to sustain him. It is a little more expensive than typical "name" brands, but MUCH LESS expensive than other high quality foods. If you do the research, you'll find this food highly rated for food content (though not at the very top), but far more reasonable in cost than something like EVO.

Does my dog like the food? Definitely. He is a picky, slow eater who is often not interested in eating at all. Since changing to the Blue Buffalo, he has not become a gluton, but now eats readily until he is full (not necessarily everything in the bowl). It has been easy to mix in this food with the original ProPlan we used and gradually increase the proportion of Blue Buffalo. But from the first day with only a little Blue Buffalo mixed in, he has shown more interest in eating and has not had any negative reactions.
218496218496B003O7ZON4A1DR3IS26GH7L5Blm "BLM"4451290124800Best Dog FoodI have a Pug. He really loves this dog food. He is a very picky eater. I have tried other brands before Blue Buffalo Small Breed. This is the only dog food he seems to like. Yes, it does cost more, but I do understand the higher costs since the company is using better meat products and does not have all the fillers like other brands. My dog was able to digest this food very well. I started by adding only 25% of the new food to his old food. I did this for 2 weeks. If you have a Pug, I think your little best friend would love it too. Amazon had the best price I could find. The online pet stores wanted too much for shipping. I have Amazon Prime Shipping so it was shipped FREE to me in 2 days! I think I got a great deal. Thank you Amazon!
218497218497B003O7ZON4A31S7UUFNZ586KCatherine Clark6751298160000Best dog food there is.I have used Blue Buffalo food for years. It really is the best out there. Great for dogs with allergies to all the junk in other dog foods. I started using this when I adopted an old senior brittany some years ago. Her cloudy eyes cleared up and her coat became nice and shiny again rather than dull. I won't use anything else and with Amazon Prime...I don't even have to lift into a cart at the pet store and then haul into my house. Fed Ex leaves it right on my kitchen porch.
218498218498B003O7ZON4A12ADUKVPKEQ1LDorothy & Toto6751290643200YUMMY!!!!!I am having to have my owner type this for me, but I really love this food!! I am a small designer breed who is very picky about food. I always eat my dinner, and my coat is soft and fluffy. I am happy this food does not contain corn or animal by-products. This food is always highly rated , and worth the small extra costs. Believe me, your dog will love you for buying it!!!
218499218499B003O7ZON4A2K7QP3GTPBA29K8theGr85651300579200Great Dog FoodOur dogs have eaten this since they could eat solid food. Both were adopted from a rescue place and the food was recommended by the owner. My dogs love it. They have had excellent health and we get great reports from the vet. I also love this food because it promotes healthy teeth. I only do organic food for my puppies and this is a great foundation!
218500218500B003O7ZON4A2F16YGV0BE6HSGFS5651296172800Great ProductI was a little skeptical, but since switching to blue buffalo, my older dog who had been experiencing soreness and limpness is back to chasing the younger dog around the house and generally acting like a puppy himself! Great nutrition.
218501218501B003O7ZON4A2EGWTZQXW9RLWC. E. Walker "lvrose3"4551303257600Blue Buffalo is the one for my terriers.When I adopted my two terriers, the rescue organization gave me Science Diet (5 lbs)free. They just picked at it, so I went to PetSmart and bought 6 lbs. of Blue Buffalo for $21 including tax. Whoa. Checked and found 15 lbs for only $10 more and delivered to my door! What a markup at PetSmart; never will I darken their door again. lol.
218502218502B003O7ZON4A2GO15T7CVQ4KZjennyj4551302566400Great Product!I have the pickiest dog when it comes to food. She's a small breed, and from the very beginning we noticed that she wouldn't eat or would just nibble at a lot of the stuff that dogs I've owned in the past have loved (such as beggin' strips, pigs ears, purina one dog food, and milk bones). She absolutely loves this dog food! As a future holistic doctor, I realize the importance of good nutrition, not only for the quality and longevity of life, but also for cancer prevention. This food makes me feel good about the food I'm feeding my dog (and my cat too, I feed her the indoor formula dry cat food) because I can't ignore what I've learned about proper nutrition, but it also doesn't break my bank like EVO does (It may not be as good as EVO but its close).
218503218503B003O7ZON4AH1IMQ5S2GG1EKenneth A. Attorri1151322092800The Only Dry Food My Little Guy EnjoysThe pellets are nice and small, so my 10 pound poodle has no trouble chewing, swallowing and digesting. The color is a rich brown. My guy eats up his food, and meal time has become less of a hassle.
218504218504B003O7ZON4A30NPTDHRBB2CFCheerbebeOh51151319760000Yum-licious!My chihuahua mix absolutely loves this food!! I started her on this when I got her from the animal shelter a year and a half ago. When I first switched her to this food she was so excited she ate the whole bowl right away. Now that she's realized it's an everyday staple she'll pick at it throughout the day, which is normal for chihuahua's apparently. This food seems to be good for her. She has an abundence of energy and has put on a healthy amount of weight since I adopted her. She still gets excited when I open the cabnet I keep her food in, she does this cute little dance that reassures me I made the right choice when I switched her to this food. I just wish more flavors were available in small bites.. regardless, I highly recommend Blue!!
218505218505B003O7ZON4A3LXAV3O972UBLMatthew H0051350777600So good the cats love it too!We got our dog from a friend of a friend last year, and when we picked him up he came with a crate, toys, etc. He also came with a partially eaten bag of food. I can't quite remember the brand but I want to say it was Lil' Bites or something like that. I had seen an article about the quality of dog food and I started reading it. I immediately realized that we were feeding our dog crap. The main ingredients were biproducts and other nasty stuff. So I did some research and landed on Blue Buffalo. The ingredients were what I was looking for an there were no added colors or things like that.

I know its funny to rate a dog food on the way your cats react to it, but I think its important. The cats never bothered with the dog's old food. They could have cared less. Now we have to monitor the dog while he eats or the cats will try and team up on him and eat his food!! The dog seems more happy with this food and seems to be eating a more appropriate portion. The dogs waste seems better as well which I know is a good sign of the quality of food an animal is eating.

I would definitely recommend this food for anyone with a small breed, adult dog. Like the article that I read said... "colors and whatnot are for you, not the dog". So who cares what color the food is. Blue Buffalo proves this point. I'm happy that my dog is happy. Now if I can devise a better system to keep the cats away!
218506218506B003O7ZON4ABXU3VKU4A0T2NB0051347667200Good foodWe have always tried to keep away from by-products and certain ingredients in pet food, so our pets would be healthier. We feel this is a good food and it is affordable and more easily available than some of the more expensive ones.
218507218507B003O7ZON4A17P2GCTK6WNAPW. Kwok0041347580800The failed my chihuahua taste testI have a rather picky chihuahua when it comes to dog food. She eats the generic brands reluctantly but at least finishes every bite. With this Blue Buffalo Chicken and Rice meal, she leaves the dark morsels alone. I once had to leave nothing but the dark morsels for a day for her to eat any and she only did it because she was so hungry. I like that the ingredients are healthy. However, it still means half of the bag is wasted with her avoiding the dark morsels whenever she can. One star deducted for me having wasted about half the bag because my dog is so picky.
218508218508B003O7ZON4A2QYQ3YJ35IOCECharley V. Daniel0051347580800Great product!Great product and good food for pets! Great value! Once you buy True. Blue, we will continue! High price is a deterrent!
218509218509B003O7ZON4AQW3NZUMGP7HJKula0051332115200A feast at last!Somewhat skeptical of the reviews stating the merits of Blue Buffalo Dog Food for Small Dogs, I ordered it anyway and found all the praise to be true. Our two small dogs, who have a history of picky eating, loved the food immediately. They lick the bowl clean and I am pleased they are getting a high quality dog food, besides. The only problem is it is not always available online, but I will certainly keep checking Amazon.
218510218510B003O7ZON4ATMJRNZKHZVRGCheryl0051331078400My Shih Tzu loves this foodI started to feed my Shih Tzu the adult small breed when she was 6 mo. old. The groomer says her hair and nails are growing so fast, a sign of a very healthy dog. She loves the food. She started eating it with no problem, she got used to it immediatley. She is more regular which helps with house breaking. A shih tzu is a high maintenance dog and this product is one less thing I have to worry about. I love it because she loves it. It is a little Pricey but she only eats 1/2 to 3/4 cup per day so a 15 lb bag will last a long time. I bought a container to keep it in so it won't get stale after it is opened.
218511218511B003O7ZON4A2RVL8C1CLN6LTParenting Newbie0051329436800Spoil The Doggy with great food!This dog food has made a noticeable difference in my dog's health, and I feel good about giving it to him because there are no fillers. Less gas, shinier coat, and a little bit better breath. He likes it too! I can't purchase the large bag in my neck of the woods, so I appreciate that I can get it on Amazon for such a great cost. I'll never go back to Iams again!
218512218512B003O7ZON4AN01SKRVM8W3Acoco11010051325462400Wow, my little Pup loves this stuff!Our 10 y.o., 10 lb. Poodle mix (rescued from The Humane Society...she got a home and we left another cage open to rescue another dog or cat) has been eating the major manufacturer premium brand "E" food for small dogs. Then, when she turned 10, I started thinking of her health and how long she would be with us - she's a little girl with a "really huge" personality and presence... We want her around as long as possible...

So I started reading up on dog food's and nutrition - after awhile I settled on giving Blue a try. We carefully mixed a little with her old food for a month until she was eating only Blue. My friend mentioned she was perkier - she's always way over-active but she said "really looking good, bright eyes, etc."

Another benefit is she evacuates easier, we realize her food is moving through her while it still has fluids making it easier for her to take care of her business, instead of her having to push so hard, and she goes a little more often also.

We find her general health to be AOK, and the nutrients and ingredients are better... Just 'read the ingredient list' on your dog's food bag! So now she gets a "super" premium dog food. Luckily, she's small and isn't a food hog or we'd have to get a part-time job to keep her in deluxe food. But, don't mistake the comment, we would do whatever needed to keep our pup in good health and here with us for many more years. She's a part of our family, in fact, she's got a "second Mom & Dad" down the block and we can say she's the only dog on the block who "owns" two homes! Lucky little dog... Lucky humans...
218513218513B003O7ZON4A2I195LV8HPFYEJohn Matrix0051323820800Pug loves it!We have an almost 2 year old female pug. We had tried several dog foods before such as Purina Fit and Trim, Kibbles 'N Bits, and even tried the Royal Canin food specifically for pugs. They all had corn as well as other fillers near the top of the list. She would eat the food of course, cause shes a pug, but most days it would just sit in there and then randomly she would eat it little by little. You could just tell she didn't really enjoy it. We decided to try out some of the Blue Buffalo dog food and wow, she LOVES it. She gets excited when its food time and eats the food immediately. And it also gives us peace of mind that she is getting excellent ingredients that will help her be healthier. Its more expensive than most of the store bought brands, but knowing you are giving your little dog the best food is worth it. Highly Recommended.
218514218514B003O7ZON4A3QA572W431C7Lsbrsmmns0051323129600Dogs love it!My two small dogs were never really excited about eating dry food until I gave them Blue Buffalo dry food. When they see it coming, they start dancing with excitement and the food is gone in minutes. Great product.
218515218515B003O7ZON4AW8A93W6T53Z9M. Patterson0051318982400The bestThis is the best dog food around. My 3 dogs love it and I feel good providing them with such a healthy food.
218516218516B003O7ZON4A2UDF8U7P3H5PPearlySue "PearlySue"1251306800000Best puppy foodAfter reading about many puppy chows, we decided on Blue Buffalo. At first my Maltese gobbled it down, then as time went on he changed his taste. So I added different puppy/dog foods to it. However, Maltese are noted for their picky taste.
One of his favorite combos is "Cheese soup" and BB.
Melt some Am or cheddar cheese in microwave with a little water. Mix well while hot, pour over BB, let sit for a while(2 min??).
Then pour out "soup"... cheese will coat BB. Or you can let puppy drink "soup", then eat BB.
218517218517B003O7ZON4A2OMZ8QPFZQBO4Muse0121331251200Hmm..They like it better after I mix in with water and microwave for a minute and let it sit for a few minutes....(after researching!!)
But this stuff makes our dogs FAT AND FART worse than people!!!! ...that we call em fart monsters when they fart.
I did some research and read reviews about other dog food and visited [...]and got Premium Edge Healthy Weight I Weight Reduction Formula Adult Dry Dog Food via amazon...high in protein and low is fat and carb. And also I read that mixing green peas (no salt) helps for diet too ^_^
218518218518B003O7ZON4A3VJ3KMR921DTUSarah J. Meedel0141317600000Great dog foodWe have been feeding our beagle/terrier dog this food for several months. She has had no issues digesting it. Her coat is shiny, her health is wonderful. This product has rated well across the board with veterinarians and other dog food sites. The price is a little high, but it is worth it for a healthier dog food.
218519218519B003O7ZON4A2T67ZY2IQWV13Christine "Chris"0151314576000My dogs love this foodBeing a first time Dog Owner, I wanted to make sure that my dog would eat the right food. I had her first on Purina, thinking that it is a good brand/food for her. However, after talking to other dog owners, I started to research the different brands and found the blue buffalo to be one of the better ones out there. My dog didn't eat the purina very well, I always had to mix some can food with the dry stuff. I don't have that problem with the blue buffalo. From day one (mixing it according to the directions 25% new food with 75% 'old' food) she ate all the blue buffalo. Never had to mix any can food with the dry. Her "poop" is never too soft or runny. The only thing I noticed is that she actually eats more then the old brand. She has 1 cup in the morning and 1 cup in the evening. (she is only 23 lb's) But her activity level is very high. She goes for an 1 hr walk with me every morning and does a lot of running around in the yard. As long as the vets thinks she is in great shape, I'm not too concerened yet. I buy it online (15 lb bag for $30) and get free shipping with Amazon. That is $2 per lb ver. a 6 lb bag = $19 a bag ($3 a lb) in a store.

UPDATED: March 2012
Why is the 15 lb bag not available anymore with AMAZONE? I have been checking it for the past 2 weeks and I can't order it.
218520218520B003O7ZON4A2JZWGDOXDM1OTC. Sandelli0211334620800BEWARE!! Made my dog Sick!!!I am writing this review to warn other dog owners of Blue Buffalo for dogs and what it has done to my 5 yr. old Miniature Dachshund named "Calla". Back in late October 2011 I switched to Blue Buffalo after it was recommended by a family member. By mid-November Calla started to cry out at night. We thought it might be a back issue and our "Three" yes three Vets agreed that it could be Intervertebral Disc Disease. We had blood work done in November and everything looked fine with the exceptions that she was a "little" dehydrated. After months of treatments, with little to no improvement we thought it might be a stomach issue and I started to think about the timing of the change to Blue Buffalo, then I went and goggled "Consumer complaints about Blue Buffalo Pet Foods" and started to really connect the dots. Yesterday she was diagnosed with "Pancreatitis" and needs to be in the hospital for days for treatment. I have spent over 3K to this point and do not know if Calla will ever recover fully from this. She was a completely healthy dog before we changed to Blue Buffalo and since have been living in Hell with nighty episodes. Please read up on this issues people are having with this product before you buy. I wish I could give a product -minus 5 stars!!!!

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