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218551218551B000UPNK9SA2P1O2B865EBI3Sultaria7951228867200Great tea. Exactly like in restaurants.This tea tastes like the kind in restaraunts, unless it is made incorrectly. Usually, you are recommended to add cardamon and cloves to it for enchanced flavor. I use 1 cup milk to 2 cups water ratio for making the tea and sweeten it with regular sugar or splenda. Sometimes I'll make it unsweetened and add 2 tblspn sweetened condensed milk to each cup. If you do not know how to make it properly, I suggest looking up the recipe online. There are many great sites out there which will tell you how to do it, do not count on the instructions on the back of the package for a perfect tea.
218552218552B000UPNK9SA3OSKEQ2PEJC9GBonita2211346457600Read ingredients on the bag firstOnline it lists the ingredients as tea and "Yellow FD&C #6", which is a food grade dye. On the bag I got it was listed as "Yellow FD&C #7" which can be poisonous. I made a small glass of iced tea and within a short time was nauseous and had pain in my stomach - I felt like I was poisoned and came close to going to the hospital. Fortunately, after taking a few charcoal supplements and drinking lots of water it started to feel a bit better. I looked up #7 and it is for topical testing not ingestion and ingestion can cause a number of severe reactions, fortunately mine wasn't worse. I don't think other countries have the same regulations on dyes that we do - so be careful when you get the tea to read the bag and see which dye was used.
218553218553B000UPNK9SA19DS8NUD17KY5candy2241335225600Just like at Thai restarauntsNo idea why some people are saying this is bad... I guess it doesnt compare to the teas when you're actually in Thailand or something. As for me, this tastes just like the tea from every thai restaraunt i've been to... which is a good thing! No complaints from me , I found what I was looking for. Only giving 4 stars cause I reserve 5 for products which truly blow my mind
218554218554B000UPNK9SA1I6PSFWULWLLNresse2251307404800the greatest--with a secreat prep ins.i used to buy thai tea everyday from different thai restruants and as we all know this could get pricy. so, my husband bought me some of this...instead of all the tricky prep ins. all i do is put it into the regular coffee maker... i put a lot of tea gorunds in(stright out of the bag) though...then, i mix in sugar into the hot tea while stillin the coffe pot.. its very easy!!! we still you sweetened and condensed milk or evaporated milk... it just taste better... we like more tea flavor than creme so you alter it to your taste!
218555218555B000UPNK9SA2IV9TILTZX6UYJenn Hollis2241295395200Not the best/Not the worstThis Thai tea was not as good as the other brand I purchased from Amazon, but it still has authentic flavor. I would give it another buy if the other was not available (Por Kwan?)

This is really powdery and hard to work with, but it can get the job done.
218556218556B000UPNK9SA1HHRRNPHCMXLIPilates Lvr1151272672000Best tasting thai ice tea mixThis is the actual brand/mix that one of my favorite thai restaurants use. There is a bit of a floral aroma to this tea in comparison with another, less flavorful, brand that I purchased when I couldn't find this one in the asian market. For those in California, Ranch 99 markets usually stock this brand. I don't use nearly as much of the tea as is called for, but I've always had good results. I've made it in the coffee pot with great success (you do need to run it through the tea leaves twice), but it's just as easy to put the tea in a tea ball and steep that way. I'm sure it's even easier with a proper tea sock, but I don't own one. And yes, it stains, so you do have to be careful.
218557218557B000UPNK9SA38JXVINKNDE4RLindaB2321315180800Off taste and skeptical of what "else" is in itAfter spending significant money on Thai Iced Tea in restaurants, I went on a quest to make it at home. In this review, I hope to not only review this product but share what I learned in my process to duplicate what I was getting from Thai restaurants.

Instead of buying the Pantai Thai Tea Mix (the item this review is tagged to) I bought it at my local chain Asian market for $3.99. The only ingredients listed were green tea and yellow dye No.6. I have 2 problems with this: 1. Everything I have read to date uses black tea, not green. 2. That can't be all that's in it as visual inspection shows at least 2 other unidentifiable bits that do NOT look like tea. I would have thought they were spices commonly found in Thai tea (like all spice or clove, or star anise) however the "bits" do not look, taste or smell like any of those.

The actual amount of teas leaves in the mix is pretty low. There are lots of "woody" bits, as if they ground up a tea plant rather than using just the tea leaves. That would explain why when I brewed it, it gave off a wood resin like smell and has a woody, astringent after taste. Which makes me wonder, what kind of tea plant did they use? Was it laden with pesticides? Sure tasted like it might. Even after I steeped a cardamom pod in it, added vanilla and orange flower water, the overriding flavor was still woody.

[Note: I had the same results from another brand I bought at the Asian market called "Taste Nirvana Tisanes Thai Tea." It comes in tea bags, needs augmenting with additional spices and also has an "off taste]

The only thing this tea mix has going for it, is that the color comes out the same as the restaurants - thanks to the food coloring. Which leads me to what I want to share from my quest for make it at home Thai tea.

- If you want the orange color, its going to have to come from food coloring. I've tried finding some special "red" tea that hails from Thailand and there is no such thing. There's other "red" teas in the world, but they don't hail from Thailand. I'm not doubting there may be something special about black tea leaves grown in Thailand but it certainly doesn't impart the bright orange on its own.
- You can choose between presentation or flavor and maybe possibly both. If you want to "float" the milk on top like the restaurants do, DON'T use condensed milk. Instead, sweeten the tea so it will be denser that the evaporated milk and the milk will float on top. (Note: I didn't try half in half). If you don't care about presentation, you can save a step by using sweetened condensed milk and the unsweetened tea.
- Some parts of Thailand use coconut milk. I tried - it was very tasty. (but not in the gross mix I'm reviewing)
- The black tea alone will not give you the flavor you want. You have to steep with spices too. The most accurate recipe I have found thus far is this:
1 gallon water
8 Chinese star anise, ground
1 tablespoon orange flowers (I used orange flower water)
1 tablespoon powdered vanilla (or steep a piece of vanilla bean cut lengthwise)
1 pinch of clove powder
1 pinch chopped cinnamon
3/4 quart long cut China black tea leaves
1 to 2 cups sugar
1 quart half & half (I used evaporated milk)
red food coloring
[go online and Wiki Thai tea and there's a link to the directions]

If you want something faster than this recipe. Here's best alternative I have found that yields great flavor but not the bright orange color. Bought Yogi brand++ Sweet Thai Delight (tea bags) and steep one bag in 6 oz hot water for 5 minutes. Add a heaping tablespoon of sugar and stir to dissolve. Then let cool completely or stick in fridge until cold. Pour over ice, then top with evaporated milk. OR, skip the sugar and evaporated milk and add sweetened condensed milk when hot, then cool and pour over milk. *I add a dash of orange flower water, dash of ground cardamom and real vanilla extract and it really makes this good.

I'm going to try making my own pre-mix by grinding in a coffee burr grinder all the spices and bulk tea leaves from the above recipe and storing. Then I'll just brew it up in the coffee maker and chill overnight. Wish me luck!

++I like the fact the Yogi brand is certified organic, so I know I'm not getting nasty pesticides there. So all that's left is the other stuff that I control what's in it - I like that option.
218558218558B000UPNK9SA5GGL9QV69X73legit_rating1010031350604800Pretty goodPretty good thai tea. There is still something that tastes a little off when I make iced thai tea with milk. I'm not sure if it is the thai or the proportions of tea, water, milk, and sugar.
218559218559B000UPNK9SAHSVU6B7EADS1NeoEngineer0011349395200This Thai Tea has artificial food coloring added.Did you know that FD & C Yellow No. 6 are banned from human consumption in Europe? In fact, there are at least 6 food colorings are that have been banned in Europe. Google it!

I'm surprised that cheap products like this add harmful ingredients to it. It would cost the companies less money and be more healthy to Americans if they simply omitted all food coloring from their products.
218560218560B000UPNK9SAFEXYF986ZDX9Alexey Kozlov0051348012800That's the tea they serve in Thai restaurantsThat's the very tea the give you in Thai restaurants.

Arrived on the 3rd day.

Everything is fine.

The only problem - I have higher blood pressure, so taking too much of the tea (3 full glasses) made me feel very uncomfortable.

So, if you have the same problem - beware.

Everything else is excellent - 5 stars.
218561218561B000UPNK9SA39HMYM4H96J7ZAgent00711 "Agent00711"0051346716800Just like in ThailandAfter a year and a half in Thailand, I'd gotten used to these every day. Been looking for the right mix for three months. This is it. Can't wait to try it with different liquids and sweeteners.
218562218562B000UPNK9SA2KMELH1NRP393C. Nix0051345248000Delicious!This tea tastes just like what I am served at my favorite Thai restaurants here in Fayetteville, North Carolina. I brew a gallon at a time and keep it in the fridge until I am ready to add fake sugar, ice, and half and half or condensed milk. I have read ALL of the reviews and have gotten some helpful hints from many of them. In my opinion, whether or not you like this depends on what you are used to drinking. I find it delicious!
218563218563B000UPNK9SA1SQKO6ZFJ18FFcandimari0041344211200DeliciousThis product is delicious and the perfect tea to make the Thai Iced Tea, just like the Thai restaurants. I only gave it 4 stars because it is messy to use. However, if you are able to use a coffee pot, then this is the perfect solution to the mess. I make it a pitcher at a time and just add the milk to each individual glass.
218564218564B000UPNK9SAXTG8KH8ASRXWJ. Ciraky0051340409600Thai TeaIt's Thai tea. Tastes like thai tea. just boil, strain, and enjoy. Add cream for another type of flavor. and Ice for more flavor.
218565218565B000UPNK9SA1JVF32AN6GZGACyberlis0051339977600Thai Iced Tea Traditional Restaurant StyleThai Iced Tea Traditional Restaurant Style is wonderful! It tastes just like the Thai Ice Tea I purchase from Thai restaurants and it is very simple to make. Although I prefer the Por Kwan brand of tea, this is a great alternative if Por Kwan is not available. (The difference is that this one is slightly milder, otherwise, you should not be disappointed with this product. I enjoy it very much.)

I use a coffee maker with a coffee filter to make enough tea for several servings and then pour it into a glass juice bottle and store in the fridge. (For 10 cups, I'll add 8-10 tablespoons of tea.)

To serve, I'll pour into a tall glass with ice, add a little sugar and top with evaporated milk (approximately a jigger or more to suit taste).

I highly recommend this brand of Thai Tea if you want authentic restaurant style Thai Ice Tea that you're used to getting at Thai restaurants.
218566218566B000UPNK9SA1RE67IJ5QXORRS. WOODS "SWOODS"0051337644800It's GEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I was buying this at one of two resturants I have been going to for several years. I do have one favorite place to get it, not all make it well. It was some 130 miles one way. I would get it when I would visit my daughter near Fayetteville NC. There I would stock up. Since it was so far away I had to freeze it to take home. The take-out price was about $4.00 for about 12oz. Now I make it at home. Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I do want more. Soon.Thai Iced Tea Traditional Restaurant Style
218567218567B000UPNK9SA3LQGLHDP8AXSWJoe P0041337385600Good, not great.If you're looking for what they serve you at most Thai restaurants, this tastes like it. The instructions on the back of the package seem off so I took matters into my own hands. I used 1 tablespoon of the tea to 2 cups boiling water. Once the water was boiling I let it steep for about 5 minutes before I poured it into a fine mesh strainer lined with a coffee filter. It is a rather dusty tea so that's why I used the coffee filter. As for the sugar, I find that's a rather subjective thing. I put two tablespoons in with the two cups of water. With a bit of sweetened condensed milk and that got the sweetness right for me.

However as other reviewers have mentioned, this does have a slight artificial flavor. Not enough to keep me from enjoying this bag but when this bag is done I think I'll be trying a different brand. I'd like to try something a bit more fuller flavored and natural tasting.
218568218568B000UPNK9SA3PNFX3SQ99P0PSheherazahde "Zahdé"0051336953600Restaurant Style Thai TeaThe ingredients are just green tea and yellow dye but it looks and tastes just like the Thai Iced Tea I'm used to getting at local Thai restaurants.
218569218569B000UPNK9SA2AD6213A5MD7SKatie0051336003200Perfect!This is exactly what I was looking for! It's just like from the restaurants. The price is also really good for the amount you get.
218570218570B000UPNK9SA2TCNLQJCMPVKSK. Miller0031335744000Almost thereThis was my first attempt at making Thai Iced Tea, so some fault may lie with the maker and not this tea itself. I boiled the tea in a pot, adding sugar, and strained out the leaves, following directions I found on many Thai websites and youtube videos. While this tea itself is a lighter color than others, it tasted far darker than I expected. Thai Iced Tea from restaurants often tastes earthy, but my wife simply said that this tea tastes like coffee. It is good enough, but at least the way we prepared it didn't give us the full effect of a restaurant style tea.
218571218571B000UPNK9SA29HWIIKBOGK80Nikki C.0041333929600It is what it isIf you like thai iced tea from your local thai joint this is most likely what your getting. Its easily available, relatively cheap and mild so it appeals to more people. The difference may be in what they add to it or how strong they brew it. Some places may add all or some of these spices cinnamon stick, cloves, cardamom or star anise to the brewing. Tamarind was originally what made thai tea orange. Traditional Thai tea is actually a black tea(also called red tea in most asian countries but in the US its called black think Earl grey or most breakfast teas are black)

If your brewing for a 2 quart pitcher heres my preferences- I used 6tbsp of tea. Brought my water to a boil dumped the 6T directly into the water off heat and gave it a good stir. Steep 5 min or so while I set up my filter. I used a standard coffee filter in a strainer over my pitcher. Try not to pour the tea grounds into the filter to reduce sediment in the final product. I add 1/2 cup sugar to the pitcher of hot tea(this is because I also use sweetened milk use 1c if using evap milk or half and half). Be sure to stir well then chill thoroughly. Pouring over ice while hot dilutes the tea too much and makes it weak, youll be disappointed as thai tea is supposed to be strong and concentrated. I use a 16oz cup filled to top with ice. fill to 1" from top with cold tea then add about 1tablespoon of La Lechera Sweetened Condensed Milk, 15.8-Ounce Squeeze Containers (Pack of 4) then add more if needed for personal preference. I suggest experimenting with the spices I mentioned above. Use whole spice pods not powder give them a whack to help release the flavors but dont pulverize them.

Using filtered water is also a must!!! If you use funky chlorinated tasting tap water your tea will also taste chlorinated and just not as good as it could be.

4 stars just because Im sure the amount of food coloring isnt the best for you. Id prefer to buy this without it if it existed but given that this is a treat and not an everyday thing I'll live with it.
218572218572B000UPNK9SA1VEV6KK5WXIH7dc230021333152000too much food coloringI knew it has food coloring before I purchased it but I didn't think it has that much of it.

I had several drops of tea on my hand and it made my hand so orange and it is difficult to get rid of.

The taste is not too bad but I feel like drinking chemicals after that.

Also it has a lot of fine dust of tea that go thru the drainer.( The drainer is pretty fine.) So I can see the dark deposit at the bottom of the glass.

I will buy another brand next time.
218573218573B000UPNK9SA1KJ5BQQWZIJJTEddie B0051330214400Delicious!Always used to order Thai Ice Tea when I was out, and never knew how to make it. This is the first brand I tried and absolutely loved it. Must be the same kind that my restaurant uses.

Great for making thai ice tea both with AND without condensed milk.
218574218574B000UPNK9SA2FUD7TNC8HRYGT. Meadows "TM"0051324684800Excellent quality, tastes just like what the Thai restaurants make!I was worried when I purchased this since there were so many other brands to choose from. I made a glass this morning and WOW it is perfect! What a great deal and great taste! This bag will last a long time, it is actual loose tea with the spices and VERY good quality. I will definitely be buying more of this stuff!! I am using my french press coffee pot to brew and filter the tea and it works perfectly!
218575218575B000UPNK9SA1G1PSJEW74Y15Ara0041323302400Great flavor but a pain to brewThe tea tastes great! It has a flavor just like at the Thai restaurant I went to in college. The only reason I give it 4 stars is that the leaves are so tiny that they go right through my mesh tea strainer. If you buy this tea I recommend using a paper filter to keep your tea free of tiny leaf debris.
218576218576B000UPNK9SA330HRWKTNKR6HA. Choe "Eclectic Reader"0041319414400This is the STUFF!!!I have searched high and low and this is the stuff! Just steep with boiling water, strain and add a little sugar. Chill and then add milk and voila! Iced tea!

I use half the sugar called for on the package - using all of it resulted in an almost syrupy texture to the chilled tea, which was too sweet for me. I suspect pouring hot sweetened tea on ice and then adding milk would probably solve the problem, but I chose to adjust on the steeping end and not have to add ice.
218577218577B000UPNK9SA1Z7O8Z3ZXT4YWTeeKayOh0051318377600Tastes just like the stuff at restaurants..I discovered Thai tea at a renaissance festival 7 years ago. I've been hooked ever since. I take my 8 year old out once a week to get this stuff. Needless to say, these $4.50 glasses of tea every week start to burn a hole in your pocket so I wanted to try and make this at home. It came yesterday and my daughter wouldn't leave me alone till I made it. So we brewed some in a coffee press. The instructions say 4 Tbsp for 8 oz water but I used 4 Tbsp for 16 oz water. Added plain coffee creamer (just like my favorite Thai restaurant uses) and some sugar. Tasted just like the stuff we get at the restaurant. I will definitely be buying this again, very pleased!
218578218578B000UPNK9SA13PKPHI20H1JRmommy2isa0051318291200Taste just like the tea I get at my favorite restaurant and easy to make!I was really hesitant to purchase this at first because I thought it would be a lot of work; however, this has become a staple in my home. Really easy to make and tastes like the Thai iced tea I order at my favorite Thai restaurant but for a lot less money. You basically put the tea in a an infuser and let it steep. If you don't have an infuser like I didn't at first, pour the tea directly into a pot of boiling water and then pour it over a coffee filter into a pitcher. Add condensed milk to taste and place in the refrigerator for an hour or so. Voila...done! Pretty easy, right?
218579218579B000UPNK9SA1ZH6D4XZI9ZKQPinchick "lc"0031317600000artificial colorsThis tea tastes delicious, but it's loaded with artificial colors. Although I enjoyed it and it made delicious ice cream, I would not order it again for that reason.
218580218580B000UPNK9SA2GLK52H3ICDV0Bao Ngo "wannabe geek"0051316476800Great Thai Ice TeaI read the instructions on the back but I found it too messy. So I decided to place 6 tablespoons of the tea into my coffee maker and brew it with 4 cups of water and it turned out great. I added 5 teaspoons of sugar and let the tea cool and then served it tea in a glass of crushed ice and topped it off with Half and Half...just like the Thai Restaurants.

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