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218671218671B007ZI1V0SA1DTK26PJROKIZJd Lyall "J.David"7741299196800excellent loose teaI had never heard of Yellow Label. I was looking for Lipton Loose Leaf, which is difficult to find in markets. Ordered this from (fulfilled by) Amazon to check it out. It is a 'gunpowder' style and tastes better than regular Lipton Loose. A smaller gunpowder than you find in gourmet tea stores, but an excellent tea at a reasonable price.
218672218672B007ZI1V0SA11PRA5SXVFU9Oallgoo196651306540800Very potentFirst time I brewed it, I measure the amount of tea by guessing from the way I measure green tea. The result was way too strong tea that stained the inside of my white cup. After a bit of experiment, I ended up with microscopic amount of tea per cup. If I could measure it on my scale, it'll be like less than 0.1gram. Compare to this, I use 0.5 gram of green tea per 8oz cup. I think this one pound box will last for years to come.
The taste is nothing fancy but what a good tea is supposed to taste like, then again I'm not a gourmet drinker, otherwise I'll be reviewing something else with higher price. It's good enough for me for every day use.
The tea in the dry state looks like round pellet, which is easier to control the amount when you scoop up.
I'd recommend this to anyone specially who hasn't tried loose tea in a while. I also recommend Finum brewing basket to go with this. Little things that make your life a bit more enjoyable.
218673218673B007ZI1V0SA1C0IKWJOZO2ETbdarden393351310515200a glass of cold ice tea is happineshave not been able to find this tea in years. i like to make my own from lose tea. this tea is like my mother made and she made grand southern ice tea. lipton orange peko is the best. so glad i could find this iten at amazon
218674218674B007ZI1V0SAPRYI2HUW1UUYJohn Gassere2251336176000Great tea flavor and a really good money valueLipton Yellow Label tea is very concentrated -- you don't have to use a large quantity to get excellent flavor. This makes for a good money value, as you extract maximum taste from small proportions of leaves. This version of Lipton tea reminds me of how Lipton's used to taste -- a good , traditional, Pekoe flavor. In recent years, I feel Lipton has declined in quality in their bagged tea, but this loose Lipton's is much closer to the "good old days." Lipton Yellow Label Loose Tea, 32-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 2)
218675218675B007ZI1V0SA1J205ZK25TZ6Wkez panel2251335657600Best for brewed iced tea.I make the best brewed iced tea with this yellow label Lipton tea. I make it by the gallon using the same amount as regular loose teas. I only add 1/4 cup of sugar per gallon. This tea has quickly replaced soda and tastes even better. After opening, I transfer the entire contents into a glass container (not plastic) with a metal screwed lid to keep the air out. We love this tea and hope Amazon keeps carrying it.
218676218676B001EO7GB2AH7QTZY4QNLWThomShap7741280361600Pricey, but durable flavorAlthough the Roland oil contains the artificial truffle essence (don't be fooled by that little dried mushroom in the bottom of the bottle) most of us don't have sophisticated enough palates to tell the difference when it comes to the small quantities you use in food. My complaint with a lot of truffle oils is that the flavor doesn't last in the time it takes to serve the dish. Not so with the Roland. It is more expensive than some of the other brands, but the flavor is pungent enough that you can use less than you might with some other brands, and it is definitely longer lasting. I would still like to know why a lab-generated taste/odor seems to be just as expensive as an elusive fungus, but I guess good perfumes are pretty pricey too.
218677218677B001EO7GB2AZH8I0G5AJ4NJBonton "Bonton"4451269043200Truffle OilThe flavor of this is great... just enough truffle flavor to be know what it is and not overpowering.
218678218678B001EO7GB2A1XMP6R3WJ8F4TJulia5212251285372800Roland White Truffle Oil From Italy, 3.4-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 2)Very intense white truffle flavor, maybe that's why the bottle is so small. Worth every cent tho!
218679218679B001EO7GB2A37CIGQZD0N58DDW "DW"2211285286400Chemical tasteWow, I didn't like it at all. Maybe it's just my palate, but I found the taste of Roland's White truffle oil to be extremely "chemically".
Roland makes a really good balsamic vinegar, so that's why I decided to try their truffle oil.
Now I have never had truffles before or any kind of truffle oil, but as soon as I dribbled a tiny bit of this in my homemade mushroom risotto, it was
extremely overpowering with a chemical odor/flavor.

After I tasted it, I went online to research further and found out that most (not all) of the truffle oils are made with petroleum and other
chemicals. I just googled "truffle oil tastes chemical" and found some articles about making it with chemicals.

Since I bought it in a 2 pack, I would love to return the unopened bottle, but there is a "no return" policy. I still want to try white truffle oil, so
I'm ordering another brand that is not made with chemicals.
This is just my opinion and others seem happy so .... best of luck.
218680218680B001EO7GB2AOFE38ETN0KZDaniela Angelova1151280880000Excellent oil. Highly recommendedI'm new to truffle oils and the first few purchases I couldn't get what I was looking for. This one hit right on the spot
218681218681B001EO7GB2ASIRHRCW8LSC7C. Dsa0111287273600Too artificial and chemical tasteI am not sure if the other reviewers were reviewed the same product, but based on other reviews, I purchased this product and I am extremely disappointed. The smell in this oil is extremely chemical and you can tell its artificial. It is almost like a plasticy smell.
218682218682B000H16YMAA2WS4L9S0NCAEBMehrnoosh0051343433600Greattttttttttttt!I really adore the taste! It gets prepared so soon, and only takes about 15 minutes from the beginning until it is prepared for eating! great if you add chicken and carrot as well!
218683218683B000H16YMAA3OZJZMOUFF5CONonya0051322006400GoodFast delivery and good soups. Just make sure you add the right portions of water and also add some vegetables to make it even tastier :). I used to eat these as a kid and couldn't find them in store any longer so had to check on the net :)
218684218684B000H16YMAA1IB8DLGO4B2VVJanice Moore "JM"1241235088000Maggi Chicken Noodle SoupMaggi Cream Of Chicken Soup Mix, 2.26-Ounce Packets (Pack of 48)
Not to wild about this brand, way to salty for me, and price is way to high for dry package soups. Probably won't get no more of this
218685218685B0027E4PQWA24HT9FC6OU1J2Consuelo Maciel "CONNIE"0051320796800VERY CONVENIENTIt doesn't get any better than this. Arrives promptly at your door, extremely well packaged and with a generous expiration date.
218686218686B0027E4PQWA34OENF1VQ9N65sharkgirlsheena0051316908800Baby loves it!My 10 month old son LOVES this baby food! He loves anything with apple and banana in it, and enjoys this one a lot.
218687218687B0027E4PQWA3NB5QK1JRV1SCConnie Lynn Kline0051267660800Can't go wrong with GerberCan't go wrong with Gerber. A must have for those who simply can't make it to the store daily, or those who have extra storage.
218688218688B000NMG2LGA179HLAZM2QAUGIzzy "IzzyB"121241260403200Don't Buy it online!I love these when I tried them for the first time this year. I couldn't find them after Halloween so I went online. The Online Candy Shop sold a box of 100 for $14.97 plus $11.25 for shipping which I thought was outrageous. I bought it anyway 'cause I liked them. I went to Sam's Club a week later and saw them in the candy section, same count, for less than $10.00 dollars! If you decide to buy these, don't do it online, it's a rip-off at least in the shipping cost. I feel duped! Anyway, live and learn...go to Sam's Club instead!
218689218689B000NMG2LGA1P5BEETAII547Amazoner7841216684800Jolly Ranchers make Mom happy.These are my Mom's favorites.
She's 88, and has returned to lifes simple pleasures.
She looks forward to a lollipop after dinner every night,
and so far these are her favorites!
218690218690B000NMG2LGA2DAOP2O9HX6ANB. S. Demuth "Shirley"3451254182400Great suckers!I love Jolly Rancher candy and was excited to get these lollipops. They are big and last a long time. I just wish I could find the sour Jolly Rancher suckers also. I would buy this again.
218691218691B000NMG2LGA26KDDC3YBR2M9PILAR TORRES0051348012800Absolutely AwesomeI love jolly rancher lollipops so I thought... Why not get a bunch? Best decision I ever made. I got it in 4 days. I ordered 100 (two orders) and they are AMAZING!!! they are very fresh and yummy. VERY FLAVORFUL! I love the watermelon ones and the pink lemonade. GET IT! really great deal. Totally 100% worth the wait... Im eating one right now! mmmmmmmmmmm... I love love love these!

btw the box is kinda flimsy but i keep the two boxes in a drawer so they dont move much. If you want a good box then you should find something to put them in. If the boxes aren't moving (like keeping them in a drawer like I do) then you're good.

218692218692B000NMG2LGA34IY4AY3H2DPMAnntoinette M.0051344211200Kids love them!The kids and adults were both eager to get more of these. They're great, very flavorful and very worth the price.
218693218693B000NMG2LGAS542LNPBBIWGpam schnarre0051343779200Jolly Rancher-The best suckers in the world!Everyone must try these! They are not just for kids! Great flavor and amazing taste...Brought them over to Germany for gifts...All ages..
218694218694B000EGX2DWA2N2CXGM3N6OZIA. Smargon2251173657600Great SnackI love the Mrs. May's snacks. While i haven't tried them all, the black sesame is definitely a keeper. The almond crunch is great too. I have yet to be disappointed with any of them. Healthy and lower in carbs than many snacks. Just be careful as it's easy to eat the whole bag (2 portions or more depending on the size you get) which isnt good if you're watching your fat/calorie intake.
218695218695B000EGX2DWA3LX57I5OKG70VRachel W0021308787200Meh! Soggy and Not SolidAt first I was concerned that the product was made in China. But it states that it's all natural, free of artificial coloring and all that, so I bought it. However, it turned out to be not as "air-tight" as I'd like it to be. Feels a bit soggy and fluffy. Also, it lacks strong black sesame taste! In general, strong aroma is lacking, not to mention that it's on the pricey side. I wouldn't recommend this product if you desire a strong, solid taste of black sesame.
218696218696B000EQT9MKA13U57G5QF9P2PD. Borchert0051265500800great replacement for regular corn nacho chipsMy family loves these chips! We can't stop eating them once we start! I did have a bad case once though. The chips were stuck in cluster balls. I called the company and they sent me coupons for free bags and % off of more bags. We haven't had any problems since.
Great product!
218697218697B000EQT9MKA3B4T4YD12U1R8Tropical girl0041263686400Thin & crispy but too saltyI love blue corn tortillas and their products. I had been eating the Guiltless Gourmet brand Blue Corn Tortilla Chips for many years but ultimately found their chips a bit thick & bland. I decided to try out Garden of Eatin, and I am glad I did. Thinner and crispier than the GG brand with a richer blue corn flavor. If I didn't know they were baked, I'd think they were fried! My only complaint is the excessive salt which is super obvious on a dark blue chip. I just brush the extra salt off but this can be a pain. I'd buy a salt-free option if they offered it in their baked blue chips, but they only offer it in the fried blue chips. For now, these'll do. I like eating dipping them into my homemade, low-salt guacamole- YUM!!
218698218698B000EQT9MKA292RIQH3B7Q77Jasmine0021262649600Too salty and nearly expired.I ordered a case of these chips from Amazon because I like the regular Garden of Eatin blue chips and usually like baked chips better than fried. I ordered a case (and put myself on subscription) to get the best price and figured I could eat a couple of cases a year. But these chips are too salty - eating them actually burns my lips! And all of the bags in the case I received from Amazon on January 5 have "best by" dates of February 3, 2010. How am I supposed to eat 12 bags of too salty chips in less than a month? Since Amazon does not allow returns on this item, I'll probably just donate my case to the food bank. I highly recommend that before you order this item, buy a test bag at Whole Foods first. And don't order a case unless you can use it within a month. Learn from my experience!
218699218699B000EQT9MKA2UR44HF5K9FE5A. Berger0031262649600like stale popcornThese 1.5" rounds are cut too small for dipping, and may be too fragile for proper Tortilla dishes - so it's a shame I'm now stuck with a case of them. considering the soy is at the end of the ingredient list after various oils and before the salt, then such soy is just a marketing gimmick to help excuse such a disappointing blue corn chip. Target's Archer Farms Organic Blue Corn With Flax Seed Tortilla Chips - are much better and cheaper. Thank you Amazon for double boxing this and sending out a 3 Month long dated product during a 50% off sale.
218700218700B000EQT9MKA1RHOH7NO04WCACookin' 4 7 "organic & homemade"0051255910400Watch Out Whole FoodsThe chips are great, with a family of seven the only shelf life I worry about is keeping them there. Really though, did you see the price? Like $1.12 a bag. Whole foods may finnally have someone to hold them accountable destroying health food stores. Thanks Amazon, for carring the brands whole foods wont bother with any more and for having prices that you can feed families with.

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