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219301219301B003OFJ78EAB910PUL30VNQcjchl0011326585600ughThis tea has tuna oil in it and it tastes disgusting. I like most tea, including herbal teas, green and black tea. This is bitter, and has a very unpleasant aftertaste. Even if it IS healthy, it is no good!
219302219302B002DMOY6OA36FEPUTDN12KAa cute bear "TNM"4451303257600Delicious Real MayonnaiaseLow in Sodium and Cholesterol with 10g of Fat in a big jar and no Sugar.It s good real mayonnaise.This real mayonnaise is one of my favorite mayonnaise.
219303219303B002DMOY6OA1EQ5D5JRSW23KErol Esen4551316304000Must Tip Hat to a Proven ProductAfter having written hundreds of reviews, it suddenly occurred to me: why am I not writing a review about a product that no other competition has come even close to in taste. It goes especially well with fish and it's simply the best out there.
219304219304B002DMOY6OAZV26LP92E6WUM. Hammond "ColemanFlGuy"6851265414400Hellmann's Real MayonnaiseMy favorite mayonnaise. It is so delicious in so many different ways. There is no competition. Absolutely the best tasting mayonnaise. My shipment arrived in good condition with a 7 month freshness date.
219305219305B002DMOY6OA33AQPJYH7UUXRDesert Gypsy "A Brooklyn Girl Out West"2341327190400hellmann's = best foodsHellmann's and Best Foods Real Mayonnaise are one in the same and I'm glad I found that out so I can still buy this whether on the east or west coast. Pricing can seem a little steep because an item like this is heavy to ship so I always try to compare first keeping in mind gas and Costco memberships cost money too; subscribe and save is often a really good deal.

It's worth hunting this one down though because it has such a creamy flavor that it does the best job in recipes, sandwiches and the like for me. No strong salad dressing tastes like with Miracle Whip stuff, which is *not* mayo IMO.

The only mayonnaise I've had that I could say was better tasting was a homemade version but that's an awful lot of trouble and then I have to worry about the eggs. This is as close to perfect as I've been able to find.
219306219306B002DMOY6OAC57A1QMUXK10Pam Smith "Pam"2351314921600In the West Hellmann's is Best FoodsBring out the best. I love this mayo. It is never thin or different that it was the last time I had it. In my restaurants I always used it for anything where mayo was a main ingredient. Salads and sandwiches are always better with this mayo. And the price was really right. I don't know if you have priced it in the market lately. It is a shock. I am very happy with this purchase.
219307219307B002DMOY6OA1N655X9X7C6QYC. Cook "LIVE..........LOVE........AND..........2351309478400Hellmans --what could be better ?What could possible be better than a BIG JAR of Hellmanns Mayonnaise ?

I no longer have to worry about running out when making my Tuna Fish salads , my egg salad , my BLT's or my tartar sauce.

This was one of the best things I have ever done. I get regular deliverys and pay a whole lot less that the $9.00 per 32 oz they get you for at the grocery store.

No more "Honey ?????--DO we have any more Mayonnaise ???? "

Nothing but Praise Here !!
219308219308B002DMOY6OA2I0UHCXN3330Sjust me1251301616000very goodjust got these 3 jars with exp 11-15-11
that is just fine 7 months freshness
excellent taste/i believe i remember seeing on tv a taste
taste which hellman's mayo won..
no complaints
nothing wrong with any of my jars
used subscribe and save and another promotion coupon from amazon
16.26 free ship no wasted gas
delighted with amazon as always
219309219309B002DMOY6OA3DBI8W5I71728Fathrof41251301270400Exactly what I wantedHellmann's Real Mayo 64 oz pack of 3 is exactly what I have been looking for over the past year. We ordered our first batch last fall when we had two foreign exchange students with us plus our four boys. We can use 1 container every two weeks. It is important to realize that these are the big commercial containers and you get 3 of them. Out of the 6 jars we have had none of them had discoloring or bad smells. Every one of the containers has been to our expectations. Thanks for providing this product.
219310219310B002DMOY6OA3H4EJ4U1H1KJBCandice Ray0231316563200Quality ok but packaging notThese came in a decent amount of time from when I ordered. The mayo seems to be ok (I've only opened one bottle so far) but the packaging was horrible. It had little to no packing material inside the package and the large bottles were just loose in the large box.
219311219311B002DMOY6OA1DCAEOZJK3IDYA. Imperio817112729312006 Month Expiration Date!!Sure, the mayo is great, and so is the service, but how will I use 3 JARS OF MAYO within 6 months of receiving them?! I received my order yesterday, and the expiration date is in November of this year! Kinda shady, don'tcha think??
219312219312B0001LR1JGA3UPYGJKZ0XTU4mirasreviews8851234483200Flavorful, Delightfully Textured Strawberry Jam. Maybe Even Worth the Price.I first heard of Tiptree Little Scarlet when Bonnie S. Benwick raved about it in "The Washington Post" in 2004, claiming that the little jar of preserve "happens to be worth the $10 to $13 it now goes for". Really? A jam? I've never cared much for jams. I find them too sweet for my taste and of invariably poor texture. Gross texture, really. But my curiosity was piqued when I found out that James Bond had Little Scarlet on whole wheat toast for breakfast in Ian Fleming's "From Russia with Love". The book, not the movie. Tiptree brand is owned by Wilkin & Sons, Ltd., a family business that has been farming in and around the town of Tiptree in Essex, England for 300 years. They started producing preserves in 1885, and the company considers Little Scarlet "the jewel in the crown of Wilkin & Sons delicious range of jams and marmalades."

Wilkin & Sons make a large and diverse line of preserves, jellies, and marmalades, including 6 different strawberry preserves and one strawberry jelly. Little Scarlet is distinguished by the berry from which it takes its name. The Little Scarlet is a particular variety of strawberry that originated in the United States. It's a fickle crop, and Tiptree is believed to be the world's only commercial grower of the diminutive berries. They are described as "a tiny, intensely-flavoured strawberry", no more than 2 cm in length. They're the size of raspberries, and you can see whole berries in the Little Scarlet preserve. They're grown on the Tiptree estates, which makes their quantity limited, and the company awards "vintage status" to the years that produce particularly good crops. 2006 was a vintage year.

Little Scarlet preserve has a stronger flavor than other strawberry jams and an excellent texture. It is very sweet. Even though I normally cringe at sweet stuff, I am attracted to Little Scarlet by the rich flavor. And the texture is incomparable to supermarket and most "gourmet" brands of jam, which tend to suffer an unappetizing gelatinous texture, the product of too much pectin. Tiptree adds pectin only when necessary, and they are careful to add no more than is needed. Little Scarlet has a smooth, substantial texture whether you're eating a berry or the stuff in between. It costs twice as much in the US as in the UK and is labeled "preserve" here and "conserve" there. But it's not Tiptree's most expensive jam. That distinction belongs to the Mulberry preserve, whose fruit is picked from fewer than 20 trees that grow behind the company's factory.
219313219313B0001LR1JGA31GJ0OHG9RCMOBad Minton "jam mad"7751124928000Little Scarlet Preserve - the best ever?Well it's not made from fraises des bois at all! Little Scarlet seems to be a specific variety of fruit that they grow only at Tiptree.

This must be the most expensive preserve I've ever tried and it's way, way ahead of anything else I know of. You can see the tiny individual berries suspended in a rich red jelly before you even open the jar.

Under the lid, mine said "Peter Wilkin, chairman, is the great grandson of the founder". Aren't family businesses just wonderful?

I tried Little Scarlet with fresh croissants and it was quite simply the best!
219314219314B0001LR1JGA2WQ55CH818JFAGreenGuy3351195862400Little scarlet feverI have been eating Little Scarlet for 41+ years, as our family has proudly enjoyed this gem as "our" family preserve. Is it worth $17? ABSOLUTELY! However, think twice before putting this with peanut butter! This is a jam best enjoyed on a warm,crisp plain english muffin in the morning, or sneaking a generous teaspoonful in the evening. As I write this, I am visiting friends in England. I am heading back to the States tomorrow with quite a few jars of Little a price that, even with the dollar tanking miserably against the pound, is quite the bargain (though the most expensive preserve on the shelves here as well)!
219315219315B0001LR1JGA38PAYVUSASXYGreviewer0051350432000Oh so delicious!I saw 50% off tag under this preserve so i decide to try it, because just the way it looked already remind me of russia where we made this preserve with my mom and sister from wild strawberries (they smaller in size even smaller than in tiptree preseve). Oh my goodness the taste is just the same... i closed my eyes and was taken back to my grandmas village....on her veranda, where i as little girl eat fresh bread still hot from the brick oven with the wild strawberries preserve that my mom cooked right there on the stove top.... i could feel the warm summer breeze on my face that came through the open windows i could totally imagine myself back there.. the preserve wasnt readybut we couldn't wait(me and my sis)... so we ate it half ready.... oh finally one preserve in a long time that i consider a real preserve (meaning the one i ate my whole childhood)..the taste i am used to, and the taste i love.

expensive though, but i prefer to buy one jar of tiptree than 3 -5 of other brands.

we didnt have any peanut butter there, i ve never heard of it till i moved here in the us. so i dont know how my husband eats sweet on sweet :)
219316219316B0001LR1JGA21Q9UXY6K1ZJDCampbell0051263686400absolutely HEAVENLY!!!This is the most fantastic creation of Strawberry preserve I have ever encountered. I grew up eating my grandmother's homemade scones with this precious Little Scarlet Strawberry Preserve. It was always a special treat. It truly is an experience of flavor intensity. This is NOT the kind of preserves used for a PB&J! Little Scarlt needs to be the star!! For those who are "preserve enthusiasts" if you will, Little Scarlet is a must try...if only once. The price is a bit of a shock to say the least, but it truly is worth it. The Little Scarlet is a rare and precious crop. Enjoy it. Feel special while you eat it. The Queen of England has it with her tea every day! (or so I've been told!)
219317219317B0001LR1JGAEBJVINZW5QKOE. Ault0151344124800Damn good jam!In short, Little Scarlet is the one of the most delicious jam I've ever eaten. I used to disregard strawberry jam in favour of raspberry as I usually found strawberry to be cloyingly sweet and short on flavour. LS is certainly the exception. It's intensly flavoured and, for me, only rivaled by the homemade jam my friend's Mother in Law makes from wild strawberries picked by hand in Prince Edward Island.

I first tried Little Scarlet @ 10 yrs ago on my first trip to London at a *very* fancy hotel's, outrageously expensive, High Tea. Everything at that tea was exceptional (as one would hope after taking out a mortgage to attend) and, even then, this fabulous jam stood out. I inquired, expecting to be told that it was hand-made, in single pot quantities, by magical fairies ;-) I was shocked to learn that it's a commercial jam and could be purchased retail at the gourmet shops in Fortnum & Mason, Harrods, Selfridges and other such fancy-ass shops.

My next stop after tea was Fortnum & Mason thinking Little Scarlet would be an ideal souvenir for friends & family. I should have braced myself for the sticker shock. Even back in 2003, with the British Pound at almost $2.25 Canadian, LS commanded a price of over 7 Pounds. I'd never seen such an expensive little jar of jam but it was my first time in England and I was feeling high-falootin (how does one spell 'fallootin'?) so I scooped up several jars to wow the folks back home with. Thank goodness the airlines hadn't yet cut back so severely on luggage weight!

No big surprise, everyone LOVED it and the search began to find LS in Canada & the States. It turned out that it is produced in small batches (although, disappointingly, not by magical fairies)and its' availability varies drastically depending on the size of the year's crop at Tiptree. Entire years have since gone by where I couldn't source a drop of it by any means :-(

I ended up bribing coworkers from our London office to be buy it up for me whenever they could find it at UK shops (yes, at any price). They'd then send it over to me with the next business traveler heading back 'across the pond' to Corp Head Office in Canada (where I was located). I'd send the traveler home with a king's ransom in Canada Grade A Light Maple Syrup (a big hit "over'ome" where corn syrup is the standard)or a fistful of cash, whichever they preferred.

I was delighted (and truly shocked) recently to find this gem of a jam at a new gourmet shop in, of all places, Niagara Falls NY! At only US $14 a jar it was an relative steal and I stocked up :-) :-) :-)

I just enjoyed my breakfast toast & jam (on yesterday's Ace Bakery baguette, yummo!) and felt the need to extol the virtues of the Little Scarlet. If you're on the fence about spending big bucks for a little jar of jam I recommend treating yourself to the LS - it's very much a treat indeed.
219318219318B0001LR1JGAV7WDYGFBI5FLB. Chandler0151252281600Steal This Jam......if you can't afford to buy it. Bake some biscuits, butter them liberally, put a gob of jam in there, enjoy. It's worth the jail time!
219319219319B00018CX6AA8DV10LF13XXHErin E. Fortin "ime410"9951225670400Absolutely yummy!I bought this product blindly, whereas I did not have a lot of information about how it actually tasted, but I was rewarded for my risk-taking. I am a huge fan of strawberry-rhubarb pie, but being a resident of the great desert state (Wyoming), finding strawberry-rhubarb pie anywhere here is a challenge in itself. I bought me a crust and baked it at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes and then topped a slice with ice cream and to heaven I went. Barry Farms has gained my trust, respect and devotion, and, yes, I will be ordering from them again.
219320219320B00018CX6AA2GBJF2ILXP7FPJosephine Burr7841210636800wonderfulI ordered the Rhubarb strawberry pie filling and it was great and very well packed no damage even though it was glass containers
219321219321B001VNGM2KA1K82R24ROO2I7A. Cheffy "Cheffy"4451314489600So aromatic and yummy!Toast 1/4 cup of this mustard seed over medium heat [no oil needed] in a non-stick pan for about two minutes (shaking the pan every so often to evenly toast) and then let it cool and GRIND it in a spice grinder or mill! HEAVENLY!

Mustard seed is not only delicious but soooooo good for you because it contains selenium, tryptophan, omega 3 fatty acids as well as phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, dietary fiber, iron, calcium, protein, niacin and zinc [information via WHFoods: Mustard Seed].

This mustard seed makes an excellent part of a spice rub on chicken and pork and grilled veggies.

219322219322B001VNGM2KA325RWA8LHK2QJNettie Scott4451282867200Lots of flavorI like cooking Indian food and black or brown mustard seed are staples in Indian recipes. And I already have some of these seeds out to sprout for salads. The quality looks good. The taste is snappy. I'm happy.
219323219323B001VNGM2KA3N3OU5YH0N52AC. Cipriani3351309392000Making mustard?I bought this to experiement making our own mustards. I didn't realize how much 3lbs would be. We made 1.5 PINTS and didn't even use up an entire pound.

The quality is very good. The packages all sealed well and in 1lb increments so I don't have to worry about the other 2lbs getting bugs or going bad. Overall the price was also really good for Organic.
219324219324B001VNGM2KAX9ZYPC7CFAYKradioactivegan1151318032000Amazing valueThis is a way better price, especially for organic seeds. They have a great flavor and will last a long time, because they are in three separate bags. These are great for making your own mustard, pickles, or indian food.
219325219325B001VNGM2KAAAFOYSI3ZOL8John Middleton0051349827200Want great mustard? Start here.I make a fresh prepared mustard using Frontier Mustard Seed (brown which I grind coarsely and ground yellow). You can't get the same intense flavor from highly processed recipes that you will discover with freshly prepared mustard. Frontier mustard is of the consistent quality and flavor I demand
219326219326B001VNGM2KAX269LOUABJ7PJane "pickygirl"0051337558400Love theseThe flavor is wonderful. I use them all the time. I wasn't sure how much 48 ounces was, it is a bunch. More mustard seeds than I could use in years and years.
219327219327B001VNGM2KA2QVBTJ8VYVXL0Firelily2531254528000TastyAdds a lot of flavor. Really good value if you have a spice mill or a Vita-mix to grind the seeds into a powder.
219328219328B002NVZDR4A3ANHFRO0BMR85David Mcbride475351272931200"You don't smell it son, you drink it."Man oh man, I love Fever Tree's Ginger Beer. I asked for a ginger ale at the St. Regis in San Francisco and got this instead. What a pleasant surprise! The smell of ginger transformed me to another world. A world of sakura petals falling softly on verdant, rolling hills with a warm breeze and snow capped mountains in the background. I took a sip and little pebbles of joy started dancing in my mouth. And the fun didn't just go away like with your average drink. The taste lingers, prolonging the experience. This is a drink for parties, after-parties and after-after-parties. Or to be enjoyed alone.

There's a scripture that describes my reaction to this drink. "And as I partook of the fruit thereof it filled my soul with exceedingly great joy; wherefore, I began to be desirous that my family should partake of it also; for I knew that it was desirable above all other fruit." (1 Nephi 8:12)

If you like it, you'll know you are in select company. I gave two bottles to my next door neighbor. They returned one unopened. A friend said it cleared her sinuses, but did little else for her. My wife rolled her eyes the same way she does when I burn incense. Fine. All the more for me.

After returning from San Francisco, I started my search. For six months I searched. Whole Foods doesn't have it. Trader Joe's doesn't have it. Your local grocery store will almost certainly not have it. But Amazon has it. And now so can you! Let the sakura petals fall and the joy pebble dance commence!
219329219329B002NVZDR4AUICIB1WWCAQ7Jukeman "jukeman"131451260835200Good Ginger BeerThis is a great tasting Ginger Beer, very full flavored and strong as it should be. Children will not like this soda, but grownups will, well if you like ginger. Also makes a good mixer for adult drinks.
219330219330B002NVZDR4AAI5HB1HXKYRDGB121351256601600AMAZING ... and can be PRIMED!I wanted a proper ginger beer for Moscow Mules and was immensely pleased to find one online that is available for the shipping deals of Amazon Prime. As long as I can Prime it, I'll buy it ... warning: they go FAST when friends see them in the fridge.

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