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218971218971B0029K321SA1A3VXAK3HR6U6bookreader7951221264000Great coffee, the perfect blend. Wake up to Starbucks flavor in your home!.This is by far one of the best breakfast blends, I have tried. The beans chosen are a perfect meld, with a low acidity. Starbuck's did their job right in selecting beans for their taste rather than supply. A typical pattern in many coffee house brands is to throw together a low grade more plentiful bean with a few mid to high range beans and then pawn it off as a quality brew at a higher price. This often results in a coffee blend without taste. Starbucks, however, did their taste test on this blend and came out with a true winner.
The beans are roasted much lighter than your typical Starbucks type beyond french roast, this also helps in creating a coffee that is less acidic. Yet while lightly roasted the beans have been roasted enough so that the oils will be released when put through a drip maker or coffee press, a problem usually encountered with lighter roast. Their is a defint natural sweetness in the beans that are enhanced with the use of fat free milk, the lactose sugar of the milk bean the only additional sweetener need. A full fat milk or cream would mask the complexity of the sutler flavors here and leave you with coffee that is on the taste par with any store brand stale canned bean type.
This coffee's blend and flavor would make it great choice for a hearty comforting breakfast of bacon and eggs where the flavor of the foods are enhanced by a milder coffee that leaves the food as the star and not an attention grabbing bitter coffee.
218972218972B0029K321SAUS3V4RKIWQ6BRay2211323475200unpleasant aftertasteBought the coffee at Shop Rite expecting a nice brew. This coffee had a very unpleasant aftertaste. It was not expired. Had it with flavored coffee creamer.
218973218973B0029K321SA1U7G8C9GD7V0YBuddy Dee "Buddy Dee"1121337990400Medium Breakfast Blend not the sameI have been ordering the three pack of regular Breakfast Blend for some time now, but Amazon sent the MEDIUM Breakfast Blend on my last order. I tried to make sure I ordered the right one, and did, but they sent the MEDIUM anyway. Quick tip: the MEDIUM blend is absolutely awful. Don't waste your money on this one if you're a regular Breakfast Blend lover. The real/original Breakfast Blend is smooth and mellow with no bitterness and great taste. This MEDIUM takes more like the institutional Maxwell House. I won't be ordering this again.
218974218974B0029K321SARANRUPFG02EBsani441111336521600Starbucks Breakfast BlendThis is not the Breakfast Blend Mild Advertised but the Medium Blend which is a smokey burnt taste. I bought this thinking this may a seller with some of the Mild left. Starbucks have decided to change their coffee into 3 roasts light is Blond, med in Breakfast Blend and bold is Dark Roast. I have not tried the Blond but the reviews are not too favorable. I really liked the Mild Breakfast Blend...please bring it back!!!
218975218975B0029K321SA1DQYOG6FHDY2Djennet R. Conant1111332201600false advertising--bad brewStarbucks has done away with its delicious mild Breakfast Blend and instead the newly packaged Medium Breakfast Blend is bitter with a terrible burnt aftertaste. Yuck!
218976218976B0029K321SA251BGJ9IXBU1YM. Herbst1121298937600Not very goodI should preface this by saying that I am not a coffee snob. I used to drink instant coffee and have only recently begun making "real" coffee in a drip machine. I decided to try a couple different types to see what I liked. My dislike of this Starbucks variety might be exacerbated by the fact that the coffee I tried just before this one (Lavazza Qualita Rossa) was so good. In comparison, this blend has a very harsh and bitter taste. I won't be buying this again and wish I hadn't purchased a three-pack.
218977218977B0029K321SAEGLBNO7DISMAlbnolte3431288224000not a good priceLove the coffee, however, I can buy this product cheaper at our Kroger grocery store.
218978218978B0029K321SA1PI8VBCXXSGC7Lynn2341237939200Great tasting MILD coffee....Starbucks Breakfast Blend is my favorite coffee. It's mild tasting, not bitter. Don't get me wrong, it's not weak; it's mild & has a great aroma. I'm brewing a pot right now. :)

If you don't have time to brew a pot of coffee you might want to try Nescafe Taster's Choice Instant Coffee, Regular, 0.07-Ounce Single Sticks, 7-Count Boxes (Pack of 12).
218979218979B0029K321SA1JWG1JHCPADI0Anita Holstad0041351123200StarBucks coffeeStar Bucks coffee is without a doubt the best coffee in the world. I do like the smell of star Bucks coffee when I return from walking my dogs.

The smell of good coffee covers the room. Then when I take the first sip, I know it is time to start my day.
218980218980B0029K321SA3U7S9E1395M4YLisa Bolduan0031348185600loves this product.My husband is a big coffee guy and loves this product. But beware of ordering online... box was shipped in a flimsy mailer and therefore banged up, including damage to the k-cups. Had to return the package with the loose coffee grounds falling out to the store and exchange in person.
218981218981B0029K321SA3TP2QYHZHSF1OMichelle R. Vickers "A Tony Stewart Fan"0051346889600I don't drink coffee, but husband doesI can barely stand the smell of coffee, let alone drink it. However, both my mom & husband drink it everyday and both enjoy this flavor, but they prefer a stronger blend. I now purchase dark roasts for them.
218982218982B0029K321SA2GROJL8JX0M9Hebay85030031337299200Ok Coffee, lacks the Starbuck's "Flair"Rating coffee is hard as it's like rating a piece of art - highly subjective. As background, I love the strength of Starbucks coffee as compared to Dunkin, Eight O'Clock, Pete's, and Target Brand. The issue here is that I thought I was getting the House blend (Starbucks changed their packaging) and I got the Breakfast blend. Now this was my error, so I thought I should try it. It was rather weak and had little character. Wasn't full bodied at all. Seemed like the bottom fell out of this blend. For my tastes, I had to add more coffee and just to bring this to where it was somewhat bearable.

Now, there may be those who like this type and they would give it 5/5, for me, the 3/5 resulted from the loss of flavor and character. Not that it was milder, it just didn't taste good to me. I've tried the whole Starbucks spectrum of coffee and while I may not like the french roast, I can taste the "flair" associated with it. This was different. Like making clam chowder with 1% milk, something's missing.
218983218983B0029K321SA11FIOZ1M18SONScotchpb0051329696000Excellent, first-cup-of-the-day, joe!I love Starbucks Breakfast Blend as my first cup of coffee for the day, and as a mild sipping coffee for the entire day. It is light and is low in acid, which is easy on my stomach first thing in the morning. I enjoy roasting my own coffee and have yet to duplicate this unique blend that has such wonderful finishing notes on the palate.

218984218984B0029K321SA2A8KWCE8RKB9TDavid Glazer0051329609600Gooooood Coffee!I love this coffee..light..bright..a wonderful cup in the morning. I do not care for other Starbucks coffee as it is too heavy for my taste buds...and BB hits the spot...get it on sale when you can and stock up.
218985218985B0029K321SA2TVB17AWWXVX6R. Kleinberg0051317168000Starbucks Breakfast BlendTried this Starbucks blend a few months ago, and it's the best coffee I've had in a long time.
Even started ordering it from Amazon. It's not bitter and tastes great when you make it strong.
Other Starbucks blends I've tried, like French Roast, were too over-powering and bitter.
To me there's a difference between a strong coffee and a strong-tasting coffee.
A strong-tasting coffee can be made weak, almost see-through, yet still have an over-powering taste.
Don't like this!
I prefer a strong coffee that no light can pass through, and it doesn't have to be a dark-roast bean.
If you haven't tried the Breakfast Blend - give it a try.
218986218986B0029K321SA1XL7HN8NVWFZPDenis P0051317081600Better than Pike Roast at AmazonStarbucks Breakfast Blend is a mild roast with none of the bitter aftertaste seen with Pike Place Roast. Since Pike has become the "default" blend at Starbucks locations including airport locations like ORD and IAD I've learned to search for alternatives including MacD and BK.
218987218987B0029K321SAK01DEJDH96JMA. Lipinski "AmazonAddict"1241327190400Free Starbucks SamplesI have not actually tried this flavor of Starbucks coffee, so i am sorry that I don't have a specific review, but I wanted to let everyone know that Starbucks stores are now offering free taste testing of the bold, medium and blonde flavors of coffee. Also they are giving away samples of blond coffee (8-10 cup packs). So hit all the Starbucks in town and score some free coffee! I don't know how long the promotion is going on but I am sure there are more details on their website. Happy Coffee Drinking!
218988218988B0029K321SA2F8PH6UOLFL1JJane C Heinz1251289260800Starbucks coffeeVery good deal for 3 12-ounce bags of Starbucks Breakfast Blend coffee. Delivered promptly and free. Couldn't ask for more!
218989218989B0029K321SA1QU1STYO9J3ADM. Claycomb1251288051200Perfect mild blendThis is one of our favorites for a mild coffee. It's very flavorful, but not strong or bitter, and complements food very well.
218990218990B0029K321SA3NN6HMFEFHO5RMolly Hixon "mom2three"1451242691200Best coffee I have ever had!!I thought this was the best, and most flavorful coffee I have ever drank!! I love it and try my hardest not to run out!!
218991218991B0029K321SA2L8HYK4GYZKZBR. Crutcher "Gadget Girl"21111221609600It stunk and tasted just as badI purchased this from my local market and boy, am I sorry to have done that. This particular Starbuck's blend is awful to say the least. I knew it wasn't going to end well when I opened the bag and was nearly overcome by the nasty aroma. To me, coffee is supposed to smell good as well as taste good.

I decided that maybe my nose was deceiving me. So I brewed a couple of cups worth (I make my coffee at night for the next day) and waited thinking that perhaps it would taste better than it smelled. Once it finished brewing, I took a sip of it black. UGH! I thought maybe sugar will help. NOPE. My next trick was to add vanilla flavored creamer. NADDA!

It seems as if this is a smokey blend. The taste is very heavy and not at all appealing to me. I think I expected a lighter, smoke free and perhaps more tangy flavor.

Now I have to try to give this away....(sigh)
218992218992B001QY4SH0A2GWQ99WXPGSV9W. Goss5551284163200Best Cakes On the Planet!I had been going to Grand Cayman for years and always saw these cakes, in a little gold box, always thinking how good can a cake that's been sitting in a box be? In July 2010, we were there and walked into a store that had a sample of each flavor of the Tortuga Caribbean Rum Cake. Needless to say, I tried every flavor and went back for more. These were the most tasty, and moist cakes I had ever had in my life! Now, they're my "go to gift", and I send them to friends and family. Everyone loves them...and thus, the cycle continues!

Thank you Grand Cayman for producing a little slice of heaven, right here on earth!
218993218993B001QY4SH0A3BSTFFIKK5YTWBOATS99 "BOATS99"2251242000000Yummy Coconut and Rum !I ordered this and the regular flavor prefer this one hands down no contest.
Really enjoyed this but there pretty small at 16 ounces and a bit pricey would order this one again. The coconut and rum go well together may order the larger size next time.
218994218994B001QY4SH0A30SDD0SCACXXPNancy Lewis2251240704000super yummy!Moist, Flavorful, DELISH!! This cake deserves 10 stars! My husband finished it b4 me! It truly is delicious
218995218995B001QY4SH0A8J7XCFKHEOP9K. Ingwerson "mom of 2"1131307059200Moist with a heavy rum tasteThe banana, orginal or pineapple is a better choice for the rum cake. The coconut flavor was overpowered by the rum.
218996218996B001QY4SH0A3GH5XMSPELEW0Melissa B.2331302220800Overpriced!Way overpriced for a 16 oz. cake. I'm a baker so for me this is just okay. When I bake, it's butter, eggs, sugar, flour, etc. There are too many artificial ingredients in this cake, making it taste processed. Just get yourself a good pound cake or yellow cake recipe (please, no boxed cake mix), and make a rum syrup. That's it. Let it soak, soak, soak and you'll have a better and more natural tasting cake. The up side though, it's cheaper to purchase on Amazon than direct from the Tortuga factory.
218997218997B001QY4SH0A2CHLNKFYAXXQVLou0051338768000DeliciousI first purchased a very small Tortuga coconut rum cake in Cozumel. I wasn't sure that I would like it. However, after trying the small one, I wished I had purchased a larger one. I thought I would have to reorder the product from Mexico, but found it online at The cake is moist, with a nice blend of coconut & rum. It's very delicious.
218998218998B001QY4SH0AFKZQBWFM0CSVBeach Nut "Beach Nut"0051310688000Just Plain "Yum"This is the one of the best cakes in box. I really mean it. It is vacuum sealed and very fresh tasting. You can smell and certainly taste the rum, but the flavor is smooth and has the perfect sweetness - not too much, not too little. I used to make gift baskets that included one of the small cakes in it and both men and women would always ask where to get it. My husband and I share a mini cake and treat it as a special treat, rather than hogging down the whole thing.
218999218999B001QY4SH0A2TVWYQ5QWC7U0Brittany Gordon0051302220800spectacular rum cakeThe cake is very moist. The coconut and the rum are great flavors. One of the best cakes I have had.
219000219000B001QY4SH0A2NYIZGLQC92M1Tracy J. Jacobsen "grannycat"0051297987200Tortuga rum cake sure to pleaseTried this without ever having had a bite of rum cake. It arrived nicely packaged. I like coconut, so this was a logical place to begin. WOW! Moist, sweet and delicious. Just the right amount of coconut to balance the rum flavor. I will definitely buy this again and intend to try other flavors.

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