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219121219121B0009XUAX0A2TOZEOW1O1FRQericarne3331331856000Bull SticksGreat price. The short sticks put out quite an odor on her pad and breath. If you do give them to your dog, keep the bull sticks outdoors if you don't want the smell in the house.
219122219122B0009XUAX0A1SPSNOQQXKY61juliana krammer3321315526400Good deal, but worst smelling bully sticks I've ever hadThe size of these bully sticks are exactly what had been advertised, which I am satisfied with. However, out of all the brands I've bought for my dog, these are the absolute worst smelling ones I have ever had in my house. I don't know if it was just my bag, but they smell horrendous. After a couple of minutes of my dog chewing them, my house began to smell like cow manure. Other than that, they are everything they were said to be. They keep her busy, she loves them, but I will not be buying these again. Then again, I live in an apartment. If you live in a house, and have a separate room for the dog to chew these in, or can let them enjoy it outside, then they could be for you.
219123219123B0009XUAX0A1V1EP514B5H7Yasiana3321301702400Awful smell but dog enjoyedThese bully sticks stunk so badly that after I gave two of them to my 70 pound dog, he almost smelled like the sticks! Needless to say, I gave the remainder of them to a man whose dogs live outdoors. The price wasn't worth it as I went to a local store and paid three times as much for some bully sticks, but they didn't smell.
219124219124B0009XUAX0A1R6JXLC2L0AJWstimply3331301443200Long lasting, bad smellingThis is the second brand of bully sticks we bought for our dogs. I like that they're pretty similar in size/thickness and unlike the other brand, they don't have random 'flaps' of who knows what. That said, these are awful smelling. The previous brand I purchased had an odor but not too bad. This brand is rather foul smelling.
219125219125B0009XUAX0A7LSWNTOBOJKILaron Burbridge "lburb"3351277683200good buyOne of my dogs favorite treats. I pay twice a much for a similar product at the local pet supply shop.
219126219126B0009XUAX0A2FWGPLEJDCAQ6N. Marshall "N. Marshall"3351245196800Bully SticksI purchased these Bully Sticks for our 3 greyhounds which love to chew them. I am very careful as to what I allow my greyhounds to chew since I am afraid of my greyhounds chewing something that they could choke on. The Bully Sticks did not break apart into little pieces as other rawhides chews can that could have gotten stuck in their throat. The Bully Sticks gave my greyhounds lots of chewing fun & helped to clean their teeth alittle. I would recommend these Bully Sticks for any dog.
219127219127B0009XUAX0A20XIVI9J5BMTDLily's Mom5621329955200Quality of ItemI was not happy with the product at all. The sticks are all varying lengths, some as short as 3 inches, some as long as 8 inches. Also, they are a wide range of thickness. Some are smaller than a pencil and others are huge!

Alot of them have knots in them which are hard for the dogs to chew. Quite a few of them also have curved ends on them which also make it hard for the dogs to chew.

They are not at all the quality of the sticks you can buy in the stores.

They may be okay for large dogs, but I have dogs in the 10-12 lb range and they are having a hard time with them.
219128219128B0009XUAX0A2W7HMY2SQ7OBMLaddy2251339718400Great Bully SticksGreat bully sticks that satisfy our 100# lab's chewing needs. Excellent size. Precut, ready for chewing and 15 minutes of entertainment. Our dog is content, does not chew on anything of ours and has beautiful teeth.
219129219129B0009XUAX0A2X01RNZ2POM6Djkmfromla "jkmfromla"1121348790400Had a pungent odorI've bought the 12" sticks from same company. This time, I wanted to avoid the trouble of cutting them into small pieces for my small dogs. You'd think the product would be the same, but surprisingly, these shorter sticks had a pungent odor. Previous sticks had a very mild odor which would become a little stronger when my dogs started chewing on them. These smell very strong.
219130219130B0009XUAX0A1QHSFU9RW2TPUmomo1111344124800smell really badMy dogs love these but I recommend odor free. I couldn't handle the smell and didn't want them on the furniture they smell that bad.
219131219131B0009XUAX0A2206PPQ7DQXW4Ms Snarky1141341878400Not for the Professional Chewer in your lifeFirst, let me say that this is not a bad product, and extremely reasonable at the price. Our local pet store sells single bully sticks of this size for minimum of $5-6 each.
All that said, i believe anyone's level of satisfaction with this product will to some extend depend on how much experience one has had with bully sticks in general, and what you are using the basis for comparison.

I have two dogs, pitbull and lab mix, who are both seriously accomplished chewers. Over the last 7+ years i have spent what amounts to a small fortune on a variety of bully sticks from numerous different vendors. I am not adding it up because i think the total would scare me.. anyway i digress.

One of these keeps my dogs occupied for at most 15 minutes. i have given them other sticks that lasted 2 -3x as long, but again at double the price. A couple of other points to note, especially if you're new to the world of bully sticks.

These are NOT odor free (not that they claim to be - but be warned, they be stinky)
Take it from an old hand here, store these in a ziplock bag that seals. the packaging that they are sold in will not suffice. Trust me on this one..really
In my experience if i need something that is going to last for awhile, i'm usually better off going to an online merchant who specializes and sells different sizes and shapes in bulk. They usually have deals if you buy a certain minimum amount.

Also, no matter how safe they seem, don't leave dogs unsupervised in or out of a crate when theyre chewing on one of these.
219132219132B0009XUAX0A3NW8G3W6NA991Heather Kresge1151339286400Great purchase!These took my dog over 10 minutes to eat... The ones in the pet stores only take 1 or 2 minutes to be gone. Excellent product! I will buy again for sure.
219133219133B0009XUAX0AAU732LYJK7IWSamantha0141151330387200Great value - but they are stinky!Our dogs LOVE these! I think they are a great value based on what we pay for these locally. The size is great for small-medium dogs. Our dogs usually wolf down bully sticks in minutes - these are thick enough to keep them busy for at least an hour, sometimes longer. I will say, though, that they are among the more stinky of the bully sticks we've tried.
219134219134B0009XUAX0A2D0J2FH01JIMJK. Nord1131298419200Dog loves. VERY STINKYI've purchased these bully sticks many times before but this last shipment is incredibly stinky! Stinky like something the dog pulled out of the cat's litter box stinky! I've only given one stick so far, hoping that they aren't all like this...
219135219135B0009XUAX0A3LDZDLG1ZIZLZcooper3421337731200Bull SticksI have purchased these before but this package smells HORRIBLE!! I have small dogs that I let chew on them for 10-15 minutes a night but I will have to give these to people with larger dogs that will be sent outside with them.
219136219136B0009XUAX0A8A9B8AVN1Y5SBen Chou3421335830400Strong smellMy dog really seems to enjoy these, but the smell is absolutely awful. We've had bully sticks from other manufacturers that didn't have a noticeable smell, but these smell like rotting fish--this is not an exaggeration. We will not be purchasing these again when we run out.
219137219137B0009XUAX0A1MM0WYBRDZT5OSimpleSins3451296259200My little guys love theseI have two little dogs and the shihtzu will eat these about halfway and get tired of them, but my other similarly sized dog just loves these and will sit and chew on it for an hour. I have gotten other brands of these in the past that have smelled horrible and even seemed to stain the rug, but these leave no mess, not so much as a crumb, and there is no smell at all to them. If my terrier is any indication, they taste delicious but I take his word for that. Considering what I've paid for these in the pet boutique type stores, these are a great bargain and I get them delivered. Have no qualms about getting these; your dogs will thank you.
219138219138B0009XUAX0A1QAM47DZ23LEDJ. R. Hershberger2351294963200FINALLY something my dog will chew (besides my shoes)!My puppy does not like any of her chew toys. She does, however, LOVE to chew things that do not belong to her. As you can imagine, this adds another level of stress to the already challenging work of raising a pup. I heard about bully sticks and thought they would be a great choice for my dog.

I found a package of this (Cadet) brand in a pack of (4) pieces of the 5" size on clearance at my local grocery store. So, please note that my review is for a slightly different item than the one shown here...I can only speak to the quality of the stick and not to the sizes or to the packaging or to the value per dollar for THIS package of bully sticks.

That said, my puppy is in love with her first bully stick. She is gnawing on it as I type this, in fact! Happy me!

I do not smell the stick from here (about three feet away). I put my nose INSIDE of the package, and smelled a mild meaty smell.

I managed to get the partially gnawed stick from my pup and took a big whiff of a wet end, and I smelled a mild aroma similar to bacon.

For what it is worth, I consider myself to be a person with an average to above average sense of smell, but then, the scent of smoky meat does not bother me one bit (we cook a lot of bacon). I realize that I might not be the best judge.

So, I asked my two daughters to smell it also. They did not like the smell of the inside of the package, but each had to put her nose RIGHT INSIDE to smell anything. Also, neither claims to be able to smell the stick while petting the dog, but if they stick their face right up by where she is chewing, they report it to smell like dog food.

At the rate she is going, this stick could last her for a couple of days to a week. I will be curious to see how it goes.

My dog is a medium-sized breed, and is still a puppy. The smaller pieces would probably not work out for her once she has grown up, but they are great for the size she is now (approx. 15 lbs.).

I hope this review is helpful!
219139219139B0009XUAX0A3QA0BBQW08DLZMc "m0c21"0051351036800Cheaper and my dog likes themMy dog likes them and they are much cheaper than pet people, pet smart, petco, etc etc. Only place that may be able to compete price wise is costco. It smells but not to the extent that would make me want to leave the area.
219140219140B0009XUAX0A2STDFNLRKZK48Bernie0051349827200Good bully sticksVery happy with the product. They do have a distinct smell, but I just put them in a container for storage. My dog absolutely loves them.
219141219141B0009XUAX0ATI4GWTOP3A05Zack0051347840000Good sticks, good priceThe sticks do vary in size, but they all last a good amount of time. Cannot argue with the value.
219142219142B0009XUAX0A2BNMPNT899VM6C. Miller0051347840000Quality chewsAs the other reviews state, these things are quite pungent. We keep them in a ziploc bag and it does a good job of holding the smell in. Our dog loves, them, though, and they last many times longer than some of the cheap chews that we've gotten. We'll be purchasing more of these in a month or two, once our dog gets through this bag.
219143219143B0009XUAX0A59XK2SX4IO4BJODIE SWENSON0011347753600sick dogThis product smelt like a dead rotting animal and made my bulldog violently ill. He was sick for days and had to be seen by the vet for dehydration due to this product. Use caution when giving to your dog.
219144219144B0009XUAX0A2ACCSYWBOWAFCDave0041347667200Many, small but goodSeveral sticks of all different thicknesses. Good variety pack but some don't last very long. Bottom Line: German Shep puppy loved each one of them. A big dog would go through these quite quickly though.
219145219145B0009XUAX0A2FKNAOSP2965JB. Shedd "B"0031345766400GoodMy Dogs really like them but they certainly don't last for a very long time or how long a "real" bully stick should. Smelly. Very smelly. Be prepared to smell them on your dogs fur, etc. even days later.
219146219146B0009XUAX0A332ZFX8S3A155vinb "vin b"0051343952000My dog loves theseI have a German Shepherd and was worried that the 6 inch size might be too small, but they are perfect. Great price for a bag this size. My local boutique pet store sells one 6" stick for $5 each!
219147219147B0009XUAX0AY9YA61DO9WQGSayori Hinitz "Shuki_1013"0041343260800PUP LOVE = 5 star, -1 for the odorMy 10 months old labradoodle pup loves these. She is normally carefree when someone approaches while she's eating her treats, but she'd growl when she's got these in her paws.

The price is right, as the same size bag will cost at least 50% more at a local pet store.

The only reason I didn't give a 5 star review is because of the odor. I saw some other reviewers wrote about this, but the odor (especially while your dog is gnawing at it) is VERY strong. The solution I came up with this is to give them to my dog when we leave her in her crate.

Over all, this is a good product.
219148219148B0009XUAX0A3L7V284QJJWC4Lisa Dacosta-nunez "Riverdale Mom"0051342656000Great deal for lots lessSame great bully sticks sold for so much more everywhere else. My Shorkie loves them and spends hours working on them.
219149219149B0009XUAX0ADCPVBPAHW5DHeather Brown0051341532800Husky pup loves theseMy 5 month old Siberian Husky puppy Aesop loves theses. They last a lot longer than other rawhides. He slowly gnaws on them, and can't rip off large pieces like he does with rawhides/pigs ears. Unfortunately they do smell pretty bad, but when you think about what it actually is, what else could you expect? This is definitely the best price I have found for these. Most places its about $8 for two.
219150219150B0009XUAX0A3KB8NDPH38MNKartlives0051340323200For the DogsThese are sooooo stinky and sooooo disgusting, but my 2 shih tzu's LOVE them. The dumb dogs will chew anything and everything, whether it is coated in bitter apple spray or hot sauce, so finding something durable to keep them occupied is worth the stench. And these are much less expensive than purchasing at any store I've found.

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