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218821218821B000EQT9MKA29BWC41573AF8S. Little "RuffRuff"0051265673600no more stale chipsi like nachos. i don't like stale chips. i eat nachos on my day off from work. good price good chips. i happy. thank you garden of eatin.
218822218822B0046HJVMQAEFKPRH0ES5WZAmazon Boy "vern"0051323993600REALLY good stuff!!I am from the states and got hooked on this cereal while I was in Ireland. This stuff is so filling, and so delicious, hot or cold. I am ordering more!! I don't even like raisins, but I never picked them out, the rest of the cereal was so good.
218823218823B0046HJVMQA3H1ES1P6R0E8Rshopper790051317859200Healthy and FillingWe ordered 6 boxes of this muesli cereal we received it within two days of ordering. I cook some with milk and add just a little sugar,justing bringing the milk to a boil. My husbands eats 1/2 cup everyday and I eat a 1/4 cup and we are stuffed. Perfect for winter.
218824218824B001MV0006A3C0R4GFAPWB19J. Davis4451241481600Yum!I found these because my Trader Joe's was out of their Pita Bite crackers every time I went in there. These are exactly the same ones. I top mine with mozzarella and bruschetta. The only negative comment is that there were very few whole crackers out of all the boxes, most were pretty broken up. Tastes the same, though!
218825218825B001MV0006A10VTU2DCWZ74Xverplay1131320364800Bits and PiecesMy family LOVES these crackers. Our local wholesaler stopped carryng them so we thought it was a great idea to order them on Amazon. However, when the crackers arrived, we were lucky to find 10 WHOLE crackers in a box, the rest were bits, pieces and crumbs. We were very disappointed!
218826218826B001MV0006A330YB1JBYEKGIJ. C. Jones6911240963200Not Gluten Free!It really annoys me when searching for gluten free products, products like this show up! You come across it on the list and get all excited thinking you found something new! You scroll down to the allergy listing and it clearly says wheat free! So you go to the ingredient list and the first ingredient is wheat flour! This is not the only product that has done this with! You have to really read though everything before ordering!
For companies, If you process it on shared equipment with an allergen, it is not free of that allergen even if you cross check every ingredient you put into it! If you run it down equipment that previously had the allergen on it you are causing cross contamination and therefore can not rightfully label the product free of that allergen! On the same note, you need to disclose on all packaging that it was processed on shared equipment so those of us with allergies do not get sick by eating foods that appear safe but are not!
218827218827B001MV0006A3BO3EVTJ2G7NWpatricia raco0031298246400pita bitesThe pita bites were all broken. I was disappointed that they were not packaged to avoid damage to the product.
218828218828B001MV0006A276ECH84IIIJSJanell M. Casey1611264982400disappointedI've been trying to get ahold of you people saying that this wasn't delivered here. seems it was delivered to PA instead of OR. if that makes any sense at all. I can't seem to find the info on your site right now but did in the past. Someone in PA had a lot of really good crackers for Christmas parties.

Excuse me, I just found something on the site that says the people in PA returned the crackers. There are honest people in PA. My thanks to them. I did need to find the crackers elsewhere for the holidays, however.
218829218829B006Z06S5UA1OMH2ZTV3VITFKaren L. Warren1151337385600Favotire hot sauceEven though this is a common commercial brand, it is my family's favorite hot sauce. They REALLY like HOT food; much hotter than the average American. The hot version of Taco Bell hot sauce satisfies their craving and we have not found a substitute.
218830218830B000NMG2LQA2FS9CYCWC6HLWAnna M. Ligtenberg "AnnaLovesBooks"1351218931200Jolly Rancher Assorted candy bag 5 pound bag!As of August 17, 2008; All prices subject to change
ASIN B000F8GWR2 - Twelve 7 ounce bags (not currently available)
ASIN B0000V416I - 5 pound bag, $20.00 + $9.58 shipping ($29.58)
ASIN B000NMG2LQ - 5 pound bag, $15.75 + $12.75 shipping ($28.50)
ASIN B000HROH2I - 5 pound bag, $23.29 + $17.93 shipping ($41.22)
ASIN B0017D3TJS - 17 ounce bowl, $4.95 + $6.56 shipping ($11.51)
ASIN B001ASEWQE - 1.25 pound tub, $5.85 + $7.49 shipping ($13.34)

All of these product listings are for the same product, although there are some minor differences, most price, quantity and seller. This review, which covers all six listings, is 5 stars for the product - some of the listings deserve less and I'll tell you why. B000F8GWR2 is for twelve 7 ounce packages (5.25 lbs), B001ASEWQE is for a 1.2 pound tub, B0017D3TJS is a 17 ounce plastic, lidded bowl; the others are 5 pound bags.

B001ASEWQE and B0017D3TJS have only one thing going for it: it comes in a tub. But you have bowls, right? So, the tub's not exciting and the price there is too high when you factor in shipping. When shipping is charged by weight, it matters that the listing for B000NMG2LQ claims its shipping weight as 7 pounds, while the rest of the 5 pound packages say 6 - unless the box weighs over a pound, 6 is correct and the renegade 7 pounder is just dipping into your pocket. Still it's B000HROH2I that is really ripping you off, with $17.93 in shipping charges. The best deal turns out to be straight from Amazon, with B000F8GWR2 showing me $8.53 in shipping - and the potential for free shipping. Of the 6, only the one from Amazon makes any sense to buy as a consumer; the others might make sense to a wholesaler, although I can't see how - the best price is the best price! And, of course, look into the prices yourself because they're subject to change and by the time you read this, they might be completely different.

Jolly Rancher candies, particularly the original hard candy flavors, are great. The flavors are strong enough so that each flavor is distinct, unlike so many other candies. Watermelon tastes like watermelon, cherry like cherry - these things are literally mouth-watering, in the best way. Individual wrapping keeps them clean when little hands dig for their personal favorite. Personally, I've been stocking up on them as part of my plan to quit smoking; it'll certainly make quitting a delicious experience, especially as my taste buds recover.

- AnnaLovesBooks
218831218831B000EGX2DMA2GFJZ9UPVTDEZA reviewer "A reader"7711167782400Surprisingly yuckyI bought these because we love Mrs. May's Almond Crunch, which we've bought at Costco. We like walnuts, too, and thought this snack would be just as good as the almond crunch. Unfortunately it's not. The skin on the walnuts makes the walnut crunch taste bitter and there's a strange kind of health-foody malty taste, too. We kept opening bags thinking the next one would be better, but they were all the same. Buy the almond crunch instead, that's really good.
218832218832B000EGX2DMA18TST0YO1NN2M. Copeland "puddykat"3311188604800Taste like sawdustNot that I've ever eaten sawdust. But this just might be a good comparison. Very dry and no taste. I'm surprised this one ever got off the ground with Mrs. Mays.
218834218834B00538MLN8A27EE7X7L29UMUZapNZs0031340841600I may have gotten a bad batch...I originally got these in the 1 pound bag and they were great! Perfect condition, great assortment, neatly wrapped individually. The candy itself is amazing. If I were rating the 1lb bag, it would absolutely be 5/5 stars. But this review is about the 3lb bag and NOT the 1lb one (I mention this because the same seller lists both bags in a single listing). I decided to get the 3lb bag and I was terribly disappointed. Over 75% of the bag was one flavor, the bag was a cheap generic bag which split open in shipping (the 1lb was in a very nice, tough, and resealable bag), the individually wrapped candies themselves were covered in an unknown sticky residue, and many of the candies were either 1/2 piece or 1&1/2 pieces inside the wrappers. It seems the 3lb bag contains the rejects from the 1lb bag. Maybe I just got a bad batch? I guess I will return it.

Edit: the seller has been very helpful and explained that the batch I got was likely damaged in transit, and has verified that the 3lb bag is the same quality at the 1lb and that I likely got a bad batch which could be returned. And so I will return them and purchase another to see, as the candies themselves are amazing enough for me to mention that they are amazing twice in the same review. Hopefully the next ones won't have the same issues.
218835218835B00538MLN8AC73JJ41MR5BNloisdiane0051313280000too goodThese hard candies are SO good. I haven't found the nutritional info on them but that may be a good thing. My fav out of all of them.
218836218836B001EO6G04ACUOP7MXJ7NUZjuniverse0041263686400no adverse effect, very naturala friend just referred this product to me, i tried it and was effective. it's refreshing, good and soothing. it's like drinking water with a flavor. within 2 weeks of religiously taking it i lost 4-5 lbs.without exercise. good for those who don't have time to go to the gym. would recommend it to everybody. it is safe and the brand has wide varieties of teas to choose from.
218837218837B000JFKVUKA3HONXHSFW2OQQNavySailorsWife0051302912000Love themThese are very good, although not sour, but when the ship goes out to sea the ship store sells out of these fast by the sailors. They are a huge item with sailors and make great care packages. :)

Added: The bags came as 8.75 ozs NOT 9oz as stated.
218838218838B000JFKVUKACKRS3SSRUWDRJRB "computer geek"1211269907200Don't buy these If you enjoy sour cherries!For all you 'Jersey Cherries' lovers. These are not good. They left out all the sour and replaced it with just sugar.
218839218839B00068PCU4A1JETNLAHPJ1ZMBaron Williams3351158624000Great sugar alternativeWhat is Xylitol? A sugar alcohol that is:

* Nearly half the calories of sugar

* Prevents tooth decay

* 100% natural

* Tastes almost exactly like sugar

Sweet-X Xylitol in granular form can be used just like ordinary table sugar at a ratio of 1:1. Like sugar, it is all natural, and has a great taste. It is about as sweet as table sugar, but has 40% less calories. When eaten plain it has a unique slippery bead like texture with a cool, almost mint-like quality; while table sugar has a hasher granular texture with a warmer, heavier quality. When dissolved in food, its slippery texture and cooling effect is not noticed, and so it is difficult to tell it apart from table sugar.

Unlike table sugar, xylitol actually prevents tooth decay. Many microorganisms cannot digest xylitol. Xylitol is proven to be the best tooth decay fighting sweetener available.

Unlike normal table sugar, xylitol cannot be used to bake yeast based breads because the yeast used cannot digest xylitol.

Xylitol tastes great mixed with other high intensity sweeteners such as stevia (SoooLite!, SweetLeaf, etc.). I use it with equal portions of all nature SoooLite to make a great tasting low calorie natural sugar substitute that tastes almost exactly like sugar. It is a great mixture.

Xylitol is all natural and safe. In 1963 xylitol was approved by the FDA for use in food production in the US. Xylitol exists naturally in the human body. The human body actually makes up to 15 grams of xylitol a day. Xylitol has a mild laxative quality in some people when high amounts are ingested. This usually subsides once the body adjusts to using it.

Please do not give xylitol to dogs. Although safe for humans, dogs can develop a life threatening reaction to even small amounts of xylitol.
218840218840B001EPPUZUAPRBN8BW5ACJ5Mike0051296691200Don't hesistate, buy it.If you like tangerine and ginger, you'll like this tea. The aroma while it steeps and while you drink it, is wonderful. This is the first time I've tried this brand of tea and I'll be buying more.
218841218841B004YVQ47YA2M6J4CGEA29JIRisa1151342656000Good Soda AlternativeIn my effort to rid my all-American diet of high fructose corn syrup (found in almost all major sodas sold in the States, and everything else), I've been buying San Pellegrino sparkling drinks for about six months now. I'm very partial to this orange flavor as well as the blood orange flavor as they're not as bitter as the lemon flavor, and still satisfy the craving I occasionally get for something sweet. I might also add for the benefit of my Jewish friends: the drinks are kosher.

Admittedly, it's not the healthiest thing to drink - there's still a ton of sugar (though it also advertises that it's made up of 16% orange juice), but if you're going to choose a sugar-laden drink, better it be this than a can of high fructose corn syrup.

It's pretty tasty alone, but a bit of vodka or rum works well with it too.
218842218842B004YVQ47YA1HN0WW8H4MYC6Nicholas Moses0051348444800Long-time Favourite DrinkSan Pellegrino Aranciata has been a favourite drink of mine for years. I've never much been a soft drink fan, but I enjoy the combination of fruit juice and carbonation that Aranciata offers. It's sweet enough that it tastes great, but doesn't taste chemical or artificial in any way, and doesn't include HFCS. It also tastes pretty good on the rocks, even after they start to melt.

And speaking of drinking it on the rocks - Aranciata is a great mixer! Try making a vodka screwdriver with it instead of orange juice sometime and you'll see what I mean. The other flavours that San Pellegrino offers are great as well - Limonata and Blood Orange are excellent. One note, though - if you can, buy it in the little glass bottles. They have a neat shape and are much more fun than the cans - although it's worth noting that the cans are much nicer than soda cans.
218843218843B004YVQ47YA1QMROQ35A9V9GPen Name0051345248000San pellegrinoMeet all my expectations. Enjoyed every can. Plan on ordering some more in the near future. Order was received in the time frame indicated
218844218844B0019ZRLSOA1Z54EM24Y40LLc23351270684800LOVE these!If you live in Ohio, then you can't have these, or so they tell us. Because, here in Ohio, we like our food bland. Bland and so dead that all the flavor is boiled out of whatever we get to eat and if it isn't cooked that way, someone has to complain and say they speak for all of us. Ohio, the food concentration camp of North America!

Sarcasm aside, when we USED to have things like this, people's minds were blown apart. Kids loved them, we all ate them all the time, and life was generally sunny and happy. Now that they're gone, we have 212 gray days a year here in Ohio, all because they've taken away our happy food and ANYTHING that remotely resembles flavor. So, if you're blessed enough NOT to live in Ohio (I've heard it's spreading to Indiana too so watch out...), be sure you partake of these. They're completely awesome, great for vacations, and taste just like the pops, only without the stick. And when you enjoy these wonderful pieces of candy, please, remember us poor folks in Ohio with our bland, boring, lifeless food and be glad you know how to live "outside the box." Highly recommend!
218845218845B0019ZRLSOA2XI1KU49U8P8Moih82w82251307491200Childhood classic revisitedWho says that you can't go back? One of my childhood classic candies has made a triumphant return...and they did not melt in the Middle East. Thanks for the taste of home!
218846218846B0019ZRLSOA25NOKELFYZ3Z2Nancy G. May0051350518400Made a friend very happyI got these for my friend who is in a nursing home. I had taken her a small box at first and she got hooked on them. So thank you for sending them in a timely manner.
218847218847B0019ZRLSOA132P2I41V7G79Sheila Schumacher0051252281600I'm so glad they're backI have been looking for these since I was 8. I am so glad that they are back! Delicious.
218848218848B000I4M1SMA3D6TFYRMIV3ZLThemis-Athena2241212883200The Quintessential Breakfast Tea.Calling this blend "English" Breakfast is a bit of a misnomer, because it was a Scotsman - a 19th century Edinburgh tea master named Drysdale - who first marketed his particular blend under the name "breakfast tea." It proved so popular, however, that it was soon copied by tea houses all over Britain, many of which then added the word "English," which has been part of its name ever since.

English Breakfast can contain black teas from a variety of origins, among them India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Malawi and China. Stronger than most other teas, the blend is made to match the traditionally heavy English breakfast, which to this day often includes pork, sausages and eggs, and for this reason English Breakfast tea also maintains its flavor very well with the addition of cream or milk. It is certainly less refined than Darjeeling or even Earl Grey, but hard to beat as an everyday "work horse," and as good or better an early morning pick-me-up as any kind of coffee.
218849218849B001HTOXJ2A1TLUGEY2W22CKMom of two teens1131330560000It's okIt's ok. Tastes kind of sweet for a ranch dressing. Better than nothing. Nice to have a dressing to go that is gluten free.
218850218850B004ARQ968A22Q2XNQUD6HM8CED0011309305600DANGEROUSThis only gets one star because it won't let me rate it as zero. DO NOT buy this to use on your pet! I decided I would use it for a couple of days between when I noticed my cat had mites and when the vet could fit her in. I only used it once and I'm glad that was it! The vet said that he has seen animals die from using it. She's now on prescriptions to knock out the infection caused by it irritating her ears. Don't take the risk!

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