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219001219001B001QY4SH0AU7U4DJKZNF9FSan1211315008000Not What I ExpectedI actually tasted this item from a friend before and decided to order my own. Bad idea. It was disgusting! It tasted like it was mixed with chemicals or something. I had one bite and threw the rest in the garbage. I was highly disappointed and upset. Not worth my money at all. I wish I would've returned it for my money back quite honestly.
219002219002B001QY4SH0A1ANWWLCRQ7QWML. Burdine "bamaladybug"1321269475200VERY disappointedFrom the description and reviews, I was really looking forward to eating this cake and I also ordered the banana rum cake.

The only way to tell these cakes apart was this one had some coconut sprinkled on half the top. Both were too "rummy"...rum overpowered the taste of everything else to the point that it was distasteful.

I had hoped to order some more rum cakes to serve to guests or use as a "hostess" gift. Am I glad I got this for a taste-test...I would have been very embarrassed!!
219003219003B001IVWZBCA5VVRGL8JA7RAdam1151305936000Amazing!Wonderful crisp taste, great aftertaste, and way more refreshing than the mainstream competition. Have been enjoying this for a decade. Also, basically tastes like normal soda, but doesn't have caffeine.
219004219004B003PMRBFWAOLJ57FWC8SCMSpiketronic0051334016000AddictiveFound these in a cupboard in a vacation rental. Thought i would just nibble on a few and the owners wouldnt notice. WRONG! They were gone in 2 days. Now i have to buy 2 jars, one to replace the one i ate and another to eat. Im not even that wild about honey, or lavender, for that matter. But together, mmmmmm.
219005219005B003PMRBFWA1H0SR83DDWD1QC. henderson0051317081600awesomeReceived the item and finished it in one sitting. Quite simply the best little treat I've had in a long time. I do wish there was caloric information though. As I work-out regularly and keep track of my daily caloric intake. Hopefully, it's not a lot.
219006219006B000I82C7SA3OPF9PIRGINMJD. Johnson1131304640000Good FlavorThis coffee pod has good flavor overall. Unfortunately, not all the pods remained sealed and sometimes cause a mess in the machine. I have a Senseo, and the pod does not fit in the tray, so you need to use the double pod tray and adapter for a single serving.
219007219007B000I82C7SA1G0WSPGBJURNPQueenie Taylor3451242864000Melitta podsConvenient, tasty, perfect for the (of course) single serving Melitta coffee maker. I don't think they are so easy to find in the stores, so I just get them online and that works fine.
219008219008B001KWGZ38A3A60Q42DB0ARVSarah0031340755200Good Product but Did Not Work for my DogI love that Halo has wholesome ingredients but it did not agree with my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy. I gradually introduced Halo mixing it with his previous food (cheap, very unhealthy Beneful)over the span of a month and his stools were consistently soft. Every once in awhile he would have a "normal" stool but for the most part either had soft stools and occasional liquid diarrhea. I kept him on the food for 3 months, hoping that his system would get used to it but never did. I encourage anyone else who is trying new foods and their dog's stool does not become normal within a couple of weeks to change foods because the ongoing soft stools led to another issue for my dog.

Because he had soft stools for a long time we went to the vet to get him tested for worms, other potential issues and the results came back normal except for his anal glands. Apparently a dog's individual scent comes from the glands on their butt (that is why dogs sniff each other there). The scent is in a brown liquid that comes out of the anal glands on their butt every time they defecate. However, if they have soft stool on a regular basis, that liquid is not pushed out by an otherwise normal stool and the glands can become backed up/clogged causing all kinds of other issues that if not taken care of could need surgery. A sign that your dog might be clogged is if they scooch their butt on the floor. Thankfully his was not to the point of needing surgery and the vet was easily able to get the liquid out (which some of it had dried up and formed hard chunks that caused pain and irritation). I only mention this in case this information could be potentially helpful to any of my fellow pet parents. :)

After trying Halo, Wellness, Organix, boiled chicken and rice, plain ground beef and rice (all high quality foods), I decided to try him on a hypoallergenic food and he has had consistently normal stools on a regular basis ever since!!! We suspect that he may have had stomach irritation with the meats chicken and beef.
The food that I currently have him on is Nature's Variety Instinct Duck & Turkey meal formula. He doesn't like the taste of the food as much as the others so we mix each meal with a small amount of natures variety instinct canned duck formula and he loves it. Although canned foods can be just as high quality as dry foods as far as quality ingredients go, they can cause tarter build-up on the teeth more quickly if you are not brushing the dogs teeth on a regular basis.

Since Nature's Variety brand is considered hypoallergenic we introduced him to the salmon formula (mixing a very small amount in with his duck food) and it caused soft stool so if your dog has a sensitive stomach...try duck!
219012219012B0040WHJ5SA39DGRD9ZW8H46RWeeks1151305849600Superb tea at a excellent price.This tea exceeded my expectations. It has that distinctive fruity lightness which is typical of fine Kenyan tea. The price was excellent and the rough cut of the tea is perfect for mesh straining. I highly recommend this tea.
219013219013B0040WHJ5SA3SGXOOPYWSEPXbrendanstallard0051340668800Very nice cup of Rosie LeeThis stuff is the propah cuppa. Nice, robust and fragrant.

Bold, brown and beautiful.

I'll be buying lots more of this.

219014219014B0040WHJ5SA4KQW4S2PAXITFitfool0041323388800You get what you pay forYou get what you pay for. It's more expensive than Lipton's tea but also tastes considerably better. But not as good as the fair-trade organic teas from Frontier Co-op (which costs about $25/lb for English or Irish Breakfast tea). Robust black tea that goes well with milk and a touch of honey/sugar. Comes in a resealable foil bag to help preserve freshness.
219015219015B0015DCDWEA2ORHY49LZI9RCWest Ender, Galveston242651234310400If I had to choose.....If I had to choose between Mallomars and orgasms, I would choose Mallomars. They last longer, taste better and cost lots less.
219016219016B0015DCDWEA28Z84QTQ3ZLF3a movie fan6651255996800postage takes a big biteIt mystifies me as to why grocery store managers in much of the US won't order this product. A local Safeway stocked them one year, and it was practically a floor fight to get them. People drove from store to store just to buy Mallomars. Given all the junk they stock that never sells, why the prejudice against making money? I'm grateful that we can buy them on-line, but BEWARE THE POSTAGE CHARGE (in fine print in the upper right). Even with it, it works out to about 65 cents/cookie, an okay price for one of the greatest taste treats of all time. BTW, mine have always arrived within a week or so, and very fresh. In fact, I think I'll go have one right now.
((one ....who am I kidding))
219017219017B0015DCDWEA1NC9WJLYY1YLRDavid Levin2251316131200Potential Altitude IssuesOK. Best cookie ever. The only reason to live on the East Coast.

I've had people ship them to me in Denver (5000 ft). They were all broken. I believe these cookies are effectively airtight so they "pop" when brought to altitude. Probably why they'll never be on the store shelves in Denver.

Still taste great, just have to eat them faster. Still worthy of 5 stars.

I ordered some from here, but haven't received them yet. We'll see what happens.
219018219018B0015DCDWEA20V9S8RUQK0JFKenneth J. Plotkin2251266451200Mallomars - food of the GodsMallomars. Need I say more? But I will anyway. Finest cookies ever made. Available only from October through March because they use real chocolate. Most are sold in the New York City area. We are fortunate indeed that Amazon and their dealers (The Natural Health Shoppe - an excellent vendor) make these available to those of us in the sticks.
219019219019B0015DCDWEA1BQY11G9L773HRoger Greenberg "rgreenbe"2251260835200MallomarsI cant' find these cookies locally. They arrived in perfect condition and I really enjoy them
219020219020B0015DCDWEA1VBZ455BHBRD0James B. Martin2251249776000ohmygod--you can still get these things!When I was a kid in Illinois we could get Mallomars. But here in Nashville I've never seen them so I've had to substitute Pinwheels. BUT A PINWHEEL AIN'T A MALLOMAR !! A Mallomar has an INTENSE chocolate flavor, and a SOFT inside, on a nice flaky tender cookie and there's no flavor like a Mallomar. If you want to taste what a Pinwheel wishes it could grow up to be buy these Mallomars!!
219021219021B0015DCDWEA3MRE8O8PBONPWphantom511131324512000MallomarsI was very excited to be able to taste Mallomars again. When I received the product, I was less than excited. I opened the container and anticipated what they were going to taste like. Would they actually be the same as when I was young. I looked at the contents and was disapointed. The gloss of the chocolate was not there it was a pale color, it looked like it had been frozen before. I ate one and the taste was about the same. Out of 54 pieces, my wife and I were able to eat 5 total before we realized that my child (9) ate the rest. They must have been great, but the look was not right.
219022219022B0015DCDWEA126FA0FF098P0Peter K. Schaffer1151304985600Mallomars are the Best!Ah, a mallomar...or two...or three...or the entire box! Delicious! Only available certain times during the year--Oct thru Mar--I think.
219023219023B0015DCDWEA1TYLH1FKLIF9Jedogg3081141288656000Delicious but smashedPerfect, just like I remember. However, every cookie was completely broken in all three packages. Luckily, I eat broken cookies too. Needs better packaging for shipment.
219024219024B0015DCDWEA2VRZ6DYFDOYBHprs0041323216000little pricey but yummyMy mallomars were a little pricey but they sure were yummy, I still have one box that I am saving in the freezer.
219025219025B0015DCDWEA2WK1YHFOS6INMLanderk0051306195200Mallowmars are addictiveIt was awhile ago that I bought these, but just wanted to come here and say when I did order them I got them on time, in good condition. When I first had one I was like, hmm they are ok but not all that, the chocolate tasted more like dark chocolate which I dont care for, but then the next day I wanted another, then a few hours later another....anyway each time I ate one I enjoyed it more than the last. I like to share things I like with my friends, and I did so with these, and for the friends who I did share with they where the same, like meh its ok, can I have another? lol.
219026219026B0015DCDWEA2QXUVVBCI03JXCheryl L. Short "CLS3"0051287878400He loves them!I buy these for my boyfriend because he absolutely loves them. He puts them in the freezer because he likes them frozen. He recently had a birthday, and I thought these cookies would make a perfect gift. They were!
219027219027B0015DCDWEAZSU4X7DVKB4SMark Landis "DesertStorm"0041263686400MallomarPackage arrived fresh and in good condition. Wish the shipping charges were also cheaper, but for Mallomar lovers like us who live in Arizona where they are not available, it's a luxury to which we occasionally treat ourselves. Considering the calories, perhaps they should be more expensive.
219028219028B0015DCDWEA1PN3SJAP1TBTUDulcie22 "barbaralovesanimals"0051263081600Hard to find!I have always loved these cookies, and was delighted to find a source that is reliable.
219029219029B0015DCDWEA10X2QAQU2K8QAAnda "ocean lover"0041234396800MallomarsI absolutely love Mallomars and they are hard to find especialy in California - every once in a while one or two stores will have a limited supply -So I was thrilled to find them on Amazon and ordered right away! Thhey were good but a little stale _ I will ceratinly try again - as they are a little additive! AK
219030219030B0015DCDWEA23E9ZPS2RQZS0S. Robbins "talking to a tortoise"0051227139200These will disappear fast!I ordered these Mallomars for me because they were a chidlhood favorite but everyone in my house and a neighbor discovered them and my three boxes disappeared quickly. No cheap marshmallow cookie, these are
covered in rich pure chocolate and the marshmallow is soft and creamy, not chewy, and the bottom cookie is
very light I think these are better than Pinwheels, another marshmallow cookie and certainly tons better than
the cheap imitations.
219009219009B001KWGZ38AZFIM7WYFEGVDTummy Morsels0051327708800My dog eats better than I doHealthy and great product that my four lb Chihuahua loves. I used to buy this same bag at a local chain pet store...but now I can get it cheaper on Amazon!
219010219010B001KWGZ38A2YOGVGNGH9BN7Laura0041287705600Natural Dog FoodI purchased this product several times and my dogs love it. However, it upset one of my dog's stomach so I had to switch her to another dog food. Overall, the ingredients are wholesome and organic and worth the price.
219011219011B005P0XJM6A287IIQXAIV2P6Carol Gilbert0051348963200I LOVE NUT THINS via AMAZONI bought a case of these Nut Thins and share them with people I love. They are crispy, lightly salted, flavorful, and healthier than most snacks. Amazon sent them very quickly and the cost was minimal.

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