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219331219331B002NVZDR4A1D9Z6JSKT21HYB. Clarke8851292112000The Real Deal!Throat-burning, eye-watering, sinus-clearing, foot-stomping brew - this is the real stuff. This is Caribbean-like strong ginger beer. I am ready to purchase two more cases. Weak-heart need not apply!
219332219332B002NVZDR4A33ORBIHDYCIJTMartin L silva5551304467200Better than all others!Once you taste fever-tree ginger beer you'll want to throw rocks at the others for being lame! Makes the best whisky n ginger ever!
219333219333B002NVZDR4A2X88EOMB6RI0PMark5551277164800The real thing!If you like real ginger beer, this is it. I go to a bar in San Antonio called the Green Lantern that serves old fashioned drinks and they served this. Im so glad I found it! I love when your throat starts going numb because there is so much ginger.
219334219334B002NVZDR4A7PV0NAA2D1EGandy4451333238400Best Ginger Beer for ...well everythingSince Amazon apparently censors any mention of "alcohol" let me just say this this Ginger Beer is the BEST for know, what people usually use Ginger Beer for

Amazon censors, you really need to grow up
219335219335B002NVZDR4AOQU5Q1NCRBUXMr. Coffee4451313798400The best I've foundI've tried a number of ginger beers/ales after stumbling upon some locally, and of those Fever-Tree is simply the best.

I'm not picky about carbonation so I can't comment on that, but it has a strong ginger bite and isn't overly sweet. The real selling point is that the flavor comes from the ginger and not fruit juice or added spice, exactly what I want. I say this in relation to Reed's ginger beer which I place just behind this in ranking; it has a similar bite, and is also 'natural', but is rather sweet and the pineapple and lime juices don't contribute to the experience. I say spice in relation to Blenheim's spicy ginger ale which is just that. I could be wrong, but regardless it's beyond the point where it's palatable. I've also tried the Ginger People variety which lacks the bite and sweetness, leaving an earthy ginger taste. I don't enjoy it alone but it is present in the Fever-Tree brew, and this is good. I suppose I should note that I haven't tried these as mixers

The downside (at least for us US folks) is obviously the expense. I can't quote prices but even with Prime Fever-Tree is more than 3 times the cost-per-ounce of Reed's which is available to me locally. And the question, is it worth it? For me, mostly. I don't drink much soda, but I'm accustomed enough that I can overlook Reed's's sweetness for its price. At the same time I will keep stocking these with the intention of making them last. I certainly don't regret buying a case just to try it. They're. Just. So. Good.
219336219336B002NVZDR4A1F5RSQBQ6R23OJ. Gardner4451305331200Fantastic ginger beerVery fresh tasting, not overly-sweet nor overly-spicy. Tastes like real ginger, not some artificially flavored soda drink. Great stuff!
219337219337B002NVZDR4A2PTH34BO5DY1Xtfen4451304553600the bestLet me first preface this review by saying that i'm a nut. I have tasted at least 7 different brands of ginger beer in the last month. This one is so far and above the others in spice and zing that it really is the only option for my type of dark and stormy. i highly recommend this ginger beer!
219338219338B002NVZDR4A3MQ9SE8R7B6CEXac3351296691200Much better than Goslings!I had been using Gosling's ginger beer for my dark and stormy's and moscow mules. I wasn't thrilled about the high fructose corn syrup and overall super sweet taste. Fever-Tree ginger beer is exactly what I was looking for. Perfectly balanced, natural sweetener (cane sugar), and fantastic strong ginger taste. Couldn't be happier.
219339219339B002NVZDR4A3DQWFWINN3V5ADavid A. Lessnau3351293235200Wow!I got a case of this Fever-Tree Premium Ginger Beer as a present for Christmas. Wow! Talk about flavor (and aroma). Immediately following my first sip, I thought it just tasted like a slightly more powerful ginger-ale. But, after a few seconds, the ginger flavor really started growing (and kept on growing). What it finally ended up as was a VERY gingery/peppery flavor that lasted for a long time. It's really good. I was worried that the 6.8 ounce bottles wouldn't be big enough. But, with the powerful flavor and the long-lasting taste, it's more than enough. I rate this at an Excellent 5 stars out of 5 and will be buying more in the future. Highly recommended.
219340219340B002NVZDR4A15H9TVV767P0Djean2251328140800fever-tree ginger beerI enjoyed this product. It is refreshing and very close to the ginger beer I grew up drinking in the Caribbean. It beats drinking any soda on the market.
219341219341B002NVZDR4A1PKPFYTNXRY8QOllie2251321401600Incredibly delicious, but my friends didn't like it.After the first bottle, I was like meh... too strong, too fizzy. However, after the second bottle, I UNDERSTOOD. It has since become a pleasure that I reward myself with at the end of a long day. It's not the most addictive drink, which I guess is a good thing, because it is expensive.
219342219342B002NVZDR4A19CYRWOJVZSS1LL2251310342400Great Drink but 6.8oz? Come ON!Nice drink, great really - but needs a larger bottle. The 6.8 oz bottle is way too small. I could easily drink a pack of 24 per day ... and probably what Fever-Tree is hoping!
219343219343B002NVZDR4A1KQXPKIJ1ZLA1cattoo2251303862400so glad amazon distributes thisFever Tree Ginger Beer is the best stuff. Period. While occasionally you can get it at some high end liquor stores, it is awesome that amazon distributes this and it ships to your door. no need to search around town for it in my case. i ordered two cases (ginger beer and bitter lemon which is also excellent) which arrived intact and no broken bottles. of course, if the UPS guy drops it, then anything could happen, but the packing of the bottles are pretty secure. i am very pleased with this.
219344219344B002NVZDR4A1GD4CSPH28IX1leslie2251285286400WowThis ginger beer is VERY flavorful, with the most strong ginger flavor that I have ever tasted. I purchased it to make a drink called a Dark and Stormy. If you want something milder, I would suggest adding some ginger ale to whatever beverage you mix. Perfect for fall type beverages.
219345219345B002NVZDR4A3CFKMOCU5C5URM. Thompson2251275609600These are gooooood....Do yourself a favor and buy several of these when you order, they go fast. My only complaint is that they're small, so one is just enough to make you really want another, so I can never drink just one I always end up drinking at least two before my self-control kicks in.

I'm a big fan of Ginger Beer, and it's always hard to find it here in the US, most of the ones you find are kind of watered down and have no bite. This brand is the exception - awesome!
219346219346B002NVZDR4A1TVQXA22IHNJWKathy A Doyle1151342310400Fever-Tree Ginger BeerI have enjoyed this product for over a year now. I tried it when I was visiting a friend in England. At first I didn't find it here in the USA but once I did I have ordered 2 cases of it each time.
The taste has a real ginger kick to it and is very refreshing. If you love ginger or ginger ale then this is the product you need to try. No more "ginger ale" for me, I will only buy Fever-Tree Ginger Beer from now on.
Kath - 7/15/2012

Amazons link to this product.
219347219347B002NVZDR4A2WJY0D2MGM57WRobert E. Johnson1141336694400Good stuff, but wastefulIt's not really this product's fault, but I don't know if I can order it again due to the sheer amount of packaging it comes with. Two cardboard boxes, six pieces of styrofoam, plastic wrap with a cardboard base and then individual cardboard carriers per groups of four bottles. There's got to be a better way.
219348219348B002NVZDR4A1R4GZV68DCXJZKnave1151335312000Wow! Now that's a ginger drink.Love it! As a teetotaler, I only drink these straight up. Very strong ginger flavor, long lasting. Could even be a bit less sugary but overall very well balanced. Bottle is just the right size, IMO. For those who are curious, the Fever Tree Ginger Ale is a bit milder and less sweet than this Ginger Beer. It's a close race but I think I prefer the Ale. That said, I would never turn down this stuff!
219349219349B002NVZDR4A1W3IT7S0YSQB6Lcr1151327276800Yes. Yes, definitely.I don't even know how I came to try this delicious beverage, but it's the best. Of course, I haven't run a taste test on a huge range of ginger beers, they're pretty hard to come by, but this is a good one.
But, of course, I drown my eggs in hot sauce and enjoy a variety of jalapeno-flavored snack foods, and not everyone does that. If you're searching for a good ginger brew with a kick, and not that weird fermented stuff from England I tried once, and something spicier than Reeds and Q, this is for you.
219350219350B002NVZDR4A4DEFSTSON1YW-1151285113600The best ginger beer I've ever hadThis makes an even better Dark & Stormy than the Goslings Ginger Beer! We love it!
219351219351B002NVZDR4A1RVCUBDUJITKTRenee1151269820800Delicious!!Fever Tree ginger beer is outstanding! It's my new favorite mixer. It's difficult to find locally, so I love that I can get it fast with free shipping on Amazon!
219352219352B002NVZDR4A3FS186I7K58AVdplineski0051351036800Nice GInger BeerNot too sweet which is how I like them. Strong and spicy ginger beer, heavy ginger flavor perfect for cocktails. The small 7 oz. bottles work great as a single serving for a mule or dark and stormy. One of my favorites for a ginger beer.
219353219353B002NVZDR4AGVV8D8J4IGRKD. OCONNELL0051350604800Yum!Fantastic flavor... great for mixed drinks! Looking for a good all-natural product and this one had great reviews so thought we'd give it a try. Definitely worth it!
219354219354B002NVZDR4A198ID6QK7UF86Christian Fischer0051350259200AWESOME!I usually drink my ginger beer with Vodka and Lime, but much to my suprise, this stuff is just dandy without booze...not that the booze hurts...but it's good.
219355219355B002NVZDR4A2OJRHGM5Y5T7BBoltFan0051348963200Refreshingly DifferenrI first experienced this beverage at a higher end restaurant a couple of months ago. This is NOT Ginger-Ale. It has a very unique taste, with the distinct flavor of raw ginger, a slight bite on the tongue and a clean and refreshing after taste. I searched all local retail outlets without success and was pleased to find it available at Amazon. I paid $6.00 for a bottle at the restaurant (I said it was higher end), and the price at Amazon is less than $1.25/bottle with free shipping. The bottles are small but are actually just the right size for a refreshing non-alcoholic aperitif.
This Ginger Beer is not for everyone but if you enjoy a different taste that is crisp, clean and refreshing, I highly recommend it.
219356219356B002NVZDR4AYPEDL5P2TH5VGolderHowling0051347667200So firery and delicious. Perfect balance between fire and sugar.With only 20 grams of sugar for 6.8 fl oz, this ginger beer strikes the perfect balance. I would recommend this to anyone who likes authentic ginger beer and/or ginger flavor. I will definitely buy again in the future.
219357219357B002NVZDR4A2VJIHPJAK706BDevin P. Alford0051347667200Wonderful StuffThis is an awesome product. We first had it when we were on vacation at Yosemite National Park. It is really delicious and we are delighted to be able to mail order. Less sweet and much more of a zing than ginger ale. Love it!
219358219358B002NVZDR4A2616OPBHTPSDXTopper0051346198400Yummy Ginger BeerThis ginger beer has a more gingery taste than some of the others I've tried. It is perfect for making Moscow Mules, and is also great on its own.
219359219359B002NVZDR4A31C4B636PZXCUGerry0051346198400Excellent!Fever-tree Ginger beer is very crisp and most refreshing....the 6.8 oz. bottle is just right, as this drink is very potent...must like ginger to really enjoy this....fortunately, I do. If you like ginger, give this a try.
219360219360B002NVZDR4A27ZSKA9AEFDNFJeannette Kamal0051345161600Fever-Tree Ginger Beer ROCKS!!!!For anyone who has ever tried ginger beer, this product really packs a punch! It reminded me of ginger beer from the islands - it has that authentic, smooth, ginger burn that you expect from real ginger beer. Totally none alcoholic and thankfully not a soda. Much more refreshing with the right amount of ginger bite. There is actual ginger floating at the bottom of the bottle so you have to shake it up before you drink the beverage...outstanding! I love the 6.8 oz glass bottles-just the right amount to quench a thirst but not too much so you don't have leftovers that go thinking. I am a huge fan of ginger beer and I give Fever-Tree Premium a 5+. Drink up ginger beer lovers. Thank you FEVER-TREE.


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