Amazon Fine Food Reviews

219061219061B0002RE0L6AUQIBT0LJSUXIPedro N. Oliveira Vieira "Cut Killa"1151233792000good chocolateI gave this a gift to a chocolate lover, and she loved it. She actually hid it from everybody else so she wouldn't have to share it. This is a 30 year old woman. Well anyways just be aware that its a very small package so don't expect to dazzle anybody with size; however, it comes very nicely packed.
219076219076B0018CIP10A2LRODDS7YB2KVD. Sherman2251345939200Very Good, but WAY to high in price..........We have been using this dog food for a few years & it is one of the better ones on the market.
The only problem is that they have raised the price WAY out of line. I can buy this at 29.00 a case
right down the street. I was buying it here when they had it for 27.29, but when they raised the price,
I said "Good Bye" to Amazon!
219077219077B0018CIP10A2I9L1T51G8PCUAnne L. Elmes "Bizzy"2251317600000yum, yumMy dogs love Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul. I worried but found that it is indeed made in the USA. It is a good price for a quality product.
219062219062B0002RE0L6AV035BWO7R5IEGroovy Mimi "GroovyMimi"3451191456000If Chocolate were sex....Ahem....this would be a multiple O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sent this to a friend as a thank you. Ordered it yesterday, she got it TODAY! I actually ordered the wrong thing & had to call Leonidas (in New York) the lady spoke broken English, but I explained, she changed the order & everything was wonderful! Susan shared a chocolate with me & I'm tellin ya, all the people that have said that Godiva doesn't even come close...are RIGHT!!! Excellente!!!!!!!
219078219078B0018CIP10A2DZ4K9AILGEGSElaine M. Onstad2251313884800Three dogs give it a paws up!I have three dogs, one of whom has digestion problems. All three love this food. Best of all, my older dog keeps it down. Bonus, it doesn't smell as nasty as most canned dog foods. This could only be better if it was available as a subscribe and save product.
219063219063B0002RE0L6A6B23SCAEOOGRRunLikeAKenyan0051340323200good candyReceived items quickly. It was a gift for my mother. She was very happy with the product. The chocolates were delicious, and I think I will order some for myself next time
219079219079B0018CIP10A2L8LVESEVI1SXsarah elizabeth2251300060800Awesome wet foodI first tried this out at my kennel at work. It smells so nice and is nice and easy to scoop into unlike the cheaper wet foods. And the ingredients are quality. I give my dogs this mixed with their kibble now.
219064219064B0002RE0L6A2AMR179I5CE58Gia Loc Tran0051336521600I love these chocolates !If it's not from Leonidas, it's not chocolate. Simply put, they're the best chocolates. Once you've tasted them, you will never want to try chocolates made by other companies.
219080219080B0018CIP10A2YZBIF2WXNHJDNikki1151331510400My picky English Bulldog really likes this food.I feed my dog this brand for dry and wet food and mix it and she really likes it. She is pretty picky too! It has good ingredients and my dog has no skin problems and has firm stools.
219065219065B0002RE0L6AOHVNCTZFH977William A. W.0051302134400WOWPlain and simple. This chocolate is very delicious. Well worth the money. If you have not tried this you should.
219066219066B0002RE0L6A2IX8I78FANJ2PMairzy-doats0051281830400My favorite chocolateThis has officially ruined chocolate for me (in a good way). If I have any other brands of chocolate I compare it to Leonidas, and nothing measures up.

Side note: if you live near the DC area, Pitango Gelato ([...]) has a "Gianduja" flavor... quite evil.
219067219067B0002RE0L6A16ZF6TCYWMIGTChocoholic "Vixen"0051191196800Mmmmmmmmm................................Leonidas Belgian Chocolates: 1 lb Gianduja -- Almond & Hazelnut Praliné, One of Belgium's Favorites!

These are delicious. No other chocolate comapares. They are rich, creamy, and, as another reviewer wrote, "nutella times 100". If you love chocolate you have to try these- you will never go back to any other brand. Wow!
219068219068B0002RE0L6A1Q88C2KBS5FI0Buttercup1541305504000Good chocolateThe chocolates were sent by me to my son who appreciates chocolates very much. He said
they were good, fresh and the whole family loved them, but the only disappointment was
that it was NOT an assortment of chocolates but all were of the same kind.
219069219069B001F2IACMA34TQDJ94475AOJay Endo "Jay Endo"0051314230400Tastes greatThis is great dog food. I love the taste. Tastes just like Salmon. Smells great too! Nice and moist really melts in you mouth. Easy for me too swallow. I'm just kidding... the dog likes it and the can is EZ to open... not sure i can do more of a review.
219070219070B001F2IACMA21S2BYD2AO1CJbenny's mom0051297123200Benny's favorite...My Shih Tzu Benny would sing for this supper if he could! We've tried countless foods and this one has him smitten.
219071219071B002GWFC1CA17MTAYH3SHPGJSpencer0051317859200Exactly what I wanted.I drink a lot of green tea every day (4-6 pots) and this is a really wonderful representation of Earl Grey green. The citrus tones of Earl Grey are very subtlety paired with the tea leaves and for the price, I really do not think there is a better value out there. The packaging is great and seals air tight every time so your tea is protected and this is very important since a lot of this teas flavor is contained in the aromatics. I would recommend this to anyone regardless of preference, though it is great for newcomers to tea, because you cannot help but appreciate things that are done well, and this is one of them.

P.S. Be sure not to over-brew this tea or scorch it with hot water or you will lose the subtlety of the Earl Grey flavors. Don't take your water past 160 and then let it steep for only a few minutes.
219072219072B0018CIP10A276BKCK4ZE7EWBon "Loves FurBabies"131451295049600Superb Food-UPDATEThis, along with the dry food, is the only thing I feed my 2 Miniature Poodles...there are so many BAD foods out there that contain NOTHING of value or nutrition for my dog..this was a no brainer. I did my homework and research of all available food and Chicken Soup was always #1 or #2 in what I was looking for.
Being able to order from Amazon is just another BONUS

9/1/2011just got another shipement - what is going on!!!! The food is NOT in the original case--it's almost loose and of the case 14 of the cans are DENTED what is happening to AMAZON ?????
219081219081B0018CIP10A28ZGEYJF0E7BRB. Abbott1151318377600great dog food choicewe have a small dog that seems to have tummy issues on some of the high end dog foods that we have tried. The vet said maybe they are too rich for her system
219082219082B0018CIP10ANY74IVWZPZ3L. Boileau "Laura"1151313107200My dogs love this food!A recent switch to this brand because Diamond Foods is the maker. They rate very well on the dog food anaylsis websites, and better yet, my dog absolutely LOVES it!
219083219083B0018CIP10A2Z5BD8WIU21UQ03tripleb1151308182400My Dog Love's It.After extensive reviews of many brands of dog food, I choose this food for several reasons. First and foremost is the fact that this food is regarded as a high quality dog food on all sites I researched. I also like the fact that I can purchase this food in a case of 24 cans and the price is fantastic. My dog loves this food and licks her bowl clean every time. I feel very confident that I am feeding my much loved dog a well balanced and healthy diet.
219084219084B0018CIP10A18ZQSYTAWBIFMHershey1151305590400High quality food, excellent price!This is a very high quality food, also you get MORE for the money! 24 cans is excellent for this price. Thank god for Chicken soup pet foods. No by products either.
219085219085B0018CIP10A1072Q1O6YB3NYdrswifey1151304294400Happy DoggieMy dog has gained around 5 lbs just by eating this food once a day
he was a rescue dog who was starved who also has a sensitive stomach
This food smells good (for dog food) and looks fresh and wholesome
I would definitely purchase this brand monthly
good value too!!!
219086219086B0018CIP10AJKSS1F34YNAZDoxxyMom5731302480000Small Dog Owners Do Your HomeworkAll small dog owners need to do their homework on the effects and problems associated with rosemary in dog foods. Seizures specifically. Don't unnecessarily expose your beloved pet without reading about herbs and their effects on dogs and cats.
219087219087B0018CIP10ACG6V7KFEAHHMgem of high bank2351322179200Woof! We Love It!I made the mistake of reading up on big brand pet foods and was freaked out about how bad they are - dry food and what's really in them! After that I had no choice but to switch to quality food. We've been doing the wet and dry Chicken Soup's for about 6 months now and my dog loves them - well he likes the dry but he LOVES the wet. I've bought 3 cases so far of the wet and had no problems with how they were shipped and the cans were not dented - the last batch I bought was in October. I have a 15 lb cairn terrier and give him 1/4 can each day (dinner) so the case lasts me a good long time. I also give him a fish oil pill with it. So far so good. I bought a "Bamboo" pet food lid/scooper on Ebay that fits the can perfectly and has a built in scoop so I don't have to dirty a spoon every feeding. That helps.
219088219088B0018CIP10AANH72LEMCWSZTom H.0051341446400My Dogs Love ItI bought this canned food to use as a supplement to use in conjunction with dry dog food. I have two small dogs and feed them two small meals two times a day. I mix just enough canned food to make the dry food more appealing in taste. Prior to using this food one of our dogs was always ready to eat and the other dog could take it or leave it usually eating only one meal a day. Now since using Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul, both dogs are eager to eat each meal and lick their bowls clean. They have even learned the sound of their dinner being prepared and immediately come to the kitchen in anticipation of the meal. I warm up the food before mixing it with their dry food as I do not use a whole can of food for each meal and keep it stored in the refrigerator. This certainly has a great appeal for our dogs, I will purchase more when this runs out.
219089219089B0018CIP10A2KIF687BQ27ZJEducated Beauty0051341014400Great quality product, tasty, and price!I have a rescue/shelter dog that I had to nurse back to health and I was giving him lunch meat since it was difficult for him to eat. Now that he is better, I have bought him some quality, natural dry food and wanted to get him off lunch meat with canned wet food. This product has good quality ingredients, price, and my dog loves it!
219073219073B0018CIP10A6134KK42IKPYApril111251298246400Smells like people food!My dog who is used to being spoiled with a little bit of everything "mommy" is eating, lol, loves this food. And I can't blame her. Sometimes I find myself getting hungry just by the smell of it, during her feeding smells a lot like people food. And although I would NEVER try it, lol, for those of you snickering at my review, lol...I could swear I see chunks of potatoes in there! Great food, will continue to buy it...saves me time, she loves it, and it smells healthy.
219090219090B0018CIP10A2IVF2MVEVER0Icubgirl0051337731200My dog loves these!I have a standard poodle. They're not picky eaters but my dog loves these! I mix a can with some dry food and he really chows down. Try them for your doggy friend!
219074219074B0018CIP10A1FVW47U1G96QVbook man7751295827200Your dog love it!This is quality food for your dog. Our dog loves it and is healthy and happy. This is also a great way to buy, as you can save money and one cannot always find this brand at the local stores.
219075219075B0018CIP10A14DM7LBBU7AGRNick-L3351325808000Premium dog food, budget priceMy shih tzu loves this food. We have tried feeding him a variety of different dog foods and this is the only one he'll eat without regularly mixing in some "human food". Previously he was on Purina Beneful mixed with Prescription Diet WD, both of which I came to find out are low quality products. Chicken Soup For The Dog Lover's Soul ranks 4/5 stars at Dog Food Advisor and the high rating is well deserved. Check out the ingredients list. This product contains "real" meat and vegetables. My dog no longer has digestion problems and his stools are now normal. He is full of energy and is enjoying life more than ever. I simply cannot recommend CSFTDLS highly enough.

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